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29 March , 2016

Kashmir Cancer Alarm
By Sheikh Umar Ahmad

The Cancer incidences in Kashmir have raised to an alarmingly unstoppable situation with experts sensing a cancer catastroph in the next coming decade. The unprecedent rise in Cancer cases this year & doubling since last eight years send message down to experts and administrators to find causes and to curb this growing concern in the valley. This situation is taking all by a surprise with more and more people being diagonosed with one or the other form of Cancer

07 March , 2016

Psychosocial Implications Of Armed Struggle In Kashmir
By Sheikh Umar Ahmad

The ongoing violence, the constant threat and poor future perspective put a heavy strain on the natural coping mechanisms of the people in Kashmir. A lot of people suffer from stress (normal or related to traumatic event), high amount of psychosocial problems (substance abuse, distrust) are registered and disorders like anxiety, mood and post-traumatic disorders are mounting. Most of the mental pain is presented as physical (somatization). Mental health experts in the state’s summer capital, Srinagar, said that there has been a staggering increase in the number of stress and trauma related cases in the Kashmir valley and these psychological problems have also given rise to general health problems like diabetes, cardiac problems and hypertension

29 February , 2016

Killings And Kashmir: Interchangeable Lexis of Twenty First Century
By Kashoo Tawseef

Killings and Kashmir are synonyms now. Everyday the newspapers are full of news items about the killings and the only difference is numbers. It seems no one is bothered about why killings are happening in Kashmir, and no one is concerned how to stop such killings. The most strange fact is there’s new culture of unidentified gunmen which have evolved recently and no one knows who is killing who and why? There’s complete anarchy and it seems something disastrous is in the offing

Kashmir: The “New” Wave Of Militancy!
By Mohammad Ashraf

Recently Indian Army Commander in a press statement declared that the infiltration across LOC has reached almost to zero level. But it is a half statement only. He did not mention that in spite of zero infiltration the militancy is on the rise and there have been a number of serious encounters. He did not say a number of police personnel including a head constable and a number of constables have run away with their weapons and joined the militant ranks. Most of the “New” militants are highly motivated and educated persons

25 February , 2016

Do You Remember Kunan Poshpora?
By Mary Scully

In December 2012, the rape & murder of a women student in Delhi galvanized a protest movement & inspired five young Kashmiri women to investigate & write a book about the Kunan Poshpora mass rape. The women are Samreen Mushtaq, Essar Batool, Natasha Rather, Munaza Rashid, & Ifrah Butt. The book was published by The University of Chicago Press & distributed by Zubaan Books in Delhi, India. The book entitled, “Do you remember Kunan Poshpora?” is part of an eight-volume series on “Sexual Violence & Impunity in South Asia” & was officially released last month at the prestigious Jaipur Literature Festival

04 January , 2016

Leave Kashmiris Alone!
By Mohammad Ashraf

Indo-Pak bonhomie is welcome but it would be successful only if both countries decide to leave Kashmiris alone by declaring Kashmir as neutral territory!

02 December , 2015

Nameless Heroes: The Untold Tale of Everyday Sufferers
By Qazi Shibli

Shobu is a name to hundreds of such nameless heroes who suffer day in and day out, who are alien to empathy and sympathy from the ones whom they allege to be resisting for, who claim to be their representatives

14 November , 2015

Development or Identity In Kashmir?
By Urba Malik

Kashmir today has become a testimony to an entirety of encounters ranging from brutal state repression to massive militarization, from lack of security to loss of dignity along with thegross human rights violations eventually culminating into a sense of loss in the meaning of life. If the political conflict has such impact on the social structure of the place then equally absorbing is to know what has happened to the potential for economic development over the decades consumed by conflict

12 November , 2015

And Such Is Kashmir!
By Ghulam Mohammad Khan

A first person account of the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Kashmir Valley. The author conludes with the question "Tell me how much you like this one day in the lives of the people of Kashmir? After listening to all your answers to this question, I will say to all of you only this reality: all other days are same in the Wail of Kashmir"

The Log And The Peg!
By Mohammad Ashraf

Kashmiris are traditionally and historically reputed to be very tolerant and non-communal people. However, recently there have been concerted attempts to introduce a communal element in the Kashmiri discourse facilitated by a local “peg”! These fascist elements could have never imagined an entry into the valley had not a Kashmiri facilitated it. The burning of a truck driver on the excuse of eating beef which resulted in massive protests was a stark example of this communal frenzy being slowly fueled by external elements with local collaboration. These elements are playing with fire which may engulf not only the state but the whole sub-continent

01 October , 2015

Anarchy In Kashmir!
By Mohammad Ashraf

Total anarchy in every sphere of life seems to have taken hold of entire Kashmir. There is absolute free for all without even a semblance of accountability!

30 Septmber , 2015

An Unusual Dialogue On Kashmir
By Ghulam Mohammad Khan

As I left the shop, the owner laughed. My legs lurched as I walked. I scampered back to my room. I sobbed as I reclined on the bed. After a short silent contemplation I asked myself, ‘When I crossed Lakhanpur, I lost my identity there and then.’

24 Septmber , 2015

The “Polar” Bear Hug
By Mohammad Ashraf

The “Bear Hug” between PDP and BJP which resulted in a coalition government in J & K seems to have become one sided with the South Polar Bear from Delhi mauling the Northern one right, left and centre!

Burhan Muzaffar Wani- The Robin Hood of Kashmir
By Imran Khan

To bring Burhans of Kashmir back to their homes and not let the phenomenon to get cyclic, there is the need of conflict resolution and empowering people, (particularly youth) by strengthening democratic institutions, providing political space, justice and equality and most importantly letting the people to live with dignity and honour

Kashmir’s Unidentified Gunman
By Iqbal Sonaullah

When I look back and remember some people killed by the brave-unidentified gunman, I wonder why this unidentified person hasn’t ever been powerful enough to hit the henchman. Are these commandments only meant for weak and defenseless? Not every unidentified killing has been genuine. Some such killings occur due to sheer confusion, some because of personal animosity, some because of the arrogance of power. Some, of course, because of one’s disloyalty towards a particular political idea. A dead body, unfortunately, cannot prove its innocence

17 Septmber , 2015

The Proverbial“Red Rag”!
By Mohammad Ashraf

The invoking of the cow slaughter ban through public interest litigation in the state high court appears to be a deliberate proverbial red rag to provoke the Kashmiris!

10 Septmber , 2015

Srinagar, The “Smart” (-ing) City!
By Mohammad Ashraf

Srinagar, the historical City of the Sun, instead of becoming a “Smart” City is smarting under the mess which its denizens have heaped on it!

08 Septmber , 2015

And Quiet Flows The Jhelum!
By Mohammad Ashraf

We spent five days and nights marooned in the top floor of the house. It was feeling as if we were staying in a house boat! Luckily we had water in the overhead tank and some rations. But the scariest thing was the continuous boom of the collapsing house. Finally, we were rescued by Army Engineers from the second floor of our house and taken “ashore” in a motorised assault craft. I lost everything I had collected for 50 odd years

Why Kashmir Needs A Literature Of Its Own?
By Ghulam Mohammad Khan

Kashmir, given its vulnerable political environment, a convoluted political history, and tough living conditions, desperately needs a strong independent architecture of literary accomplishments, which would survive as the perfect apotheosis of the collective Kashmiri memory of anguish and affliction, of distress and deceit, of death and disappearance, of pain and protest, of beauty and the beast

26 August , 2015

“Kashmir First” for Kashmiris
By Mohammad Ashraf

The proposed talks between India and Pakistan have been cancelled because of Kashmir. Pakistan has insisted on “Kashmir First”. India on the other hand is saying “Terrorism First” even though it is internationally accepted that the main cause of the conflict between these two neighbours giving rise to “Terrorism” is Kashmir. One cannot overlook the fact, that for every Kashmiri, the most important thing at the moment is the “Kashmir First”

19 August , 2015

E-Curfew In Kashmir
By Mohammad Ashraf

On every Indian Independence Day and Republic Day, Kashmiris have to face E-Curfew apart from the normal Curfew restricting physical movements!

Removal Of Article 35A-Part Of An Agenda
By Abdul Majid Zargar

A writ petition challenging Article 35A of Indian constitution has been filed before Supreme Court of India by a RSS backed think tank. It may be recalled that this article was inserted in the Indian constitution through a presidential order promulgated under clause (1) of article 370 effective from 14th day of May 1954 to afford a protective shield to various rights bestowed by our own constitution on permanent residents of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) state in matters of acquisition of immovable property, employment in State services, voting rights etc. etc. Once this shield is removed, these rights will become susceptible to many legal & political assaults which will ultimately pave way for entry of non State subjects into the state putting in motion a second demographic change, the first having been engineered by Sangh Parivar in Jammu region in 1947

13 August , 2015

Tribals In Jammu And Kashmir: A Need For Forest Rights Act
By Zubair Nazeer

There is definitely a need of Forest Rights Act in Jammu and Kashmir. It is one step in the development process of tribal communities in the State. However, tribal communities and their leaders have to realize that just a mere enactment of an act won’t suffice. In India, despite the Forest Rights Act, not much has changed. There is a need for a broad tribal policy to ensure development of tribals in Jammu and Kashmir. There is also a need for proper implementation of existing policies and programmes for tribal development

12 August , 2015

Kashmir Tourism In Correct Perspective
By Mohammad Ashraf

Tourism obsession bordering on paranoia of some people requires putting the Tourism scenario of Kashmir in a realistic and correct perspective

01 August , 2015

A Critical Appraisal Of Tourism Industry In Kashmir
By Umer Jeelanie Banday

The present form of tourism is going to be a matter of concern for rapid change in environment which is going to be a cause of drastic change in climate seen now a days in Kashmir. The government has to develop appropriate policies, legislation and plans and instituted mechanism to apply strict standards, threshold limit and regulations for sustainable tourism

31 July, 2015

Hidden Agenda Behind Amendment To Statistical ACT
By Abdul Majid Zargar

New Delhi has proposed to amend the Collection of Statistics Act, 2008 (hereinafter referred to as Central Act )so as to enable it to bring within it’s ambit the State of Jammu and Kashmir. If the amendment goes through, New-Delhi will be able to collect & process data relating to statistical subjects falling in the Union List as applicable to Jammu and Kashmir State under the Constitutional (Application to J&K ) Order 1954

30 July, 2015

Dulat’s Dulatti!
By Mohammad Ashraf

Punjabi word “Dulatti” describes a very strong kick with hind legs given by a horse while drawing a cart when its driver whips the horse violently. This may sometimes even topple the cart! The way the disclosures about Kashmir’s leadership given in the book by Mr. Dulat, the former Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) chief have been hyped up by the media, it is alleged that the intention is to topple not only the cart of the Kashmiri leadership but also discredit its entire society

26 July, 2015

Ecological Homage To Kashmir’s Sacrifices
By Mir Faizan Anwar

Kashmir is undoubtedly facing serious environmental challenges. Looking around, gloomy pictures catch our sight. The tattered Valley, looted of its resources, its encroached water bodies, polluted streams, logged forests, mined mountains, barracked and picketed meadows are now defining present-day Kashmir. One can better imagine the grave environmental crisis and climate change by the September flood fury, recurrent flood threats and prevalent strange weather pattern. Such calamites and misfortunes are our own sown seeds illustrated by miserable stories of Dal, Nigeen, Aanchar, Mansbal , Wular and other wetlands which have lost their potential soaking capacities

23 July, 2015

Splitting Jammu & Kashmir
By Mohammad Ashraf

Attempts on both sides of the border to take away certain areas of the erstwhile state of Jammy & Kashmir may result in the restoration of the ancient Kingdom of Kashmir!

08 July, 2015

AFSPA: After 25 Years The Dark Shadow Still Continues In Kashmir
By Shamim Zakaria

As I pen down this piece Jammu and Kashmir completes 25 dreadful years under the purview of the draconian law Arms Forces Special Power Act and this law has just given enough room for numerous horrendous incidents as above! Enforced in the northern Himalayan state in 1990, according to reports AFSPA officially became active from July 5. 25 years of painful presence, 25 years of relentless objection, 25 years of opportunistic politics, 25 years of gruesome bloodshed yet the grim hue continues to hover over the majestic grandeur of the valley

Charges For “Mercy”!
By Mohammad Ashraf

If Delhi really cares for Kashmiris and considers them Indian nationals, they should immediately take up on war footing the flood prevention measures through resourceful global agencies on a turnkey basis within a definite time frame regardless of the state government’s own administrative lethargy. Other programmes can wait! Kashmiris are very resilient and patient. But there is a saying “Beware of the fury of a patient man”!

04 July, 2015

Not So Intellectuals…
By Nazir Gillo

The illegal detention of Muzamil Farooq, a PG student of Kashmir’s University’s English Department and its follow-up left a blot on highest seat of learning in Kashmir. The incident, which not only triggered huge demonstrations by students but also exposed how our intellectuals and premiere institutions are being overshadowed and trespassed by military might in Kashmir

03 July, 2015

Kashmir University: The Oppressed Voice
By Sajad Rasool

The episodes which have been taking place in Kashmir University for more than a week now are truly disturbing. The arrest of a student and the breakout of protests for his release by the fellow students is a very common reaction and genuine. This is not the first episode that took place at this highest seat of learning, but there are certain examples from the past, wherein state tried to oppress the student voices. From banning the Kashmir University Students Union to the arrest, thrashing, manhandling of various scholars and students at different occasions

02 July, 2015

Police Brutality In Kashmir University
By A Student Of Kashmir University

I am writing this today on 28th of June, using my left hand, as my right hand was injured in a brutal lathicharge by the armed forces. Kashmir University saw one of the most inhuman and unforgivable faces of occupation on 25th of June, 2015. With the unanimous decision of students, this day will be commemorated every year as a Black Day in Kashmir University. Why did the students decide to call it a Black Day? What happened on 25th, and who will decide the authenticity of the day’s narrative?

30 June , 2015

Jhelum’s Repeated Warnings
By Mohammad Ashraf

After the last year’s destructive flood which reflected the River’s annoyance, it has given two more warnings before it strikes in the most devastating final way!

29 June , 2015

The Sordid Tale Of Ikhwan
By Sheikh Shahid

With India's Defence minister, Manohar Parikar's bilious remarks of neutralizing 'terrorists with terrorists' & the subsequent chain of killings in sopore, of some Jammat affiliates & surrendered militants, by unidentified gunmen, the latent memories of 90s once again aroused the fear of the sanguinary Ikhwan amongst the people. A wave of panic & paranoia has taken over the valley especially in this northern town of Sopore, the nucleus of resistance

22 June , 2015

Sopore Killings
By Abdul Majid Zargar

In a span of less than one month, six civilians have been killed in Sopore in quick succession at the hands of “Unidentified Gunmen”. There is a strong reason to believe that killings are the result of a covert operation hinted at by Union Defence Minster few days before the first bullet was fired to announce its launch

19 June , 2015

Kashmir's Murky Waters!
By Mohammad Ashraf

Last year's flood, the worst of the century not only inundated the city of sun in murky waters but brought out the muck which has been enveloping Kashmiris for last 68 years now!

09 June , 2015

The Postmortem Of Scrapping Telecom Services In The Kashmir Valley
By Dr. Fayaz Ahmad Bhat

Now the question is why government and its agencies can be responsible for scrapping telecommunication services in the valley? What are the objectives and motives behind scrapping mobile service? For finding out the answer to these questions one needs to go back into the history and understand the context in which development has taken place

06 June , 2015

Kashmir: Mysterious Attacks And Distant Peace
By Imran Khan

With attacks on mobile towers in Kashmir resulting in death of two people and the subsequent threats to several others having links with cellular companies the mobile communication came to a halt few days before in Kashmir leading to many problems in communication, business, studies etc. The panic and anguish was quite clearly seen among general masses with such mysterious attacks. Though both government and militant groups denied allegiance to such attacks however both kept accusing each other for these attacks

Kashmir: Oppression Inevitably Breeds Resistance
By Sheikh Shahid

The grip of Indian establishment was made slippery as the Sang-baz were high on the drugs - The drugs of Freedom. If today, Kashmir seems relatively calm it is not that the sentiment of Aazadi is dead, but that in absence of a resolution the summers are bound to return anytime, with a renewed dynamism. Hence, a solution to Kashmir conflict is to be found without the banal time-buying tactic, that only provide a silent impetus to the bloody summers

22 May, 2015

Prisoners: Kashmir Beyond AFSPA
By Qazi Shibli

When the civil Society of India or elsewhere talks about Kashmir, the first idea that comes to their mind is AFSPA, a draconian Law. They discuss the law thoroughly, Many of them, in fact most of them have by hearted the sections, Cons of this draconian law. However the less talked about vaguely formulated act, PSA which allows detention for up to two years without charge or trial on the purported presumption that they may in the future commit acts harmful to the state, hence preventive detention akin to Preventive war of the U.S in Iraq. And the least talked problem is Oppression

21 May, 2015

Jammu Massacre Of 1947
By Dr. Abdul Ahad

What followed were the heinous genocidal crimes that killed about half a million unarmed Muslims between August and December 1947, besides enforcing exodus of an incalculable number that had escaped jaws of barbaric death. Twenty seven thousand Muslim women including little girls were abducted. The daughter of a veteran leader, Choudhary Abbas was recovered after three days of her abduction. With no parallel in State’s history, it was a huge massacre of innocent Muslims; nay a systematic genocide; a holocaust of humanity comparable to wiping out of people by Changaz and Timore and more monstrous than carried during American-Indian Wars and second World War

15 May, 2015

Goods And Services Tax Act Vs State Economy
By Abdul Majid Zargar

the imposition of this law poses a fresh challenge to the fiscal autonomy of the J&K State. According to our own constitution, the State is empowered to levy taxes both on goods & services through State’s General Sales Tax Act. Since central GST Act proposes to subsume all these taxes in one central legislation, the State’s power to impose such taxes will vanish and New-Delhi always on prowl to erode our autonomy will be more than eager to seize this opportunity

08 May, 2015

Bollywood’s [Re]presentation of ‘Kashmir’ And ‘Kashmiri’:
From Romance (Kashmir Ki Kali) To Tragedy (Haider)

By Dr. M Ashraf Bhat

The realist cinema, like naked art is always disturbing, and Haider being realistic is mainly because it engaged a well-informed insider, Basharat Peer, to frame its screenplay. Apart from the controversies, it is essential to understand what ‘Haider’ offers different from the Bollywood’s earlier discourses depicting Kashmir

The Essay By A Brown Cow
Communicated By Abdul Majid Zargar

Thank God, a cow, brown in color (Kachir gaw in vernacular) has now made her entry into an institution of higher learning. Preparing hard for her ensuing examinations she, as a preparatory exercise, was asked to pen down an essay about Kashmiri politicians. Protected by all types of laws at national & State level, she was instructed to write truth and call spade a spade without any fear of censure or admonishment. Here is her essay

06 May, 2015

The Wretched Plight Of The Kashmiri Youth
By Ummer Wani

It is high time for the power-holders of our society to have a sympathetic eye to the problems of the youth and extricate them from the maze of frustration. Let the power-holders of our society realize that somewhere in our society there are these young minds melting under the heat of frustration. They are tired…tired of their hanging status. They are waiting for the air of freedom and peace to set them free from the chains of frustration. Let that air come, let our youth bloom again under the freeze of freshness

04 May, 2015

Of Jammu And Kashmir Professional Board For Entrance Examination
Issuing Admit Card To A Cow

By Dr. Fayaz Ahmad Bhat

Jammu Kashmir State Board for Professional Entrance Examinations has issued an admit card to a cow with the signature of the Chairman on it. This reflects the sorry state of affairs of education, government and Administration in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The following write up attempts to make humor out of it

29 April , 2015

The Unsung Heroes Of Kashmir The Labor Revolution
In Kashmir (Shawlbaf Movement)

By Rayees Rasool

First Labour Revolution in World History, in Kashmir on 29 April 1865, when workers, Artisans, weavers, Labours, Revolted against their Masters, who exploited, but was crushed with heavy Hand, drowned them in Haji Pather Sum Strean near Zaldager Srinagar, the summer capital. Shawlbaf protest was perhaps the first organized protest for demands in the history of class struggle in India

27 April , 2015

Punchline: Politics Of Flags
By Z. G. Muhammad

On April 15, it was not for first time that QaumīPārc̱am of Pakistan was unfurled at a public rally in Srinagar. In Kashmir politics hoisting of flags has got so intricately woven in the peoples narrative that it has in itself become a political phenomenon having potential to change the political discourse in the state. The battle of flags, historically speaking in fact for past seventy six years has become synonymous for the battle of ideologies in the state

Composite Townships: Cantonments Of The Other Sort
By Sheikh Shahid

The rehabilitaion of Kashmiri Pandits is not the issue of mere physical integration, but rather the integration of the entire life. It should be aimed at social, political & cultural integration as it used to be before their migration

24 April , 2015

Your India…Our Kashmir
By Rayees Rasool

There are countless movements going on in India. People are resisting for their identities and rights. I know how it feels when the state uses force against you. I am a witness to the pain of torture, fake encounter, and extra judicial killings. I dwell a place where world’s largest democracy has held 12 Million people as hostages on gun point. We witness these things every day. Torture, rapes, killings, disappearances, fake encounters and what not. But, despite being very active over human abuses in the farthest nooks, Indian civil society keeps their status quo over the human rights violations in Kashmir

23 April , 2015

Losing My Identity In Kashmir
By Masood Ali Mir

Living among the people of my land with the above features will socialize me and all of my age and I too may become like them . I too will represent my land in the same manner as my fellows are representing it. When I read my history I read my culture which has been very rich, the social and religious life of my forefathers has been too prosperous and encouraging. Now I am confused what to do? so that we all may be honest and truthful to ourselves and to our land and people. Where from this reformation should start. Should I start it from myself or should I wait to someone else for this . It would be wise to start it from myself. As it is my duty to work for the reformation starting from myself and then request others to work for the same so that we will have once again the Kashmir which may progress and prosper not only in economic front but in other fronts too

20 April , 2015

Kashmir: Show Me The Progress Report?
By Ummer Wani

Yet again, the valley is at the political crossroads—with the return of summer—the summers of crises, curfews and crackdowns, the stage is set for another spell of Hartals and ‘Chalo calls’ and not to mention the deaths. The killing of a youth in Tral few days ago and the planned proposal to establish composite townships for Kashmiri Pandits living in self-imposed-exile, are the latest incidents which are likely to galvanize the valley into a trance of action and defection

16 April , 2015

Kashmir: Composite Society Not Composite Townships!
By Mohammad Ashraf

Kashmir needs restoration of its centuries old composite society and not clusters of imprisoned citizens acting as perennial sources of friction

Return Of Kashmiri Pundits To Valley
By Prof (Dr) Upendra Kaul

The mere thought of returning to demarcated area , separated by barbed wires or walls in the valley away from the main kochas and streets where we spent our good times both amuses and hurts me. Going back to areas where you are not a part of the mainstream is meaningless. It only means to have a better climatic conditions, like staying in an air conditioned prison. Talking of 1990 again and again is not the solution. We need to look forward and go back to our old homes or build places in the main city or villages where we came from

13 April , 2015

Kashmir: The Uneasy Hug!
By Mohammad Ashraf

The hug between Modi and Mufti seems to be turning uneasy like the hug in the Kashmiri proverb, “Kakun Haaputh”!

08 April , 2015

Of Writing Generic Names Of Drugs And Beyond
By Dr. Fayaz Ahmad Bhat

After a prolonged wait and pause Jammu and Kashmir Health and Medical department has finally brought into force ‘Drug Policy’ approved by Cabinet way back in 2012. The policy bans writing of brand names of drugs by medical practitioners and directs them (physicians) to write only generic names of drugs. As expected the order issued by the department has not gone well to physician community of valley. They (physicians) even threatened of an agitation against the move

05 April , 2015

Continued Incarceration Of Political Prisoners in Kashmir Vs. Release Of Political Prisoners In India After Lifting Of Internal Emergency: A Study in Contrast
By Dr. Paramjit Singh Sahni & Shobha Aggarwal

It is learnt that a number of political prisoners of the Quit Kashmir Movement as also several hundred arrested during the earlier phases of struggle are languishing in jails in Kashmir and elsewhere. If people charged under the Baroda Dynamite Case can have cases withdrawn and released from jails, there is no reason why political activists in Kashmir have to face continued incarceration in jails. There is a very real possibility that false criminal cases under draconian laws may have been filed even against those involved in the Quit Kashmir movement. In the interest of justice and equity each one of those involved in that movement should be released forthwith

15 March , 2015

Afzal Guru’s Mortal Remains Must Reach His Family
By Dr. Paramjit Singh Sahni & Shobha Aggarwal

In all situations the body of the deceased must reach the family. This alone would satisfy and soothe the collective conscience of the society

Release Of Political Detenues
By Abdul Majid Zargar

If India hopes to achieve an acceptable political solution to the long festering problem then it is imperative that all political prisoners are set free and a congenial & conducive atmosphere prepared for holding talks with all the stake-holders. That was also stated by the group of interlocutors appointed by Govt. Of India in 2010 to explore a political solution to the issue

The Two Conferences Of Jammu And Kashmir
By Yasir Altaf Zargar

In Jammu and Kashmir both the conference’s had different aspiration for J&K’S status. The Muslim conference was favouring joining Pakistan while national conference was opposing it

12 March , 2015

Kashmir's Polite, Mad Revolutionary, India's Bogeyman
By Radha Surya

Two cheers for Indian democracy. For now the dust has settled. The Kashmir issue has dropped from the headlines of the Indian news media. The politicians and the deshbakts can return to the self-serving pretence about the decline of pro-azaadi sentiment in Kashmir. It's now back to believing that Kashmir is identical to every other Indian state and that its problems have to do with governance and development. No need to confront the troublesome fact that divided Kashmir lies at the heart of an international dispute

Of Masrat Alam Drama And Beyond
By Dr. Fayaz Ahmad Bhat

Masrat Alam’s row just seems a drama scripted by some hidden and veiled writers with Modi, (Prime Minister of India) Rajnath, (Home Minister) and Mufti Syed,(Chief Minister) as important characters. The drama has been played with Mufti’s role as survivor, Avatar, and Messiah for the people of Kashmir and sensational with PM Modi’s remarks “I share the opposition’s aakrosh (anger)”. While as Rajnath Singh, has attempted a new twist to the drama by asking a written report from the state government. The beginning of the drama is so sensational and twisting; God knows what would be the end

04 March , 2015

A Bear Hug!
By Mohammad Ashraf

Modi-Mufti hug reminded one of the famous Kashmiri proverbs about bear hugs and friendships. One hopes it turns out to be positive and does not end in the proverbial endings!

01 March , 2015

Healthcare System Of Jammu And Kashmir: We Haven’t Learned Lessons!
By Kashoo Tawseef

In Jammu and Kashmir, everything has significance and worth of something even the foot-ware that one purchases from the market but ‘Human Lives’ remain valueless. So outlandish that we didn’t ascertain the connotation of famous maxim ‘health is wealth.’

25 February , 2015

Louis Althusser's 'Ideological State Apparatus' In The context Of Kashmir
By Sheikh Shahid

We all know that Sheikh Nazir is no more and we also know that he was the longest-serving General Secretary of National Conference and he never applied for an Indian passport. Well, that's quite true, but what we're currently being fed through various media outlets is that he was an Anti-Indian to the point that he seems to fall just short of Syed Ali Geelani and thus finishing up as a proxime accessit. What makes this claim rather crabby & peevishly perplexing is that how 'not applying for an Indian passport' makes him 'Anti-Indian' & how 'being longest-serving General Sec. of a pro-Indian party' doesn't make him an Indian!

23 February , 2015

Kashmir At Cross-Roads
By Mohammad Ashraf

It is a tragedy that whenever Kashmir has been at the cross roads of history, its leaders have taken the wrong turn because of some deficiencies in the basic character of its people among whom these leaders rose!

22 February , 2015

The Unending Confusion Of PDP, BJP Marriage
By Rayees Rasool

It will be interesting to see how BJP will respond to the 11 point agenda of PDP where they have strictly maintained there stand on few controversial issues with BJP like, Talks with Hurriyat, Removal of AFSPA in one year, No fiddling with article 370, return of Power Projects, Status quo on west Pakistani Refugees etc. Though BJP had already took their call on the said issues before and during elections. It will be very interesting to see how the both partners fool the people in both the regions

19 February , 2015

Kashmir: Enemies Overwhelmed By Irrational Love
By Imran Khan

We kashmiries are not enemies of India at all; we don’t swear death to India, we don’t want India to be destroyed, we have no problem with common Indians. We are known as hosts and we would love to have them as guests in our homes. I truly believe that we kashmiries want India to progress, prosper and grow, but the harsh reality is that India cannot progress and prosper unless and until it does not stop the military occupation of Jammu and Kashmir, unless and until it does not recognize the rights of kashmiries to breathe in a free space, unless and until it does not give kashmiries the much promised right to self determination

17 February , 2015

Review: The Book of Gold Leaves Is A ‘Melancholy’ Story
By Kashoo Tawseef

It’s about art, it’s about love, it’s about culture, it’s about nostalgia and it’s about Kashmir. The Book of Gold Leaves is the second book by the author after The Collaborator. At the very outset, it takes you to Kashmir with Papier Maché art as its cover page. The book is set in early 90’s of Kashmir; the book revolves around a heartbreaking love story between Roohi, a young Sunni woman, and Faiz a Shia Papier Maché artist, set in the heart of the downtown, Srinagar

14 February , 2015

A “Popular” Government In J & K ?
By Mohammad Ashraf

In the present context of a fractured mandate, can a government formed by two ideologically incompatible groups be called a “Popular” government? Half of the government would be popular in the valley while the other half would be popular in Jammu! In reverse, the Kashmir part would be unpopular in Jammu and vice versa. The popularity would have to be redefined in case of J & K. It would be region wise popular government

The Murky Politics Of West Pakistan Refugees
By abdul Majid Zargar

While the world is slow in resolving the long outstanding dispute of Kashmir, India is fast widening its scope of intervention in the state to strengthen its hold. The latest is its bid to accord citizenship rights to West Pakistan refugees(WPR) so as to change the demographic character of the state. And local collaborators & facilitators to help it in redeeming this objective are in abundant supply. Another Palestine is in the making, If the Indian attempt goes unchallenged

11 February , 2015

Jammu And Kashmir Police: A Need Of Paradigm Shift
By Imran Khan

There is need to educate and train cops from J&K Police in police & public safety psychology, human psychology, interpersonal relations, communication skills, social skills, emotional intelligence, management of stress, negotiation, crowd control (without lethal weapons) mob behavior, crisis management, community policing etc. To win community's trust and bring peace a sincere paradigm shift is a must, such a paradigm shift may in no way mean cessation of police efforts to control crime, it just means a new and more humane way of dealing with people

Kashmir: Sadhbhavna At Stake
By Saqib Hassan

21st century is an era of human rights, digital revolution and information sharing. In this era if they have to make a place as a respectable organisation within Kashmiri society, they need to impart behavioural training to their men, follow Retd. General Hasnain’s doctrine “Heart as Weapon”, understand local culture and sensitivities, accepting past mistakes sincerely and most importantly keep Human Right violations in check. If they have to transform society then they need internal transformation also

Jammu And Kashmir In Search Of Sincere Leadership
By Masood Ali Mir

People in Jammu and Kashmir are yet to see a sincere political leader who would serve this piece of land mostly known as the paradise on earth. The land has never been served by anyone except the saints most importantly Sheikh of Sheikh’s Sheikh-ul-Alam and Lal Ded, who by their pure actions created a sense of common brotherhood, a sense of belonging and a sense to serve the needy by the concept of Kashmiriyat others be it political leadership or the social workers always played the role of impure selfish politics and deconstructed the much cherished Kashmiriyat

08 February , 2015

Genocide In Kashmir: India’s Shame
By Andre Vltchek

Welcome to Kashmir! It is deep winter. The mountains are covered with snow and the naked trees above the lakes at sunset, look melancholic and magnificent, precisely like a completed Chinese brush painting. Welcome to a nation overrun by the 700,000-strong security forces of the occupying power – India. Welcome to the continuous presence of barbed wire, of military columns, and ‘security checks’. Welcome to a brutality unimaginable almost anywhere else on earth!

03 February , 2015

The West Pakistani Refugees
By Masood Ali Mir

A big portion of these refugees in 1947 migrated to the Jammu region of the Jammu and Kashmir state from the Western Pakistan. As per unofficial records the number of these refugees is over 17 lakh that is why this region ( Jammu) has of late earned the distinction of being called as Refugee Capital of Asia. Although these refugees have been give equal status and full citizenship rights in the rest of India by the Indian constitution but in Jammu and Kashmir these refugees could not get the same status and rights given the complex and conflict nature of Jammu and Kashmir within the Indian Union. The Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir do not recognize them and their descendants as ‘state subjects’ or permanent residents of the state till date .These Refugees cannot buy and own properties in the state as per the Article 370. The eligible voters among them figure in the voter list for Lokh Sabha but for the state of Jammu & Kashmir they are not voters. They cannot vote or contest Panchayat and state assembly elections

02 February , 2015

Kashmir Under AFSPA: Modify or Annul
By Adfar Shah

Amendment or replacement of AFSPA is acceptable to all and given the fact that the Modi Government is annulling certain old laws and Acts, it should include this one too. Politics and rhetoric apart, branding apart, there has to be a middle ground and a basic consensus to tackle this contentious issue. At least the Kashmiris are hopeful about redressal from the Modi government regarding this controversial law so that some sense of a ‘feel secure psyche’ is engendered among the unfairly treated people of Kashmir besides Northeast India. Definitely partial revocation or amendment in AFSPA can bring good will in both Kashmir and Northeast India

September 7, The Day That Forced Us Out Of Our Individual Shells
By Nisar Ahmad Dharma

A story of courage and hope from the floods in Kashmir

Lessons Learned: Jammu And Kashmir Floods Aftermath
By Kashoo Tawseef

It is still not late, that the best brains in the higher echelons of the state approach some professional international organizations and get their assistance to at least establish a disaster management team and how to recover the state from the destruction and at least common people will have some better life

28 January , 2015

Kashmiri Pandits: What Happened To Them?
By Rayees Rasool

Kashmiri Pandits are as Kashmiris as we are, this nation belongs to them as much as it belongs to us

15 January , 2015

Stupid! This Happens Only In Kashmir
By Prof. Hameeda Nayeem

For the past two weeks a number of articles appeared in Various papers expressing anguish over BJP-PDP alliance. But Still there remain some points that need to be put together to make an argument

08 January , 2015

What’s In Store For Kashmiris If BJP Is Part Of The Government?
By Ram Puniyani

Kashmir is standing on the cross roads. It has suffered a lot due to the militancy and the ways of army in the valley. In case the BJP is in the driver’s seat or in the driving seat, the plight of Kashmir will worsen. Surely the next Government must focus on addressing the issues of Pundits, issues of Kashmir youth and evolve a development model for the state where the youth can get employment, pundits’ grievances are addressed and a surge for peace to promote tourism and development should be top most on the agenda. The rising tide of communalism has to be checked, at the same time congenial situations are to be created where separatism, dies its natural death and the peace inside and peace from outside is enhanced by inclusive politics of the state government

31 December , 2014

Kashmir Needs A “PETER”!
By Mohammad Ashraf

Kashmir is at present desperately in need of someone like the “Peter of Haarlem” who can put his finger in the hole in the dyke and stem the impending flood. Will any of the Kashmiri politicians act like the Peter of Haarlem? Will all the people come to his help to save Kashmir being overwhelmed and swept away by the tides coming in from both the directions? These are the questions in every Kashmiri mind right now! God alone knows the answer!

28 December , 2014

Kashmir: A Repetition Of History!
By Mohammad Ashraf

The three mainstream political parties claiming to be secular need to cobble out a combination to stem the onslaught of the declared religion based party. This can only be done if they rise above their individual egos and are sincere in ameliorating the lot of the common people. At this juncture, their decision is not only for the future of the state of J & K but for the entire region. Taking the overall scenario of the sub-continent in to consideration, the final scene in J & K can be a turning point as regards the tides of religious violence which are trying to sweep the entire area. On the other side innocent children have been mercilessly butchered in the name of God! On this side, people are being forced to reconvert from their practising religion to restore India to its ancient Hindu “glory”! There is an urgent need on both sides to put a stop to this fanaticism

27 December , 2014

Elections Not A Referendum On Kashmir Issue
Eurasia Review Interviews Adfar Shah

Message is simply loud and clear, people want to move towards peace, prosperity and development. People want their candidates to fight for people’s security, for a life with dignity and most importantly for working towards creation of employment avenues which we lack so badly in this part of the world. The clear cut message by the election results to all the parties is that ‘if you fail to deliver, we will fail you for sure’

21 December , 2014

NC/PDP Alliance-Modi’s Nightmare!
By Mohammad Ashraf

Do they have the sincerity and the urge to serve the people and heal their wounds? Yes, only to the extent of professing it for their own selfish goals. The last 60 years of uncertainty which have made them go round in circles have not tempered them and made them realise the bleakness of the future. By all accounts both do not seem to have any future in the ultimate disposition of Kashmir. They still have a chance to change it if only they see the writing on the wall. It would be in their own interests to give up their hypocritical stances as well as mutual confrontation and come out openly in support of the true aspirations of the people. This will either make the other umpteen parties professing to be popular saviours of the people totally irrelevant or force them to coalesce like tongue and groove joints in wood to maintain their credibility. Either way it is the common people who will benefit from such an eventuality

15 December , 2014

Why Didn’t I Vote?
By Suhail Qasim Mir

Had it been beyond the issues of road, electricity and water, I would have voted. Had it been about justice, I would have voted. Had it been a plebiscite I would have been the first one to express my choice. But it was not any of these; that is why I didn’t vote……

06 December , 2014

Economic Imperialism
By Bilal Hussain

Recently, Jammu and Kashmir government faced a financial crunch that forced the state government to borrow from open market to meet its day-to-day expenses. It is believed that the government functioning has taken a hit in the state and work on the development front has suffered as the coffers went dry

04 December , 2014

Kashmir: Higher Voter Turnout, What Does It Speak of ?
By Suhail Qasim Mir

The highly overwhelming voter turnout in the first 2 phases of Legislative Assembly elections in J&K has sparked off a new debate. There are many arguments and counter arguments. Among other things that have been said, Indian intelligentsia is of the opinion that the higher turnout is a severe setback for the separatists. They argue that the phenomenal turnout has proven that Kashmir has reaffirmed its faith in democracy and Kashmiris have embraced the Indian Nationhood. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi called it victory of ballot over bullet. However, the optimism of Indian intellectuals and academia on the position of Kashmir is gravely misplaced

Restoring Devastated Kashmir
By Mohammad Ashraf

Restoring Kashmir to its past glory is neither difficult nor impossible because of the resilience to face all types of adversity; the people have developed for their survival over the ages!

01 December , 2014

BJP's Mission Kashmir
By Bilal Shaheen

The Bhartiya Janta Party has made an agressive entry into the Kashmir politics. The party is on the prowl to be a new driving force of running Kashmir's messy political affairs. The decisive mandate the party gained in the Lok Sabha elections and the recent thrilling victory in the Assembly elections of Maharashtra and Haryana, the party is overtly confident of its victory in the state. So begins its Mission of securing an overwhelming electoral margin in the trouble-torn state- Mission Kashmir. They have given it the name of Mission 44+. Mission 44+ is a devious gameplan of the BJP backed by the various hindutva groups, most noteably the RSS

25 November , 2014

Kashmir: Reviving The Social Fabric
By M.Ashraf

A positive outcome of the recent flood may be the revival of the social fabric in Kashmir

23 November , 2014

Why To Abrogate Article 370?
By Ishaq Begh

It is beyond our comprehension that whole population of Jammu and Kashmir is willingly or unwillingly supports the existence of article 370 as a bridge and any move to break this will open new insurgence in Kashmir. How people of Kashmir will forget the authenticity of their indigenous place which is the hotbed of tourism industry and can’t afford any destruction of its fragile climate and environmental scenery. Communal powers keep the sole aim to polarise the vote bank in Jammu and Kashmir which will definitely bifurcate further the three regions of Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir Elections: Our PM Without A Real Dialogue
By Ravi Nitesh

Today's speech of Mr. Modi is completely passive and cannot be said to be positive in any way. During his speech at Kishtwar of J&K, he only jumped in the election ground with his promises for development without the basic understanding that right to life is first and more important than anything else

17 November , 2014

Kashmir: The Visoka’s Curse!
By M.Ashraf

After the devastation and displacement caused by the recent flood, one would have expected people to remain under shock for a long time. However, the rallies for the forthcoming elections give an impression that nothing has changed and the people are behaving as they used to do. There has been no chastisement as one would have expected from such a natural disaster attributed by many to be the “Divine Retribution” for our misdeeds! People are on the path to usher in the same lot of so called leaders who turned Kashmir into a virtual den of corruption, dishonesty and immorality

My Memories With AK-47
By Sajad Rasool

A barrage of thoughts unsettles my mind as I see men in uniforms roaming around with their infamous AK-47 rifles

14 November , 2014

Nehru's Perfidy In Kashmir
By Abdul Majid Zargar

According to rightwing Hindutva discourse, Nehru mismanaged & botched up Kashmir issue in 1947. In their view, his deputy Sardar Patel was more suited for the job but was not allowed by Nehru to have his way. What they probably mean is that Patel could have engineered covert murderous operations in valley like the ones practiced earlier in Jammu & later in Hyderabad to simply annex Kashmir without involving UN? What they forget or don’t know is that Patel was initially opposed to accession of Kashmir to India and being a Muslim Majority State, he wanted that it should go to Pakistan (Kuldeep Nayyar- Beyond the lines-Page 60). But looking to Nehru’s sensibilities on the issue, he had to go along with him

11 November , 2014

Kashmir, A Stranded Melancholy
By Suhail Qasim Mir

They call our land the paradise on the earth! But Kashmir has more to it, besides the snow-capped landscape, mellow streams and lush valleys. Oppression dwells here. The shrieks and cries inhabit the vast solitude. It’s frightening in Kashmir. There are blood graffiti’s on snow. Tyranny rules here. There is no value for life in Kashmir. People here, are subject to the worst inhumane atrocities. They are paying a price for being born in Kashmir

Imagine! Imagine For A Moment!
By Noor ul haq

Dear Indians, we Kashmiris hate you no more but we don't love you also. Blame your successive governments, trigger happy armed forces. Imagine, if this happens to you, will you love such foreign troops anymore. I am sure, you will hate that country not only the troops. Freedom for Kashmir is not only good for Kashmiris but for India as well. Think. Understand and Act. The recent killings at Chattergam where the Armymen who left two boys dead and two injured on November 3, fired 118 rounds at their Maruti car, with 28 bullets hitting the vehicle. No justice till date, but yes sorry we killed you!

07 November , 2014

Chattegram Killings: Questions To Ponder Upon
By Abdul Majid Zargar

Kashmir’s tryst with peace has proved short lived yet again , thanks to the vacuous & barbaric killing of two young men Meraj-ud-Din Dar and Faisal Yusuf . As if the recent floods were not sufficient to devastate Kashmiris physically, emotionally & economically, the killing was thought necessary to notify them that besides God there is also a demon on earth to batter them. According to Army’s official version, the men travelling in a car did not stop on being signalled to do so and hence were fired upon resulting in instantaneous killing of two young men & critical injuries to two other young boys

05 November , 2014

Upcoming Elections In Kashmir
By Adfar Shah

The first observation which needs to be highlighted is simply that the haste for conducting elections in Kashmir despite a massive flood disaster is nothing but the result of ego-politics and purely based on political motives

03 November , 2014

Kandizal Breach: Victim Of Political Compulsions
By Abdul Majid Zargar

The admission by Chief Minster Omar Abdullah , in an interview published in Khaleej Times of 19th October 2014, about the brazen role of MLA Chadoora, Javaid Mustafa Mir in obstructing the breach of Kandizal area as per the standard operating procedure ,raises some pertinent questions

24 October , 2014

Count-Down To Indian Army Landing In Kashmir
By Abdul Majid Zargar

Whatever might have been Hari Singh’s earlier inclination regarding future dispensation of Kashmir, there is now abundant & credible evidence to suggest that following Gandhi’s personal visit to Kashmir and Poonch agrarian uprising on oppressive Tax system , he decided by the end of August 1947 to join India and was waiting only for an auspicious occasion to do so

15 October , 2014

The “Banana” Chief Minister!
By Mohammad Ashraf

After the recent floods devastated Srinagar, Omar Abdullah was shown on TV throwing “Bananas” to the marooned people from the state helicopter. One was reminded about the “Rise of the Planet of Apes”. He should thank God that the people did not pull down his chopper like in the movie! This “Banana” episode reminded one about the “Banana Republics” of South America

If I Were A Fazyaz Kaloo
By Abdul Majid Zargar

Following publication of an article on 3rd October 2014, captioned “Tragedy of errors” on Op-ed page of Daily “Greater Kashmir”, Of which I am the Editor, your law Department has among others, served me a notice threatening to stop the publication of newspaper. Being chief executive of the State & head of administration, I take it granted that the notice has been issued with your consent & prior approval. I, therefore, deem it prudent to reply you directly

30 September , 2014

Kashmir: Case For International Aid
By Zahid G. Mohammad

Whatever little relief people have been getting even on date is from the local initiatives. But in view of harsher winter ahead international intervention and support for saving further catastrophe has become imperative. The United Nations and its allied humanitarian organizations need to know that as temperature falls, recording minus 13 degree Celsius in plains or as low as minus twenty in areas near to hills, life in Kashmir is likely to get threatened

28 September , 2014

Kashmir Floods: And It Finally Arrived
By Abdul Majid Zargar

Kashmir has been devastated by raging floods. While the human toll is yet to be ascertained, the over-all loss to property, infrastructure & business is estimated to be one lakh crores of Rupees. Our ruling class has lost no time in urging New-Delhi to declare the tragedy a national Calamity, but their tribe & administration cannot escape the blame of inviting this fury and in that respect it can legitimately be called a man-made calamity. While limiting this write-up to the floods submerging Srinagar City, following acts of commission & omission have become as contributory causes for the devastation

Of Media Hyped Military Rescue Operations In Kashmir Floods
By Ghulam Nabi

Though it is a bit too late to write the account of the early rescue operation in Kashmir floods, but it is always relevant and important to tell a story—and importantly a hard fact story

14 September , 2014

Kashmir Floods: An Appeal

This is an appeal from the Pakistan India Peoples’ Forum for Peace & Democracy (PIPFPD), joined by many concerned people – doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, social workers, activists and students from across India and the affected areas of Jammu & Kashmir – in writing this appeal letter. We understand that the scale of devastation is unprecedented but we strongly believe that much more needs to be done, on an urgent basis. Towards this, PIPFPD’s has initiated a coordination effort between groups and individuals to help devastated people of J&K get additional support, rescue and relief

04 September , 2014

Elections In Kashmir: A Mockery Of Democracy
By Rayees Rasool

Had Indian state been sincere in their efforts and had helped free and fair elections in 87, we have strong reasons to believe that the political scenario in Kashmir would have been different

27 August , 2014

Modi's Sinister Game Plan In Jammu And Kashmir
By Abdul Majid Zargar

So what is the game plan? Once inside the assembly with a simple majority, BJP intends to give State legislature concurrence to a President’s order of abrogating Article 370

15 August , 2014

The Merchants Of Hatred
By Abdul Majid Zargar

A specific reference to an article on Kounsar-Nag Yatra written by Rahul Pandita in “The Hindu” on August 8th 2014 is in order. According to him refusing permission to 40 odd Pandits for visiting Kounsar Nag is loaded with ulterior motives. What he hides from the general public is that in the first instance, permission was sought for 4000 persons to visit the place from Kashmir Side. The figures from Jammu Side was deliberately kept a guarded secret

23 June, 2014

Preventive And Rehabilitative Measures For Drug Addicted Youth
By Firdous Ah Sheikh

A Sociological Study of Rural Youth of Kashmir Valley

07 April , 2014

Of UN Human Rights Council And Kashmir
By Abdul Majid Zargar

The month of March 2014 has witnessed a mixed bag of news on human rights front. A news that is good, bad as well as sad. First the good news. The UN human rights Council has passed a resolution which paves way for an international investigation into alleged war crimes by the Sri lankan Govt. in the final stages of its war with Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The bad news is that in case of Sri Lankan resolution, Pakistan has opposed the move along with China and ten other Countries. The position taken by Pakistan has considerably eroded the credibility of its oft repeated stand of political, moral and diplomatic support for Kashmiris

06 April , 2014

A Mothers Tragedy
By Younus Farooq

Najibullah was 18, when he was killed by troopers.They shot him thrice in the chest, says Zooni Begum mother of Najibullah. Sitting in the corner of her kitchen, she laments the death of her son. He was killed just outside their home at Wadwan village in Budgam, almost 40 kilometers from Srinagar

The Impunity Continues: Kunan Poshpora Public Prosecutor
Appointed As Central Government Standing Counsel

Press Release

On April 5, 2014, the revision petition filed by the Indian army to shut down investigations in the 1991 Kunan Poshpora mass rape and torture case was listed for arguments before Sessions Judge, Kupwara. Advocate Parvez Imroz, appearing for the survivors, raised an objection that the Public Prosecutor, Ghulam Mohammad Shah had also been appointed as a Central Government Standing Counsel [CGSC] during the pendency of the revision petition

25 March , 2014

Trading The Tragedy: A Perspective From
The Border District Kupwara, Kashmir

By Sheikh Fayaz Ahmad

The rationale is to rewrite and re-examine the devastation, destruction, wreckage and loss which conflict has inflicted on a small population of around eight hundred thousand souls who live in a district which more resembles an established war laboratory, a graveyard, and a funeral ground for living and innocent bodies. I am talking of a border district of Kashmir, where I was born with dead souls lying adjacent to me and red blood flowing beneath my feet: A place where majority live a humiliated, tortured and disgraced life

24 March , 2014

Kashmir Has A Right To Secede
By Abdul Majid Zargar

Matthew J Webb's book - Kashmir’s Right to Secede: A Critical Examination of Contemporary Theories of Secession - provides a new way of looking at the Kashmir dispute, by asking what these theories tell us about Kashmir, and in turn what the example of Kashmir allows us to learn about these theories. More importantly it lays a theoretical foundation for Kashmir’s right to secede from Indian Union

18 March , 2014

Verghese And Kunanposhpura Shame
By Abdul Majid Zargar

The recent exposure by Mr. S.M. Yaseen, former Deputy Commissioner of Kupwara, about the shameful role played by various Govt. & non-Government functionaries in Kunan-poshpura mass rape case has ruffled many a feather. In response Mr. B.G. Verghese has come up with an article in daily Indian Express of 14th March trying vainly to defend the heinous crime by Indian Army soldiers & his own role in the cover-up of the ghastly incident

16 March , 2014

Speak At Right, Not Convenient Time
By Abdul Majid Zargar

It took twenty three years for Mr. S.M.Yasin, the former Deputy Commissioner of Kupwara to muster courage to dis-bosom some factual details about the Kunan-poshpura mass rape committed by 4-Rajputhana Rifles of Indian army in February 1991.I am least impressed by his revelations & I have reasons to be so

07 March , 2014

Memories Of Kashmir: Past, Present And Hope
By Dr. M Ashraf Bhat

The conflict induced alternative testimonies and personal narratives must not be treated as mere complaints, but the painful internalised memories of the conflict, which must not be repeated or forwarded to the coming generations. These narratives are altogether different from the conventional approaches of theorising the ‘Kashmir conflict’ as they are based on the personal experiences: on real events which we, as Kashmiris, have witnessed during the last three decades

25 February , 2014

Remembering Kunan Poshpora And The Unchallenged "Collective Conscience"
By Devika Mittal

23 years ago, one of the most shocking and unforgettable memories was entrenched in the minds of Kashmiris. It was February 23, 23 years ago, when the Kunan Poshpora happened. About 53 women were allegedly raped by men of the Rajputana Rifles in the two villages of Kunan and Poshpora in the Kupwara district. Their inhumanity had not even spared minor girls, pregnant women and aged women

Kunan Poshpora: Rape As A Weapon Of Intimidation And Humiliation
By Hameedah Nayeem

KCSDS (Kashmir Centre for Social & Developmental studies), a civil Society group of Kashmir, in a meeting commemorated the Kunan Poshpora rape survivors of 23 feb 1991. Needless to say that rape has been and continues to be used as a weapon of intimidation and humiliation by the powers that be to crush the dissenters both physically and psychologically

29 January , 2014

Pathribal Fake Encounter And Army's Kangaroo Court
By Abdul Majid Zargar

The Indian Army fully backed & supported by the State has done what it knows best. It has closed the Patribal fake encounter case on the ground of non-availability of evidence, despite well established facts & plenty of unimpeachable evidence unearthed earlier by India’s own Investigative agency

Army In Kashmir
By Adfar Shah

Pathribal poses certain painful questions. Who killed innocent Sikhs? Who killed innocent civilians for Sikh killers later? Why have the actual killers of Sikhs not been arrested so far? Who to be held responsible for such a disappointing closure of case? Is AFSPA really army friendly or public friendly and should it continue amid so much of distrust in army’s justice system? Who are the real victims, slain Sikhs or five civilians killed later or the blamed army personnel? Are we back at the square one?

Stone Pelting And Kashmiri Youth: Some Truths, Some Blames
By Adfar Shah

Well, I am not at all in favour of stone pelting for I do not think any human face or head is worth a stone but, simultaneously I also believe that any human body is not worth a bullet simply for a cry or a slogan or a protest or an angry outburst or a procession. Also every Kashmiri is not a stone pelter (but fed up with the system actually) and stone pelting ( Kanneh Jung in local parlance) is not so peculiar to Kashmir alone

06 January , 2014

Sopore Masscre : And They Call Themselves Humans
By Abdul Majid Zargar

Jannuary 6th is one of the blackest day in the human rights history of the world. It was on this day in 1993 that Indian soldiers killed nearly fifty five people in Kashmir’s Apple town, Sopore in a manner which even today sends jitters up one’s spine & puts to shame the wildest beast in a jungle

Power Problem And Missing Records
By Abdul Majid Zargar

Power crisis continues to disrupt normal life in the Valley. The long & unscheduled power cuts have become a way of life. And the fresh snowfall has come as a double whammy for the people of Kashmir. Besides darkness they have been cut off from the rest of the world too, due to closure of roads

03 January , 2014

Kashmir: Article 370 And Hermeneutic Violence
By Prof. Hameedah Nayeem

The last nail in the coffin of integrationists is not that it could be dissolved only by a constituent Assembly which does not exist any longer but that Article 1 of the Indian constitution which defines the territory of Indian Union, is subservient to Article 370 in case of Kashmir besides other articles like 253, read with 246etc which provide for Kashmir’s secession from Indian Union. Once Article 370 is taken away from the constitution, Article 1 will cease to be applicable to J&K state!

04 December , 2013

The Great Kashmir Wall
By Abdul Majid Zargar

India now appears all set to partition Jammu & Kashmir by metes & bounds by erecting a 10-metre high wall – First along its 197 KM stretch of boundary with Pakistan and later along the Line of control in J&K. If the media reports are to be believed, Work has already begun on the proposed partition wall

Kashmir: Understanding Article 370
By Ram Puniyani

While calling for debate around article 370, one needs to understand as what the Kashmiris want, a mere assertion from ultra nationalist tendencies will harm the process of healing of wounds and the march towards a better democratic process in the state. As Nehru pointed out, what is more important is to win the hearts and mind of people, the laws can follow. Integrating the people by considering their aspirations is what is the need of the hour, such outbursts are counterproductive for the people at large

26 November , 2013

Sad: Nothing Indigenous About Kashmir
By Bashir Manzar

India is happy and so is Pakistan. None of the two countries is much concerned about the sufferings of people here. The only thing that would trouble them (India and Pakistan) is a genuine Kashmir narrative and that seems not coming forward

27 October , 2013

Kashmir Accession Document Shrouded In False Myths
By Abdul Majid Zargar

A web of falsehood has been woven around the instrument of accession between Indian Govt. & Maharaja of Kashmir to present it as a credible & genuine document before the international community & General public. However, continuous scholarly debates & archival materials have exposed such falsehoods

23 October , 2013

Mehr Chand Mahajan: A Symbol Of Tyranny
By Abdul Majid Zargar

The role of Mehr Chand Mahajan, erstwhile Prime Minister of Kashmir, in the genocide of Muslims in Jammu region in 1947

22 October , 2013

Will Kashmir Forget 27th October ?
By Ishaq Begh

If Kashmir gets peace and solution including reunion, then certain dates of Kashmir history such as 27th October will vanish and happiness may return

15 October , 2013

Of Disaster Management And Vulnerable Kashmir
By Adfar Shah

The National Disaster Management Authority recently issued a warning that over eight lakh causalities may occur if an earthquake measuring 8 on the Richter scale occurs in the seismically-active Himalayan belt where Kashmir valley is located. Is there any earth quake mitigation programme being worked out or as usual our desi (local) disaster management will be executed i.e. managing disasters disastrously?

01 October , 2013

The Silence Of The Valley
By Neerja Dasani

Silence defines Kashmir. It is this silence that Ajay Raina and Pankaj Rishi Kumar are countering through a painstakingly curated film festival entitled ‘Kashmir Before Our Eyes', which they have been travelling with across the country over the past few months. Organised by FD Zone Mumbai, the festival is composed of feature films, documentaries, short films and plenty of discussion

15 September , 2013

Kashmir: Guilty By Association
By Ashutosh Sharma

The women married to militants returning home from Pakistan, as Jammu and Kashmir embraces rehabilitation policy, feel trapped in the vortex of adverse circumstances

11 September , 2013

Another Youth Shot Dead By CRPF In Shopian, Kashmir
By Jandk Live

Another youth Rafiq Ahmad Rather (27) alias Rafi of Saidpora village was killed in alleged CRPF firing in Shopain Jammu and Kashmir. The slain youth was a School Bus driver. People protested in large numbers and police opened fire on the people in which at least 8 people were injured. Four youth were killed in the same area in CRPF firing on Saturday

08 September , 2013

4 People Killed In Shopian: Protests In Kashmir
By JandkLive

Three of the slain youth have been identified to be as civilians,the identity of the fourth one is yet to be revealed by the police.However sources say that the fourth deceased is also a civilian, a labourer from Bihar. Three of the deceased have been identified as Tawseef Ahmad Bhat, 18, son of Gulam Muhammad Bhat, resident of Baba Mohallah Shopian, Muhammad Yousuf resident of Durpora, Zainpora (a labourer) and Tariq Ahmad Mir son of Ghulam Nabi Mir, a resident of Okay, Kulgam

27 August , 2013

Mapping The Army-Civilian Dichotomy in Kashmir
By Adfar Shah

I am hopelessly waiting for the day when a local feels honored while meeting an Indian Jawan (Soldier) in any conflict zone be that Kashmir, Northeast or any other place. The army-civilian dichotomy can be abridged by working on the binding threads between the two like ensuring the principal of ‘ Awaam and their safety first' , preparing a common platform where two can meet and discuss without any fear, increasing the interaction between the two, accepting the past mistakes sincerely, learn to listen against each other, avoiding display of big brotherly attitude, checking verbal abuse, treating the local with respect, understanding the local culture and sensitivities and above all checking any HR violations

08 August , 2013

The Wounded Women Of Kashmir
By Ashutosh Sharma

Largely ignored in post-conflict reconstruction efforts in Jammu and Kashmir by the government, many women severely affected by conflict have been fighting a tough battle for existence

29 July , 2013

Crisis Of 4GW In Kashmir: The Soldier’s Side
By Adfar Shah

This write up is in continuation, to my earlier article titled, ‘Are Armed Forces Really Winning the 4GW (Fourth Generation War) In Kashmir’, because the article evoked a quick response from readers that further motivated me to highlight some hidden themes further especially of the soldier’s side to balance the argument

26 July , 2013

Kashmir: A State Overloaded With Orphans And Half Orphans
By Jaffer Latief Najar

Jammu and Kashmir, famously known as Kashmir, a state once acknowledged as Paradise, has transited its history of picturesque and now is a heavan of disappeared, raped, stone pelting young bloods, mass graves, half widows and indeed, a playground of orphans and 'half orphans'. Half orphans in Kashmir, often, refers to those children whom parents (mostly father) have been disappeared during the saga of political struggle akin to half widows and are living their life in a twilight zone. They can not be pronounced as orphans since they are still unaware that whether their parent is alive or not

22 July , 2013

Are Armed Forces Really Winning The 4GW In Kashmir?
By Adfar Shah

The continuous blunders by armed forces in Kashmir or Northeast India reveal the non-professional approach of Indian soldiers/policemen. It goes without saying that, soldiering/policing today is not just neutralising the enemy, but encompasses safeguarding lives of citizens and changing anti-national perceptions by building bridges of peace and harmony

17 July , 2013

Kashmir: The Row On Article 370
By Abdul Majid Zargar

The latest row between L.K.Advani & Omar Abdullah over the abrogation of Article 370 is a case of left-over refrigated dish being reheated to be served afresh for a new feast-that is election 2014 through which the former aspires to become prime Minister while the latter, otherwise battling hard, to retain his chief Minsterial post. BJP Spokesman has even gone to the extent of saying that this article will be removed from the Indian Constitution once it comes to power

13 July , 2013

Kashmir: Killers Might Have Changed But The Targets Remain The Same
By Abdul Majid Zargar

The incident of 13th July 1931, in which twenty two people were martyred by the marauding troops of autocratic Dogra ruler, Hari Singh has to be seen in a proper perspective and context

09 July , 2013

Kashmir: Childhood Under Threat
By Ashutosh Sharma

The children disabled by bloody conflict in Jammu and Kashmir are living without care and consideration—which they rightly deserve from the government and society 

Tosa Maidan: Where Summer Isn’t Welcome
By Taha Mirani

Tosa Maidan is a rich pasture located in central Kashmir’s Budgam district. It has been given to Indian army on lease for firearms practice in 1962. Since then, the whole region has flipped backwards several centuries

05 July , 2013

Kashmir: And The Bloodshed Continues
By Abdul Majid Zargar

With the gruesome murder of two innocent boys in village Markundal, District Bandipora, the mayhem & blood shed continues in Kashmir

25 June , 2013

Listen - Sh. Manmohan Singh Ji
By Abdul Majid Zargar

Honbl’e Prime Minster - Being the architect of phrase “zero-tolerance”- the men & women of Kunanposhpura, after finishing with their tales , have told me to convey you this message in bold & unambiguous language

Grasping The Current Mood Of The Kashmiri youth
By Aijaz Nazir

Sense of alienation from India is deep rooted among the young generation of the Valley while the protests of 2008 and 2010 may be a distant history for the policy makers they are still a fresh memory for the youth

14 June , 2013

Kashmir: Forgetting History
By Abdul Majid Zargar

In response to controversial revelations of Historical events made by A.G.Noorani at the Silver Jubilee Function Of Daily “Greater Kashmir”, many columnists wrote articles, some in denouncement and few in praise. But there has been an another class of writers, who without taking a definite stand, have advised us to forget history and take care of the future. Only. This write-up is essentially a rejoinder to such writers. It makes an attempt to evaluate the argument that individuals and nations must forget their history

13 June , 2013

Memories Do Not Fade Away
By Faisal Magray

A young Kashmiri journalist recounts a horrific experience when he was beaten up by security forces

28 May , 2013

Eleven Things India Must Change In Kashmir
By Justin Podur

I am not going to suggest things that many states are incapable of doing anywhere, like ending corruption or following its own laws consistently. I am just going to suggest things that are allowed and routine in other states. So here are eleven things that India should do to protect people's rights in Kashmir

27 May , 2013

Kashmir Dispute And The History
By Dr. Abdul Ahad

The Kashmir dispute is a child born out of an aberrant and unnatural wedlock facilitated by a local who acted as a go-between to try and work out an agenda at a critical juncture when the horrors of death and destruction of the most bloody of civil wars of contemporary history were still haunting the people of the Sub-continent. This Uncared Child of the Incomplete Partition was subsequently adopted by the UN

19 May , 2013

Lest We Forget Mubina Ghani
By Abdul Majid Zargar

Thousands of rapes have been committed by security forces in Kashmir since 1990 and one such rape of a young bride, Mubina Ghani of Muhripora, District Islamabad, Kashmir is and will be remembered for long because it changed the whole tradition of celebrating the marriages and transporting “Barats”during night time

03 May , 2013

Fair Elections Versus Final Solution
By Abdul Majid Zargar

Mufti Sahib- what the people of Kashmir aspire for is a final resolution of the Kashmir dispute. They cannot commit their next generation to the mayhem & blood bath witnessed since decades. Please urge the PM to fulfill this aspiration than crave for free & fair elections and if you are successful- you will be remembered as a visionary statesman till eternity rather than be in the hot seat for few years

30 April , 2013

Civil Society Activism In Kashmir
By Abdul Majid Zargar

If there is a silver lining visible in the dark clouds hovering over, it is the growing civil society activism. It is refreshing to hear civil society members taking important issues confronting the people

Kashmir Scenario Post US Withdrawal From Afghanistan
By Abdul Majid Zargar

Let India & Pakistan start negotiations not out of fear but let they also not fear to negotiate. And before the signals emanating out of Afghanistan are translated into action by extreme elements, which only means further death & destruction, let those be pre-empted by both Countries finding a lasting solution to the problem by taking genuine representatives of Jammu &Kashmir on board and sooner this happens, the better it is

15 April , 2013

Kashmir: Unfortunate Insensitivity
By Raouf Rasool

In Jammu and Kashmir, as the history has it, the relationship between the common masses – the public – and the state has never really been perceived in terms of collaboration and consensus but rather in terms of mutual hostility and antagonism. This is perhaps the reason for the state to have always kept some repressive laws handy – to tame and torment the belligerent masses

11 April , 2013

Kashmir: Boiling The Trust Deficit
By Jaffer Latief Najar

No one carries agression and anxiety along with birth. But, it is the situation and circumstances that force indiviuals to become agressive, violent and opposite. Similar is happening with the youth of Kashmir who are coming on the streets and protesting with stones and are facing the bullets. There is a vaccum of trust and alienation that the state is not responding despite of its well known awreness about it

30 March , 2013

Why Delhi Is Wrong On Afzal Assessment
By Bashir Manzar

In the face of the Narendra Modi-blitzkrieg from the BJP, the unnerved Congress government did act hastily without weighing certain important things beforehand. But its inability to answer these questions and doubts have come to haunt Kashmir again and will deepen the already overwhelmingly high alienation in Kashmir. This is certainly not a very good omen, neither for Kashmir nor for the rest of India

Faulty Spending: Be Careful About The Vested Interests Within
By Raouf Rasool

As has been witnessed, thanks to their conflict ‘over Kashmir’, India and Pakistan have been, or at least trying to matching each-other on military spending. Although it means that both are losing precious resources which could suffice the basic needs of teeming millions living in abject poverty in the both countries, but given the deficit of trust that plagues their relationship, more the one country spends on military, more the other thinks it too has to invest to remain prepared for a possible showdown

Terrorism Will Dilute Domestic Political Stability In Kashmir
By Younus Farooq

The terrorist attack at a CRPF camp on the outskirts of Srinagar on 13th of February that claimed lives of 2 militants, 5 soliders, and injured dozens of civilians will not help but rather deteriorate what is Perceived as an illusory peace into a protracted political crisis

25 March , 2013

Kashmir: Faulty Economics’ Talk
By Raouf Rasool

Corruption is rampant, inefficiency galore, there is general lack of accountability and popular culture in terms of service to people too is in shambles. Capping it all is the fact that the gap between the rich and the poor, powerful and the weak, instead of shrinking is increasing with each passing day. May God bless this land and its people!

16 March , 2013

Kashmir: Listen, See And Say Unpleasant Too!
By Raouf Rasool

Indeed the reasons why nobody in Kashmir protested (or protests) the killing of CRPF (or any other forces’) personnel is what lies at the heart of the problem. It needs to be deconstructed to know what plagues the relationship between Srinagar and New Delhi. So this question must have been asked to the ‘experts’ representing the Indian armed forces in the show

14 March , 2013

...and Only Kashmiris Die!
By Raouf Rasool

Once again our worst fears came true on Monday night when a load-carrier (auto) driver Riyaz Ahmad Khanday died at Srinagar’s Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Science (SKIMS) Soura. 23-year-old Khanday of Mattan Anantnag was not killed in “police action”, but he was left critically wounded when a group of men objected to his defiance of the separatists’ shutdown call in the evening of March 8 and pelted a stone at him. What is really pathetic is that nobody from the political class – either from the mainstream or the separatist camps deemed this tragic death worth a comment and condemnation

12 March , 2013

Angry Kashmir Needs Direction
By Raouf Rasool

Kashmir's angry youth are at a cross roads, but who is to guide them?

Poonch Rebellion And Tribal Incursion Of Kashmir
By Abdul Majid Zargar

Christopher Snedden’s new Book- "Kashmir-The unwritten history" claims that it was the Muslims of Poonch region who instigated the Kashmir dispute and not Pashtun tribesmen invading from Pakistan

11 March , 2013

Kashmir's Wait For A True Leader
By Younus Farooq

Kashmir freedom movement needs an exceptional leader, well educated, rational, problem solving, who can coordinate a divided Kashmir movement into a one whole organized ideology. The freedom movement of Kashmir needs a more political, ideological and less sentimental leader who can inspire masses and be able to coordinate and sustain them. It is important to rid people of wrong ideas and bring about a great change

04 March , 2013

When Washing Car Is A Crime
By Noor ul Haq

A satirical take on Jammu & Kashmir Police Bill 2013

22 February , 2013

Political Hanging Of Afzal Guru To Reap Electoral Dividend
By Abdul Majid Zargar

The handling of Kashmir problem by India is marked by colonial approach, Military mind-set and political arrogance. All these ingredients were evident in abundance when Afzal Guru was hanged on 9th February in a most devious & surreptitious way

18 February , 2013

Afzal Guru Case: The Dead Conscience
By Dr. Haamid Peerzada

By giving the dates of February 9 & February 11, the Indian authorities have given a week of remembrance for coming generations. Kashmir is waiting for the body of Afzal Guru

05 February , 2013

Let's Speak For FREEDOM Kashmir
By Ravi Nitesh

When the all women band Pragaash, tried to come before public with music, it is actually something really Pragaash ' (ray of Sun) for hope in the region that only popular for violence, infiltration, stone pelting, militarization these days. A state with sex ratio 883:1000 as per census 2011 (it was 900:1000 as per census 2001) needs attention towards girl child, girl education, empowerment and equality. When these girls came out to prove themselves, to take their steps to match with the time, then again they get suppressed by these religious teachers

Kashmir…. When Voices Are Silenced!
By Asma Firdous

I want to ask those Clerics and Leaders who always dictate terms over acts of womenfolk and never provide a solution which acceptable to all. If music is controversial, what about the DOWRY, which is undoubtedly Haraam, unlawful in Islam

03 February , 2013

Article 370-The Constitutional History of J&K
Book Review By Abdul Majid Zargar

The constitutional History of J&K is much more than simply setting forth the outlines of the state government. And when it is explained Vis-à-vis Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, it assumes more color & significance. That is what A.G.Noorani, the noted legal luminary, has done by writing an admirably clear & concise book “Article 370-The constitutional history of J&K” which brings to fore the intricate relationship between law & politics

Kashmir's Nightmares
By Aijaz Nazir

The new generation of valley is used to listen to the stories of violence rather than the tales of wonderland and fairies. Generations after generations have seen the brutal face of violence and cruelty. At this stage and in this modern world, children of the Valley in these chilly nights don't think of wonders and fairies anymore, but are stuck to the prolonged conflict which has become a nightmare for its inhabitants

25 January , 2013

Republic Day Who Is Killing The Patriotic Fervour?
By Zafar Choudhary

The idea of Republic Day and Independence Day of India suffers from multiple challenges in Kashmir Valley but lessening of hype and inclusive approach to participation would certainly be useful everywhere. Unless the people at the top don’t realise portends of hyped security measures, the fourth nation, as mentioned initially, would always keep itself alienated from the days of national flavours

15 January , 2013

Kashmir Autonomy: Call Their Bluff
By Abdul Majid Zargar

The issue of autonomy has once again been raised by National Conference-this time by its legendary General secretary, Sheikh Nazir Ahmad. Previously the subject was broached upon by its additional General Secretary Sheikh Mustafa Kamal, whom the people did not take very seriously

06 January , 2013

The Sopore Massacre
By Noor ul Haq

On 6 January 1993, 250 shops and 50 homes were burnt down although locals claim as many as 450 buildings were burnt down and at least 57 people massacred

03 January , 2013

Silence On Rapes In Kashmir
By Abdul Majid Zargar

In the backdrop of recent incident of gang-rape of a girl in Delhi, Mr. Wajahat Habibullah, Chairman National Minorities commission & former Chief information commissioner of India has admitted that there have been numerous & widespread allegations of rape against Indian Army in Kashmir which have largely remained uninvestigated with the result that culprits have gone unpunished. But regrettably it has taken nearly ten thousand rapes of kashmiri women (Figure provided by a reputed news portal-Kashmir Media Service) for his conscience to arouse and speak truth

Arrested By Multiple Crises, I Crave For Change
By Ashiq Hussain Andrabi

I'm not advocating any political idea here nor am I speaking as follower of any party or agency here. I am a Common Kashmiri with ordinary vulnerabilities, concerns and resources and extraordinary potential. I am unhappy with the status quo. The current government has proved to be heartless. Life has become impossible under the present government rule in Jammu and Kashmir . The present government has neglected the common man and has failed to understand their pains, thus increasing their alienation

15 December , 2012

Caste, Religion And Untouchability
By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Condition of manual scavengers in Jammu & Kashmir

24 November , 2012

I'm A Photojournalist From Kashmir, And This Is My Story
By Shahid Tantray

I have been thinking about writing the story since long time. The story is not about any disaster or any tragedy but one of the harsh experiences till now in my life. The experiences which I witnessed in Kashmir, where I live, which is my homeland, where I work, do my professional duty

23 November , 2012

Return Of The Native- A Tale Of Separation
By Qadri Inzamam

Tale of a man who was lured by militants to POK who later to Indian side of Kashmir with his wife

21 November , 2012

The Lost Symbol Of Freedom
By Ravi Nitesh

Though we accept that central government has every right to decide the matters of communication, defence , currency in J&K as per constitution, but we must not forget that applying certain restrictions to restrict the freedom of individuals cannot be considered as constitutional. SMS service is a lost symbol of freedom in J&K, for which we all must demand to get it back

11 November , 2012

Syed Maqbool Shah: A Decade Of Separation
By Qadri Inzamam

Syed Maqbool Shah is trying to start a new beginning and his family is making all efforts to help him getting out of his dark past. His dark past snatched his 14 precious years of life, his dream to be a teacher, his family’s joy, his father, his sister and above all his cheerfulness. Syed Maqbool finds it hard to forget that what has happened to him but harder it is for him to answer that why it happened to him

28 October , 2012

When India Visits Kashmir
By Sheikh Saaliq

Kashmiri’s are even asked to open their lunch boxes also and when asked why? They say it’s just a routine security check. Jammed mobile networks and Internet, frisking at every possible corner, traffic jams, sudden cordons and a common Kashmiri caged in his own home. Yes, this is what happens, When India visits Kashmir!

26 October , 2012

Innocence Crumpled: A Tale From The Dark Side Of Kashmir
By Haziq Qadri

She was tortured and humiliated at the age of fifteen inside a police station. Her respect compromised and her coming life shattered, Haseena, 23, reveals her struggle with the life after she was arrested and then tortured in custody

22 October , 2012

Bijbehara Massacre: Bleeding Might Have Stopped, Pain Remains
By Abdul Majid Zargar

The year 1993 remains the ultimate annus horribilis for the Residents of Bijbehara, littered with a monumental event that left deep scars on their psyche. It was on 22nd day of October in that year when the Indian security forces mowed down at least fifty people and injured scores of that little village, in a killing spree that lasted for twenty minutes and the only fault of those killed was to dare protest the siege of their revered Shrine-Hazratbal

18 October , 2012

Kashmir: Building Bridges in Open-air
By Ikram Ullah

Rahul Gandhi tried to sideline the political grievances of Kashmir. He tried to "Build Bridges" in the open air without support underneath. The consequences were going to be obvious, The bridge failed miserably

26 September , 2012

The Way To The Meadow: A Review
By Dr. M Ashraf Bhat

Judging from the two dozen odd reviews that it has garnered so far, The Meadow by the British journalists, Adrian Levy & Cathy Scott-Clark, is quite contentious despite impressive evidence of the very thorough research which has gone into its making. My review, however, is different from other such assessments in one significant way: the events narrated in the book simply happened around me

19 September , 2012

(Mis)understanding The Kashmir Conundrum
By Dr. M Ashraf Bhat

There seems no visionary, pragmatic and sincere policy regarding Kashmir. When a problem is offered diverse perplexing solutions from several parties, it will certainly never be resolved

31 July , 2012

Is Media The Fourth Pillar Of Democracy?
By Noor ul Haq

The double standard of the media is explicit from the fact that while ignoring the continuous murders of Kashmiris by security forces, it creates such a hue and cry when a tourist vehicle is damaged in a cylinder blast as if the sky had fallen on the earth

07 June , 2012

Kashmir: Yearning For Two Yards Of Land For Burial
By Ashutosh Sharma

Many elderly people from (PoK) who visited this part of Jammu and Kashmir crossing LoC by newly launched bus service refuse to return, claiming this part of the state to be their origin. They wish to live, die and be buried in their birthplace, writes Ashutosh Sharma from Jammu and Kashmir

26 May , 2012

Kashmir: Official Report, Private Opinion
By Zafar Choudhary

A critique of the report prepared by Kashmir interlocutors

14 May , 2012

Pathribal Fake Encounter Case Judgement: Indictment Sans Justice
By Abdul Majid Zargar

The Supreme Court judgment in Pathribal fake encounter case constitutes a severe assault on the right to life of common people living in conflict areas like Kashmir

07 May , 2012

Barbed Lives
By Ashutosh Sharma

The fence along the border with Pakistan, which has been erected several kilometres behind the zero line, has left hundreds of Indian villages sandwiched. Residents of such villages, which are almost cut off from the rest of the country, consider themselves prisoners in their own country, writes Ashutosh Sharma from Jammu and Kashmir

04 May , 2012

Investigate Killing Of Foreign Tourists In Kashmir
By Abdul Majid Zargar

There are now enough grounds to order reinvestigation of 1995 abduction & killing of six foreign tourists following startling revelations by a new book that they were killed by pro-government counter-insurgents fully aided & abetted by the security forces

27 April , 2012

Kashmir: A Wrong “Verdict”
By Adil Akhzer

Manu Joseph has announced his verdict - Kashmir is Happy. One of the prominent Indian journalist and Editor in Chief of Open Magazine. Joseph soon after concluding his Kashmir visit proclaimed “Kashmir is happy”. Joseph has come to the conclusion as during his brief sojourn, he has met a few Kashmiris working for 'Aircel', has discussed the Kashmir issue with some "eminent" Kashmiri scribes, has enjoyed a Gondola ride in Gulmarg and has also listened to the speech of District Magistrate in Kashmir village

31 March , 2012

Will J&K’s Omar Abdullah Deliver?
By Syed Junaid Hashmi

Land of political conspiracies, Jammu and Kashmir, is passing through a momentous phase of history. Man who promised to rewrite tattered pages of history, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, has grown old in his young days

25 March , 2012

And Indian State Calls It As ‘Peace'
By Khalid Wasim Hassan

There have been many attempts by the Indian State to propagate the short periods of calmness as ‘peace' and ‘normalcy' in Kashmir. But, is it really the case?

01 March , 2012

Indira - Sheikh Acccord of 1975
By Abdul Majid Zargar

It is worth mentioning here that Abdullah never disputed the contents of the accord during his lifetime. He assumed power, enjoyed it and then passed it on to his son solely because of the accord. That being so it does not behoove of his inheritors to say now that nothing was settled in 1975 accord. That right vests with people who were not part of the accord

17 February , 2012

“Heerath”It Was Ours
By Hakim Iqbal

Time changed so much in Kashmir . We have lost everything but hope. We still wait for the day when Muslim neighbour would take a Pandit elderly on his shoulders to hospital; when a Pandit well off family would marry off a Muslim girl in their neighbourhood; we still wait for that joyous atmosphere when Azaan is called in Masjids by Muslims and tintinnabulation of temples resound the ears simultaneously; we wait for the time when believers offer Namaz for their sick Hindu friend, we wait, we wait , and we will wait

11 February , 2012

Tied Stones And Loose Dogs
By Souzeina Mushtaq

When the education system of Jammu and Kashmir state is already on a ventilator, another death blow to it came in the form of the Examgate scandal. State’s honorable Education Minister, Peerzada Mohammed Sayeed misused his official position to help his foster son, Imam Souban clear the 10th standard examination in 2009, with the help of present chairman Board of School Education, the then deputy director academics and other four officials

10 February , 2012

Kashmir: Forgive And Forget
By Burhan Majid

Ever since the third generation Abdullah rose to throne as the State’s Chief Minister, he continues to bat for the setting up of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission(TRC) which, he believes, would help to find out the truth behind the widespread atrocities perpetrated, by the Government forces, in the State of Jammu and Kashmir

13 January , 2012

Kashmir Saga 2012
By Abdul Majid Zargar

Mohammad Altaf Sood, 22, was mercilessly killed in CISF firing at Boniyar providing a grim reminder of the reality that human life in Kashmir continues to be dispensable. And dust had barely settled when another soul was demolished at Sopore. An innocent civilian, again a young man, was brutally done to death while crying for help in an injured condition

29 December , 2011

Kashmir: Curbing The Academics
By Burhan Majid

There have been a series of attempts when we saw the academics being interfered with by the State police. So besides the usual high handedness and meddling, the State’s police force has jumped into action in yet another field. In a way the Police in the State have become too ubiquitous marked by its arbitrary interferences which are more often uncalled for

08 December , 2011

Arrest And Harassment of Pastor C.M Khanna in Srinagar
Fact Finding Report

Report Of The Fact Finding Team To Srinagar And Jammu [ 29 November- 3 December 2011 ] Regarding The Arrest And Harassment Of Pastor C.M Khanna Of All Saints Church, Srinagar

16 October , 2011

8th Oct, A Look Back And Its Aftermath
By Sheikh Saaliq

It was truly called the 17th deadliest earthquake witnessed ever in records. Killing almost 75,000 people, injuring people in thousands and making millions homeless, the earthquake of 8th Oct 2005 still haunts everyone who witnessed it. Muzzafarabad, Pakistan being the epicenter of this earthquake was the mostly hit area but on other side of the border, Indian Kashmir didn’t’ remain un-affected. Almost 2,500 people were killed on this side too with thousands homeless

07 October , 2011

Here Is What I Am Saying To The Indian Feminists
On Conflict And Feminist Movement’s Response

By Inshah Malik

Inshah Malik's response to a discussion on her earlier article “Kashmiri women stand for peace?”

03 October , 2011

The Unmarked Graves Of Kashmir
By Sheikh Saaliq

Having a look from outside these small mounds of soil may only look like buried with mere human bodies with most of them torn by bullets or mortar shells, but in fact these small pieces of land carry a long story of pain and grief for decades to narrate

Kashmiri Women Stand For ‘Peace’?
By Inshah Malik

Women visualize peace in much different way than the ones in the seminars. Peace for Zainab who lives in front of the army camp and her daughters move through the surveillance of army and have to hear sexual remarks as usual, is nothing but “AZADI”

21 September , 2011

Kashmir: Sinking Into Oblivion, Rising From The Ashes
By Maryam Sakeenah

The jarring report on over 2000 unmarked mass graves in Indian Held Kashmir that came to light last month failed to elicit a response from the United Nations. When pressed for comments, Secretary General Ban Ki Moon apologized that he had ‘no comments for now.' This is not just the UN lacking teeth; it is the UN being reduced to virtual dysfunction- that is, irrelevance to global context altogether

19 September , 2011

The Unnoticed Regrouping Of Militants On LoC
By Jalaluddin Mughal

The residents of Neelum Valley are worried about suspicious presence of some outsiders who have been seen in the surroundings of village Dodnial since last couple of weeks. Dressed in traditional Pakistani dress Shalwar Kameez and having long beards, majority of these outsiders speak Punjabi. There must be a reason behind their dubious presence in the area, but, nobody knows exactly what the nature of their activities

Kashmir: A Legacy Of British Colonialism
By Zafar Iqbal

In the recent past British Prime Minister David Cameron, referring the Kashmir conflict, has already admitted that ‘Britain caused many of the world's problems’. Now it is time for British leadership to correct their historical mistakes by protecting human rights and democracy in Kashmir

14 September , 2011

People Of Jammu And Kashmir Have A Right To Know
By Dr Shabir Choudhry

"A few days ago I posted a video on my face book wall, in which a Kashmiri militant, known as Bitta Karate confesses to have killed many Kashmiri Hindu Pandits, not because they were criminals or they endangered his life but because he was ordered by his senior leaders of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF). He said he does not remember how many Hindu Pandits he killed; and if they were innocent or not. He had orders to kill and he did that"

05 September , 2011

Does Conflict Empower Women?
By Mushtaq Ul haq Ahmad Sikander

“Necessity is the mother of Invention” is a well proven fact; similar has been the case with women of Kashmir. The armed conflict has imposed on them new alien roles, which they have readily accepted and are fulfilling the responsibilities of the same

India In Oblivion
By Burhan Majid

Though India has invariably promised Kashmir, the fulfillment remains to be seen

02 September , 2011

They Brought Harud To My Voice
By Basharat Ali

On the postponement of the proposed literary festival, Harud Litfest in Kashmir

01 September , 2011

Harud Gov Sarudd
By Fahad Shah

The title above, “Harud gov saridd” means Harud fell cold. The on-going extensive debate on the postponement of the proposed literary festival, Harud (Autumn) Litfest in Kashmir from 24-26 September has many colours. Some say it was the vested interest of the people who opposed the festival. Some even say that it was “Islamic fundamentalism”. How can a person with intellect raise such queries? I doubt the intellect now

31 August , 2011

Harud: Season of Despondency And Loss
By Dr. Nyla Ali Khan

Is the condemnation of the Harud festival, which has now been cancelled, by a group of academics, none of whom live in Kashmir, an attempt to objectify the Kashmiri subject

25 August , 2011

Kashmir Is A Human Rights Disaster
By Naveed Qazi

A long lasting peace perhaps would be the biggest tribute to families who have been victimized through violence. People should build intense pressure for action to raise the cost of human rights abuse

15 August , 2011

Kashmir Calm, Youth Face The Brunt
By Fahad Shah

In wake of Indian Independence Day celebrations on August 15 here at a local stadium, Bakshi Stadium, the state has launched crackdown on youths. A local newspaper reported that police have detained more than 45 youth in Srinagar and south Kashmir during nocturnal raids in just two days

13 August , 2011

Construction Of A Unique Kashmiri Identity:
Awakening or Disaster

By Nyla Ali Khan

As a Kashmir observer and someone who has been writing on Kashmir for a while, I am of the opinion that L. K. Advani's recent attempt to resuscitate the ultra right-wing nationalism of the BJP is ludicrous. Such right-wing propaganda ought to be challenged by the intelligentsia, not just Kashmiri, but mainstream Indian as well. It might not be a bad idea for Advani and his cohort to take a quick history lesson

05 August , 2011

Kashmiryat: Religion Or Class?
By Inshah Malik

The author argues that the fabrics of the Kashmiryat in discourse stand on caste, class and not religion

Exploitation: What Else Can They Do?
By Fahad Shah

Contractual lecturers are on hunger strike in Kashmir valley

28 July , 2011

Rapes In Kashmir
By Abdul Majid Zargar

It is unfortunate that trouble should rock Kashmir shortly before the Pakistan and Indian foreign ministers meet in New Delhi after an agonizing one-year wait. Once again, Indian army personnel have allegedly dishonored a Kashmiri woman, leading to anti-India demonstrations by thousands of people, mostly youth, in the Manzagam village on Friday. And while the protests are in progress, there comes another molestation attempt by an Indian Soldier in Hyderbeg area of Pattan in North Kashmir

24 June , 2011

Conflict Induced Infertility In Kashmiri Women
By Ibrahim Wani

Conflict induced stress is not only taking a toll on mental health in Kashmir but also causing reproductive problems and disorders in young men and women

22 June , 2011

Rising Suicide Rates In Kashmir
By Ibrahim Wani

Suicide cases are on the rise in Kashmir with even teenagers as young as 14, attempting suicide. This issue is emerging as a major problem in the society

16 June , 2011

Navlakha's Deportation: Something Is
Brewing In Kashmir

By Fahad Shah

With the deportation of noted Human Rights activist, Gautam Navlakha the state proves there is something brewing in Valley which they try hard to ignore and hide. For being pro-people in India means anti-state, proves the last month's government action. While the government said “his presence in Valley is not needed”

Growing Drug Addiction In Kashmir
By Ibrahim Wani

Drug addiction is a growing concern in Kashmir

04 June , 2011

We Must Forget Bitterness Of The Past
By Dr Shabir Choudhry

Since 1947 all ethnic groups of the State of Jammu and Kashmir have suffered; and there is bitterness and anger. Those who want to keep us divided they keep on pouring fuel on fire, and devise new strategies to promote hatred among different ethnic communities that we hold each other responsible for our miseries

Kashmir’s Freedom In Making
By Inshah Malik

To understand Kashmir’s liberation struggle as only about suppressed nationalism is a flawed understanding. The cultural nationalism is intertwined with the ‘question of justice’ and upholding ‘morality of human self’. The state they aspire sounds one of those ideal democracies which haven’t been theorized by modern theorists yet. One wonders if Kashmir has learnt from the ‘failed neighboring states’ much faster than what they were supposed to?

31 May, 2011

Kashmir And Introspections
By Naveed Qazi

The psychological attitude pertaining among Kashmiris is that they feel occupied. There is no substitute for a resolution other than a sincere dialogue and process of self-determination

29 May, 2011

Territorial Plan: Jammu, Kashmir And Ladakh
By Inshah Malik

This territorial plan that Engels has foretold manifests in subtly different ways in Kashmir to ascertain and legitimize the power of state. These divisions created over time and investments are real threats to establishing a harmonious communion unless extending solidarities and rightful redistribution of power does not take place

15 April, 2011

Regionalism, Ethnicity, And Trifurcation:
All In The Name Of National Integrity

By Dr. Nyla Ali Khan

The question relevant to my purposes here is that is the “executive order,” not “bill” permitting the issuance of Dogra certificates to the Dogras, Hindu and Muslim, of Jammu province along the lines of Sir Owen Dixon’s proposition of the trifurcation of the State along religious and communal lines? Why is this vestige of British colonialism still given legitimacy?

12 April, 2011

Beyond Politics: Assassination Of Maulana Showkat Ahmad Shah
By Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander

We have lost another person to the ravaging conflict and as a norm all parties to the conflict would do politics over this assassination, and the real culprits as usual is apprehension would go Scot free

Kashmir : Internet Campaign Led Youth's Release
By Fahad Shah

Faizan Rafiq Hakim, a minor, released from prison after persistent campaign on the internet

01 April, 2011

Gilgit Baltistan A Battleground For A Future War
By Dr Shabir Choudhry

Speech of Dr Shabir Choudhry in a Seminar held in House of Commons (the British Parliament) organised by The Democracy Forum on 31 March 2011

23 March, 2011

Review of Siddhartha Gigoo's Book, Garden Of Solitude
By Amit Kumar

It's a narrative of a Kashmiri Pandit longing for his homeland. If you are not aware of what happened in Kashmir in late 1980's and early 1990's, then this book with its emotional appeal and a balanced analysis is definitely going to make you cry

18 March, 2011

Human Security And Protection Of Rights Of Kashmiri People
Under Pakistani Administration

By Dr Shabir Choudhry

Speech of Dr Shabir Choudhry in Geneva on 17th March 2011, in a Seminar arranged by Interfaith International

28 February, 2011

India, Pakistan And The Kashmiri Struggle
By Dr Shabir Choudhry

Why I criticize Pakistan's Kashmir policy

22 February, 2011

The Collaborator By Mirza Waheed
By Abhijit Dutta

A review of the recently published book The Collaborator by Mirza Waheed

19 February, 2011

Is Egypt Revolution Parallel To Kashmir Protests?
By Fahad Shah

To draw parallels between the Egypt revolution and Kashmir freedom movement is inevitable but; is Valley ready for something alike. No doubt the last summer protests in Valley were wholly led by zealous pro-freedom public. Leaders from all groups were left aside; they just followed the public lines. The current situation of Valley so far seems to be peaceful but mere a small incident can spark off a yearlong unrest

14 February, 2011

Cloning Cairo: A New Map For Kashmir?
By Farzana Versey

Kashmir does not need to be a Cairo and cannot be. From whom or what will its people get liberated when they are pulled in several directions by a hydra-headed monster called political opportunism?

30 January, 2011

Public Debt And Economic Subjugation
By Bilal Hussain

The much talked about agreement between the Jammu and Kashmir government and Reserve Bank of India has two dimensions to be analyzed through: One financial and other political aspect attached to the pact

23 January, 2011

How Sad?
By Dr Shabir Choudhry

How sad, those who want to empower people and speak for rights of all people of Jammu and Kashmir are accused of being pro India; and those who want to communalise polity of the region by dividing people in name of religion are called ‘freedom fighters’

21 January, 2011

Will India Ever Deliver Justice To Human Rights Violations In Kashmir?
By Fahad Shah

Even though United Nations rapporteur on human rights violations Margaret Sekaggya visited Kashmir on January 19, India has failed to deliver justice to human rights violation victims in the Kashmir valley since the armed rebellion erupted twenty years ago

Shaking Hands With Sworn Enemy
By Syed Junaid Hashmi

History of electoral politics of Jammu and Kashmir is replete with instances where sworn enemies have shook hands for petty political gains and political stalwarts from both Jammu Kashmir regions preferring share of power over dignity empowerment and welfare of the people. One such instance, which comes to mind, is the support extended by the corporators of National Conference to the RSS backed candidate in 1980

The Chronology of Conflict: Kashmir
By Naveed Qazi

Kashmir wasn't always dyed in blood. Here is a chronology of the conflict

19 January, 2011

Official Records In Jammu And Kashmir
'Murky' On 'Penalised' Securitymen!

By Syed Junaid Hashmi

Official statements contradicting official reports and records only strengthen the impunity security forces enjoy in Jammu and Kashmir. Though several official statements have claimed penalisation of accused security men, but the records fail to shed light on the same. Who was penalized? When? Where and by Whom? These questions continue to puzzle

17 January, 2011

Right To Protest And ‘Right To Violence’
By Dr Shabir Choudhry

Be it be the BJP, or any other group, no one should be allowed to promote extremism, communalism and hatred; and destroy peace, harmony and traditional Kashmiri culture of toleration. If designs of these groups are not checked then it is possible that ‘bad old days’ might return; and groups which espouse violence and hatred, and their mentors from outside will call shots and ruin Kashmiri culture of peace and toleration

10 January, 2011

Before Policing The Education, Provide Quality
By Bilal Hussain

With the recent developments education sector in Kashmir is too hot to touch, chilling chilakalan instead of cooling it down is acting as fuel to further heat it up. A local college lecture has been booked, police have filed a case against the senior professor of Kashmir University and row over winter schooling; all this puts the sector in docks

Politics Over Flag In Indian Kashmir
By Fahad Shah

Expressing his resentment against a political party’s decision of hoisting Indian flag in Kashmir on Republic day, the Jammu and Kashmir state chief minister, Omar Abdullah introduce us towards something which has been often avoided. Why hoisting Tri-colour at Lal Chowk creates such a polemical and indignant atmosphere while every year same flag is waved twice in different parts of the region?

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