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Imagine! Imagine For A Moment!

By Noor ul haq

11 November, 2014

That somewhere in the middle of Delhi, there was a large foreign military base, say Chinese or Pakistani. Imagine that thousands of troops are patrolling the streets, lanes and by-lanes in military vehicles. Imagine they are here, to protect you from US or Russian invasion. Imagine they are here to safeguard you from 'terrorists'. Imagine they are here to bring you peace. Imagine if…!

Imagine for every killed teenager they say sorry and apologies without punishing the culprits. Imagine if there is no justice around. Imagine if in the guise of safeguarding your womenfolk, they will rape and kill your young women. Imagine if no one is arrested in this heinous crime. Imagine, if the rape and murder case will be termed as a case of drowning in ankle deep water. Imagine, if not only their bullets but vehicles also kill you.

Imagine! If every killed child is termed as a potential terrorist. Imagine, if killer forces are let lose to catch and kill you. Imagine, if the foreign forces are advised, to hold you by balls and minds will follow.

Imagine! If few among you will revolt against this terror. Imagine, if they are labeled as terrorists, killed, their families harassed, the village or town burnt down to ashes.

Imagine, if for your every peaceful protest, bullets, chili gas, lethal teargas shells are showered upon you. Imagine, if those fighting against the foreign troops take shelter in your house. Imagine if your house, property is blasted away just because 'terrorists' fighting occupational forces took shelter in your house.

Imagine, if Delhi, Karnataka, UP will be termed as terrorist hit areas. Imagine if your city is barricaded, Curfewed, burnt down to ashes, terrorized. Imagine!

Imagine! If your kids fear to attend the school. If your men will fear to work in offices and fields. Imagine, if your women fear to remain inside the homes fearing rape by foreign forces. Imagine, if your orchards, fields are cut down or destroyed. Imagine, if your school buildings, government offices, private properties are occupied for the use of foreign forces. Imagine, if you are oppressed on daily basis. Imagine if you are called as Chinese occupied India or Pakistan occupied India.

Imagine, if torture centers will be worse than hell. Imagine if your genitals are pierced with hot needles, your body rolled by using rollers, burnt with hot iron rods. Imagine, if you are tortured to a level from where you cannot imagine anymore.

P.S: Dear Indians, we Kashmiris hate you no more but we don't love you also. Blame your successive governments, trigger happy armed forces. Imagine, if this happens to you, will you love such foreign troops anymore. I am sure, you will hate that country not only the troops. Freedom for Kashmir is not only good for Kashmiris but for India as well. Think. Understand and Act. The recent killings at Chattergam where the Armymen who left two boys dead and two injured on November 3, fired 118 rounds at their Maruti car, with 28 bullets hitting the vehicle. No justice till date, but yes sorry we killed you!

Noor ul haq is a Srinagar based journalist, a mass communication student, interested in social and political arenas of life. e-mail: greenkashmir@gmail.com



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