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About Countercurrents.org

Humanity is facing its greatest existential threat ever with climate change and resource depletion. This is not a crisis waiting to happen in the future, but it is already here and manifests itself in the many resource wars going on in  several parts of the world, rising food and fuel prices, growing hunger, natural calamities of horrifying proportions, water scarcity, debt crisis, unemployment, social tensions among communites, growing humanrights violations and unprecedented ecological degradation. Unless we take urgent action to change the way we live, trashing our only home, this beautiful planet earth, this  crisis has the potential to wipe out the entire humanity and a majority of the other species from the face of this earth.

The objective of Countercurrents.org is to spread awareness about this crisis and search for meaningful solutions. We believe that energy intensive globalization should end and it must be replaced by a low energy, ecologically sustainable local economies.  If humanity is to survive, the destructive system of capitalism and consumerism must be replaced by an economic system which is based on just equitable distribution and need based use of resources.   We strive to reach this goal with our motto, which is "Educate! Organize! Agitate!"

Countercurrents.org publishes reports, analyses, experiences, academic debates and campaigns which take a side – the Side of the People! Our objectivity is people’s past, present and future. During 13 years of its existence Countercurrents.org has published over 20,000 articles, fact finding reports, research papers and news items on major social issues around the world.

Countercurrents.org brings news, views and analysis on Climate Change, Peak oil, Palestine, Iraq, Syria...... with an in depth and insightful analysis on all the important issues threatening the very existence of life systems on our mother earth. We relentlessly question the vertical and non-inclusive growth-based economy driven by capitalism that is destroying not only dignified human existence and the right to life of future generations but also the lives of all other species on earth. We stand for a sustainable ecological economy and equitable distribution of wealth!

From Kandhamal to Gujarat pogram, from POSCO to Koodankulam, from Manipur to Kashmir, from the slum struggle in Mumbai to the struggles of the students and youth, from the human rights violations on the minorities to AFSPA, from communalism to globalization, from the struggles of the marginalised castes to class struggles, from the women’s movements to sexuality rights, from people of North East India, to the genocide of Tamils of Sri Lanka, from child rights to Adivasis from blacks of Africa or North America to the indigenous peoples of the Americas, from the political prisoners languishing in jails to the struggles of fisher folks ....name it…Countercurrents.org has been there to support all these struggles. We stand in solidarity with workers of all caste, color and creed around the world. In short, CounterCurrents.org informs, inspires and create space for social action. We support the voices and initiatives that attempt to shape a world which eunsure the dignified existence of future generations. Countercurrents.org stands for Peace, Justice and Harmony!

Countercurrents.org is read by about half a million people every month and about 1.5 million pages are read by our readers each month.

As future activities, we plan to Publish books, translate our articles, produce videos, facilitate screenings on several of the topics that Countercurrents.org deals with to reach out to people who are not active on internet.

Countercurrents.org  is founded by Binu Mathew.  The site came online on 27th March 2002.

Editorial Team

Founder & Editor

Binu Mathew

Binu Mathew is a journalist. editor@countercurrents.org

Associate Editors (Honorary)

K.P Sasi

K.P Sasi is an award winning film director and a political activist .

Satya Sagar

Satya Sagar is a former journalist and now a public health worker

Ajith Kumar B

Ajith Kumar B is an award winning film editor

Reach us at

PB No. 5
Kumaranalloor PO
Kottayam District
686 016

Reach the editor: editor@countercurrents.org



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