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11 March, 2015

Frame New Laws To Help The Poor: A 9 Year Old's Message To The World


A nine year old girl pleas for new laws to help the poor, with a living wage, and recognition that we are all human.

24 August, 2014

Ukraine Crisis: Death And Destruction Continues In Eastern Ukraine


Extensive war crimes in Donbass from July 2 to July 24, 2014. Kiev's warmongers/Zionists continue genocide of civilian population and deliberate destruction of Eastern Ukraine's infrastructure - schools, hospitals, kindergartens, power plants, train stations, factories, etc. The majority of the footage and interviews you will see in this documentary film have never been shown on TV.

16 August, 2014

Khuzaa: Attack And Aftermath
By Al Jazeera


Between July 21 and 25, 2014, Israel attacked the southern Gaza town of Khuzaa. Civilians were reported to have been killed and wounded, some while reportedly trying to escape. Then after the attack, Israeli forces besieged the town for 10 days, during which it was cut off from the outside world

12 May, 2014

Let Your Life Be A Friction To Stop The Machine
By Class War Films


A brief and crucial history of the United States produced by Class War Films

24 April, 2014

The Unholy War Part II - In Search of Justice
By Gopal Menon


Part II of Gopal Menon's documentary series on #Gujarat, busting #NarendraMody's tall claims about Gujrat "The Unholy War - In Search of Justice". This is the sequel of "The Unholy War - Development " . This documentary tries to find out if relief and rehabilitation has reached the victims of 2002 Gujarat pogrom at all? Has justice been delivered? What about extra judicial killings and fake encounters? What about political prisoners? What about torture in custody and in jail of the innocent muslims of Gujarat? State complicity in Gujarat genocide will also be shown

19 April, 2014

The Unholy War - Part 1 Development
By Gopal Menon


A documentary by Gopal Menon busting the myths about Narendra Modi's vibrant Gujrath campaign

09 April, 2014

By K.P. Sasi


The film directed by K.P Sasi deals with the issue of under trials and fabricated cases on human rights activists in India

04 April, 2014

By Gauhar Raza


The documentary looks at the blatant violations of the Constitution of India, particularly fundamental rights by the State and political parties. Calls for reclaiming the constitution

01 April, 2014


Ballad of Resistance
By Leena Manimekalai

"Ballad of Resistance" is a video portrait of indigenous tribal journalist and activist Dayamani Barla, her perseverance and tireless fight against corporations and the state machinery. The film follows how she, from a humble background became one of the pioneering adivasi journalists of India and later a writer-activist

27 March, 2014


Capitalism & Other Kids' Stuff
Written & Presented By Paddy Joe Shannon

How is it that the world can be more interested in seeing a new Pope crowned than it is in the death of 30,000 children, every day? " Capitalism & Other Kids' Stuff" tries to find answers to questions about why we live the way we do and possible alternatives

23 March, 2014


Permaculture Park at Lebensgarten, Steyerberg
Video By Dimitri Devyatkin

Lebensgarten - Garden of Life - is a community located in Lower Saxony, Germany. Built on the site of a former Nazi arms factory, the community has 62 houses. Lebensgarten has a large permaculture park, in which agriculture and human settlements are modeled after nature. Interviews with Declan Kennedy, Roland Wolf and others

18 March, 2014


Water Mark
A Documentary By Sreemith N

A documentary on the plight of the Indian Tamil fishermen

16 March, 2014


Killing Fields Of Muzaffarnagar
A Documentary By Gopal Menon

2013 Muzaffarnagar riots is the worst communal violence in India in the last decade. This film, is a simple collation of narratives of the survivors plight, anguish, sorrows and helplessness of riots victims



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