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Other Progressive Sites


One stop platform for relevant world news. Valentine Anthony is the founder, editor & adminstrator


An excellent website on Kashmir which provides historical context to Kashmir conflict. It is edited by Akhila Raman, a researcher on Kashmir. This website is expanded from a Kashmir chronology She compiled overseveral years. This site has a historical timeline and FAQ with clickable online references to materials ranging from 1948 Indian White Paper, Instrument of Accession to 1989 insurgency and recent human rights reports. http://www.kashmirlibrary.org/

The Palestine Telegraph

The Palestine Telegraph http://www.paltelegraph.com is the first Electronic Newspaper based in the Gaza Strip, Palestine staffed by Palestinians and international volunteers; professional journalists and members of the New Fourth Estate - citizen journalists who do not take assignments from editors or paychecks from corporate controlled media.

The Palestine Telegraph will showcase a diverse community of Arab and international writers.

The Palestine Telegraph is dedicated to upholding and expressing the right of freedom of conscience, speech, and dissent and encourages creative writing to attract a worldwide readership.


The Web site of May I Speak Freely Media, examines human rights issues and the legacy of U.S. involvement in Honduras in the 1980s.Twenty years after a Honduran military, trained and funded by the United States, committed brutal human rights abuses, its victims are still seeking justice. As part of a campaign to raise awareness, gain access to U.S. information on past abuses, help to achieve justice for victims, and prevent the repetition of past U.S. foreign policy mistakes that http://www.mayispeakfreely.org was launched

Movement for One Democratic Secular State

Movement for One Democratic Secular State in Israel/Palestine.This Movement is being initiated as an an online community for progressive one state advocates although we intend for the project to evolve into much more as we continue to develop

Share the World's Resources (STWR)

STWR (Share The World's Resources) is a non-politically affiliated network campaigning for justice and peace through the fair and equitable distribution of world resources. We believe the current world economic system perpetuates global poverty, denies basic human rights to many millions and damages all nations

Shout Monthly

"Shout! has set itself the modest task of changing the world"

Project for the First People's Century

PFPC was created with the aim of gathering public opinion leading to the creation of a wide united front to oppose US domination and preserve people's right to self determination as the first step towards creating a better world

Feminism Resources

Feminism related news, books and web resources

The New Standard

newstandardnews.net is an alternative website, a project of Peoples' Networks. They did an excellent coverage of Iraq war. At present they are raising funds to send the eminent journalist Dahr Jamail to Iraq again.

Peak Oil Crisis

A comprehensive peak oil news and resource site.