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23 January , 2007

World Social Forum: Small Ways To Solve BigProblems
By Joyce Mulama

The parades of tuktuks and boda bodas reflected the theme for the seventh annual WSF, "Peoples' struggles, peoples' alternatives", whereby people address poverty in their own small ways

29 April , 2006

The Karachi Social Forum And
Its International Significance

By Rousset Pierre

The forum in Karachi was made possible by this world expansion of the process; in return it gives it dynamism in a country and a zone of strategic conflicts. A sole regret: that too few organisations in Europe and Latin America took this opportunity to acquaint themselves with the stakes in South Asia

05 April , 2006

Last Reflections On The World Social Forum, Karachi
By Ingmar Lee

I didn't hear a whole lot of visionary discussion at the Karachi Forum. There were countless NGO's presenting their efforts, railing against the powers that be, but other than a sense of solidarity, no discussion arose by which the global activist community might grow their movement. I didn't see any "Big Picture" emerging

28 March , 2006

Reflections On Karachi World Social Forum
By Ingmar Lee

I did get the sense that there are a lot of people there, who unlike me, have some kind of hope that we can turn the world around from the very brink of disaster through the existing political processes, like in the event that the left should prevail against the right, that Peace and Justice will prevail again

22 March , 2006

WSF Towards Karachi And Nairobi
By Tord Björk

WSF is built on an intriguing balance to be able to practically and politically organise the huge events and the process it carries forward. Whether this cooperation will be able to become relevant to the masses participating in international protests against oppression and to politicize the global polarisation between rich and poor is still an open question

01 January , 2006

Some Hard Questions About World Social Forum
By Jai Sen

This note is to ask some hard questions about the World Social Forum, with the aim of raising some debate on it in the run-up to the world meetings that are coming up later this month

16 February, 2004

Ngo Factor At Wsf Worries Activists
By Humeira Iqtidar

The anti-globalization movement can only continue its remarkable progress if the socially progressive participants are politicized. If it becomes a giant NGO forum, sponsored by rich donors, it can easily lose its effectiveness

31 January, 2004

The World Women’s Forum
By America Vera-Zavala

Something happened in Mumbai that makes this year’s forum deserve to be named the World Women’s Forum

27 January, 2004

Autopsy Of The World Social Forum
By Suhas Chakma

The focus of the next WSF must be equally on national and multinational capital alike if it is not to turn into a self-censoring exercise of the apologists from the neo-developed and developing countries

20 January, 2004

Reformers, Radicals Lock Horns At WSF
By Dionne Bunsha

Reformers and radicals locked horns at the World Social Forum today while discussing the global economy. This debate is central to the different strands that make up the WSF

Carnival Of The Unlettered And Dispossessed
By Aniket Alam

Song and dance, unprecedented participation from the poor and marginalised communities give Bombay World Social Forum a carnival atmosphere

19 January, 2004

Do Turkeys Enjoy Thanksgiving?
By Arundhati Roy

Text of Arundhati Roy's speech at the opening Plenary of the World Social Forum in Bombay

16 January, 2004

All Set For World Social Forum Meet
By Kalpana Sharma

The waiting is over. World Social Forum meet opens in Bombay today

Alternative Worlds - Rainbow Alliances
at World Social Forum

By Anuradha M Chenoy

In a situation where alternative politics is being sidelined, the World Social Forum questions globalisation, war and sectarian politics as part of an ongoing effort to look for a viable alternative and contest current policies

Plain Speak About The World Social Forum
By Suhas Chakma

In "an open meeting place", where Hindu nationalists, the neo-Swadeshis and the left wingers may share the same view on "capital", the debate on "neo-liberalism and domination of the world by capital" certainly requires re-thinking

World Social Forum 2004, Will Be Held in Mumbai

Decisions of the India consultation meeting held at Nagpur, on 21-22 March, 2003

Porto Alegre: Today's Bandung?
By Michael Hardt

The World Social Forum at Porto Alegre has become symbolic of the forces beginning to shape a front of common resistance to the pattern of imperial globalization. Yet its character and composition remain little understood. Michael Hardt analyses the debates within it, and their political potential.

Grass-Roots Globalism
By Tom Mertes

Replying to Michael Hardt with an alternative look at Porto Alegre, Tom Mertes argues that while the variety of movements and forces in the WSF is not to be reduced to a single scale, the differences between them are less to do with organization than strategy

Interview With Eric Toussaint

A member of the International Council of the WSF, Director of the Committee for the Cancellation of the Third World Debt, Toussaint analyses the present and future of WSF movement

Call of the World Social Movements
Porto Alegre, Brazil - January 27th, 2003

Declaration adopted by the social movements during the World Social Forum, 2003, in Porto Alegre.

WSF: Where To Now?
By Michael Albert

Michael Albert of the Zmag writes about the importance of the WSF movement and the future course action the movement should take