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23 February, 2012

Bradley Manning, Solitary Confinement And Occupy 4 Prisoners
By Bill Quigley

Today US Army Private Bradley Manning is to be formally charged with numerous crimes at Fort Meade, Maryland. The Manning prosecution is a tragic miscarriage of justice. US officials are highly embarrassed by what Manning exposed and are shooting the messenger

08 July, 2011

Bradley Manning, American Hero
By Chase Madar

Four Reasons Why Pfc. Bradley Manning Deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Not a Prison Cell

05 July, 2011

The Motives Of Bradley Manning
By Glenn Greenwald

What Fishman's article actually does is bolster the previous view of Manning's alleged leaks as motivated by noble and understandable horror at what the U.S. was doing in Iraq specifically and that region generally, and a resulting desire to take action to shed light on what he was seeing and to do what he could to stop it

05 May, 2011

Unprecedented Campaign Ends Torturous
Pre-Trial Treatment Of Bradley Manning

By Kevin Zeese

Hundreds of thousands of individuals globally celebrate today the confirmation that their efforts to end the torturous pre-trial confinement conditions inflicted upon US Army PFC Bradley Manning have been successful. Manning's lead defense attorney, David E. Coombs of Rhode Island, has personally verified that Manning is indeed being held in Medium Custody confinement

A Typical Day For PFC Bradley Manning
At Fort Leavenworth

By David E. Coombs

Unlike at Quantico, PFC Manning cell has a large window that provides adequate natural light. His cell also has a desk, a bed, and a toilet. The cell is approximately 80 square feet. He is provided with a normal mattress, sheets and a pillow. None of his clothing is taken away from him at night. PFC Manning is able to have all of his personal items in his cell, which include his clothing, his legal materials, books and letters from family and friends. He is also able to have a pen and paper at all times in his cell, and is able to write whenever he chooses

31 March, 2011

Denying Bradley Manning Exercise:
A Ploy To Weaken His Mind

By Sherwood Ross

The object of denying Bradley exercise is to weaken both his body and his mind so that if the Army ever decides to bring his case to trial, it will be trying a human vegetable, perhaps a distraught man even incapable of understanding the charges against him, incapable of assisting his lawyers in his defense

18 March, 2011

Torturing Bradley Manning
By Stephen Lendman

Manning is being emotionally destroyed, assuring his inability to defend himself properly at trial. The Pentagon plans it, besides extracting vengeance and warning other whistleblowers what they'll face if they dare emulate him. Obama very much concurs, showing he's as lawless as Bush

15 March, 2011

The Abusive Detention Of Bradley Manning
By Kevin Zeese

The Appeal of His Virtual Solitary Confinement Makes the Case of Inhuman Treatment by the Quantico Brig

11 March, 2011

Bradley Manning Tells Of Prison Ordeal
By Ed Pilkington

Bradley Manning speaks out for first time about his experience in prison

The Abusive Detention Of Bradley Manning
By Kevin Zeese

Bradley Manning's appeal of the refusal to relax his conditions of confinement makes a strong case that he has been a model prisoner who is being unjustly abused. His inhumane treatment violates his due process rights and is cruel and unusual punishment

08 March, 2011

Bradley Manning Is Punished For Seeking
A More Perfect Union

By Kevin Zeese

Reports that Bradley Manning is being held nude every night at the Quantico Brig, then forced to stand naked in the hallway while he waits for his clothes, shows the inconsistency of the treatment of Manning with basic American values of due process, fair trial and human dignity

05 March, 2011

Bradley Manning's Forced Nudity To Occur Daily
By Glenn Greenwald

Brig officials now confirm to The New York Times that Manning will be forced to be nude every night from now on for the indefinite future -- not only when he sleeps, but also when he stands outside his cell for morning inspection along with the other brig detainees. They claim that it is being done "as a 'precautionary measure' to prevent him from injuring himself."

Criminalizing The Truth Tellers
By Dr. Lawrence Davidson

There is no doubt that Julian Assange, the head of the Wikileaks organization, and Bradley Manning are being singled out and made examples of by the Obama administration. Their suffering constitutes a message which goes like this: if you inform the public of what the United States government is doing, no matter how illegal and disgusting it might be, our police and intelligence agencies will track you down and turn your life into hell

04 March, 2011

Bradley Manning Stripped Naked Again
By David E. Coombs

PFC Manning was forced to strip naked in his cell again last night. As with the previous evening, Quantico Brig guards required him to surrender all of his clothing. PFC Manning then walked back to his bed, and spent the next seven hours in humiliation

Is Bradley Manning Being Treated Like
A Guantanamo Detainee?

By WikiLeaks

Since being put in the brig, the military has sought to break the spirit of Manning. David House, a close friend and frequent visitor at Quantico, described visiting Manning and how in the last months he has gone from someone who could carry a conversation to a person who is in an utterly catatonic state

03 March, 2011

US Army Charges Bradley Manning
With Capital Offense

By Barry Grey

The United States Army late Wednesday notified Bradley Manning that it was filing an additional 22 charges against him. The new charges in Manning’s court martial process include “aiding the enemy,” a capital offense

Bradley Manning Could Face Death: For What?
By Glenn Greenwald

American political leaders responsible for grave atrocities are treated like peace-loving statesmen and honored dignitaries, while those who heroically risk their lives to expose and end that wrongdoing (Manning, and Ellsberg before him) are thrown into a cage, threatened with death, and scorned by All Decent People

19 February, 2011

They Only Lock Up Heroes At Quantico
By David Swanson

If Bradley Manning turns out to be the hero he appears to be, he will not be the first "detained" at Quantico

02 February, 2011

David House Visits Bradley Manning In Prison
By Jane Hamsher

Bradley Manning's punitive psychiatric status remains, but hopeful about youth uprising in Tunisia and Egypt

31 January, 2011

British Papers Falsely Incriminate Bradley Manning
By WikiLeaks

The Telegraph this evening ran a story on tomorrow's Wikileaks book by the Guardian editors David Leigh and Luke Harding - just one of several books in a publishing run by Wikileaks' media partners. Among the revelations forthcoming in that volume is the rather stale information that Bradley Manning is alleged to be Wikileaks' anonymous source for Cablegate and the War Log releases

27 January, 2011

PFC Bradley Manning Is Not Being Treated Like Every Other Detainee
By David E. Coombs

Despite the assertion of Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell, PFC Bradley Manning is not being treated like every other detainee at the Quantico brig. PFC Manning is being treated differently. He is the only detainee being held in Maximum (MAX) custody and under Prevention of Injury (POI) watch. Every other detainee is being held in Medium Detention In (MDI) and without POI watch restrictions. What is the difference?

23 January, 2011

The National Security State, Secrecy,
And The Miss America Pageant

By Jay Clark

If Pvt. Manning is the only man of conscience and the solitary defender of constitutional principles in this whole affair, as I believe he is, then he is not a traitor but a patriot and hero—unless of course things have digressed so far that, with the help of the official press, murderers and liars have now become our new “American heroes.”

21 January, 2011

Former Commander Of Headquarters Company
At Quantico Objects To Treatment Of
Bradley Manning

By David C. MacMichael

As a former regular Marine Corps captain, a Korean War combat veteran, now retired on Veterans Administration disability due to wounds suffered during that conflict, I write you to protest and express concern about the confinement in the Quantico Marine Corps Base brig of US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning

15 January, 2011

Lawyer Protests Brutal Treatment Of
Bradley Manning

By Tom Eley

The lawyer representing Army Private Bradley Manning, who is accused of turning over classified military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks, has demanded a mitigation of the harsh conditions under which he is being held at a military prison or his outright release from custody

How Is Bradley Manning Really Being Treated?
By David Swanson

If you are as concerned about Bradley Manning's condition as he is about his jailers', you can join in a demonstration outside the brig where he is held on Monday, Martin Luther King Day, January 17th in Quantico, Va. Our demand will be a simple one: Free Bradley Manning!

25 December, 2010

Bradley Manning Speaks About His Conditions
By David House

David House is one of the few people allowed to visit Bradley Manning while he is detained in the Quantico brig. Here he speaks to Manning about the condition of his detention in Quantico and bares open the Pentagon spin

UN Probing Bradley Manning’s Mistreatment
By Jason Ditz

The United Nations office for torture issues confirmed today that they have received a complaint regarding the mistreatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning in detention by the US military, and that the matter is under investigation

20 December, 2010

A Typical Day For PFC Bradley Manning
By Armycourtmartialdefense.info

Bradley Manning's a day in prison

19 December, 2010

Manning Within His Rights
To Give Secrets To Wikileaks

By Sherwood Ross

If the U.S. is an aggressor state, as Germany was when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, doesn't that change everything? America under President George W. Bush attacked two small nations that posed no threat to it

Bradley Manning's Prison Hell
By Denver Nicks

Bradley Manning, who allegedly leaked hundreds of thousands of secret government documents to Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, turned 23 in jail Friday. The Daily Beast’s Denver Nicks, in an exclusive interview with Manning’s attorney, reports on his solitary confinement, what he’s reading (from George W. Bush to Howard Zinn), and his legal strategy

Forgetting Bradley Manning
By Laura Flanders

Assange is out of jail. But let's not forget that without Bradley Manning and many others like him, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and all our new-found public information would be as in the dark as Manning is right now

Joe Biden v. Joe Biden On WikiLeaks
By Glenn Greenwald

In one day, Biden went from giddily declaring that "I don't think there's any damage" to gravely warning that "it has done damage."

17 December, 2010

Getting To Assange Through Manning
By Glenn Greenwald

Federal investigators "are looking for evidence of any collusion" between WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning -- "trying to find out whether Mr. Assange encouraged or even helped" the Army Private leak the documents -- and then "charge him as a conspirator in the leak, not just as a passive recipient of the documents who then published them." To achieve this, it is particularly important to "persuade Private Manning to testify against Mr. Assange." I want to make two points about this. This raises several questions about investigative journalism

15 December, 2010

The Inhumane Conditions Of
Bradley Manning's Detention

By Glenn Greenwald

Interviews with several people directly familiar with the conditions of Manning's detention, ultimately including a Quantico brig official (Lt. Brian Villiard) who confirmed much of what they conveyed, establishes that the accused leaker is subjected to detention conditions likely to create long-term psychological injuries

25 October, 2010

Private Manning And The Making Of Wikileaks
By Denver Nicks

The incredible journey of a young man who became the greatest whistle blower in military history

20 September, 2010

A Campaign To Free Bradley Manning
By Ann Wright

When I joined the U.S. military I, like Bradley Manning, took an oath to protect the Constitution and the American people. This led me to resign my position when the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003. Protecting the Constitution outweighs following orders and Manning should be lauded for choosing to do the right thing

14 September, 2010

Bradley Manning Case: Why We Can’t Have A Secret Trial
By Charles Langley

A secret government that holds secret trials is government by the few and for the few. If this isn’t the America you want to live in, then do the patriotic thing – demand a fair trial

27 August, 2010

Whistle Blowing Is Not A Crime
By Tommi Avicolli-Mecca

Formally charged by the military, Manning now faces a court martial and a possible 52 years in prison. The soldiers who murdered the 11 innocent people in the video are facing no charges

19 August, 2010

10 Ways You Can Help Save Bradley Manning
By Bradleymanning.org

I’m just one person, what can I do to help save Bradley Manning? Our network is made up of people as well as organizations. Even if you are all on your own, there are many ways you can reach out in your community and beyond. Here are 10 ways people can get involved

10 August, 2010

Please Don’t Shoot The Messenger
By Charlotte

If Bradley Manning did leak anything, which we do not yet know, he certainly did not enlist and go overseas to do so. More likely, what he saw while he was there changed who and what he trusted. It did not, however, change what he believed in – which was still truth and justice

08 August, 2010

Bradley Manning: An American Hero
By Stephen Lendman

On Sunday, August 8, a public rally will be held outside the Quantico, VA Marine base, supporting Manning. War criminals remain free uncharged. Manning, an American hero, faces 52 years in prison for exposing their crimes

06 August, 2010

US War Criminals Threaten WikiLeaks, Private Manning
By Patrick Martin

The most strident rhetoric has come from the ultra-right. Republican Congressman Mike Rogers of Michigan, a former FBI agent who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, told a local radio station Monday that he thought the death penalty would be appropriate punishment for Manning if he is convicted on charges of leaking classified military documents to WikiLeaks

31 July, 2010

The Heroism Of PFC Bradley Manning
By Evan Knappenberger

As far as the courageous PFC Manning goes, he is my new military intelligence hero. Thanks, Brad. And shame on you, media, for being out-reported by a twenty-two year-old kid with a laptop. But most of all, shame on you, US Army, for forcing a kid to be the one to finally expose the truth about your costly and deadly wars

Bradley Manning ‘On Suicide Watch’
By Jason Ditz

Having been held in Kuwait since his arrest on allegations of mishandling classified data, Pfc. Bradley Manning was returned to the United States today, and placed in a Marine Corps Brig in Quantico, Virginia. He is now said to be “on suicide watch.”

30 July, 2010

Military Transfers Manning To Quantico, VA
Military Press Release

U.S. Army officials transferred PFC Bradley Manning from the Confinement Facility in Kuwait to the Marine Corps Base Quantico Brig in Quantico, Virginia, on July 29

Pentagon Retaliates Against
WikiLeaks, Pvt. Manning

By Bill Van Auken

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, used a Pentagon press conference Thursday to vilify WikiLeaks and its editor, Julian Assange, while vowing to crack down on anyone involved in making public the documents comprising the so-called Afghan War Diary posted by the organization

29 July, 2010

The Significance Of The ‘Support Bradley Manning’ Campaign
By Katharine Dawn

Noting how when there’s “one man in chains, none are free”, a friend comments: “Bradley represents the truth-sayer in us all – if we leave him there, we abandon our own inner calling for truth”

Legal Fund Established To Fight Imprisonment of
Accused WikiLeaks Whistleblower

By Bradley Manning Support Network

Bradley Manning Support Network is accepting online donations for the legal defense of Private First Class Bradley Manning. The Network, a grassroots initiative formed to defend and support accused whistleblower Pfc. Bradley Manning, has partnered with Courage to Resist, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting military objectors

Justice For Bradley Manning

Petition Campaign

28 July, 2010

Wikileaks, Resistance, Genuine Heroes,
And Breaking The Goddamned Rules

By Arthur Silber

Bradley Manning is a remarkable hero, but most of us will not acknowledge the heroes who appear in our lives. The deeply admirable Mike Gogulski is not "most of us." He has set up a site for donations to Bradley Manning's legal defense fund, and for support of other kinds. Go there right now. Donate as much as you can, as often as you can