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Kashmir Elections: Our PM Without A Real Dialogue

By Ravi Nitesh

23 November, 2014

Today's speech of Mr. Modi is completely passive and cannot be said to be positive in any way. During his speech at Kishtwar of J&K, he only jumped in the election ground with his promises for development without the basic understanding that right to life is first and more important than anything else.

It is shocking that Mr. Modi compared Kutch with Kashmir ignoring the fact of human rights violations that is continuously going on in Kashmir. It is shocking when now after Machil case, it has become public that human rights violations are a defining reality of this land.

He said that he will bring back Bollywood to Kashmir. Mr. Prime Minister, instead of saying that shooting(movies) will restart in Kashmir, please say that shooting will stop.

Also, Mr Modi had compared the pipeline of Gujarat and expressed that it is so big that complete Abdullah family can drive their car in this. I think such personal comments neither suits a prime minister nor it will give benefit to his party in anyway. He is a prime minister after all and he must respect the constitutional post that he is holding.

For the winning of elections in J&K and forming a government, though development through generating employment can be one of the idea, but what can we say when in spite of generating so much electricity in J&K, the state has been denied sufficient electricity of its own and the people when went on road against this, have faced bullets of security personals. In the state where you are not allowed to even protest against lack of electricity, what can you expect? Can such a scenario be diluted by generating employment?

The main culprit of the J&K is the state and its machineries, not the people. The Prime minister should not represent himself just as a leader of a single party, rather he must represent himself as a leader and decision maker of the state and should accept the responsibility of all the mistakes that happened in Kashmir.

It is unfortunate to see that how all political leaders including Prime Minister just restrict themselves to election. These elections are also not a perfect desire or supported by people of Kashmir because the start of election in 1987 itself has a history wherein the state pushed a kind of state violence and so there was anti-state resistance that is still going on. Even in today’s elections, there are diverse opinions upon the whole election process and people's participation in it.

Local people as well as people of other parts of India and abroad who cares for humanity and Justice demand that the development stands on the foundation of justice, while the political parties at present are not fully in the alignment of that foundation and therefore it is obvious that sympathy and support of people may divert or get isolated or neutral.

People of all parts and regions want development but they all need a satisfaction that they are safe and they will not be killed. It is also to note in case of such a scenario where people will be free to breathe without fear, all elections and development will be meaningless and will only exploit the people, land and other natural resources.

For a real democracy and elections, we need a responsible leadership who can genuinely raise the voice to demand basic right of Kashmir and who can promise that the people are the real jewel of the land.

Ravi Nitesh is a Petroleum Engineer, Founder- Mission Bhartiyam, Core Member- Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign
follow on twitter: www.twitter.com/ravinitesh Blog: www.ravinitesh.blogspot.com






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