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Kashmir University: The Oppressed Voice

By Sajad Rasool

03 July, 2015

The episodes which have been taking place in Kashmir University for more than a week now are truly disturbing. The arrest of a student and the breakout of protests for his release by the fellow students is a very common reaction and genuine. This is not the first episode that took place at this highest seat of learning, but there are certain examples from the past, wherein state tried to oppress the student voices. From banning the Kashmir University Students Union to the arrest, thrashing, manhandling of various scholars and students at different occasions.

The persistence of repressiveness in Kashmir University by the State is not new. The Institution has deeply embedded in the repressive means of State over the period of time. The use of violence by the Police in the campus against the protesting students is unfortunately being justified by some of the intellectuals, which is adverse and can have negative repercussions in the future – the collision between administration and students can be dangerous.

The closing down of the University gates, throwing out the students from hostels is no solution to the problem; instead it will incite more anger among the student fraternity.

The Universities not only produce scholars and intellectuals but also inspires youth for politics. Universities are ‘real battlegrounds’ for raising voices for rationality, rights, freedom and free speech. The students have every right to raise voice against the injustices, repression and brutality.

Circling the campus by police force must end. Instead Police shall not be allowed to enter the campus with their AK’s. I happen to be a pass out of Kashmir University, the movement and presence of troops inside the campus with their rifles and gypsies happen to be the daily bread not only to my eyes but to all who come to the Universities. We are surrounded by these rifles and Police cars everywhere, why to have this tyrannical model inside our educational institutions? What kind of impression state has been trying to create on the minds of future of this nation for a very long time?

University is a place to raise voice against injustice and domination – ideally blaming the students for every chaos is unjustifiable, administration must share the fault.

Our University suffers from academic freedom and freedom of Speech. In my University days I wrote a story for lab journal which was based on the denial of rights to a particular community of Kashmir. After having shown the story to my Teacher, she reacted in a harsh tone, saying “why do you write these things, which are not allowed here.” Now imagine the level of ‘freedom of expression’ at this highest seat of learning. How can we learn to write the truth, when we are barred to tell the truth in our class?

The punitive actions by University authorities against ‘errant students’ seem designed to destroy them and their career and render them useless rather than instruct, guide and teach them.

Sajad Rasool is State in-charge Video Volunteers J&K and Pass Out of Kashmir University








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