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Elections In Kashmir: A Mockery Of Democracy

By Rayees Rasool

04 September, 2014

Kashmir always has witnessed a political drama during elections. The blame game and accusation game of Pro-establishment political parties against each other is not something different from other parts of the world. A fresh election, old drums are beaten, revocation of AFSPA, PSA etc. Elections in Kashmir derive the gradual attention of all Indian National Media and Indian Political Parties.

The only "election" that stormed Kashmiries out of their houses to get their nails painted blue was the epoch of Muslim United Front (MUF) in 1987. Farooq Abdullah was declared the winner. The Muslim United Front (MUF) accused that the elections had been rigged and the fact is well acknowledged by Indian and International media as well resulting in a wide outrage and disillusionment.

The insurgency in the valley increased in momentum from this point on, given the consistent failure of democracy. The MUF candidate Mohammad Yousuf Shah not only fakely impostered in the alleged rigged elections, but also imprisoned giving birth to Syed Salahuddin, chief of militant outfit Hizb-ul-Mujahedin, Currently heading United Jehad Council. His election aides being the HAJY group - Abdul Hamid Shaikh, Ashfaq Majid Wani, Javed Ahmed Mir and Mohammed Yasin Malik formed JKLF.

MUF was a cluster of all socio, political and religious organizations who wanted to resolve the dispute by peaceful means. But Indian Government did not allow the moment to flourish in fact it lead the moment directionless by caging its leaders and activists. This is for those Indian Journalists and political leaders who question the credibility of the Kashmiri Pro-Freedom leaders and ask them to contest election to show there representative character. 1987 is the best example for them to get acquainted to the political situation in Kashmir.

The rigging of 1987 elections stands a testimony to the fact that Kashmiris have tried every peaceful measure to get the dispute resolved. Rigging the elections and caging the leaders as discussed earlier left a wave irrefutably vagrant, left masses dejected. The fateful rigging gave birth to an armed struggle. Kashmir witnessed worst kind of atrocities in 90’s. Fake encounters, custodial deaths, rapes, torture, enforced disappearances, massacres, burning of villages and what not. On the name of collateral damage thousands of houses and business establishments destroyed.

Had Indian state been sincere in their efforts and had helped free and fair elections in 87, we have strong reasons to believe that the political scenario in Kashmir would have been different.

Commencing with participation in elections to peaceful demonstrations, Kashmir has tried to get out of the dispute. The people of Kashmir will continue this struggle till it reaches the logical goal.

No human on earth supports violence unless and unless he's pushed to.

After the armed struggle for almost two decades, after sacrificing one generation, there was a complete transition with people of Kashmir opting for non-violent, peaceful demos in 2008, 2009 and 2010, but state behaved routinely murdering more than 200 un armed youth which pushed some more youth to resume the armed struggle. As the election nears, a high drama Is expected to unfold. Though the election under the supervision of Indian government doesn’t hold any mandate over the political dispute of Jammu Kashmir. Still Indian Corporate media projects it as a legitimate mandate to India.

Now I would like to conclude it here by addressing to our pro freedom factions. It is high time for all to chalk out joint strategy, as elections are approaching Jammu Kashmir, Indian political parties are trying to divide people on communal lines. BJP is all set to go for making our legitimate struggle for right to self-determination a communal fight. With the help of groups like NC, PDP and other regional parties Delhi has always created confusion and wedge between the people of Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh. Time and again these people change stands and divert issues for their petty interests.

We all should act against a united force that has taken a hardline stance on Kashmir rejecting its own stands on Kashmir.

Rayees Rasool
Project Coordinator
Criminal Justice Initiative
Human Rights Law Network
New Delhi

Websites: www.hrln.org, www.combatlaw.org, www.iptindia.org




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