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BJP's Mission Kashmir

By Bilal Shaheen

01 December, 2014

The Bhartiya Janta Party has made an agressive entry into the Kashmir
politics. The party is on the prowl to be a new driving force of
running Kashmir's messy political affairs. The decisive mandate the
party gained in the Lok Sabha elections and the recent thrilling
victory in the Assembly elections of Maharashtra and Haryana, the
party is overtly confident of its victory in the state. So begins its
Mission of securing an overwhelming electoral margin in the
trouble-torn state- Mission Kashmir. They have given it the name of
Mission 44+. Mission 44+ is a devious gameplan of the BJP backed by
the various hindutva groups, most noteably the RSS.

It is a nefarious political design of dividing the state on communal lines, alter
state's political demography and bring in place a corroded political
order of permanent disturbance. It is not about mere winning of votes
but an all-encompassing strategy of overhauling state's political
system. As the BJP forges new secret alliances, a new great game has
begun. The electoral victory is the first step of its larger gameplan
that it envisioned for the muslim majority state. These hindutva
groups thus launched an agressive political overture in the state.

Last year's communal riots in Kishtwar is the begining of that
political overture. Consider these statements as a refference point.
Abrogation of Article 370 is necessary for state's complete
integration into the Indian Union: Ram Madav( Indian Express, August
20, 2014), The coming election is great oppurtunity for the people of
J&K to bring in complete Indianess of the state, Indresh Kumar (
DNA,Oct 21 2014), Religion is no bar to become CM of JK, Avinash Rai(
Greaterkashmir, Oct 28, 2014).These statements have more in them than
meets the eye. They reflect the party's hidden poisonous political
agenda. This agenda was always at the core of BJP's Kashmir policy,
but reached its zenith after BJP ascended the throne of Delhi in May
this year. BJP's sneak into the Kashmir politics was eagerly launched
at various fronts.

The party employed variety of straitgems to make
inroads into the already besieged political system. It began its
Mission Kashmir by entering into the political fray by kick-starting
an agressive and hectic campaign. Being confident of its victory in
Jammu and Ladakh, if the two regions repeat the same support the BJP
garnered during the Lok Sabha elections, the party has moved its
vaunted campaign machinery into the valley. The party chooses many
bigwigies to guide the campaign to local sensivities. It has
deliberately chooses most of the pro-India faces in the Valley, Sajad
Lone is the most prominent. While the party playing the hindu card in
the Jammu, it has putting all resources into the work in the valley.
The party even went to the extent of softening its approach on some
thorny issue, issues on which the party raised so much hue and cry in
the past.

Now the question arises. What are these Mission Kashmirs, Mission 44s
and Mission Sadbhavnas all about. Why BJP is so crazy about enrolling
itself as the new political actor of the state. The answer lies in the
paradoxes. BJP's stated position on key issues and its sudden U-turn
unraveling an important political trajectory. That the party known for
its anti-Kashmir stance springs a surprise by choosing compromise
rather than confrontation in its dealings with Kashmir. This whole
political drama was enacted by the BJP at the behest of covert
political forces to give leverage to its hindutva ideology. BJP is a
fanatic hindu political organisation based on cult politics and
extremist ideology. Its philosophy was defined by beleated nationalism
and its practice is riven by the voilence.

The party, which makes no apparent distinction between politics and religion, was afflicted by a
kind of religious fundamentalism that even the optimists gave a
naunced view of its taking over of India. In Kashmir, the party was
and will always be seen as a divisive force of extreme and
unspeakable villiany, a symbol of deciet and repression. That BJP is
eying the Valley is in itself historic. Beyond its razzle-dazzle
political show lies a horrendous Ideological design. The "complete
Indianess" comes very first in nurturing that ghasty political
project. It means that the state should be deprived of any specialness
by the abrogation of Article 370. Though bereft of any special
position, this Article is still a great hurdle in snaching the
specialness that the State enjoys within the Indian Union. If BJP
really spill the magic and capture the political seat of the state.
What is next.

The party will wander deep into the political wilderness
of the conflict-ridden state. It has a readymade plan for ushering in
the state. The scraping of Article 370, Installation of Hindu CM,
rehabilitation of the refugees and giving of permanent residence to
the non-resident Kashmiri's are on the cards of the BJP. Its
implications will be catastrophic. The party also announced to rename
Jammu and Kashmir as Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. This time it is Jammu,
Kashmir and Ladakh. Next time it will be Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh and
Bihar and so on. This will disfigure the states muslim charecter. By
giving residence to refugees and Bihari's, the party plans to alter
the muslim demography of the state.

Mission Kashmir is a strategic political project which seeks to
endeavor an agressive ideological design. BJP has left no stone
unturned in inflitrating its raucous "Modi-wave" into the Kashmir. It
remains to be seen whether the electorate exercise their conventional
wisdom and defeat such perverted hatemongers or bestows them with the
highest seat and are ready for the collective suicide of this nation.

The author is a political commentator, based in Kadhmir






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