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Let's Speak For FREEDOM Kashmir

By Ravi Nitesh

05 February, 2013

Maulana Mufti started the new debate again and this time the venue is Kashmir. When he arugued about loud music in Islam, he forget the real objective of this saying and also never tried to view the music and its purpose. 

When Maulana could not interpret real sense of religion and teachings of quran, he in fact has no right to be called as Maulana. Anyway, if it was his own interpretation and view, he is free to do that but the sad and unfortunate part is spreading the news, importance to his statement and connecting the religion with his statement. It is also clear that connection of religion cannot be separated by his statement as his statement is only there due to its prohibition in religion. More sadly, three girls left the band just because of their fear. It is clear that it was desire of those girls to join band, to play guitars and to sing, to entertain and to get entertained but they left it due to fear of a person who claims to be a learned man of a pious religion and who interpret religious teachingsm who give orders to others in case of any irreligious behavior or danger over religion. 

Kashmir is a region that consists majority population of muslims. The region is famous for its tradition, gesture  folk songs and even dance. You cannot expect (neithet you should) that women should come on front? Maulana forget the names of Rahat Fateh Ali, Nusrat Sahab, Abida Parveen and even Sufi Saints. He also forget that its actually music that can impact more than religious teachings over heart and mind of common people. Not only with the eyes of religion, he also must know that it is religion that favors equality, empowerment, respect in all sectors for everyone. When the all women band Pragaash, tried to come before public with music, it is actually something really Pragaash ' (ray of Sun) for hope in the region that only popular for violence, infiltration, stone pelting, militarization these days. A state with sex ratio 883:1000 as per census 2011 (it was 900:1000 as per census 2001) needs attention towards girl child, girl education, empowerment and equality. When these girls came out to prove themselves, to take their steps to match with the time, then again they get suppressed by these religious teachers. 

The incident needs to look again on the issue of suppression of women in a broad view. In fact, it is more unfortunate as it is on the name of religion. These voices of fundamentalists must get suppressed by all who favors freedom and equality. If Kashmir thinks that it will keep silent on the issue, it will only send the message that they are still not ready for any social change. People of Kashmir, who are really brave and honest , as believed , must have to stand against fundamentalists and religious extremism.  

Ravi Nitesh Petroleum Engineer | Founder-Mission Bhartiyam  www.twitter.com/ravinitesh  |  www.ravinitesh.blogspot.com





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