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The Unending Confusion Of PDP, BJP Marriage

By Rayees Rasool

22 February, 2015

The fractured mandate in jammu and kashmir elections put politicians in lot of chaos. it has been more then two months since result came out but still no party is able to claim to form new government. While as National Conference (NC) already went on back foot and washed hands away from forming new government.

Omar Abdullah put People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in lot of pressure by resigning as care taker CM. Since that time PDP held so many deliberations with Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) to form new government. Both PDP and BJP ‘won’ the elections on totally opposite agenda’s in both the regions. Where in Jammu BJP was beating the drums of abolishing Article 370 from Indian Constitution and on the other hand PDP was playing chords of revoking AFSPA and protecting Article 370. Now it will be interesting if both the parties join hands as coalition partners.

PDP emerged as single largest party with 28 seats in there bag, while having a ‘majority’ seats in assembly PDP will be the main stake holder in government.

Before entering in any kind of partnership Mufti Sayed is thinking on every front as upcoming government will draw a new image of PDP in the state. PDP held discussions with congress and thought even about NC but somehow they couldn't relate themselves with both the parties.

Omar Abdullah played again cleverly and offered full support to PDP without any stake in government as he was very much aware that PDP will reject the offer. Had it been NC at the place of PDP they would have done the same. But Omar Abdullah maintained his statement in press and public offering support to PDP in the bestest interest of the State.

Thus the BJP remained the only choice for PDP to enter in partnership and with that statement also BJP got mandate from Jammu region while as BJP lost badly in Kashmir and out of 33 candidates 32 lost there security amount. And of course with most important consideration that BJP is there in center also.

The two parties are in talks since last December to workout on common minimum programe which will decide the fate of both the parties in future.

Well there are multiple assumptions in Jammu and as well as in Kashmir for both the parties. While people termed the upcoming political marriage as political suicide for Mufti Sayed and last honeymoon for BJP in Jammu.

After so many meetings and deliberations by both the parties they decided to form a government and announce it after Delhi elections. Everything was decided the portfolios, common minimum program, issues to talk about and issues to maintain status quo on.

But the result of Delhi elections and the defeat of BJP by Aam Aadmi Party created ripples in Mufti’s mind. Though Mehbooba Mufti met HRD minister Simriti Irani with the issue of Kashmiri students who where studying in different colleges of India under diffrent schemes and discussed the issue of stopping scholarship money by Government of India, even though she went to attend the marriage ceremony of Amit Shah’s son but still delhi elections had created cold waves between the two parties.

The recent development between two parties saw some fresh cold waves when PDP made 11 point agenda public. While RSS had already slammed BJP for the results of Delhi elections and maintained that no compromise will be made on the ideology of the party and no change of stand should be there in AFSPA and Article 370.

Now it will be interesting to see how BJP will respond to the 11 point agenda of PDP where they have strictly maintained there stand on few controversial issues with BJP like, Talks with Hurriyat, Removal of AFSPA in one year, No fiddling with article 370, return of Power Projects, Status quo on west Pakistani Refugees etc.

Though BJP had already took their call on the said issues before and during elections. It will be very interesting to see how the both partners fool the people in both the regions.

Rayees Rasool,Project Coordinator, Criminal Justice Initiative, Human Rights Law Network, New Delhi






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