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30 September, 2006

Why NATO Cannot Win In Afghanistan
By M K Bhadrakumar

In the perceptions of regional powers, NATO's defeat in Afghanistan can only mean the scattering of the US blueprint of domination of Central Asia, South Asia and the Persian Gulf

Afghanistan: The Other Lost War
By Stephen Lendman

US directed repression of the Afghan people aided by its brutal Northern Alliance regional "warlord" proxies has led to the beginning of a growing insurrection against an intolerable situation that's unsustainable. It has the upper hand in Iraq and is fast becoming more of the same in Afghanistan

Marwahin, 15 July 2006: The Anatomy Of A Massacre
By Robert Fisk

Lama Abdullah was the youngest victim of the Marwahin 23. Ali Kemal's wife Sabaha was in her eighties. At least six of the children were between the ages of one and 10. The Israeli helicopter pilot's name is, of course, unknown

Political Corruption In Israel
By Uri Avnery

Had Hamlet been a reserve soldier in the Israeli army, he might now declare: "Something is rotten in the State of Israel!"

Runaway Global Heating
By Bill Henderson

The big global warming story isn't Americans finally accepting an inconvenient truth. Al Gore makes a brilliant presentation, but the big story is the undeniable impact of a severe, early onset, global heating which only paid deniers now refuse to accept

Political Lessons Of The Events In Hungary
By Peter Schwarz

The events that shook Hungary last week should be taken as a political warning to the working class throughout Europe

Dirty Water Kills 4,000 Children A Day
By Thalif Deen

According to the U.N. children's agency UNICEF, polluted water and lack of basic sanitation claim the lives of over 1.5 million children every year, mostly from water-borne diseases

Christian Zionism: Terror In Jesus' Name
By Yoginder Sikand

Represented by literally hundreds of small denominations and churches today, particularly in America, Christian Zionism is today a formidable force and a major actor in global politics

Ladakh: The Fear Factor
By Stanzin Dawa

The history of Ladakh has a tradition of outsiders dividing Ladakh and ruled over us, if we not resolve this conflict it would be first in the history of Ladakh where Ladakhis are dividing each other and putting everything on the plate for outsiders to rule and govern us. I am sure we will not let it happen, more significantly our dear leaders will not let it happen. Let's collectively eliminate the fear factor for ever…

Building Up A New Movement Against Scavenging:
Tirunalveli's Dalits Show The Way

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Gram Udhayam is a great reflection of the power and vision of Dalits all over India. Their achievement would definitely help the communities living in other parts of the country to think about their self and work for a socio cultural revolution that would free from the bondage of the caste based discrimination

29 September, 2006

Peak Oil And The Problem Of Infrastructure
By Peter Goodchild

Fossil fuels, metals, and electricity are all intricately connected. Each is inaccessible - on the modern scale - without the other two. Any two will vanish without the third. If we imagine a world without fossil fuels, we must imagine a world without metals or electricity. What we imagine, at that point, is a society far more primitive than the one to which we are accustomed

A Soul Defying, Tacit Approval Of Torture:
How Did We Come To This?

By Phil Rockstroh

The pathology of American culture is as ubiquitous as its strip-mall ugliness. It is abundantly evident, in almost every aspect of contemporary life.To resist, we must cast off the fear of being an outcast. I remain hopeful: There is yet a molecule or two of the wild wolf left within us cringing, cloying Toy Poodles

Toadies And Timid Men -How Empires Die
By Niranjan Ramakrishnan

If Gandhi found a law permitting detention without trail by a foreign government abhorrent enough to launch a nationwide general strike, what is America doing when similar laws are being passed by its own government?

The Special Forces Rebels
By Jim Travis

Stan Goff and William T. Hathaway shine light into the military's heart of darkness. These two defectors from the elite guard have become effective opponents of the empire they once served, and their example will help other soldiers to rebel and tell their stories

Fumigating Bhopal
By Harsh Mander

Late one evening, a young man of 34 was found hanging from the ceiling of his home in Bhopal. His name was Sunil Verma, the date, July 26, 2006. More than 21 years earlier, he had lost his parents and five siblings in the gas massacre on December 2, 1984.He died wearing a T-shirt declaring 'No More Bhopals'. At the time he took his life, no one had been punished for the crimes of the Bhopal massacre. With him died, perhaps, even the hope for justice

Bad Faith And The Destruction Of Palestine
By Jonathan Cook

But why should we think Israel is acting in good faith, even if in bad temper, in destroying Gaza’s power station? Why should we assume it was a hot-headed over-reaction rather than a coldly calculated deed?

Risk Of Misreading US-Iran Dispute
By Ramzy Baroud

The ongoing war of words between US President George W. Bush and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, coupled with deluded western media misconceptions or intentional misrepresentations of the true nature of the escalating conflict, can be utterly misleading, and must promptly be brought back to their sensible parameters of analysis

Bush And Islam: Words Versus Deeds
By Nicola Nasser

The wide gap between U.S. President George W. Bush’s words and deeds vis-à-vis Islam and Muslims doomed to failure his speech at the United nations on September 19, which could neither appease Muslims nor pacify the ever growing Islamophobia

Fool's Goal
By Sheila Samples

So we are left yet again to ponder the meaning of Bush's words while he eyes Iran and checks options on his table and paws through his tool box with the hallucinatory goal of killing his way to glory. A fool. With a fool's goal

Malegaon Blasts Investigation -
A Litmus Test Of Impartiality

By Praful Bidwai

Fairness of the investigations into the Malegaon blasts will decide whether the Indian state can re-establish its secular credentials and win Muslim hearts

28 September, 2006

A Broken, De-Humanized Military In Iraq
By Dahr Jamail

While the deranged chicken-hawks who "lead" the US continue their efforts to wage another unprovoked war of aggression, this time against Iran, what's left of their already overstretched military continues to be bled in Iraq

Giving Terrorism A Reason To Exist
By Camilo Mejia

According to a report by 16 U.S. Spy agencies leaked to The New York Times, the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq has helped create more global terrorism and energize jihadist ideology throughout the world since the 9/11 attacks

Resistance And Liberation
By Ghali Hassan

Let us be very straight. The promotion of “al-Qaeda” as the face of the Iraqi legitimate Resistance is a fraud. Nor was the U.S. invaded Iraq to “liberate” the Iraqi people and “build democracy” true. Equally fraud is the argument that U.S. troops are in Iraq to “prevent civil war” and fight “terrorism”

Wars And Debts And Taxes, Oh My!
By Michael Boldin

As stated so clearly in the Declaration of Independence, the American people have every right to write a new declaration of independence from the illegitimate, unlawful, and unconstitutional acts of their rulers. Such rights are inalienable and absolute in all people. Rights cannot be altered or abolished; governments can

Thailand: Paradoxes In Paradise
By Satya Sagar

Hardly anyone familiar with the life and times of Thaksin Shinawatra - Thailand's erstwhile Prime Minister, would lament his recent ouster from power following a year of political turmoil

US Threatened To Bomb Pakistan
Back To “The Stone Age”

By Kranti Kumara & Keith Jones

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf’s revelation that a top US official said Pakistan would be bombed “back to the stone age” if Islamabad didn’t break its ties with the Taliban and provide logistical support to the US conquest of Afghanistan is yet another example of the mobster methods that have come to characterize US diplomacy, especially under the Bush administration

Fascism The American Way
By Jason Miller

So the next time you are downing a refreshing can of soda, I urge you to resist Coke’s $2.4 billion mind fuck and think about thirsty human beings drinking cadmium-contaminated water, pesticide cocktails, “fertilizer” derived from toxic sludge, decaying teeth, corpulence, child diabetics, murder for hire, police batons cracking skulls, children suffering the horrors of child labor, and the growing trend toward global fascism

India’s Shame: Some Unanswered Questions
From The Frontline Reports

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Those who create a fascinating world of ‘great’ social cohesion outside West Bengal should try to sneak into the den and report independently on the conditions of Dalit in West Bengal. Hiding the pathetic condition of Dalits in West Bengal and particularly that of the scavengers is the bigger shame for India

27 September, 2006

Global Temperature Highest In Millennia
By Associated Press

The planet's temperature has climbed to levels not seen in thousands of years, warming that has begun to affect plants and animals, researchers report in Tuesday's issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Pundits Who Contest Climate Change
Should Tell Us Who Is Paying Them

By George Monbiot

Covert lobbying, in the UK as well as the US, has severely set back efforts to combat the world's biggest problem

Muhammad's Sword
By Uri Avnery

In order to prove the lack of reason in Islam, the Pope asserts that the prophet Muhammad ordered his followers to spread their religion by the sword. According to the Pope, that is unreasonable, because faith is born of the soul, not of the body. How can the sword influence the soul?

Overstretched Army Bring Bush New Grief
By Jim Lobe

With the U.S. intelligence community agreed that the invasion and occupation of Iraq have made this country less safe from terrorist threats, President George W. Bush appears now to be facing a growing revolt among top military commanders who say U.S. ground forces are stretched close to the breaking point

Shinzo Abe: Japan’s New Prime Minister
By John Chan

Abe’s emphasis on his postwar birth was to send a message that his government will no longer be hampered by the legacy of Japan’s militarist past. He has explicitly ruled out any apology for Japan’s wartime atrocities in Asia

Military Draft Needed For War With Iran And Syria?
By Steve Hammons

Will the U.S. soon need to activate Selective Service System plans for a military draft if open hostilities break out with Iran and Syria?There are signs that for many possible reasons, there are people and groups in Washington and elsewhere who desire a wider war - war between the U.S. and Iran and Syria - World War III.If they have their way, the necessity for a military draft would become a real possibility

Mayawati: "No Promises,
No Manifesto, Only Performance"

By Vidya Subrahmaniam & Mayawati

Mayawati: "The BSP is more a social revolution, a political movement than a political party." - An Interview

25 September, 2006

Australia's Other Great Sport
By Haroon Buksh

Has anybody else noticed the increasing popularity of Australia’s other great sport? We may be oblivious to its presence since its promoters have yet to agree on its name. Not sure what I am talking about? I’ll give you a clue: politicians love it, ‘intellectuals’ champion it, the media can’t get enough of it, and the public is falling for it. Oh, of course, Muslim bashing!

Human Rights Watch Still Denying Lebanon
The Right To Defend Itself

By Jonathan Cook

In a recent article on this site criticising Human Rights Watch for singling out Hizbullah rather than Israel for harsher condemnation of its military actions during the Lebanon war, I made sure to quote the organisation fairly and accurately before seeking to refute its arguments. Unfortunately, in a response published on Counterpunch, HRW’s Middle East policy director, Sarah Leah Whitson, did not return the favour. Possibly realising that her case was weak, she decided to paraphrase my argument instead, misrepresenting it, and only then try to rebut it

Lt. Ehren Watada Does His Duty
By David Howard

US Army First Lieutenant Ehren Watada is facing an eight-year term in military prison for just doing his duty: serving our country and protecting the Constitution

Torturing The Obvious
By Niranjan Ramakrishnan

The New York Times reports that a National Intelligent Estimate (NIE) from April 2006 concludes the Iraq War has actually increased Islamic radicalism. You don't say! Americans want to know why our bombing, devastating and occupying a country that has done us no harm would inflame its people

Did Maria Cantwell's Campaign
Try To Buy Off Aaron Dixon?

By Joshua Frank

Perhaps that's just how Maria and the Democrats play ball. They attempt to buy out their opposition and support them financially if they forfeit. How's that for embracing the democratic process? Fortunately for the antiwar movement there are candidates like Aaron Dixon who refuse to surrender

Gearing Up for Rove's Pre-Election "Surprises"
By Bernard Weiner

What those surprises might be range from announcing the capture or death of Osama bin Laden to a surgical strike on Iran's fledgling nuclear program to ignoring a possible major terrorist attack against the U.S. -- or, conversely, announcing that they've foiled a frightening urban bomb plot. Or all of the above, and more

Can Microfinance ‘Halve’Poverty By 2015: A Review
By Sirajul Islam

There is an enormous unmet demand for micro credit worldwide roughly estimated at 400 to 500 million poor and low-income people, the sector still has a long way to go to fulfil its potential

Reforms In Ladakhi Buddhism
By Stanzin Dawa

The causes for the evolution and practice of such rituals can be many but one of the significant reasons I believe is the inaccessibility of the Gompas in Ladakh. I think the Gompa must be located in the heart of the village not on the hills

Scripturalist Islam In Kashmir
And The Possibilities For Dialogue

By Yoginder Sikand

This image of Islam in contemporary Kashmir is clearly limited, selective and highly sensationalized. While it is true that the radical Islamist fringe does exist in Kashmir, support for its ultimate agenda among most Kashmiris is limited. The lack of overt and vocal opposition to such radicals must not be taken as necessarily implying widespread support of their agenda of a state based on their peculiar version of Islam

Hashimpura Muslim Massacre Trial Reopens:
Can Justice Be Expected?

By Azim A. Khan Sherwani

In May 1987 policemen belonging to the Uttar Pradesh Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) shot dead 42 Muslim men, most of them youths, including some minors, from the Hashimpura locality in Meerut. The massacre occurred in the wake of the communal riots that broke out in Meerut in April that year after the Rajiv Gandhi government decided to open the gates of the Babri Masjid to allow Hindus to worship therein

24 September, 2006

Where Iraqis Live In Virtual Self-Exile
By Ali Shaker Ali

As US and Iraqi security forces hint at a series of trenches, moats and berms to cordon off the capital Baghdad in hopes of stemming the daily violence, many Iraqis are shrugging the measures off. Security measures come and go, they say, but the daily death rates continue to increase

A Doctor's Day In Baghdad
By Dr. Anon

It is not a miserable life. If there is a grade more than miserable, then it will be ours!

The Ground Truth: Iraq War Veterans Speak Out
By Susan Van Haitsma

Students are deceived if ground truths about military training, war and inadequate veteran care are withheld from them. And if images of real war are inappropriate to display to young people, then it is inappropriate to recruit young people to fight

Journalism, Wall Street Journal-Style
By Stephen Lendman

It takes great courage to venture onto the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal - especially on Fridays when Mary Anastasia O'Grady's Americas column appears. This is a woman who surely will have a serious back problem one day resulting from her permanent position of genuflection to the most extreme far-right she pledges allegiance to

Russia Sets The Pace In Energy Race
By M K Bhadrakumar

Next week's meeting in Beijing on energy security involving the United States, China, Japan, India and South Korea is a dramatic manifestation of the new battle plans and war doctrines that Washington is conceptualizing. The conclave in Beijing, significantly, leaves out Western Europe

The Geopolitics Of Latin American Foreign Debt
By Pablo Dávalos

The adjustment and structural reform policies of the IMF and the World Bank and now the strategic plans of the IADB and the CAF are part of this perpetual war. A war whose purpose is conquest, territorial control, domination and pillage, as in any war

Thailand’s Coup Leaders Suppress
Democratic Rights

By John Roberts & Peter Symonds

The CDRM, which seized power on September 19, has already imposed measures that drastically curtail democratic rights. The generals have imposed martial law, abrogated the constitution, dissolved both houses of the national parliament and shut down the Constitutional Court. All political activities and any public gatherings of more than five people have been banned

Thailand:Dissidence Grows Against Coup
By Marwaan Macan-Markar & Johanna Son

Although limited in number, the dissidents, by standing up, are punching a few holes in the glowing picture painted by the mainstream Thai media that the junta has universal support for its power grab on the night of Sep. 19 to rid Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from office

The Discourse On Terrorism And
The Missing Muslim Voice

By Yoginder Sikand

However, while on the subject of 'fidayeen elements' or Islamist militants, it is striking how general discourse on terrorism in India, as elsewhere as well, is now so heavily lopsided, focusing, as it does, largely on militant acts committed by some Muslims. Terrorism in India is now talked about almost wholly in the context of fringe Islamist or Muslim militant groups, whereas similar acts of terrorism by other actors, including the state or by Hindutva outfits, are rarely described as such in the 'mainstream' media or by politicians

24 September, 2006

Venezuelan Foreign Minister
Detained At JFK Airport

By Stephen Lendman

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Madura was prevented by airport officials from departing the US from JFK airport on a commercial flight on Saturday following the UN General Assembly meeting. He said officials demanded he surrender his ticket and boarding pass claiming his name was on a so-called "red list." He was then illegally detained, taken to a small room and strip-searched despite his strong protests after having clearly identified who he was

Two Winners In A War Without End
By Robert S. Becker

There are two winners, at least in the short run: the Bush government has shown great skill in leveraging the very fear and terror concocted by the terrorists. For what Bush has done is not only revenge 9/11, say in Afghanistan (with mixed results), but acts, as if in collusion with terrorists, to broadcast the very fear and terror by which they seek to achieve their political goals

Torture And civilian Deaths Reach
Record Levels In Iraq

By Peter Symonds

The latest UN findings on Iraq provide a devastating picture of torture, escalating civilian deaths and lawlessness that represents a damning indictment of US-led occupation

The Myth Of Alternative Energy
By Peter Goodchild

Alternative sources of energy will never be very useful, for several reasons, but mainly because of a problem of "net energy": the amount of energy output is not sufficiently greater than the amount of energy input. Alternative sources simply don't have enough "bang" to replace 30 billion annual barrels of oil

Christian Fundamentalism And American Empire
By Yoginder Sikand

Like other forms of religious fundamentalism, Christian fundamentalism is a dreaded doctrine of supremacy, a cult of hatred and a recipe for disaster. And with an avowed born-again Christian at the helm of affairs in America one shudders to think of what more brutalities are in store for the world if Christian fundamentalism is allowed to remain unchallenged

A Cliché From Nawab Din's Story
By Zafar Choudhary

After living a life for ten decades the centurions are normally expected to wait for the eternal journey, but in case of Nawab Din who has lived little more than that an aspiration is still coupled with a struggle. And interestingly his struggle has a loud message for the peaceniks and diplomatic mandarins of New Delhi and Islamabad

Past As Living Present: Calamity And Discrimination
By Subhash Gatade

Water is said to be a great leveler. But even the ravaging flood waters which have created a havoc like situation in the districts of Barmer and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan just failed to crack an age old structure - the walls between caste

23 September, 2006

Kerala High Court Quashes Ban On
Coca-Cola, Pepsi

By Karthika Thampan

Just after the judgement was delivered, employees of coca cola company distributed press notes welcoming the judgement. They also distributed cola to the assembled lawyers and journalists. Advocate Ramakumar who represents the Perumatty Grama Panchayath where the Coca Cola factory is situated alleged that the cola companies had prior knowledge of the judgement

Task On Running Unions -Role Of The State
By V.Krishnamurthy

Present environment in India is reflecting the spirit drawn from the fascist ideals. Some ardent believers are for honest implementation. So, State, an oppressive power is slowly erasing the rights of trade union. The freedom expression to voice against corporates is being slowly chocked. Judiciary is speaking Liberalisation of economy and curbing of labour rights

A Courageous Man Speaks Out
By Stephen Lendman

Hugo Chavez Was In Rare Form at the UN Yesterday

Herbert Spencer's Evolved Capitalists
By Jason Miller

Someone needs to persistently document and decry the myriad foreign and domestic crimes of the American Empire. Join those of us who are. And perhaps one day justice will be served

Tolerating Intolerance
By Remi Kanazi

So next time you Catholics drop money into that collection plate, you should wonder where your money is going. It seems it is filling the same coffers and feeding the same ideologies of an intransigent Bush administration. If this is the case, maybe people should be asking the Pope for tolerance, rather than the Muslim world

The Next Palestinian Struggle
By Ramzy Baroud

But amid the rush to form a government, key questions won't be laid to rest: Who will speak on behalf of the Palestinian people internationally? Who will formulate their foreign-policy agenda? And who will be entrusted with the task of defending or redefining their national constants. Will it be Abbas, chairman of the PLO, or the elected legislative council and government?

How Israel’s 'New Anti-Semitism'
Is Leading To Nuclear Holocaust

By Jonathan Cook

Faced with the evil designs of the “Islamic fascists”, such as those in Iran, Israel’s nuclear arsenal -- and the nuclear Holocaust Israel can and appears prepared to unleash -- may be presented as the civilised world’s salvation

AP Propaganda About Iraq
By Dahr Jamail

It is important to note that the board of directors of AP is composed of 22 newspaper and media executives that include the CEOs and presidents of ABC, McClatchy, Hearst, Tribune and the Washington Post. Two of the directors are members of very conservative policy councils that include the Hoover Institute. The Hoover Institute is a Republican policy research center that has been referred to as "Bush's brain trust." Its fellows include Condoleezza Rice and Newt Gingrich, a Distinguished Visiting Fellow, along with George Shultz

Citizen Tipu And Saffronazis
By Subhash Gatade

The move to obliterate Tipu's name from the pages of Kannada history is another vindication that Sangh Parivar has taken it upon themselves the task left unfinished by the colonialists

Lage Raho Musharaf And Manmohan
By Stanzin Dawa

Why not Mr. Musharaf (The President of Pakistan) and Mr. Manmohan (The Prime Minister of India)? Who knows while transforming Mr. Bush and Mr. Laden they also gets transformed to build a lasting friendship based on trust and altruism in larger interest of the entire humanity

22 September, 2006

Bush Wants A Bloodbath In Baghdad
By Bill Van Auken

Increasingly desperate over the deteriorating situation in Iraq, the Bush administration is demanding that the US-installed government in Baghdad support a savage intensification of repression or give way to a dictatorial regime that will

Home Raids Provoke Increased Unrest
By Dahr Jamail & Ali al-Fadhily

Renewed raids at Iraqi homes by joint U.S.-Iraqi security forces are angering Iraqis -- while failing to improve the worsening security situation

Reflections On Our Inner Bush: Corporate Monkeys
In Our National House Of Mirrors

By Phil Rockstroh

We have summoned Bush by the incantation of our hidden intentions; perhaps, if we were to awaken to the George W. Bush concealed within, we might understand our own collaboration in creating him – and then, at long last, we can begin the process of dismissing him and all he represents

Hugo Chavez's New World Vision
By Stephen Lendman

"....let's unite in the South and we will have a future, we will have dignity, our people will have life....Let's unite to liberate ourselves, to exist, to self-construct the South."

America Has Just Lost Two More Wars
By John Chuckman

The failure of America's military could be explained by the notion that failure is only what happens when you seek the wrong success. A poorly-governed people, as Americans certainly are, keeps being sent to wars in which they have no vital interest or commitment

Surviving The Oil Crash:
Leadership And Social Structure

By Peter Goodchild

The biggest news story of modern times rarely appears in the conventional news media, or it appears only in distorted forms. Ironically, the modern world is plagued by a lack of serious information. What is most apparent is the larger problem that there is no leadership, no sense of organization, for dealing with peak-oil issues

Gandhi And Sexuality
By Stanzin Dawa

What lesson we can learn from Gandhi's life on sexuality and sexual health? Was Gandhi a lustful human being? Did Gandhi transform the sexual energy into spiritual and social energy? Did Gandhi say "Kastuba is my mother"? Was Gandhi a faithful husband? What makes Gandhi so strong, influential and powerful? Can we extract some messages from the Gandhi's sexuality for today's youth for a healthier, safer and happier lifestyle?

Football And Flags
By Nasser Amin

We ought to enjoy the display of excellence, creativity, contests and challenges, which the game exemplifies, but be suspicious of the emotions it ignites, the passions it arouses, and the ease with which it has usurped native culture

FDI in Bangladesh, People's Uprising
In Phulbari And The Right Signal

By Anu Muhammad

The Phulbari project is a project of mass destruction and genocide. The Phulbari people's verdict has sent the right signal to the government and global corporate entities, and made it clear that the people of Bangladesh will no longer tolerate plundering and impoverishment in the name of FDI and the contracts signed without their knowledge will not be accepted anymore

Society And Suicide
By Amit Chamaria

Sociologically, the incident of farmer suicides in Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra due to indebtedness is actually the result of the combined effect of 'Relative deprivation' and 'Sudden crises', which came in the category of anomic suicide. Significantly, the feelings of relative deprivation are the outcome of the first green revolution and these feelings has been augmented by the present market policy of Globalization

21 September, 2006

Sea Levels Are Rising Faster Than Predicted
By Michael McCarthy

The global sea level rise caused by climate change, severely threatening many of the world's coastal and low-lying areas from Bangladesh to East Anglia, is proceeding faster than UN scientists predicted only five years ago

Carbon Trading Scheme A Sop To King Coal
By Zoe Kenny

In one of the first major tests of carbon trading, the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme which began on January 1, 2005, was labelled a “major disappointment” in an April 2006 assessment by the Climate Action Network-Europe as a result of member governments setting lax national emission targets

Rise Up Against the Empire
By Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez's address to the United Nations

Imperialism 101 - The US Addiction To War,
Mayhem And Madness: Part II

By Stephen Lendman

We're at a moment now when there's still time to act before it's too late to save a nation conceived in liberty that may soon no longer have it

A Catholic Stamp To A U.S. War
By Nicola Nasser

No mistake, the Successor of Saint Peter, the Vicar of Christ on Earth, the Sovereign Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI has erred and the damage is done: His anti-Islam remarks are out and cannot be retracted, like bullets that cannot be retrieved once shot, adding a Catholic stamp to the Evangelist “Islam versus the West” justification for the U.S. neoconservative–led “WWIII on Islam.”

Middle East: Imperial Assault
And Tasks For The Left

By Ardeshir Mehrdad & Alex Callinicos

Ardeshir Mehrdad interviewing Alex Callinicos

A Letter To UN Secretary General
By Dr. Habib Siddiqui

I feel that that a serious conspiracy, led by the USA, the UK and Israel, is in the making against Iran

Tasini Campaign Wasted
By Joshua Frank

The truth is, Democrats and Republicans aren’t going to end this war. We will, by refusing to play by their rules

Gujarat Bill: Denying Religious
Freedom In Freedom's Name

By Yoginder Sikand

The recent passing of a controversial bill by the Gujarat Assembly has, understandably enough, generated a storm of protest. Ironically called the Gujarat Freedom of Religion (Amendment) Bill 2006, the Bill, critics argue, represents a major assault on religious freedom, particularly of non-Hindus, in Gujarat

The Judgement Takes Effect,
But The Cause?

Outlook Editorial

Even as the CBI, Mumbai police and governments pat themselves on the back, and citizens demand death penalty for all the Memons—four of the family have been convicted, three acquitted—there has been no conviction in any of the thousands of cases registered during and after the post-Babri riots from December 7, 1992, to January 21, 1993

20 September, 2006

Thais Wait And See In Wake Of Coup
By Johanna Son

In the wee hours of Wednesday most of Bangkok was awake, wondering if there would be work the next day, if Thaksin would come back to Bangkok -- and if he did, would there be stability

Military Coup Tumbles Thailand's Thaksin
By Shawn W Crispin

Caretaker Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was ousted in a military coup on Tuesday evening, marking what appears to be a dramatic end to a political stalemate

A Turning Point In History
By Dan Lieberman

Debates concerning the causes and consequences of the war between Israel and Hezbollah have obscured the exact nature and deep meaning of the conflict. A powerful and seemingly unimpeded movement, that expanded a Zionist dream to the establishment of a state and succeeded in rapid growth in size and population, has been halted. This could be the end of the Zionist dream; a decisive moment in history

Pope Benedict Not Really All That Sorry
By Gwynne Dyer

Pope Benedict's comments last week about Islam should be weighed in the context of earlier statements and actions

'Quiet Transfer' In East Jerusalem
Nears Completion

By Elodie Guego

Israel is close to implementing a long-term plan to transform the demographic structure of annexed East Jerusalem. Policies to revoke the residency permits of Palestinian Jerusalemites and to Judaise the city have been described as ethnic cleansing

Control The Dictionary,Control The World
By Bernard Weiner

Bush, with a straight face, tells us that he has never authorized torture, and he thinks he can get away with that lie because the public is mostly unaware that his administration has totally altered the definition of "torture."

“Reformulating U.S. Foreign Policy
Toward The Middle East”

By Kevin Zeese

Until the United States can break its addiction to oil, begin using alternative energy resources and stop its one-sided relationship with Israel, no peace, stability or security will ever be established for the Middle East or the United States

Subversion Of Democracy In Bangladesh
By Taj Hashmi

One wonders as to why Bangladesh has turned into a dysfunctional democracy. It is also the most corrupt country, consecutively for the last five years. It has virtually become an arena of political rivalry between the successors of two dead patriarchs, Mujib and Zia. They are competing against each other to run their own version of “democracy” or dynastic oligarchy. Meanwhile, analysts differ if the country has already turned into a “failed state”, or on the verge of becoming one

What Is The State Doing For
Orphan Girls In Doda?

By Yoginder Sikand

Ever since the outbreak of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, several thousand children have been orphaned as a result of the ongoing conflict in the region. The state has done little for these children, who have, by and large, been left to their cruel fate. The plight of orphaned girls is, obviously, even more precarious than that of boys

19 September, 2006

The ChildrenKilled In A War The World
Doesn't Want To Know About

By Donald Macintyre In Rafah

Nayef Abu Snaima says his 14-year-old cousin Jihad had been sitting on the edge of an olive grove talking animatedly to him about what he would do when he grew up when he was killed instantly by an Israeli shell

The Evil Conspiracy Of The Peacemongers!
By Uri Avnery

In the corridors of power in Jerusalem the cry is going up: "Help! Peace is upon you, Israel!"A terrible enemy is conspiring to impose peace on us. He is advancing against us from two sides, in a giant pincer movement

US Resorting To 'Collective Punishment' In Iraq
By Dahr Jamail & Ali al-Fadhily

U.S. forces are taking to collective punishment of civilians in several cities across the al-Anbar province west of Baghdad, residents and officials say

The Ziocon Zugswang Zeitgeist
By Ingmar Lee

Ziocon ~ a conflation of "Zionist" and "Neocon." There's a distinction here that I'd like to make, -there may be Zionists who are not Neocons, and there may be Neocons who are not Zionists. I believe that the people who drew up this horrific programme are both

Murdoch Almighty: When Public Loses Opinion
By Ramzy Baroud

People imagine that their opinions are their own, not those of corporate moguls who compete to colonise the public sphere. We are not as free in thought as we think

Bad Moon Rising: The Twilight's Last Gleaming
By John A. Murphy

"As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air - however slight - lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."

The Bush Administration And The CIA Prisons:
A New Campaign Of Lies

By Joe Kay & Barry Grey

In a White House press conference Friday, and in statements of government officials over the weekend, the Bush administration has mounted a new campaign of lies and intimidation to justify the repudiation of international law and a government policy of torture

Strategies For Building A Culture Of
Peace In Ladakh

By Stanzin Dawa

We are living in a Ladakh marked by growing conflict, both in terms of its frequency and intensity.I think the time has come to ask ourselves what is at the roots of this conflict. From where are all of these feelings of frustration, insecurity, anger, hatred, fear, competition, and purposelessness coming from, and why are they continuously getting channeled into our way of life

Update On Malegaon
By Subhash Gatade

As of now the formal position vis-à-vis the identity of the perpetrators is still unchanged. It could be Lashkar or Bajrang Dal. It just means the roots and the perpetrators of the bomb blasts in Malegaon on Shab-e-Barat could be traced to either the Lashkar-ISI nexus or to the Bajrang Dal-Mossad connection

18 September, 2006

Papal Insults:A Bavarian Provocation
By Tariq Ali

Was Benedict's most recent provocation accidental or deliberate? The Bavarian is a razor-sharp reactionary cleric. A man who organises his own succession to the Papacy with a ruthless purge of potential dissidents and supervises the selection of Cardinals with great care leaves little to chance.I think he knew what he was saying and why

The Lebanese Fields Sown With Cluster Bombs
By Patrick Cockburn

The war in Lebanon has not ended. Every day, some of the million bomblets which were fired by Israeli artillery during the last three days of the conflict kill four people in southern Lebanon and wound many more

The American Military's Cult Of Cruelty
By Robert Fisk

The change to 'warrior' creed is encouraging soldiers to commit atrocities

Kirkuk: The Potential Spark For Civil War
By Ahmed Janabi

Kirkuk, Iraq's oil-rich northern city, is probably the most critical area for the future of Iraq, but the least covered by international media

Within The Gated Subdivision Of The American Mind:
A Monument To My Comfort Zone

By Phil Rockstroh

Where are our much-vaunted freedoms in the present day United States? Are they, perhaps, hidden among the phantom oaks of Oakdale Estates? Sadly, it appears, for a depressingly large percent of our citizenry, the loss of our rights and liberties are missed and remembered to the same extent as the felled trees of Oakdale Estates

Growing Up Crazy: Power Structures
In Religion, Sex, And Economics

By Peter Goodchild

Religion is the foundation for a superstitious view of morality and a general state of intellectual dullness; this ignorance in turn allows and often fosters the various master-slave relationships that constitute modern capitalism

Pragmatists And Heretics - Peak Oil
And Runaway Global Warming

By Bill Henderson

But considering the growing evidence pointing to imminent peak oil dislocation and runaway global warming especially, I still ask why is there no informed consideration and debate about needed governance innovation beyond incremental change within the market economy?

Corporate E. Coli
By Joshua Frank

The latest string of E. Coli outbreaks should raise serious questions about the vulnerability of our country’s food supply. While most public health officials blame the cases on a violent strain of noxious bacteria, the corporate food industry continues to evade its due scrutiny

16 September, 2006

Darfur: Waiting For The Slaughter
By Paul Vallely

300,000 have died already. Now there are fears Sudan is preparing a brutal 'final solution' in Darfur

US Defense And Oil Company Executives
Reap Windfalls From Iraq War

By Naomi Spencer

The US oil industry has conspicuously benefited from the war in Iraq, at the expense of the lives tens of thousands of Iraqis and the livelihoods of millions. Within the US, ordinary workers are struggling with drastically higher retail gasoline and residential fuel prices. Meanwhile, chief executives at the fifteen largest American oil companies have received record pay in the years since the “war on terror” was declared

Peak Oil Preparations: Money And Labor
By Peter Goodchild

The answer, in part, is to give up the use of money well ahead of time, instead of letting the money economy claim more victims. Barter would allow people to provide for their daily needs on a local basis, without the dubious assistance of governments or corporations

Imperialism 101 - The US Addiction To War,
Mayhem And Madness - Part I

By Stephen Lendman

The US-led aggression in the Middle East and the three failed attempts to oust Venezuela's Hugo Chavez since 2002 (with a fourth now planned and likely to be implemented soon) are just the latest examples of this country's imperial agenda and the "new world order" it has in mind

Decline Of The American Empire
By John Chuckman

The rise now of China, Japan, Europe, and others – India, Korea, and to some extent Russia and Brazil – means the United States must be relatively diminished on the world stage, much as an only child whose mother just gave birth to quintuplets

Loving Labor’s Losses: Whoredom Is Optional
By Jason Miller

Family obligations, basic human needs, and the extreme rarity of Horatio Alger successes leave the working class with little choice but to submit to the ruling class to some extent.However, We the People are not powerless. A measure of obedience may be unavoidable, but whoredom is optional

NAM Summit 2006: No More Crossroads
By Vikas Nath & Joseph Senona

The time is now ripe to build newer and stronger bridges at different levels. By doing so, the flame of South consciousness lighted by NAM’s stalwart founders will continue to burn bright and keep providing an alternative platform for the South to progress

Investigation Into Malegaon Blasts
By Ram Puniyani

While every other thing is being highlighted and the usual suspects are being further demonized through the hard work of communal organizations and media, there is only a small section of media and popular opinion which will bother to state that the organizations like Bajrang Dal also need to be probed and put on the scanner

15 September, 2006

We Have 10 Years To Save The Planet
By Michael McCarthy & David Usborne

The melting of the sea ice in the Arctic, the clearest sign so far of global warming, has taken a sudden and enormous leap forward, in one of the most ominous developments yet in the onset of climate change

The Climate Disaster Is Upon Us - Now
By Michael McCarthy

Doesn't matter you're not bothered about it. Doesn't matter you're thinking about your next holiday, or the state of your marriage or the next Big Brother. This vast phenomenon that is going to change the world unthinkably is coming right to your doorstep. A lot sooner than you think

No News Is Slow News
By John Pilger

On 11 September 2001, while the world lamented the deaths of almost 3,000 people in the United States, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation reported that more than 36,000 children had died from the effects of extreme poverty. They were very slow news

Bush PR Campaign:Back To The Basics
By Ramzy Baroud

The Bush administration insists on spawning a third world war and if a fundamental change of course doesn’t take place immediately it will surely undermine America’s import, prestige and perhaps global relevance

In Iraq, Iran’s Arab Credentials Are Made
By Nicola Nasser

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s latest visit to Tehran was just another occasion to highlight that Iran is compromising its Arab credentials in Iraq, and to raise more questions about whether Tehran and Washington are in collusion or in collision in Baghdad

The Real Israel
By Ghali Hassan

For its entire existence, Israel has been portrayed as a “civilised” society with Western “liberal democratic principles”, defended by “heroic” army. This Israel, however, is a fabricated subject, rather than a reality. It is built on a fiction

A Song, A Blast And The Indian
Media's 'Secular'Pretensions

By Yoginder Sikand

Bias against Muslims is deeply-rooted in large sections of the Hindu-owned media in India, even in influential sections of the English press that prides itself in its claim of being 'secular' and 'progressive'. Two ongoing controversies-the Vande Mataram affair and the Malegaon bomb blasts-suffice to confirm this argument

Malegaon Blasts: Footprints Of Nanded?
By Subhash Gatade

The most important lesson, which should be remembered, is that the law and order machinery should be even handed in its approach in unearthing the truth. It should not repeat its earlier folly of stigmatizing the whole community, which it is alleged to have engaged in after the Bombay blasts. It should also not be seen going soft on Hindu militant formations for fear of providing political capital to Hindutva organizations

Lesson From The Malegaon Carnage:
Price Of Alienating A Community

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

An Indian has to defend the secular values of the country and believe in fair play. A country denying dignity and right to its minorities cannot remain peaceful and would rarely progress if it alienates its second majority, the Muslims

08 September, 2006

'Gaza Is A Jail -We Are All Starving Now'
By Patrick Cockburn

Gaza is dying. The Israeli siege of the Palestinian enclave is so tight that its people are on the edge of starvation. Here on the shores of the Mediterranean a great tragedy is taking place that is being ignored because the world's attention has been diverted by wars in Lebanon and Iraq

How Human Rights Watch Lost
Its way In Lebanon

By Jonathan Cook

The measure of a human rights organisation is to be found not just in the strides it takes to seek justice for the oppressed and victimised but also in the compromises it makes to keep itself out of trouble. Unfortunately, one of the best -- Human Rights Watch -- has failed that test during the war in Lebanon this summer

Can The UN Bring Peace?
By Peter Taaffe

If the independent movement of the working class of Israel linked up with the Lebanese workers, and joined together with the potentially powerful working class of the Middle East, the prospects for another conflagration in the area would be banished, once and for all

Five Years From 9/11: Mission Unaccomplished
By David Howard

Now, as we reflect on the fifth anniversary of 9/11 and remember what it is like to be the victims of a murderous attack, we have before us a solemn peace mission that remains tragically unaccomplished. It is time to forget Paris Hilton and remember Roesio Salem. It’s time to end the Iraq War and occupation. There will never be a better time

Pentagon Report On Iraq Reveals
A Deepening Catastrophe

By James Cogan

The Pentagon report to the US Congress on August 29 provided a frank assessment of the sectarian and communal divisions that have been fomented since the 2003 US invasion

Scientists Find New Global Warming 'Time Bomb’
By Seth Borenstein

Global warming gases trapped in the soil are bubbling out of the thawing permafrost in amounts far higher than previously thought and may trigger what researchers warn is a climate time bomb

Hugo Chavez Challenges Bush’s Empire
By Federico Fuentes

The official August 12 start of Venezuela’s presidential election campaign has opened a new phase in Washington’s plans to destabilise the revolutionary government headed by socialist President Hugo Chavez

Understanding Of Religion And Science
By Mirza A. Beg

Stealthily introducing ‘Creationism’ in science texts is a corruption of science, but even more grievously misrepresentation of religion, therefore immoral and irreligious

07 September, 2006

Worsening Food Insecurity In Africa
By Barry Mason

A report by the development charity Oxfam, “Causing Hunger: An Overview of the Food Crisis in Africa,” finds that the food crisis in Africa is continuing to worsen

Bush Insider Describes U.S. Middle East Policy
As A “Disaster” “Not Rooted In Reality”

By Kevin Zeese

A Bush Administration insider, Flint Leverett, who served in the CIA, State Department and Bush White House, in a virtual indictment of Mid-East policy, described how America’s standing is in decline in the region, not only US popularity but how America is perceived. The United States is more and more seen as ineffective and unable to accomplish its objectives. The decline of the United States is occurring at a disturbing pace

Is There No Sanity Left In Washington D.C?
By David Truskoff

As Bush continues his illegal war in Iraq and the military men keep telling him he will not have enough troops to proceed unless he institutes the military draft, he continues to offend returning veterans

Countdown To November
By Saul Rosenthal

So! The battle-lines are drawn. For November '06 and November '08. The mighty blitz of the Bush Party has begun, buttressed with lots and lots of loot. Can they bury the Dean Party with big bucks, plus the bully pulpit?

06 September, 2006

U.S. Losing Control Fast
By Dahr Jamail & Ali Al-Fadhily

The U.S. military has lost control over the volatile al-Anbar province, Iraqi police and residents say. The area to the west of Baghdad includes Fallujah, Ramadi and other towns that have seen the worst of military occupation, and the strongest resistance

Kidnapped In Gaza: Chaos As A Strategy
By Ramzy Baroud

The kidnapping episode will certainly be milked for all its worth – while the deliberate targeting of the two Reuters journalists by the Israeli army will hardly register for more than a day or two as a fleeting and extraneous piece of news

Palestinian Donors: What Mission?
By Nicola Nasser

The Palestinians have been too grateful and too helpless for too long to be critical of the political agenda of their donors who have practically nailed them down as political hostages to the donors’ money, which was promised initially to help build an independent Palestinian state, but ended as a political instrument effectively used by the Israeli occupying power

What Women Are Saying About
The Violence In the Middle East

By Lucinda Marshall

There has been no shortage of punditry when it comes to the current crisis in the Middle East, however most of the published and broadcast voices have been male. If there is to be any hope of a sustainable peace in this region it is critically important to also listen to what women are saying

Start Adapting To Climate Change
By Frances Cairncross

Almost all the discussion of climate change up to now has been about "mitigation" - in other words, how to prevent it from happening. But prevention, although important, is not enough. Climate change is going to happen, and we need to think more about adapting to it

China’s Oil Diplomacy
By John Chan

The state visit of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to Beijing in late August highlighted China’s expanding relations in Latin America, which are heightening tensions with the US

Writing As Sedition
By subhash Gatade

The arrest of an editor of an eveninger from Surat, Gujarat charging him with ‘anti-national activities’ including ‘instigating people against a duly elected government’ has once again brought into sharp focus the way freedom of expression can be easily trampled with impunity by the powers that be

05 September, 2006

Will Robert Fisk Tell Us The Whole Story?
By Jonathan Cook

In an attempt at even-handedness, Fisk has also muddied the picture in relation to the actions of Hizbullah and thereby contributed towards the very mythical narratives he seeks to undermine.This was done by repeatedly accusing the Shiite militia of both provoking the war with Israel and intending Lebanon’s destruction. Uncharacteristically, Fisk failed to offer us the evidence on which these conclusions were based

The People’s Struggle In The Middle East
By Joshua Frank

An Interview with Ramzy Baroud

Gaza Doctors Encounter 'Unexplained Injuries'
By Donald Macintyre

Doctors in Gaza are reporting what they say are unexplained injuries among the dead and wounded in operations by the Israeli military, which have killed more than 200 Palestinians in the past nine weeks

Ice Bubbles Reveal Biggest Rise
In CO2 For 800,000 Years

By Steve Connor

The rapid rise in greenhouse gases over the past century is unprecedented in at least 800,000 years, according to a study of the oldest Antarctic ice core which highlights the reality of climate change

Chicago Fire Kills Six Children
By Tom Mackaman

The Chicago Tribune offered the most callous interpretation of the disaster. It opened its lead article on the disaster by pinning blame squarely on the family itself, stating, “Using candles for light ...was a dangerous decision that proved to be deadly early Sunday.” The Tribune does not ask why a family with two working adults should be without power in the first place

Inalienable Human Rights Are Not Privileges
By Jason Miller

ACLU Sets the Standard in Struggle for “Liberty and Justice for All”

My Permanent Address
By Omkar Nath Koul

A Kashmiri Pandit intellectual talks about his childhood in Kashmir and endless desire to revist his homeland and stay at his village home that lies in ruins and thus his long yearned dreams

04 September, 2006

Genocide In Gaza
By Ilan Pappe

A genocide is taking place in Gaza. This morning, 2 September, another three citizens of Gaza were killed and a whole family wounded in Beit Hanoun. This is the morning reap, before the end of day many more will be massacred. An average of eight Palestinian die daily in the Israeli attacks on the Strip. Most of them are children. Hundreds are maimed, wounded and paralyzed

In Israel, Nothing Changes But the Past
By Uri Avnery

Napolean won the battle of Waterloo. The German Wehrmacht won World War II. The United States won in Vietnam, and the Soviets in Afghanistan. The Zealots won against the Romans, and Ehud Olmert won the Second Lebanon War.You didn't know that? Well, during the last few days the Israeli media has paraded a long series of experts, who did not leave any room for doubt: the war has brought us huge achievements, Hizbullah was routed, Olmert is the great victor

American And Muslim: six Million People
In Search Of An Identity

By Robert Fisk

"But what is the American-Muslim identity?" al-Marati asks. "Our religious values and our American values are not incompatible. There is no dissonance between the founding principles of America and Muslim values. Unless we have this identity, we will be trapped. We will end up creating Muslim ghettoes in America."

Beware The Rise Of The Fourth Reich
By Indira Rai-Choudhury

I am afraid because this is the rise of the Fourth Reich...the rise of racist and immoral power hungry men that rationalize crimes against humanity and criminalize all dissent

Planning For A Post-Oil Economy
By Peter Goodchild

The most basic principle of post-oil survival is that one has to start thinking in terms of a smaller radius of activity. The globalized economy has to be replaced by the localized economy

An American View: Looking For A Miracle
By Keith Gottschalk

Perhaps our lives and our planet were meant for something better, simpler, more peaceful. If not for us, perhaps for our children. Perhaps at some point before we go too far, our consciousness may be awakened. It may be a forlorn hope but miracles occasionally happen

Flat Daddy
By John Chuckman

There's a program in the state of Maine, supported by the fun-loving, public-relations folks of the local National Guard, called Flat Daddy, unlike anything I've heard of before

The Socialism Of The Twenty-First Century’
In Latin America And Venezuela

By Zeki Ergas

In Latin America there is now hope. The efforts to build ‘The socialism of the 21st century’ represents that hope

Away With 'Sacred Pollution
By Subhash Gatade

It was the beginning of the month of August when Hyderabad witnessed a heated debate over immersion of Ganesh idols in Hussain Sagar

02 September, 2006

Your Extinction Will Quell Your Confusion
By Jason Miller

Remember that the human species has already caused the premature extinction of many of Earth’s inhabitants. If we humans do not collectively change our values, we humans could be the next species to disappear

Unconstitutional Orders Must Be Disobeyed
By Bill Mcginnis

If Bush Orders The Bombing Of Iran Without Congressional Authorization, The Military Must Disobey

Israel Lobby Takes A Few Hard Hits
By William Hughes

The coming Connecticut election is a real test of the present power of the Lobby. If Lieberman wins in November, it will show to other aspiring candidates for public office that the Lobby, although wounded, remains an unassailable force within the realm of the national political arena. If he loses, it may encourage others to come out of the closet and speak out about the baleful effects the Lobby is having over the workings of our Republic

More Inconvenient Truths: Endless war inevitable
When All Players Keep Declaring Victory

By Robert S. Becker, Ph.D.

So far, in the battle between peace and war, the forces of violence are entrenched and in firm control – and that makes changing individual leaders only the first step. But it is the first step

Calling All Semites
By Deb Reich

Writing from my great love for all my sisters and brothers and cousins and sons and daughters in the Semitic family, at this hour of bloodshed and despair, I call you to open your eyes and your hearts now, today, and see what has been hidden from you - right before your eyes

Olmert Agonistes
By Uri Avnery

Ehud Olmert has found a convincing proof of his great victory over Hassan Nasrallah: "I am touring the country freely while Nasrallah is hiding in his bunker!"

Tony Blair And Political Islam:
Blurred Vision Or Genuine Plea!

By Iftikhar H. Malik

Blair's convenient and equally simplistic division of Islam into reactionary and moderate moulds has reminded many Muslims of the binary approach since 9/11 of seeing them as "good Muslims and bad Muslims". Blair is not the only to leap for this reductionist syllogism

Fascism Versus Indigenous People
By Goldy M. George

In a broader perspective, communalism of polity is preliminary to fascism of polity. In today’s context it is not mere communalism of polity, rather it is the fascism of state under the Hindutva brigade is what is ongoing in India. Hence as an activist working with Dalits, and also associated with some of the Adivasi movements, I would like to emphasis some of the major threats faced by the Dalits and Adivasis or Indigenous people

01 September, 2006

California Reaches Historic Deal
To Reduce Emissions

By Andrew Gumbel

The state of California is embarking on a ground-breaking effort to curb global warming, following an agreement between Arnold Schwarzenegger, the state's movie star Republican Governor, and the Democrat-dominated state legislature, to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25 per cent by 2020

How American Cities Have
Bypassed Bush On Kyoto

By Andrew Gumbel

The mayors of more than 300 cities across the country have signed a Climate Protection Agreement in which they have pledged to meet the emissions-cutting timetable laid down by the Kyoto Protocol - regardless of what the Bush administration decides

'Compost Effect' May Cause Global Warming
To Reach Crisis Point In 2050

By Sarah Cassidy

The world faces a catastrophic rise in global warming in 2050 unless urgent action is taken to cut human-induced carbon emissions

How I Became A Cynic
By David Truskoff

I am very doubtful about the future of the human animal. This same animal, which is by far the most vicious killer to walk the planet, not only kills millions of his own species every year, but also kills and devours millions of other species. He destroys the habitat of most of the other living creatures on the planet, and he is so stupid that he destroys his own environment

Israeli Cluster Bombs Blanket Lebanese Towns
By Rick Kelly

Unexploded Israeli cluster munitions dropped during the 34-day war in Lebanon have killed at least 13 civilians and wounded 50 since the ceasefire took effect on August 14. About 100,000 unexploded cluster bomblets litter the country, preventing large numbers of people from returning to their homes

Israel’s Deceptions As A Way Of Life
By Jonathan Cook

A clue where Israel might be heading next emerged this week when Olmert’s trusted international ambassador, Shimon Peres, “revealed” that Iran is trying to transfer its nuclear know-how to terrorist organisations. Peres did not name Hizbullah but it is only time before the link is made and a new casus belli established

The Case Against Collaboration
Between India And Israel

By Raja Swamy

As the dust from the rubble of Lebanon's ruined cities, villages, and infrastructure settles, and as bodies of victims are recovered and buried, and the human losses mourned by the people of Lebanon, serious questions are being raised about India's increasingly cozy relationship with Israel

The Outcome Of The Killing Of Bugti
By Sorit Gupto

Only time will tell what Pakistani junta will take the lesson from this misadventure of the killing of Bugti . But what will the Indian state is going to get lesson from this killing? That is the real big question

Muslim-Americans Turn To The Law
By William Fisher

His name is Junaid Ahmad. He is 24 years old. And he is among a rapidly increasing number of first generation Muslim-Americans who have decided to pursue careers in the law


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