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30 March, 2010

Washington Considers A Decline Of
World Oil Production As Of 2011

By Matthieu Auzanneau

The U.S. Department of Energy admits that “a chance exists that we may experience a decline” of world liquid fuels production between 2011 and 2015 “if the investment is not there”, according to an exclusive interview with Glen Sweetnam, main official expert on oil market in the Obama administration

Quacks Like A Duck
By Richard Heinberg

What doe Glen Sweetnam actually admits? "We don't believe that world oil production will soon reach a maximum and begin to decline (the "peak oil theory"); instead, we believe that world oil production will reach a maximum, stay there for a few years, and then decline. That decline could commence as soon as next year." What is the difference?

Is America ‘Yearning For Fascism?’
By Chris Hedges

As I was told by Fritz Stern, a scholar of fascism who has written about the origins of Nazism, "In Germany there was a yearning for fascism before fascism was invented." It is the yearning that we now see in America, and it is dangerous. If we do not immediately reincorporate the unemployed and the poor back into the economy, giving them jobs and relief from crippling debt, then the nascent racism and violence that are leaping up around the edges of American society will become a full-blown conflagration

Setting The Stage For A Political Murder
By Jim Fuller

Someone's going to get killed. More specifically, it is all but certain that someone prominent, probably a member of Congress or a family member or aid of a member of Congress, will be physically attacked and quite possibly murdered soon by a fanatical right-wing knuckle dragger. In truth, the hysterical right wing militia movement that inspired Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and his helper, Terry Nichols, was infinitely weaker than today's extremist movement in terms of numbers of people, money, media support and complicity at high levels of political life

Attention Deficit Democracy
By Ralph Nader

A society not alert to signs of its own decay, because its ideology is a continuing myth of progress, separates itself from reality and envelops illusion

Chalabi Moves To Disqualify Six Elected MPs,
Demote Allawi's Party To Runner-Up

By Juan Cole

The Justice and Accountability Commission (formerly the Debaathification Commission), headed by Ahmad Chalabi, is moving to disqualify 6 elected candidates in the March 7 election for their ties to the banned Baath Party of Saddam Hussein. Three of those to be banned are from the Iraqiya list of Iyad Allawi, which would reduce his seat total from 91 to 88, making his list second in number of seats after Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's State of Law coalition, which has 89 seats

Iraq: The Exodus Continues ‎
By Roland Flamini

Eight years after the U.S.-led invasion, with the phased American military withdrawal already underway and following elections this month that the Obama administration hopes will mark the closing chapter of U.S. involvement in Iraq, there are still more Iraqi refugees leaving their country than returning to it

Land Day In Gaza: Six Marches, Dozens Injured
By Ma'an News Agency

Marches beginning as early as December increased in frequency over the last month, culminating in a wide-scale event marking the 34th anniversary of Land Day in which six Palestinians with Israeli citizenship were killed by Israeli forces during demonstrations protesting land confiscation. During the commemoration, where Palestinians again protested land confiscations, witnesses said Israeli troops opened fire directly at protesters east of Khan Younis and the Al-Maghazi refugee camp in southern Gaza

Celebrating The Land; Celebrating Palestine
By Reham Alhelsi

Of all the Palestinian special days, maybe one of the most important days is the Palestinian "Land Day". In addition to the Nakba commemoration day, the "Land Day" was somehow always dominant. It is a day of protest; a day when demonstrations and marches unite Palestinians in occupied Palestine with those in the Diaspora. It is a day we all participate in because it is our day; the day of the Palestinian people and their land. It is a day to commemorate and a day of tribute to those who fell for Palestine, for the land and for our national identity

Israel's Blood Diamonds
By Seán Clinton

Every year, consumers the world over unwittingly spend billions of dollars on diamonds crafted in Israel, thereby helping to fund one of the world's most protracted and contentious conflicts

“The Evil Scourge Of Terrorism”:
Reality, Construction, Remedy

By Noam Chomsky

Erich Fromm Lecture 2010

Americans Must Take A Hard Look At The Mirror
By Kathy Kelly

If the U.S. public looked long and hard into a mirror reflecting the civilian atrocities that have occurred in Afghanistan, over the past ten months, we would see ourselves as people who have collaborated with and paid for war crimes committed against innocent civilians who meant us no harm

9/11 Reconstruction: Mental Before Physical
By Joel S. Hirschhorn

The failure to rebuild the World Trade Center site in Manhattan has received endless attention. But public anger about this failed reconstruction should not been seen so negatively. After all, mental reconstruction has also still not been successful and is surely more needed, with too many Americans still accepting the official government story about 9/11

Expected Obama Administration Backing For
Indonesian State Terror

By Stephen Lendman

On March 21, investigative journalist Allan Nairn reported that: According to senior Indonesian officials and police and details from government files, the US-backed Indonesian armed forces (TNI), now due for fresh American aid, assassinated a series of civilian activists during 2009

Let Them Eat Cake
By Rosemarie Jackowski

Marie Antoinette lives. She is alive and well in Vermont. The Vermont House has voted to place a sales tax on dietary supplements and vitamins. The March 25, 2010 vote came in at 92 to 49

The Moguls Of Hollywood
By Gulam Asgar Mitha

Who controls Hollywood and what is their agenda?

Narendra Modi: The Second Coming
By Mustafa Khan

Do Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitly think that there is a certain amount of immaturity in the democratic set up which they conveniently address through their maneuverings? Has Modi a sleight of hand ready for any occasion and all the times? He made out March 21st tryst with SIT to turn it upon the head of SIT figuratively and literally

29 March, 2010

Iraq: National Unity Government
Or Return To Sectarianism?

By Juan Cole

Of 325 seats, 91 went to the National Iraqi List ("Iraqiya") of former interim prime minister Iyad Allawi. The State of Law grouping of incumbent Nuri al-Maliki came in at 89. The Shiite fundamentalist coalition, the Iraqi National Alliance, which includes the followers of clerics Ammar al-Hakim and Muqtada al-Sadr, garnered 70 seats. The Kurdistan Alliance won only 43 seats

Iraq After The Elections
By Robert Dreyfuss

It's tempting to point to the March 7 elections in Iraq as a sign that an American-fostered democracy has put down roots in that shattered nation. But the reality is different. Despite signs that many Iraqis are disenchanted with ethnic and sectarian politics and long for a secular and nationalist Iraq, the vote still broke sharply along communal lines, leaving simmering and potentially violent divisions unhealed

James Lovelock: Humans Are Too Stupid
To Prevent Climate Change

By Leo Hickman

Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change from radically impacting on our lives over the coming decades. This is the stark conclusion of James Lovelock, the globally respected environmental thinker and independent scientist who developed the Gaia theory

The Story Of Bottled Water
By Madeline Ostrander

Should you be worried about your tap water? Yes, but not for the reason you expected

The US Healthcare Reform
By Fidel Castro

Even conceding that the Health Reform comes as a success to the Obama administration, the current President of the United States cannot ignore that climate change poses a threat to health, and worse still, to the very existence of every nation in the world, as the rise in temperature –beyond critical limits which are already in sight—melts down the water of the glaciers, and the tens of millions of cubic meters contained in the enormous ice caps of the Antarctic, Greenland and Siberia melt down within a few decades leaving under water every port facility in the world and lands where a large part of the world population lives, works and eats today

Gorillas In Africa Will Soon Disappear
By Marianne de Nazareth

Accelerating Impacts from poaching to illegal timber trade reduces Great Ape population and habitats alarmingly

The Arab Summit And The Future Of
The Middle East

By Salim Nazzal

The vast majority of the Arab editorials which covered the Arab 22th summit held in Sirt, Libya stressed the wide distance between the Arab leaders and the Arab masses. This view is well expressed by Muamar Al Qaddafi of Libya who stated that the Arab masses no longer trust their leaders

Stuck Between A Wall And An Occupation
By Nora Barrows-Friedman

When Bilal Jadou's grandmother was sick last year, neither Israeli ambulances or Palestinian ambulances were able to cross the checkpoint to his house. Jadou's house is on the other side of the sprawling apartheid wall, separated from his community and the West Bank. Nora Barrows-Friedman interviews Jadou from Aida refugee camp, occupied West Bank

Tuwani Versus Havat Ma'on: Microcosm Of
Israeli Apartheid

By Khaled Amayreh

No catalogue of Israeli oppression and persecution of the Palestinian people can be complete without the ongoing plight of the villagers of Tuwani in the southern West Bank

Till The Last Rubble
By Flora Nicoletta

It's a CD on Gaza without a name and without words. The images speak by themselves. For whom hates Gaza, it's boring. For whom loves Gaza, it's heartbreaking

How Neutral Is American Neutrality
In The Middle East?

By Ershad Abubacker

Palestine is a cry of humanity. Those who claim neutrality amidst this catastrophe must realize that neutrality does not exist at the phase of bulldozed houses, bullet ridden infants and white phosphorus bombs. Doing nothing to prevent it is, in fact, choosing. It’s not being neutral

Haiti Post-Quake: Devastation, Depravation,
Exploitation, And Oppression

By Stephen Lendman

Two and half months post-quake, the major media mostly ignore Haiti, the calamitous conditions on the ground, and the growing desperation of millions forced to largely endure on their own - out of sight, mind, the concern of world leaders, and UN, USAID and other aid organizations diverting most of the $700 million + donated to contractors and profiteering NGOs

Health Care Battle Ends;
War On Social Security Begins

By Shamus Cooke

Drunk with success over their Health Care bill passing, the Democrats are now lusting after even greater conquests. With the celebratory hangover still aching, the Democrats lurch forward towards a hasty drive to “reform” Social Security

The Bases Of Empire
By David Swanson

"The Bases of Empire: The Global Struggle Against U.S. Military Posts," a collection edited by Catherine Lutz, has the potential to open American eyes to both the empire they pay for and permit, and to the world's responses to it. Included in this book is an overview of the empire of bases, and a detailed look at several parts of the world, starting with Latin America and the Caribbean, where the U.S. government's driving mission is the maintenance and expansion of bases, and where communism has been replaced as an excuse by drugs as much as by terrorism

Corporate Media: Spectacles Of Banalities
By Prabhat Sharan

This is what the task of corporate media is: Kill reality every morning and every hour. And carve out a fake reality every morning and every hour through spectacles of banalities

The Price Of Love
By Bobby Kunhu

A fairly violent story that seems to have largely escaped mainstream media attention has come to haunt me of late. More than the story itself, it is the bizarre conclusion of the story in the Supreme Court of India that troubles me

Arne Duncan And Corruption At The Top
By Ann Robertson & Bill Leumer

A recent New York Times article (March 23, 2010) - discreetly tucked in the back pages of the newspaper - reported that Arne Duncan, Obama’s Secretary of Education, kept a confidential log of names of the rich and powerful who were trying to take advantage of their political connections to get their children admitted into Chicago’s best schools when Duncan was Chief Executive of the school system there

Food Security Act or Food Entitlement Act?
By Devinder Sharma

The debate on hunger in the light of the proposed National Food Security Bill is now getting broadbased and therefore meaningful. It is heartening to learn that the focus is shifting from streamlining the Public Distribution System (PDS), from providing food stamps or direct cash transfers as part of food entitlements; to a broader definition of food security that includes physical, economic and social access to food for all for all times to come

28 March, 2010

Earth 'Entering New Age Of Geological Time'
By Murray Wardrop

Humans have wrought such vast and unprecedented changes on the planet that we may be ushering in a new period of geological history. The new epoch, called the Anthropocene - meaning new man - would be the first period of geological time shaped by the action of a single species. It is feared that the damage mankind has inflicted will lead to the sixth largest mass extinction in Earth's history with thousands of plants and animals being wiped out

A Confederacy Of (Climate) Dunces
By Tod Brilliant

Earlier this week, Greenpeace did the rational world a huge favor by compiling a great overview of the denial industry. “Dealing in Doubt: The Climate Denial Industry and Climate Science” is a brief but critical summary of the attacks on climate science, scientists and, most notably, the IPCC

In Defence Of The Bitch… 
By Trevor Selvam

One can dispute many of the tactics of the Maoists and one can critique many of their actions, but it is time for India’s intellectuals to comprehend that diminishing and ridiculing the stand taken by Arundhuti Roy will be a permanent scar on the evolving history of this nation. She is merely stating that the regular channels for genuine change in India are exhausted. Someone has to state this very clearly. That those who are attempting alternate methods are being violently suppressed. And it is their story that she wants to tell

Becoming Internal Security Threats
By Arundhati Roy

An interview with Arundhati Roy done by Grit Tv

Face To Face With Pakistan’s Most Wanted
By Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk becomes the first Western journalist to interview Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the man accused of masterminding the Mumbai massacre

On The Road To Canossa
By Uri Avnery

This time, the walk to Canossa did not succeed. On the contrary, it made the situation worse. The deadly sword of American excommunication continues to hang above Netanyahu’s head

US Concern About Israel’s Illegal Settlements Is
42 Years Too Late

By Alan Hart

That U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had the courage to tell AIPAC’s conference that Israel’s continued construction of Jewish housing on occupied territory is undermining both the prospect for peace and America’s credibility and own best interests was good news. The bad news is that this and other Obama administration expressions of concern are 42 years too late

Even The New York Times
Doesn’t Believe Netanyahu

By Alan Hart

In an editorial on 26 March The New York Times declared that it is “even more sceptical now” of Netanyahu’s professed commitment to peacemaking and a two-state solution. A sign that Zionism’s freedom to muzzle the mainstream American media is no longer without limit? Perhaps

AIPAC: Telling A Whopper
By Stephanie Westbrook

The theme of this year's annual policy conference for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was 'Israel: Tell the Story.' And it was quite a story that AIPAC wanted to tell

It Is Their Land And It's All About The Land!
By Eileen Fleming

“Land Day” commemorates the killing of six Palestinians, 96 wounded and 300 arrested on March 30, 1976, in the Galilee. The anticipated peaceful demonstration by Palestinians was a response to Israeli authorities that had announced the confiscation of 5,500 acres of their land which Israel classified as "closed military zones" for “security and settlement purposes.”

Indian Civil Liability For Nuclear Damage Bill 2010
By Yash Thomas Mannully

The Bill provides mere ‘liability’ and it does not clarify the application of the concept of “absolute liability” developed by the Indian Supreme Court. The absence of valid reasoning for the exclusion of absolute liability creates ambiguity on the government’s intention behind the Bill. More over the provisions regarding limitation on time and amount which has been introduced to support the private suppliers as well as future private operators like EDF fails to support the basic concept of reasonable, fair and just

Palestinian Political Prisoners
By Stephen Lendman

The numbers vary but range at any time from over 7,000 to 12,000 or more. In April 2008, the Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel cited 11,000, including 345 children and 98 women. Over 1,000 suffered from chronic or other diseases. Around 150 were seriously ill from heart disease, cancer, and other diseases, and 195 or more Palestinians died or were killed in prison since 1967

27 March, 2010

Clashes Kill Two Palestinians And
Two Israeli Soldiers In Gaza

By Ma'an News Ageny

Fierce clashes killed two Palestinians and two Israeli soldiers in the southern Gaza Strip late Friday afternoon. Four Palestinians and two Israeli soldiers were also reported injured in the violence, which broke out east of Khan Younis

26 March, 2010

Have A Nice World War, Folks
By John Pilger

Here is news of the Third World War. The United States has invaded Africa. US troops have entered Somalia, extending their war front from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Yemen and now the Horn of Africa. In preparation for an attack on Iran, American missiles have been placed in four Persian Gulf states, and “bunker-buster” bombs are said to be arriving at the US base on the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean

The Middle East Agenda: Oil, Dollar Hegemony
And Islam

By Prof. Francis A Boyle

For the past two hundred and sixteen years, the imperialist foreign policy of the United States of America since its foundation, has been predicated upon racism, aggression, genocide, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, war crimes and outright genocide. At the dawn of the third millennium of humankind's parlous existence, nothing has changed about the operational dynamics of American imperial policy. And we see this today in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and what appears to be an illegal attack upon Iran

Exporting American Democracy To The World
By Tom Engelhardt

Democracy, after all, is a way to determine and then express the majoritarian will of a people, a way to deliver power to "the people" or, more important, for those people to take possession of it themselves. It's the sort of thing that, by its nature, is hard to import from great distances, especially when, in our case, the delivery system to be exported seems strikingly deficient. And keep in mind that the "people" exporting that system to Iraq were largely incapable of seeing Iraqis as actors in their own democratic drama

Let Us Aim At Making 600,000 Villages Hunger-Free
By Devinder Sharma

If you leave hunger to some who are in forefront of the debate, making hunger history is not going to be so easy. It is time you realised you too can make a difference. Come on, wake up

Bhopal Legacy Haunts Nuclear Liability Bill
By Ranjit Devraj

The U.S.-based multinational Union Carbide got away lightly after causing the world’s worst industrial tragedy at Bhopal, but that legacy has come to haunt U.S. corporations seeking to tap India’s newly opened market for nuclear power equipment

The Sacred Demise Of Industrial Civilization
By Peak Moment TV

A video interview with Carolyn Baker, the author of "Sacred Demise: Walking the Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization’s Collapse"

The McCain-Lieberman Police State Act
By Stephen Lendman

If enacted, it will advance what this writer addressed in a December 2007 article titled, "Police State America - A Look Back and Ahead," covering numerous Bush administration laws, Executive Orders (EOs), National and Homeland Security Presidential Directives, edicts, and various illegal acts targeting designated domestic and foreign adversaries, dissent, civil liberties, human rights, and other democratic freedoms

Israeli Restaurant Under Fire For Barring Soldier
By Jonathan Cook

An Arab-owned restaurant in the Israeli city of Haifa has been caught in a whirlwind of legal action and threats of violence after staff refused to serve a soldier in uniform, an incident that is rapidly tarnishing the city’s reputation as a model of good Jewish-Arabs relations

In Death Row Case, Supreme Court Came Through
But Texas Remains Guilty

By Mary Shaw

On March 24, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay of execution for Texas death row inmate Hank Skinner. The stay will allow the Court more time to consider Skinner's civil rights claim that he is entitled to DNA testing which he believes will prove his innocence. The news came just one hour before Skinner was to be strapped to the gurney

"Mommy, Mommy! Why Am I Fat?"
By David Kendall

Malnutrition comes in a delightful assortment of colorful flavors nowadays. But poverty and obesity are a correlation that Americans find hard to swallow

Rakesh Maria/KPRaghuvanshi: Change Of Guard
Does Not Change Nature Of Guarding

By Mustafa Khan

Maharashtra government’s dramatic announcement of replacing Raghuvanshi with Maria is an exercise in inanity, to say the least. It can hardly produce any change on the ground

25 March, 2010

Island Submerged In Bay of Bengal
By Aljazeera

A tiny island claimed for nearly 30 years by India and Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal has disappeared beneath the rising seas. What these two countries could not achieve from years of talking, has been resolved by global warming

Globe 2010: Climate Change Denial
By Bill Henderson

If you are a parent and now out of denial about the climate change danger to your kids, what do you think about Globe 2010 and the continuing denial that keeps us from needed action, emergency action to end our addiction? What can we do about business's inability to escape carbon addict denial?

Government ‘Peak Oil Summit’ Starts The Process Of Government Acknowledging Peak Oil?
By Rob Hopkins

On Monday Peter Lipman and I represented Transition Network at an event which could potentially be the day people look back to as the day when UK government finally starting to ‘get’ peak oil. Fascinating and frustrating in equal measure, the event, “Policy Response to potential future oil supply constraints”, was billed as “a half-day workshop hosted by the Energy Institute in partnership with the Department of Energy and Climate Change

The Peak Oil Crisis: A Breakthrough?
By Tom Whipple

It came as a surprise that last weekend Britain's Energy Minister summoned a meeting of business leaders to discuss the government's response to a decline in global oil production should it actually be imminent

The Collapse Of Journalism/The Journalism Of Collapse: New Storytelling And A New Story
By Robert Jensen

There is considerable attention paid in the United States to the collapse of journalism. But there has been far less discussion of the need for a journalism of collapse -- the challenge to tell the story of a world facing multiple crises in the realms of social justice and sustainability. In this essay I want to review the failure of existing systems and suggest ideas for how to think about something radically different, through the lens of journalists’ work

Israel’s Provocation At al-Aqsa
By Jonathan Cook

The Israeli government has indicated that it will press ahead with a plan to enlarge the Jewish prayer plaza at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City, despite warnings that the move risks triggering a third intifada

Obamacare's Passage: A Full-Scale Retreat
By Stephen Lendman

Anything less dumps millions of Americans in the trash heap of unaffordable care, poor care, or no care one serious health emergency away from bankruptcy, home loss, or life threatening catastrophe. That's the reality Obamacare delivered

My Children, Ralph Nader And The South China Sea
By Ramzy Baroud

hat day they had “saved” hundreds of starfish. And yet, thousands more were left behind. I had only managed to tear them away from their urgent task by promising to return with them the very next day, first thing in the morning, to save the rest. And we did. But I am yet to break the news to them that Ralph Nader is unlikely to run for another presidential election

Freedom In One Word
By Michael Boldin

Now that Heath Care legislation has passed, the obvious question for opponents is this: Now What? My answer is best summed up with just one word: Marijuana

Clunker Healthcare Bill Protects Private Insurers
Damages Democracy

By Billy Wharton

Americans desperately need healthcare. The need is so desperate that many are buying into a “something is better than nothing” philosophy to support a healthcare bill that actively works against their own interests

The Angry And Forgotten Of Conservative America
By Aetius Romulous

If we accept for the moment the ideological premise that free markets and dramatically limited government are the ideal economic basis for freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, how do we then reconcile the very real human effects of those theories? This question is best exemplified by the current struggle in the US over healthcare

Al-Azhar’s New Grand Sheikh:
Just Another Political Appointee?

By Rannie Amiri

After 14 years at the helm of Sunni Islam’s most prestigious theological institute, Al-Azhar’s Grand Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack as he was boarding a plane back to Egypt from Saudi Arabia on March 10.Nine days after Tantawi’s death and while recovering from gallbladder surgery in Germany, Mubarak issued a presidential decree appointing his successor

24 March, 2010

Netanyahu Humiliates Obama
By Juan Cole

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sets the tone for Israeli policy-- one that is earning him few friends in the West. Three embarrassments broke for him on Tuesday. First, yet another housing expansion in East Jerusalem was announced while he was meeting President Obama. Then, the cover story of Israeli troops accused of firing live ammunition at Palestinian protesters began to unravel. Then British Foreign Minister David Miliband unceremoniously tossed the Mossad London station chief out of the country

Four Cousins And Their Funerals
By Nour Odeh

Reporting on the death of children is never an easy task. It challenges your sense of professionalism and puts you face to face with the strongest of emotions; a mother's inconsolable grief at the loss of her child. On Sunday, I went through this unforgettable experience - four times

Top Ten Reasons East Jerusalem Does Not
Belong To Jewish-Israelis

By Juan Cole

Here are the reasons that Netanyahu is profoundly wrong, and East Jerusalem does not belong to him

Israel And Aid
By Ralph Nader

Until a few days ago, the U.S. government had no levers over the Israeli government. Cutting off aid isn’t even whispered in the halls of Congress. Raising the issue would further galvanize Israel’s allies, including AIPAC. The only lever left for the U.S. suddenly erupted into the public media a few days ago. General David Petraeus told the Senate that resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has foreign policy and national security ramifications for the United States

The Jerusalem ‘Compromise'
By Jonathan Cook

Mr Netanyahu’s speech appeared consistent with the new approach agreed by both sides to end this particular debacle. According to the US media, a policy of “Don’t ask and don’t tell” has been adopted to avoid making East Jerusalem an insurmountable obstacle to negotiations

The US' Choreographed "Outrage" At Israel
By Stephen Maher

The US hopes that this pretended outrage will lend its role as "honest broker" enough credibility to keep the "peace process" moving, itself merely a PR facade that shields Israeli crimes from public scrutiny. If it does not, the US will undoubtedly pay little mind to the harsh words spoken this week and do as it has done before: blame the Palestinians for its failure and support Israeli repression

Truth Has Fallen And Taken Liberty With It
By Paul Craig Roberts

There was a time when the pen was mightier than the sword. That was a time when people believed in truth and regarded truth as an independent power and not as an auxiliary for government, class, race, ideological, personal, or financial interest. Today Americans are ruled by propaganda. Americans have little regard for truth, little access to it, and little ability to recognize it

Destroying Educational Institutions or Using Them
For Military Purposes Is A War Crime

By Dirk Adriaensens

As a result of U.S. ongoing Occupation of Iraq, today Iraq is more illiterate than it was five or a twenty-five years ago, because the U.S. Administration and U.S. forces occupying Iraq began to root and destroy every aspect of Iraq's education

What In The World Are They Spraying? Part II
By Michael J. Murphy

Could Aluminum, Barium and Other Substances from Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering Programs be Destroying Eco-Systems around the World? A Closer Look

For Venezuela, There Is No Going Back
By Ali Mustafa

A Discussion with Federico Fuentes and Kiraz Janicke

The ‘Free And Compulsory Education Act 2009'
Is A Sell Out Act

By Dr.V.N.Sharma

The so called ‘Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009' will be in force w.e.f. 1st April 2010 . It is a sell out Act, with an intention of keeping 90% of the children away from getting education by privatising, profit making and fulfilling the requirements of neo-liberal agenda of the Developed world and the World Bank. All attempts are being made to keep India healthy, wealthy and wise only for 10% of the population

Narendra Modi: Living With The Ghosts
By Dr. Shah Alam Khan

Narendra bhai Modi, as he is popularly called, has a task cut out. Either he faces the SIT to answer questions he has been evading since February 2002 or he continues to live in the shadow of ghosts

Malegaon People’s Appeal To The Government
By Mustafa Khan

The feeling and expectations of the people of Malegaon regarding their grievance over the arrest of innocent people in Malegaon blasts of September 8, 2006 has been given short shrift on account of the shoddy investigation by the police, ATS and CBI

The Union To Launch International Trial Of
9-Month MDR-TB Treatment Regimen

By Bobby Ramakant

In this year 2010, which has been declared as Year of the Lung, it is indeed a much-awaited welcome news that International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) is to launch an International trial of 9-month MDR-TB treatment regimen

World Water Day Celebrations Nairobi
By Marianne de Nazareth

A report

23 March, 2010

Britain Expels Israeli Diplomat
By Aljazeera

Britain says it has expelled an Israeli diplomat over the use of cloned UK passports by a hit-squad that killed a Hamas operative in the United Arab Emirates. David Miliband, UK's foreign secretary, told parliament on Tuesday that there were "compelling reasons" to believe that Israel was responsible for the misuse of British passports in the case. He said that Israel had put British nationals at risk and showed a "profound disregard" for the country's sovereignty

Militarizing Latin America
By Noam Chomsky

Establishing US military bases in Colombia is only one part of a much broader effort to restore Washington's capacity for military intervention. There has been a sharp increase in US military aid and training of Latin American officers, focusing on light infantry tactics to combat "radical populism" -- a concept that sends shivers up the spine in the Latin American context

Venezuela In Washington's Crosshairs
By Stephen Lendman

During her March 1 - 5 Latin American tour, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gratuitously insulted Chavez. So did Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Arturo Valenzuela, in Senate testimony, accusing him of FARC-EP ties - suggesting much more to come to boost opposition candidates in September parliamentary elections

Zionism’s Dark Forces Don’t Want The Lights On
By Alan Hart

But blind though AIPAC is for that reason, it’s not completely out of touch with reality. It knows that the more Zionism’s on-going colonisation is exposed to the light, the more the world understands that Israel is the obstacle to peace. The world now includes some of the U.S.’s top military men who are going on the public record with their view that support for Israel right or wrong is not in the best interests of America. If you are a Zionist, the case for keeping the lights off is a very strong one

Going It Alone: A Third Intifada?
By Tariq Shadid

If no one else in the world will make any move to protect Al Aqsa, and put a halt to the inhumane aggression of Israeli occupation and expansion, the Palestinian people surely will not grasp at straws, but are bound to grab any stick they can find, and defend themselves against the demolition of their homes, the murder of their children, and the destruction of their holy sites and their national identity

Wrong Time For New Intifada
By Nasser Laham

Declaration of a new aimless intifada at this stage will be a most dangerous decision, taking into account internal disagreement and the lack of unity. We have to realize that each side will exert efforts to claim responsibility and take advantages of this intifada if it erupts. Despite all this heroic incitement through media outlets, none of the Palestinian leaders possess the potential to lead a popular uprising the same way the First Intifada was led. In order to prevent a siege on the West Bank similar to that imposed on the Gaza Strip, let us focus on taking our intifada to the UN where we struggle to declare statehood against occupation’s will

Who Is Killing Whom In Israel/Palestine?
By Sonja Karkar

One man dead in Israel and the whole world knows. In Nablus two sixteen-year-old cousins were shot in the heart and the head for throwing stones. One is dead, the other critically injured. Similar incidents occur without any international outcries throughout the West Bank

Venezuela: New Moves To Build People's Power
By Federico Fuentes

The Venezuelan government has launched a number of initiatives in recent weeks aimed to tackle threats to the revolutionary process — including from elements within the pro-Chavez camp that seek to undermine plans to deepen the revolution

Deciphering Obama
By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Barack Hossein Obama is the lightening that strikes at the behest of Israel while gathering dark clouds around him casting darkness over humanity, justice, and peace. These are none other than self-confessed Zionist, Joe Biden; the terminator, Hillary Clinton who undertook to annihilate 70 million Iranians for Israel, and pro-Israel Dennis Ross as the “senior Iran policy-maker.” This latter translates into a softer line on Israel and a tougher one on Iran

Obama The Cold Warrior?
By Sean Fenley

Provocations from Obama against China and Russia, are making the current climate look a lot like the recent past. One would have thought in a world where the United States only has the courage to attack much lesser third world ‘powers’, that Obama wouldn’t be ginning up a great deal of antagonism with much more evenly matched states; but that’s precisely what seems to be occurring under team Obama’s charge

The U.S. Is On A Precipice
By Timothy V. Gatto

We are at a precipice. This is the end of one era and the beginning of another. The “real” world that so many people believe in, here in America is not the world you see on your TV sets, that is the world that the government and the media want you to believe in. We are so accustomed to believing in our own American ideology that we can’t understand the ramifications of what we have done

Lies, Damn Lies, And The Media
By David Swanson

We need independent media, meaning sources of news that are independent of either political party. We could easily find the money to create it right now if we chose to make that a priority. We will do so or we, and this republic, and the world as we know it will perish . . . in horrible pain, with a grin on our face

Does Triumph Redeem The 'Health Care' President?
By Robert S. Becker

Instead of cheering or jeering the House passage of the Health – I mean, the lobbyist-corporate – Insurance Reform bill, let’s assess winners and losers

Dueling Strategies In The Defense Of
Public Education, Part II

By Ann Robertson & Bill Leumer

In Part I of this essay we looked at strategies in defense of public education that are referred to as “ultra-left,” meaning that they veer so far left that they sever ties with the working class and consequently lose all traction when it comes to influencing the movement. Here we will examine strategies that veer to the right, often ending up in the camp of opportunism

The Empty Locker
By Phil Aliff

Why did the Academy Award for Best Picture go to a film about the Iraq war that has absolutely nothing to say, asks Iraq Veterans Against the War member Phil Aliff

Stop Encounter Killings In The Name Of
Countering Maoism!

Public Statment

Statement condemning the recent killings of senior CPI (Maoist) leaders Sakhamuri Appa Rao and S. Kondal Reddy in ‘encounters’ by the Andhra Pradesh police

Farming: Going The American Way
By Devinder Sharma

India follows the US: Pushing farmers out of agriculture, and inviting industry to take over

22 March, 2010

Coca-Cola Liable For $ 48 Million For Damages
In Plachimada, Kerala

By India Resource Center

In a major development, a High Power Committee established by the state government of Kerala in India has recommended today that Coca-Cola be held liable for Indian Rupees 216 crore (US$ 48 million) for damages caused as a result of the company’s bottling operations in Plachimada. The Coca-Cola bottling plant in Plachimada has remained shut down since March 2004 as a result of the community-led campaign in Plachimada challenging Coca-Cola’s abuse of water resources

Allawi Leads Iraq Vote, Maliki Asks For Recount
By Rania El Gamal & Khalid al-Ansary

Secularist challenger Iyad Allawi retained a slim lead in Iraq's tight election race after a preliminary count of 95 percent of votes released on Sunday. The lead from Iraq's March 7 parliamentary election has switched several times between Allawi's cross-sectarian Iraqiya coalition and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki mainly Shi'ite bloc, State of Law, signaling a close result whoever comes out top

Defeat In Victory: The Democrat's Health Care Bill
By Shamus Cooke

What looks like a big victory for Obama and the Democrats may be their greatest undoing. It’s true that the passage of Obama’s health care bill represents a significant political victory for the Democrats. But sometimes a battle won could equal a lost war

Walking With The Comrades
By Arundhati Roy

Last month, quietly, unannounced, Arundhati Roy decided to visit the forbidding and forbidden precincts of Central India’s Dandakaranya Forests, home to a melange of tribespeople many of whom have taken up arms to protect their people against state-backed marauders and exploiters. She recorded in considerable detail the first face-to-face journalistic “encounter” with armed guerillas, their families and comrades, for which she combed the forests for weeks at personal risk

Iraqi Mother's Day
By Hussein Anwar

The Iraqi women deserve the best like all other decent women, because the Iraqi women have suffered the most and nothing will heal their wounds, the least you can do is embrace them, compensate them and make them feel appreciated. Have some sense of humanity... Compassion... Love... Passion... and appreciation...

Haiti’s Earthquake Victims In Peril
By Roger Annis

It's been nearly eight weeks since the devastating earthquake in Haiti and familiar patterns of interference and neglect by the major powers that dominate the country are firmly entrenched. Notwithstanding heroic efforts of ordinary Haitian people, Haitian government officials and agencies, and many international organizations, a grave health risk hovers over the people residing in the earthquake zone or who have fled beyond it. Meanwhile, the direction of Haiti's reconstruction remains entirely undetermined

To Believe or Not To Believe---That Is The Question---Dawkins, Hedges And Human Nature
By Tim Murray

Most of the time, we actually think or behave as if we were not going to die, and that our civilization will endure. But in our sober moments, we know that all good things must come to an end . Nothing you ever accomplished will survive the passage of time. So why then are you happy? Because you are, at some level, delusional. You 'got religion.' You are a true believer. "Positive thinking", as it is called, may be the recipe for personal success, but applied collectively, it has transformed us into blind sleep-walkers racing to the precipice. Nature does not care about our morale, or whether we feel good about ourselves. It only cares if we can limit our numbers and our appetite within its ability to carry us. So far, we flunked the test. Big time. It is my contention that unless we can reform our brain structure, we will not survive for much longer. We are just too dumb to live

Targeting Palestinian Mothers
By Reham Alhelsi

Since the beginning of Al-Aqsa intifada in 2000 and till 2006 at least 69 Palestinian women gave birth at Israeli checkpoints in front of Israeli soldiers. This led to 35 miscarriages and the death of five mothers

Notes On Israel's Triumph To Disaster
By Bashir Abu-Manneh

If the Arab peoples move as well, and if their spontaneous support is organized and mobilized to greater effect, then the U.S. presence in the region can also be weakened. And that is no small thing. Arab hearts still lie in Palestine. It can still move a whole nation like no other cause in the region. Though the present looks bleak, collective acts of resistance can still create vast possibilities

Anti-Semitism – What Is It?
By Jeff Gates

My apologies. Clearly I don’t yet grasp what anti-Semitism is. Thus I throw the challenge to you the reader: what is it? Together perhaps we can sort this out

Israel’s ‘No Renting To Arabs’ Policy
By Jonathan Cook

Jewish couple lose court battle to help Bedouin friends

Americans -- Are You With Gen. Petraeus
And Adm. Mullen Or With Israel ?

By Debbie Menon

If the general American public ever fully realizes how much death and suffering they have caused in Israel's name, to say nothing of their own cost in blood and treasure, and the role the organized Jewish community in America has played in that process, the odds are very high that there will be a convulsion, -- and this, too, is understood by AIPAC and its counterparts

Freedom Of Association Restrictions
And Discrimination In Israel And Occupied Palestine

By Stephen Lendman

A December 2009 Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network "Monitoring Report on Freedom of Association in the Euro-Mediterranean Region" assessed it in EU and Middle East countries, including Israel and Occupied Palestine, the topic of this article. Instead of improving in 2009, it deteriorated even though Israel's Supreme Court recognizes it as a fundamental human right

Post-Biden Snub: Dealing With Israel
By Diane V. McLoughlin

If settlers stay, then what we have is either one state with equal rights for both Jews and Palestinians, or one state with no rights for Palestinians - which is what we have right now as far as the millions of Palestinians in the West Bank are concerned

Policing Afghanistan
By Pratap Chatterje

How Afghan police training became a train wreck

The Ultimate Revolution
By Case Wagenvoord

We are entering an era of increasing unrest as economic and environmental problems continue to mount. How this plays out depends to a large extent on how well the 60 million skeptics in America are mobilized. This is especially important because Fox News, the Tea Party and the radical right are mobilizing the 60 million sheep. And lies, if they are repeated enough, can sway the remaining 180 million, and that would be enough to silence the skeptics

What Does A Beautiful Delhi Look Like?
By Akhil Katyal & Shalini Sharma

Democracy at Stake in Delhi's Run-up to the Commonwealth Games

A Murder Riddled With Holes
By Rana Ayyub

The basic rule of a criminal investigation is that if there is a witness to a crime, in this case murder, he is the first person police should contact to identify the culprits. But during the investigations into the murder of Shahid Azmi, the human rights and criminal lawyer who was shot dead in his Mumbai office on February 11, police seem to have forgotten that most basic, mandatory practice. The key witness to Azmi’s murder — his peon Inder, who saw three assailants fire at the lawyer — was not even called for identification after police arrested the accused

The Meaning Of Shahid Azmi
By Hanna Ingber Win

What the murder of one lawyer in Mumbai says about "New India."

21 March, 2010

Four Palestinians Killed In West Bank
By Aljazeera

Israeli soldiers shot dead two Palestinians near Nablus in the northern West Bank on Sunday. The deaths bring to four the number of Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank over the last two days

Depleted Uranium: A War Crime Within a War Crime
By William Bowles

As if destroying a country and its culture ain't bad enough, how about destroying its future, its children? I want to scream it from the rooftops! We are complicit in crimes of such enormity that I find it difficult to find the words to describe how I feel about this crime committed in my name! In the name of the 'civilized' world?

Iraq Invasion - 7th Anniversary
By Felicity Arbuthnot

Inspite of an estimated thirty million people marching, world-wide against the invasion - five million more than Iraq's population at the time - the illegal carnage went ahead. But, as a correspondent wrote in response to my article cited at the top: "Those thirty million who marched for peace throughout the world need not feel it was worthless. Peace will come when all the world's people wake up and march for an end to conflict (and) unrestrained material aquisitiveness." On this grim, shameful, anniversary, all of the same mind should vow to double their efforts

David Headley: What Does America Have To Hide?
By Vir Sanghvi

Why alienate India so completely for the sake of a terrorist? Why allow more people to be killed -- in such attacks as the Poona bombing -- by refusing to let Indian investigators question David Headley? I believe that only one explanation fits these facts and that there is only one answer to these questions. David Headley was an American agent

Is It The Operation Maoist Hunt?
By Gladson Dungdung

After a long preparation, debate and politics, finally the Indian government launched the ‘Operation Green Hunt’ (OGH) in Jharkhand on March 10 with the objective of cleansing the Maoists from the state

Is Third Intifada A Stone’s Throw Away?
By Omar Karmi

Clashes between stone-throwing Palestinians and Israeli security forces have grown more numerous in the last month and have spread to dozens of locations in the occupied territory. A peak was reached last week, when Israel "shut" the West Bank, arrested dozens over five days and banned most Palestinians from Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

The Doomsday Weapon
By Uri Avnery

What began as an insult to the Vice President of the United States is developing into something far bigger. The mouse has given birth to an elephant. Lately, the ultra-right government in Jerusalem has started to treat President Barack Obama with thinly veiled contempt

Gaza War Injured Still Lack Prosthetics

"We have 250 new amputees following the Israeli war to add to the 5,000 cases we had before the war," said Ash-Shawwa. "Some of the injured from the Gaza war are still having problems with their amputated limbs as they were not treated properly at the time due to the hectic situation; initial treatments focused on saving lives."

Processed Food Does Not Ensure
Food Security For The Poor

By Devinder Sharma

The Planning Commission is making available roughly Rs 1.50 lakh crores in the 10th and 11th Plan period for the food processing industry. It isn't therefore surprising when you hear radio advertisements telling you about the amount of subsidy available if you set up a food processing plant

Swamis, Celibacy And Sex Scandals
By Ram Puniyani

Many a sex scandal related to Holy men have come to surface during last few weeks (March 2010). Its not that these are the first one’s to have been brought to social attention, such incidents have been coming to social notice time and over again. The present ones about Swami Nityanand and Ichhchadhari Baba (Bhimanand) have highlighted the same in a very intense fashion as these scandals are very blatant

20 March, 2010

Millions Go To Bed Hungry As Millions Of Tonnes Of Wheat Rot In Open In Punjab
By Devinder Sharma

Look at the startling figures reported by NDTV the other day: Punjab's rotting food mountain 2007-2010 -- 7.2 million metric tonne wheat grain stored, -- 6.5 million metric tonnes wheat grain lying in the open, -- Rs. 500 crore (Rs 5 billion) to Rs. 800 crore (Rs 8 billion) worth wheat grain rotting

Israeli Fire Kills Palestinian Boy
By Ma'an News Agency

Israeli forces killed a Palestinian teenager in the northern West Bank on Saturday afternoon. Muhammad Qadus, 16, was struck in the heart by a bullet fired by Israeli forces in Iraq Burin, a village south of Nablus, amid violent clashes in the northern West Bank village

It's Time To Deal With Peak Oil
By Richard Heinberg

What should we do about Peak Oil? Start with what the U.K. Industry Task Force on Peak Oil (which included Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines) has done: Acknowledge the reality of supply limits. Then study the vulnerabilities of transport and food systems to high and volatile oil prices, and start making those systems more resilient and less oil-dependent. But do it fast. Adaptation will take decades, and we are starting very late

Bluefin Tuna Loses Out
By George Monbiot

Idiots. Morons. Blockheads. Numbskulls. Nothing quite captures the mind-withering stupidity of what has just happened in Doha. Swayed by Japan and a number of other countries, some of them doubtless bought off in traditional fashion, the members of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) have decided not to protect the Atlantic bluefin tuna

The Terrifying World Of Pakistan’s ‘Disappeared’
By Robert Fisk

The DHRP files show that there are 1,700 missing from Baluchistan alone. At least 4,000 appear to be in the hands of the Pakistani interior ministry, while 2,000 have been handed over to what the DHRP describes as “foreign agencies”—usually, the Americans. Perhaps 750 of the missing Pakistanis are believed to have been taken by the Americans—illegally, of course—to Bagram, the Policharki prison outside Kabul, or to Herat in western Afghanistan

Violations Of Iraqi Children Rights Under
The American Occupation

By Souad Al Azzawi

The American occupation violated children's rights on all levels, including health care, education, social security, family unity and non separation of children from their parents through detention, imprisonment and exile. For two decades, Iraqi children, along with all other elements of Iraqi society, have been subjected to grave violations of human rights

Gazan Fishermen Struggle To Stay Afloat
By Rada Daniell & Bianca Zammit

Israel's harassment of the Gazan fishermen is not just the usual intimidation, but a deliberate attempt destroy the Gazan fishing industry

Why Violence Against Palestinian Women
Is Widespread


Rights activists blame the economy, Hamas-Fatah tensions and the Israeli occupation for the rising number of cases of violence against women. Disinterest in domestic abuse by the judicial authorities and the apparent impunity of violators have made matters worse

The Complicated Faces Of Anti-Semitism
By Dr. Alan Sabrosky

As individuals without an organized Jewish state, what one sees is admirable achievements instead of aggressive abominations. Without a Jewish state, the dark side of Judaism has no way to express itself, so the admirable side of the Jewish cultural coin -- and there is a great deal to admire -- shines instead. Getting there without a catastrophe is our task in the years ahead

The “I-Word” Hillary Didn’t Use
By Rannie Amiri

As the diplomatic row over Israel’s smack down of Vice President Joe Biden unfolds, governmental officials in both the United States and Israel continue to question the timing of Interior Minister’s Eli Yishai’s announcement of plans to build 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem. The substantive matter—further expropriation of Palestinian land—is clearly of secondary importance

The Death Of American Populism
By Stephen Lendman

Obamacare will worsen the current system. It's about profits, not people, especially the nation's poor, most vulnerable, and disadvantaged on society's fringes, most hurt by all congressional measures, including one this vital. What the 1913 Federal Reserve Act did for bankers, Obamacare may do for the insurance and drug cartels

Women Reservation Bill And Politics Of
OBCS And Minorities

By Asghar Ali Engineer

Mulayam Singh Yadav is talking of compromising by conceding twenty per cent seats for women in parliament and state assemblies. And government also may compromise to ensure smooth passage of Bill. This would certainly be at the cost of justice to women. The Bill could have been passed 14 years ago with these amendments. Why then Government waited for 14 long years if it had to accept such a compromise. I wish the government does not give in to such pressures. It will be gross injustice to cause of women

Gompad Case Gets Murkier
By Aman Sethi

The Gompad case gets murkier. Gachanpalli is another village mentioned in the same case I have been writing about for some time now. I visited the village this week to find a similar pattern where villagers vanish without really telling anyone where they are going and suddenly show up in the Supreme Court in New Delhi

Landless Poor To Subsidise The IT Sector !
By Devinder Sharma

What is surprising is that Rs 2,400 crore has been allocated for the computerisation programme, which has to be deducted from the MNREGA administration expenditure. Rs 2,400-crore can provide two square meals a day for lakhs of poor landless workers. Come on, have a heart. You can't be that treacherous. The IT sector too has a corporate social responsibility. You don't have to literally move with a hammer in your hand

19 March, 2010

Zero Point Of Systemic Collapse
By Chris Hedges

All resistance must recognize that the body politic and global capitalism are dead. We should stop wasting energy trying to reform or appeal to it. This does not mean the end of resistance, but it does mean very different forms of resistance. It means turning our energies toward building sustainable communities to weather the coming crisis, since we will be unable to survive and resist without a cooperative effort

Six Hospitalized Following Unrest In Hebron
By Maan News

Following Friday prayers on Hebron's Tareq bin Ziad Street, clashes erupted between tens of worshipers and Israeli soldiers guarding the Ibrahimi Mosque. Fifteen were injured, Red Crescent medics confirmed, with eight treated for tear-gas inhalation in the field, and six hospitalized including one man who was struck with a rubber-coated bullet during the clash, officials at the Al-Muhtaseb Hospital in Hebron said

Iraqi Holocaust, Iraqi Genocide And 7th Anniversary
Of Invasion Of Iraq

By Dr Gideon Polya

It is the 7th anniversary of the illegal and war criminal invasion of Iraq by US, UK and Australian forces on 20 March 2003. What has been the human cost? As of 20 March 2010 post-invasion violent deaths in Occupied Iraq total 1.4 million. Post-invasion under-5 infant deaths total 0.8 million and post-invasion non-violent excess deaths total 1.1 million

Targeted Assassination Of Iraqi Academics
By Prof. Lieven De Cauter

Reflections on the targeted assassination of academics on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the war on Iraq

Operation Enduring Occupation
By Dahr Jamail

What reason is there to doubt our commander in chief 's assertion that there is need to maintain an (approximately 50,000 strong) US "strike force" in or near Iraq to guarantee US interests in the Middle East, to allow Washington to move quickly against jihadists in the region and to make clear to "our enemies" that the US will not be "driven from the region"?

Crisis In Israel, IPL 3 - The Coming Israeli Mossad
False Flag Attack And The Catalyst For WW III

By Feroze Mithiborwala & Kishore Jagtap

Feroze Mithiborwala and Kishore Jagtap argues that there is a real possibility of a Israeli Mossad organized false flag attack on India during the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket season and that may play as a catalyst for World War III

Storm Over Israeli Settlements As Unreal
As The Peace Process

By Hasan Abu Nimah

Despite Netanyahu's denial that he knew in advance of the announcement, it is clear Israel was sending a message to the peace process chorus. First, that renewed talks would not mean any slow down in colonization schemes on occupied lands. Second, that Israeli-defined Jerusalem is outside the scope of any negotiations. Third, Netanyahu does not need the talks -- for him they are only a cover for colonization -- so he could afford the risk that the talks would be jeopardized knowing full well that the US reaction would be limited at worst to words of criticism

The Children Of Gaza
By Dr. Hanan Chehata

Israel is sentencing young Gazan children to a life of pain, suffering and ultimately, death

Boys Disappearing From Hebron Old City
By Paulette Schroeder

I have only begun to enumerate the stories of children recently taken from our midst. Though the people's patience has been great and their will to resist persists; yet anyone who witnesses these actions firsthand will call them insanity, dehumanization, oppression, collective profiling. From my point of view, this problem in Hebron and throughout the West Bank is a matter of conscience, an embarrassment to humanity, and a horrid usage of tax dollars. It is urgent that the international community pressure the state of Israel and each one's own government to put a stop to this madness

A Prosthetic Leg At The Palestinian Auschwitz
By Kawther Salam

Monday 14 March 2010 at quarter past nine in the morning at the Zionist Qalandiya checkpoint towards entry into Jerusalem, the gate of Auschwitz 2. A female Israeli Nazi soldier orders an invalid Palestinian girl to take off her pants in front of the crowd of Palestinians waiting at the checkpoint, thousands of waiting men and women. The girl had a prosthetic leg which was fixed with metal screw

Please Help Little Amal From Gaza
By Avigail Abarbanel

Since Israel’s attack over a year ago, Amal has been living with several pieces of shrapnel lodged in her head. She is suffering from frequent awful headaches and nosebleeds. This is in addition to the obvious psychological trauma that she has to live with. As a psychotherapist I have no idea how long it will take and if it will ever be possible for Amal to recover from the trauma she has been through, and what life will be like for her if the shrapnel can’t be taken out of her brain

Sarah's Garden': A Tribute To Sarah Meyer
By Felicity Arbuthnot

I never met Sarah Meyer, who died on March 4th, aged seventy three, but like so many across the globe, struggling to make sense of and draw attention to the crimes of enormity, committed in the name of a tragi-farcical "war on terror", discovering her exhaustive, meticulous research, especially on Iraq and Afghanistan was finding Wordsworth's "light to guide; a rod .."

America's "Houdini Recovery"
Under IMF-Type Austerity

By Stephen Lendman

Barack Obama, Congress, and the courts are delivering the whole package, or, in other words, poverty for the many and unlimited wealth and privilege for the power elite. When will enough concerned people act in their own self interest to stop them?

Dueling Strategies In The Defense Of
Public Education - Part I

By Ann Robertson & Bill Leumer

The massive turnout across the state of California on March 4 in defense of public education provides indisputable evidence that this movement is just at the beginning stage. And much credit is due to the countless number of students, staff, and teachers who committed many, many hours of their time, tirelessly organizing for March 4; without this dedication, the event would have sputtered to a stop

Where’s The Obama Mission – Or Slogans?
By Robert S. Becker

Where are President Obama’s fetching slogans that grab media eyeballs? And, more importantly, where’s the winning Obama mission for his presidency and the country? The definition of a one-term president: no clear mission, no identifying slogans, and no collective enthusiasm to shake the status quo. Yes, we can -- do what? Emphasis on the "do."

A Case For "Soft And Covert"
Occupation Of Pakistan

By Gulam Asgar Mitha

A soft occupation is not a military occupation such as that of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is an occupation achieved by covert means to achieve goals without launching a full scale military operation. Has it ever been conducted anywhere in the past? The answer to my knowledge is no. Yet for the first time the US has, in the case of Pakistan, launched such an expedition as it very well knows that it has no basis for a military operation. The soft occupation is being conducted in Pakistan’s case under the covert garbs of fighting terrorism

When The Holy Masks Are Torn Apart
By KK Abdul Raoof

An often-overlooked fact is that, whenever a god man is arrested, instead of taking up the real issue, that is, deception and exploitation using false claims, police tends to close the case slapping one or two criminal cases on them. If the State wants to protect its subjects from these frauds, what prevents it from making stringent laws against these deceptive spiritual orders? Why don’t our honourable judges realize it is high time they questioned the rulers of their apparent indifference?

18 March, 2010

Will There Be A False Flag Operation
To Implicate Iran?

By Paul Craig Roberts

According to news reports, the U.S. military is shipping "bunker-buster" bombs to the U.S. Air Force base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. The Herald Scotland reports that experts say the bombs are being assembled for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The newspaper quotes Dan Plesch, director of the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at the University of London: "They are gearing up totally for the destruction of Iran."

Peak Oil In Four Years?
Mobility And Economic Vulnerabilities

By Warren Karlenzig

Last week, a report was put out by a Kuwaiti research institution forecasting global peak oil production by 2014. This follows a report last month by a broad-based British industry group that also predicted a global "oil crunch," or shortage of supply, by the same period

Getting To Work In 2010
By Bill McKibben

Climate change action for 2010

Why I'm Voting 'Yes'
By Dennis Kucinich

The following are the prepared remarks offered by US Rep. Kucinich today regarding his plans for the upcoming health care vote

Kucinich’s Healthcare Sell-Out
By Billy Wharton

Kucinich’s betrayal points to the burning need for political activity, both electoral and social movement based, independent of the Democrats and Republicans. The political system is already so saturated with corporate money that Democrats and Republicans are structurally incapable of acting in the interests of working people in America. Now is the time for a green and red rebellion at the ballot box and on the streets

Kucinich And The Media
By David Swanson

Kucinich was to be blamed for denying people healthcare by opposing a bill that makes the healthcare system worse. Now he'll be credited with helping to provide people with healthcare, even though he's done the opposite. I think he gave in to the power of a false narrative, and that he ought to have said so

The Third Intifada: "Day Of Rage"
And "Day Of Infamy"

By Agustin Velloso

It seems that yesterday, March 16th, the third Intifada of the Israeli era was unofficially started. Those that took place before 1948 are seldom mentioned, as if resistance was a new occurrence. Palestinians will see more suffering the months ahead. Before the martyrs' blood is spilled again in al-Aqsa compound, as it happened back in September 28th of 2000, under Sharon's orders, it is time to celebrate this Palestinian uprising

Anti-Semitism: Zionism’s Indispensable Alibi
By Maidhc Ó Cathail

Although Zionism typically represents itself as the solution to anti-Semitism, the truth is less flattering. In fact, hostility toward Jews is indispensable to the cause of Jewish nationalism. If anti-Semitism didn’t exist, Zionists would have to invent it. And in many cases that is precisely what they have done

Activism Is Change, Not Academic Squabbles
And Bickering

By Ramzy Baroud

The day our publications, newsletters, websites, conferences and rallies include all sorts of opposing views, without slander and intimidation, will be the day that we can be sure a cohesive community of activists is in the making, a community able to achieve good things. Without this, no campaign will be effective enough to make major policy shifts, in Washington or anywhere else

A Complacent West Confronts A Smug Israel
By Dan Lieberman

The United States will support Israel’s quest for peace until the last Palestinian. When the Israeli ‘word bomb’ morphs into the Israeli nuclear bomb, and the safety of the entire world is threatened, then the U.S. might recognize the self-destructive nature of its Middle East polices. Let’s hope it will not be too late

Selling Cell Phones With Soccer Balls
And Criminal Walls

By William A. Cook

There is something that doesn’t love a wall, that finds its force unnatural since it cannot withstand the seasons’ change or the ravages of time. Walls are antithetical to human relationships and civilized progress; they hide that we are one whether we like it or not, that this world is smaller every day as more and more humans are born, proximity grows as well as suffering, and inevitably we choose slaughter or compromise, friendship, sharing and peace

The Deep Love For Suffering Humanity
Embedded In The Principles Of PROUT

By Garda Ghista

An introduction to the philosophy of PROUT

Chile Remains An Area of Concern And Interest
By Brian McAfee

Considering the numbers injured and rendered homeless from the initial event and the numerous aftershocks, Chileans will continue to need assistance for quite some time. On account, numerous countries and aid organizations have offered and are providing assorted kinds of ongoing relief

Eclipsed Lives
By Prabhat Sharan

The realization that women have a right to their bodies and an equal share to living, which dawned in seventies and picked up momentum in eighties, petered out in the dawn of the new millennium

Sree Narayana Guru, The Left, And Chitralekha
By Joe.M.S.

In spite of the cultural specificities of northern Kerala where these atrocities were perpetrated on Chitralekha, I think a general study of the impact of Srinaraynism on the whole of Kerala may be of some help to analyse the increasing backward caste arrogance on Dalits. This is particularly so as the discourse on the assumed efficacy of SriNarayana Guru’s metier is invoked constantly by the civil society of Kerala, eternalising his importance in all spheres. So I think, a glance at the impact of his life and efforts can shed light on the of the constitution/ construction of modern Ezhava identity and the problems associated with it

Operation Green Hunt: Its Stated
And Unstated Targets

By Kumar Sanjay Singh

The current operation while stated to be against the Communist Party of India (Maoist) has a much larger unstated target. It threatens to trespass the safety and security of the indigenous and tribal people in the operation area, it seeks to trespass on the fundamental rights of the citizens of the country and finally, it seeks to redefine the structure of governance of the country

Maize Crop Failure Leads To
Farmer Suicides In Bihar

By Devinder Sharma

I have often been asked as to why only farmers in Vidharba region of Maharashtra are committing suicide. My reply has been that it is not so. Farmers all over the country are in crisis and many are committing suicide. It is only that the NGOs working on agricultural issues in that particular region have not been keeping a count of the spate of farm suicides. In the absence of any compilation of the data about suicides that is locally available, the national media does not get to focus on the farm tragedy

A March From Antony’s Cherthala
To Sharmila’s Imphal

By BRP Bhaskar

A march from Cherthala in Kerala to Imphal, capital of Manipur, will begin on April 16. It is being organized by social activists of Kerala in solidarity with Irom Sharmila, whose fast demanding repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act is in the tenth year

16 March, 2010

Clashes Break Out In East Jerusalem
By Aljazeera

Palestinians have clashed with Israeli police in two areas of occupied East Jerusalem after Palestinian groups called for a "day of rage" over the reopening of a synagogue in the Old City. At least 90 people were wounded in the clashes, the Palestinian Red Crescent said, with around 15 people seriously hurt by rubber-coated steel bullets, teargas inhalation and some beaten by Israeli police

Iraq Election Entrenches Communalist Divisions
By James Cogan

With still less than 50 percent of the votes counted in the March 7 election in Iraq, initial reports indicate that none of the major political coalitions has won an outright majority in the parliament. Instead, the election has underscored the extent of the ethno-communal divisions that the US occupation has fomented and exploited to control the country

America's Secret Prisons
By Stephen Lendman

Besides Guantanamo, Afghanistan and Iraq, UN Human Rights Council said the CIA runs scores of offshore secret prisons in over 66 countries worldwide for dissidents and alleged terrorists - in Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, India, Pakistan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Ethopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Thailand, Diego Garcia, and elsewhere

Swindle In The Name Of Charity
By Emily Spence

Charity CEO's get rich by taking from the poor

Water Wisdom
By Vandana Shiva

Since 1966 – and as a consequence of the introduction of the Green Revolution model of water-intensive, chemical farming – India has over-exploited her groundwater, creating a water famine

The Armenian, Assyrian And Greek Genocides:
An Inconvenient Truth

By Lucine Kasbarian

Recent articles in the mainstream media would have us believe that governments around the world somehow question the factuality of the 1915 Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides committed by Turkey. These articles would also have us believe that the Turkish government’s latest temper tantrums over these genocides are justified. The issue has never been about whether the Turkish regime carried out genocide. Rather, it has always been about when Turkey would be punished and deliver reparations and restitution to the rightful, indigenous inhabitants

Israeli Crackdown Puts Liberal Jews On The Spot
By Chris Hedges

The Israeli government, its brutal war crimes in Gaza exposed in detail in the U.N. report by Justice Richard Goldstone, has implemented a series of draconian measures to silence and discredit dissidents, leading intellectuals and human rights organizations inside and outside Israel that are accused-often falsely-of assisting Goldstone's U.N. investigators

A Matter Of Timing
By Uri Avnery

The Government of Israel has insulted the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, one of the greatest “friends” of Israel (meaning: somebody totally subservient to AIPAC) and spat in the face of President Barack Obama. So what? It’s all a matter of timing

Anti-Semitism – Zionist Myth v Truth And Reality
By Alan Hart

There are two definitions of anti-Semitism in its Jewish context. One was born in real history and represents a truth. The other is part and parcel of Zionist mythology and was invented for the purpose of blackmailing non-Jewish Europeans and North Americans into refraining from criticising Israel or, to be more precise, staying silent when its leaders resort to state terrorism and demonstrate in many ways their absolute contempt for international law

Who’s To Blame For The Iraq War?
By Maidhc Ó Cathail

Maidhc Ó Cathail presents a detailed 20 question quiz with answers at the end. This quiz clarifies many points about the Iraq War

Children of Gaza: Scarred, Trapped, Vengeful
By Rachel Shields

1,000 days into the Israeli blockade and Palestinian youngsters are denied medical help, education and any hope of a decent future

1,000 Days Have Passed ... But It's Tomorrow
That Counts

By Ayman Mohyeldin

For 1,000 days, one Palestinian has died every other day as result of having no access to need medical care - 500 in total since the beginning of the siege, according the Palestinian Campaign to Break the Siege on Gaza

The Maoists And Us
By PK Vijayan

Could the cry of “Maoist terrorists” be the Congress led UPA governmet’s equivalent of the cry of “Islamic terrorists” during the BJP led NDA government? — asks PK Vijayan

Free Buzzy
By Rosemarie Jackowski

Now we have the interesting case of the hungry pharmacist, Roland 'Buzz' Roy. He lived 67 years as a law abiding citizen but then on February 6, 2010 he walked across the border to the pizza shop. Yep, you guessed it. He was frisked, handcuffed, and fined. Early reports said that he was fined $5000. That amount has now been reduced to $500. That's a lot to pay for a pizza - even a pizza with 'the works', loaded with all of the good stuff

American Democracy: No More Illusions
By Sean Fenley

We’ve passed the point of no return, where we can hold on to the naive belief system that the U.S. still has the best system as compared to all the others that have been attempted!

11 March, 2010

UN To Review IPCC Report On Himalayan Glaciers
By Suzanne Goldenberg

The UN called in the world's top scientists today to review a report by its climate body, four months after public confidence in the science of global warming was shaken by the discovery of a mistake about the melting rates of Himalayan glaciers

Two Humiliations – Can Obama Live With A Third?
By Alan Hart

I am inclined to the view that after the mid-term elections of a second term, Obama could indeed be the president to do whatever is necessary to bring Zionism to heel in order to best protect America’s own real interests. But the prospects of him winning as second term don’t look very good at the moment

Welcome To The World’s First Murdochracy
By John Pilger

In 1983, there were 50 major corporations dominating the world’s media. By 2002, this had been reduced to nine. Rupert Murdoch says that eventually there will be three, including his own. If we accept this, media and information control will be the same, and we shall all be citizens of a murdochracy

An Angry Woman
By Malalai Joya

Malalai Joya is an angry woman. She's angry about the war being carried out by the international coalition in her country, Afghanistan, angry about the UN bombs that are killing civilians in their villages, angry about calls for reconciliation with the Taliban and the war lords. "Stop the massacres in my country. Withdraw your foreign troops so we can stop Talibanization," is what the young Afghan deputy tells Western public opinion

Gaza's Tunnel Industry
By Jody McIntyre

The siege on Gaza is tightening as the Egyptian government continues construction of an underground steel wall at the Rafah border with Gaza to block the tunnel trade. The tunnels, which journalist Robert Fisk has described as "the lung through which Gaza breathes," are the only means in which most basic goods like food and medicine reach the besieged population in Gaza. Jody McIntyre spoke with Abu Hanin, a Palestinian laborer from Gaza who works in one of the tunnels at the border with Egypt

Zionism Unmasked: The Dark Face Of
Jewish Nationalism

By Dr. Alan Sabrosky

Zionism is a real witches' brew of xenophobia, racism, ultra-nationalism, and militarism that places it way outside of a "mere" nationalist context

An Oscar For America’s Hubri
By Robert Scheer

What a shame that the one movie about the Iraq war that has a chance of being viewed by a large worldwide audience should be so disappointing. According to press reports, members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences finally found a movie about the Iraq war they liked because it is “apolitical.” Actually, “The Hurt Locker” is just the opposite; it’s an endorsement of the politically chauvinistic view that the world is a stage upon which Americans get to deal with their demons no matter the consequence for others

The Hebronisation Of Jerusalem
By Mick Dumper

Growing Israeli and settler control has set Jerusalem on the same path as the West Bank's most divided city

Kairos And Lent In The 'Holy Land'
By Timothy Seidel

Experiencing the Lenten season in Palestine is unique. It carries with it incredible feelings of closeness and concreteness as one visits sites such as the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Old City of Jerusalem—the site where Christians believe Jesus Christ was crucified, buried and resurrected. Yet, those feelings of closeness are easily swallowed up by a sense of separation and forsakenness as one considers the current situation

Truth In Labeling: EU Court Challenges
"Made In Israel"

By Phon van den Biesen & Adri Nieuwhof

On 25 February, the European Court of Justice ruled that imports manufactured in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank shouldn't benefit from a trade agreement between Israel and the European Union. The ruling follows protests of Israel's export of products from the illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) to the EU and Switzerland labeled as "Made in Israel." Products labeled as such benefit from favorable import taxes under the EU-Israel Association Agreement of 2000

Brutalizing Palestinian Children
By Stephen Lendman

Children 12 - 15 have been targeted, arrested, detained, and savagely beaten following complaints by Jewish settlers who usually take the law into their own hands using weapons they're allowed to carry

Lebanon, Libya, And A Lingering Question
By Rannie Amiri

It took no longer than the announcement that Libya would host this year’s Arab League summit in late March for controversy to ensue. One of the League’s 22 member states has already threatened to boycott and, some would say, with good cause. It is the one Arab country in which Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi has not dared set foot for the past 32 years

We Are All Accountable
By Timothy V. Gatto

We not only occupied Iraq, but we have poisoned the soil and made the place uninhabitable because of our use of depleted uranium in our munitions. We can deny that depleted uranium is harmless, but the facts coming in about the deformed babies being born in Iraq says otherwise. We must all come to the conclusion that not only was the invasion of Iraq a crime against humanity, but turning Iraq, Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia into a radioactive wasteland are even larger crimes against humanity

Investigation Agencies Washing
Dirty Linen In Public!

By Mustafa Khan

Will the modern day Neros now in Delhi fiddle away precious time as the country is inching towards disaster one after another? The same kind of handling of investigation by the local police and then the ATS and then the CBI that leads to prolonging the agony of the innocents rubbing their heels away in gruel pain and ad absurdum waiting in prisons across the country. The classic example of Samjhauta express blast 2007investigation has become a kind of archetype pattern

Religion And Terrorism
By Dr Shabir Choudhry

Presentation made by Dr Shabir Choudhry at a Seminar arranged by Interfaith International during 13th Session of the UN Humans Rights Council in Geneva

Reflections On The ‘Muslim Reservation' Debate
By Khalid Anis Ansari

The tabling of the Report of the National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities (NCRLM), popularly called the Ranganath Mishra Commission report, in the Parliament recently has led to animated debates and mobilisations around the issue of reservations for the Muslim community

10 March, 2010

Rachel Corrie Family Finally Puts Israel In Dock
By Jonathan Cook

Seven years after Rachel Corrie, a US peace activist, was killed by an Israeli army bulldozer in Gaza, her family was to put the Israeli government in the dock today

Rachel Corrie’s (Posthumous) Day In Court
By Amy Goodman

An unusual trial begins in Israel this week, and people around the world will be watching closely. It involves the tragic death of a 23-year-old American student named Rachel Corrie. On March 16, 2003, she was crushed to death by an Israeli military bulldozer

1000 Days Of The Israeli Siege On Gaza
By Mohammad Badi

Today, Gaza completes the day No. 1000 of the Israeli siege and the disaster is eating the land and the citizens of Gaza. All of that was because they didn’t want to leave their lands, they didn’t give up to the settlers who wants to occupy their land, they said loudly, NO for Israel and no for the occupation!

Decade Of The Drone: America's Aerial Assassins
By Rick Rozoff

2010 is the tenth and deadliest year in Washington's use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for targeted assassinations and untargeted "collateral damage."

China And India Endorse Copenhagen Climate Deal
By Matthias Williams

China and India joined almost all other major greenhouse gas emitters Tuesday in signing up to the climate accord struck in Copenhagen, boosting a deal strongly favored by the United States

My Name Is Ed. I’m A Racist
By Ed Kinane

In the moral calculus of white America the tens — maybe hundreds — of thousands of slain Iraqis or Afghans barely exist. Even we who actively oppose U.S. militarism in West Asia and the Mid East often ignore the racism at its heart

Alternative Reading Of Hamas Murder
By Ramzy Baroud

One can only imagine what would happen if Hamas decided to strike back, expanding the battleground from Gaza to the rest of the world. Would the EU express disapproval of Hamas' use of fraudulent passports, but then refrain from actually naming the group - due to a fear, say, of upsetting Muslim countries? No. But when the victim is a Palestinian and the killers are Israelis - 27 of them so far - it's an entirely different story, and an entirely different concept of justice

Waterboarding For Dummies
By Mark Benjamin

Internal CIA documents reveal a meticulous protocol that was far more brutal than Dick Cheney's "dunk in the water"

Financial Transactions Tax: A Little Tax
On The Big Casino

By Tanya Dawkins

A Financial Transactions Tax could help with both the need to rein in speculation and the need to fund vital projects. The Center for Economic and Policy Research estimates that an FTT of only one-half of one percent would generate at least $60 billion to $100 billion dollars in the United States alone

Going Back To The Land In The Age Of Entitlement
By Guy R. McPherson

Guy McPherson explains why he decided to leave the industrial economy and decided to live in rural farm

Annie Leonard And The Story of Stuff
By Umbra Fisk

An interview with Annie Leonard the maker of the hugely popular "The Story of Stuff" video and the author of an upcoming book on it

Why Are Women Being Left Out Of
Climate Decision-Making?

By Elizabeth Becker & Suzanne Ehlers

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced an important new climate change financing group last week, but out of the 19 people named, no women were included. This is unfortunate because women will bear the brunt of the effects of climate change and are key to any climate solutions

I Withdraw My Consent For Humann Violence, Including The Violence Of Nuclear Energy
And Lnadmines

By Mary Hamer

I apologize on behalf of all life on the planet Earth -- for the Violence of the human race. I am sorry for nuclear weapons. I grieve about war. I am sad for abused children. I anguish over human cruelty to animals. I am sad about 9/11 and the reaction to 9/11. I also apologize to Future human, animal and plant life on Earth on behalf of 20 th and 21 st Century human destructive behavior

Dilemma: Best Nations Really Are the Brightest
By Robert S. Becker

The rapid deterioration of the American educational system and some ideas to correct it

The Way Forward For The Movement
In Defense Of Public Education

By Bill Leumer & Ann Robertson

On March 4, students, staff, teachers, faculty and their unions on all levels of public education created history by uniting and pouring out onto the streets to engage in what were overwhelmingly peaceful demonstrations to defend public education. The movement swept through small towns and large cities with demonstrators, including young elementary school students, carrying picket signs while yelling chants expressing their determination to fight back

Haiti's Plight
By Dr. Carl E. Briscoe Jr.

An academic and analytical examination of “The Current Haitian Crisis

Microfinance Also Kills
By Devinder Sharma

This makes for shocking reading, especially to know how the modern Shahukars, no different from the dreaded and despised moneylenders of yesteryears, scoop down to extract their pound of flesh

Give Thy Thoughts No Tongue.....
By Mir Adnan Aziz

Our political leaders should be enabling and not disabling to the people with their words an attractive and inclusive medium to bind people together

09 March, 2010

First Iceland, Then The World
By Michael Collins

Who cleans up the mess when ignorant, greedy bankers rack up massive debt then go broke? The people of Iceland made a strong statement Saturday. The sins of big bankers and government regulators shouldn't fall on the citizens. By a 93% to 2% margin, they voted down a proposal requiring them to cover bad debt incurred by one of the nation’s oldest and largest banks. Covering the debt would have cost Iceland's 317,000 citizens around $17,000 each

Darfur $’s Funding West Bank Settlements
By Thomas C. Mountain

Persons working with aid organizations assisting the victims of the Darfur conflict have passed on the news that they have confirmed through their contacts in the so called “Save Dafur Coalition” that millions of dollars raised to help the Darfur refugees have ended up in Israeli bank accounts. These accounts help fund programs that include illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank

Amir (10) Abducted By Israeli Soldiers From His Bed
By Nora Barrows-Friedman

Terrifying and harrowing experience of a Hebron boy at the hands of Israeli soldiers

The Truth About Israel As Only
Gideon Levy Can Tell It

By Alan Hart

Gideon Levy writes for Ha’aretz, the newspaper than enables some Israelis, sadly a minority, to cling on to their sanity. I have described him in the past as the conscience of Israeli journalism. But he is far more than that. He is the conscience of all Israeli Jews. On 7 March 2010, he writes about the Israeli peace camp, which in terms of the headline over his article “Never was and never will be.“

Israel’s Apartheid
By Murray Dobbin

There is absolutely no doubt that the system of separation of Arabs and Jews can be compared with the apartheid system in South Africa. Indeed, many experts on how the apartheid system was run claim that Israel’s system of hafrada, or separation, is far more brutal and deliberately humiliating than anything devised by the racist regimes of Pretoria

The Threatening Dangers
By Fidel Castro

You can believe it or not, challenging the data –in my view irrefutable—of the most serious scientists of the world and the overwhelming majority of the most knowledgeable and honest people worldwide, who think that at the current pace the planet is warming up, the greenhouse gases will rise temperature not only by 1.5 degrees, but up to 5 degrees, and that the medium temperature is already the highest of the past 600 thousand years, long before the existence of human beings as a species on the planet. It is absolutely unthinkable that nine billion human beings who will inhabit the world by 2050 could survive such a catastrophe

Don’t Buy Obama’s Greenwashing Of Nuclear Power
By Erich Pica

President Obama has said that "environmentalists and entrepreneurs" should no longer retread the same arguments about nuclear energy. But Vermont Yankee shows us that there's nothing new in nuclear that merits revisiting; clean and safe nuclear energy remains an "Atoms for Peace" pipedream. There may be a shiny green coat of paint on the cooling tower, but dangerous chemicals still leak from the pipes

Global Women: Good News, Bad News
By Katha Pollitt

And the winner is... Iceland! According to the 2009 Global Gender Gap report of the World Economic Forum, the land of glaciers and puffins, population 319,000, is the most gender egalitarian country on earth, with women having closed 80 percent of the gap with men. Finland (2), Norway (3), Sweden (4) and Denmark (7) are in the top ten too, as is New Zealand (5). You could try harder, Spain (17) and Germany (12)--in 2007 you were in the top ten. And O, Canada: 25

What White People Fear
By Robert Jensen

I have a choice: I can be white—that is, I can refuse to challenge white supremacy or centrality—or I can be a human being. I can rest comfortably in the privileges that come with being white, or I can struggle to be fully human. But I can’t do both. Though the work is difficult, the choice for those of us who are white should be easy

Israeli Siege Causing De-development of Gaza
David Cronin interviews Mahmoud Abu Rahma

For the first time since September 2006, Mahmoud Abu Rahma, a leading figure in the Palestinian human rights group Al Mezan, has been granted permission to travel outside Gaza. More than 30 applications to leave the strip had previously been turned down by the Israeli authorities and it was not until German diplomats made representations on his behalf that he was finally allowed to visit Europe

Fiction Of Marja As City Was U.S. Information War
By Gareth Porter

The picture of Marja presented by military officials and obediently reported by major news media is one of the clearest and most dramatic pieces of misinformation of the entire war, apparently aimed at hyping the offensive as a historic turning point in the conflict. Marja is not a city or even a real town, but either a few clusters of farmers' homes or a large agricultural area covering much of the southern Helmand River Valley

Informed Consent
By William Blum

William Blum's latest Anti-Empire report

Human Rights Learning
By Shulamith Koenig

For all to know human rights as a way of life

Rule By The People or By Wall Street
By Ron Forthofer

Wall Street has kept Congress from enacting any strong reforms that would reduce the chances of yet another collapse. In fact, since these Wall Street firms and banks now know that they will be bailed out in a future crisis, they are pursuing the same and even riskier strategies than those that helped to create the 2008 disaster. By continuing to provide almost free money to the banks, the Federal Reserve is again fueling the growth of another risky bubble that is likely to dwarf the ongoing crisis

The Social Earthquake In Chile
By Roger Burbach

Chile is experiencing a social earthquake in the aftermath of the 8.8 magnitude quake that struck the country on February 27. “The fault lines of the Chilean Economic Miracle have been exposed,” says Elias Padilla, an anthropology professor at the Academic University of Christian Humanism in Santiago. “The free market, neo-liberal economic model that Chile has followed since the Pinochet dictatorship has feet of mud.”

Understanding Toyota Sudden Acceleration
By Joel S. Hirschhorn

As a materials and manufacturing engineer with decades of experience with failure analysis of manufactured products, and as an owner of a Toyota vehicle, I am saddened by the lack of expertise and insight shared with Congress and the public about the sudden acceleration problem

"The Hurt Locker": When Great Art
Meets Lousy Politics

By Bernard Weiner

I despise the implicit pro-Iraq War politics of "The Hurt Locker": There is no examination or even mention in the film of why the U.S. might be fighting there, no look at the neo-conservative ideology that sent our troops there, no questioning of the aggressive tactics aimed at Iraqi civilians, no overt politics at all, for that matter. But I cannot deny the movie's aesthetic power. It is a great film, one of the few war movies that really got into my gut. It well deserves its Best Picture Oscar

The Business Of Water: Privatizing
An Essential Resource

By Stephen Lendman

Water is being privatized at an alarming rate

Can The FBI-DOJ Probe Of New Orleans' Police
Hurricane Katrina Shootings Facilitate
A Banana Republic?

By Barbara Ann Jackson

Decades of horrific Civil Rights violations by New Orleans police, by elected officials and by sitting judges, make it hard not to suspect the motives of the newly launched local FBI-DOJ probe into that year 2005 shootings of unarmed Hurricane Katrina victims and the coverup. Prior to national media attention, the local FBI and Justice Department had been glaringly indifferent to what took place; and Judge Bigelow's skewed dismissal of the criminal case against those officers, did not help those Katrina victims and their families receive justice

State And Liberal Ideas
By Irfan Engineer

In order to strengthen the liberal forces within both the communities, a larger responsibility falls on the state to create a conducive and non-intimidating environment where the liberals within all communities have equal opportunity and fair chance to compete and put across their views and ideas as well

08 March, 2010

21st-Century African Land Grab
By John Vidal

A land grab is taking palce in Africa. States and multinational corporations are scouring Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia, Congo, Zambia, Uganda, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Mali, Sierra Leone, Ghana and elsewhere. Ethiopia alone has approved 815 foreign-financed agricultural projects since 2007. Any land there, which investors have not been able to buy, is being leased for approximately $1 per year per hectare

Calling All Rebels
By Chris Hedges

There are no constraints left to halt America's slide into a totalitarian capitalism. Any form of protest, no matter how tepid, is blocked by an internal security apparatus that is starting to rival that of the East German secret police. The mounting anger and hatred, coursing through the bloodstream of the body politic, make violence and counter-violence inevitable. Brace yourself. The American empire is over. And the descent is going to be horrifying

Till Death Do Us Part!
By Anjali Singh

When Manu (an ancient Indian sage) wrote the Manu Smriti (religious book on Hinduism) in the post Vedic era defining the code of conduct for the Bharatiya Nari (Ideal Indian Woman) little did he realize that Indian women would literally take their role as laid down by him very seriously and that too spanning centuries. Fast forward to the 21st century and meet Priti Saini, who has lived through a nightmare for past three years and all thanks to her better half. But yet she today is living up to the image of a dutiful wife!

A Pat On Woman's Back On
International Women's Day

By Shobha Shukla

Salutations to all women who uphold the dignity of womanhood, and also to those men who respect women and do not feel ashamed to walk alongside them in their journey on this earth

Israel Set To Join Club Of Richest Nations
By Jonathan Cook

An exclusive club of the world’s most developed countries is poised to admit Israel as a member even though, a confidential internal document indicates, doing so will amount to endorsing Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian and Syrian territories

The Russell Tribunal On Palestine -
Barcelona Session

By Stephen Lendman

The RTP found Israel in violation of breaching virtually all international humanitarian laws as well as ones covering the rules of war and occupation

The Age Of Obama As A Racial Nightmare
By Michelle Alexander

Racial caste is alive and well in America. Most people don’t like it when I say this. It makes them angry. In the “era of colorblindness” there’s a nearly fanatical desire to cling to the myth that we as a nation have “moved beyond” race. Here are a few facts that run counter to that triumphant racial narrative

Pacifists Undermining Quest For World Peace?
By Hamid Golpira

Addressing NATO officers and officials at the National Defense University in Washington on February 23, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the demilitarization of Europe, “where large swaths of the general public and political class are averse to military force and the risks that go with it,” is impeding efforts to establish real security and lasting peace in the twenty-first century. This sounds like the slogans from George Orwell’s book 1984: “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

By Case Wagenvoord

To the corporate sociopath, quantification is all. In this sterile world, there is no death, no blood, no gore, no charred bodies, no suffering, no cries of pain, no broken lives and no motherless children

A Tribute To Sarah Meyer
By William Bowles

Sarah Meyer, 73, who published her work on Index Research, died 4 March, 2010 from cancer

07 March, 2010

Arundhati Roy Ready For Maoist Talks Role
By Rajesh Joshi

Indian writer Arundhati Roy says she is ready to be an "independent observer" if the Indian government agrees to peace talks with Maoist insurgents. She gave her reaction following a fresh proposal for talks made by the rebels. Maoist military wing leader Koteshwar Rao - or Kishenji - called the BBC from an undisclosed location. He said the group would stop violence if the government invited intellectuals and rights activists like Ms Roy and B D Sharma to mediate in peace talks. Although refusing to be a mediator in any talks, Ms Roy told BBC Hindi radio that she would be happy to participate in talks as an independent observer

Update On Iraq's Elections
By Layla Anwar

Update from Layla Anwar on Iraq's elections

Paul Craig Roberts Owes Iraqi People An Apology
By Qais Nawwaf

It is frustrating enough when the operators of the US war machine and their mouthpieces in mainstream media refer to Iraqis in demeaning sectarian language. It is far more disappointing when those involved in the “anti-war” movement, who are supposedly in solidarity with Iraqis, use such divisive, disrespectful discourse

What Every Environmentalist Needs To Know
About Capitalism

By Fred Magdoff & John Bellamy Foster

Ecological crisis cannot be solved within the logic of the present system. The various suggestions for doing so have no hope of success. The system of world capitalism is clearly unsustainable

The Wrong Kind Of Green
By Johann Hari

How conservation groups are bargaining away our future by selling themselves off to some of the biggest polluters on earth

Time For A U.S. Revolution – Fifteen Reasons
By Bill Quigley

It is time for a revolution. Government does not work for regular people. It appears to work quite well for big corporations, banks, insurance companies, military contractors, lobbyists, and for the rich and powerful. But it does not work for people

Conclusions Of The Russell Tribunal On Palestine

Conclusions Of The Russell Tribunal On Palestine First session in Barcelona, 1-3 March 2010

So When Are You Going To Make War
On Israel, Mr. Brown?

By Alan Hart

If Mr. Brown means what he says, and if by chance he remains prime minister after Britain’s imminent election, logic suggests that he will take the lead with President Obama in putting together a coalition to require Israel, by war if necessary, to comply with “the rules of the international community.” Of course he won’t because logic, like truth and reality, has no place in politics, domestic or international

A Tale Of Two Richards
By Nadia Hijab

If the attacks on Richard Goldstone and Richard Falk succeed, the Palestinian cause will suffer and the world will be a poorer and more dangerous place — one in which the might of the strong is legally allowed to prevail against the rights of the weak

Specter Of New Intifada Hovers Over West Bank
By Khalid Amayreh

An intifada-like atmosphere is gradually descending on the West Bank as the hawkish Israeli government headed by Benyamin Netanyahu continued to provoke Palestinians and Muslims in general by encroaching on the Aqsa Mosque

Mordechai Vanunu’s Nobel Stand
By Rannie Amiri

It was revealed last week that in a letter to the Committee, Mordechai Vanunu had asked for his candidacy to be rescinded. It was unusual enough for Geir Lundestad to acknowledge that a nomination had even been received, let alone publicly disclose Vanunu’s request. But for Vanunu—a man who should have been awarded the Peace Prize long ago—it was in full keeping with the dignity, integrity and uncompromising nature of one to whom the world owes a great debt

The Deepest Division In Sri Lanka
By Rohini Hensman

The deepest division in Sri Lanka is not the so-called ethnic divide but the split between supporters of democracy and supporters of totalitarianism, and the recent elections proved this point

Implementing Right To Education Act
By B.C. Mehta & Kranti Kapoor

A valuable bunch of ideas for the implementation of right to education act

By Accepting Bt Cotton's Susceptibility To Pests,
Monsanto Befools India

By Devinder Sharma

Knowing that we are a nation of fools, they have actually worked out a remarkable marketing strategy. By acknowledging that Bt cotton has outlived its utility, they have sent the right signal to those who needed it. Monsanto has advised farmers to go for its second generation Bt cotton. Farmers would now be spurning Bt cotton, and going in for their latest GM cotton variety, which carries two genes, and is therefore more potent against Pink Bollworm. This variety is popularly called Bollgard-II

Obama State Department: Venezuela Must Return
To Free Market Capitalism

By Sean Fenley

Hillary Clinton, stooge of U.S. avarice and imperialism, tells Venezuela to follow the example of Chile, Brazil, and presumably other countries in the region that it gives its ok to. Of course, the U.S. cares nothing for the advancements and the movement toward greater egalitarianism and justice brought about by the Bolivarian Revolution

06 March, 2010

Arctic Methane On The Move?
By Real Climate

Methane is like the radical wing of the carbon cycle, in today’s atmosphere a stronger greenhouse gas per molecule than CO2, and an atmospheric concentration that can change more quickly than CO2 can. There has been a lot of press coverage of a new paper in Science this week called “Extensive methane venting to the atmosphere from sediments of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf”, which comes on the heels of a handful of interrelated methane papers in the last year or so. Is now the time to get frightened?

Climate Change Science: Due Diligence
For Future Generations?

By Bill Henderson

What would constitute a due diligence process for quantifying climate change dangers, local and global, immediate and for the future? Is our present way of doing climate change science the best way of quantifying the climate change dangers?

In This Country Of Cant----10, 000 Dead
Do Not Count

By Trevor Selvam

Forget all the recent incidents in Dantewada of babies’ fingers being chopped off, mass rapes by the CRP and Salwa Judum, chopping off the breasts off 80 year old adivasi women, shooting up or arresting women who have dared to launch court cases against the police for the disappeared (Sodi Sambo). Teflon PCC! let us now talk about the over 10,000 Naxalites who were killed since 1967 to 1990. Was that violence or were those benign accidents? Is there some lawyer in India who will take up the case of the violence of the Indian State since 1967?

“Peace Or Apartheid” Are Not
The Only Options For Israel

By Alan Hart

Most frightening of all is that Zionism’s in-Israel leaders know there is a third option. I call it The Final Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinians. This process could begin with the “transfer” of Israeli Arabs, and that when this had been completed a pretext would be created to drive the Palestinians off the occupied West Bank and into Jordan or wherever. And what of the fate of those existing in the Gaza Strip? Those who didn’t flee would be left to rot to death

The Harlot’s Grave
By Uri Avnery

This week’s riots took place at both holy sites. They were caused by a decision by Netanyahu to include them in a list of Jewish “Heritage Sites” to be renovated by the Israeli government. Since both are holy to Muslims, Jews and Christians, this unilateral act is nothing but an expropriation and a blatant provocation. If there were really a desire for the improvement of the sites, it could have been done by a joint committee of the representatives of the two peoples and the three religions

Moment Of Truth: Time To Boycott
Israel's Entire Range Of Injustice

By Rifat Kassis

We must be courageous enough to be honest, both in describing the situation we're subjected to and in calling for its end. In our document "A Moment of Truth," we strove for this kind of candor and clarity, and we continue to do so. Without a complete boycott -- economic, academic, cultural, political, athletic, artistic and so on -- Israel's unjust and illegal policies will continue, and so will passivity within both the Israeli and the international community. The bloodshed will continue, too

Targeting Israeli Apartheid
By Stephen Lendman

Israel is clearly in military occupation of the OPT (Occupied Palestinian Territories). At the same time, elements of the occupation constitute forms of colonialism and of apartheid, which are contrary to international law

Once Again, The PA Is Betraying Our People
By Khalid Amayreh

The PA decision to resume "indirect talks" with Israel is undoubtedly a clear expression of its moral and political bankruptcy. It is also an expression of its inability to lead the Palestinian people

Policy Of Provocation
By Khaled Amayreh

Israeli provocations, including annexing Islamic sites to an alleged heritage list, are creating a powder keg in the occupied territories, writes Khaled Amayreh in the West Bank

Holocaust Denial re Armenian Genocide And
Ongoing Palestinian, Iraqi And Afghan Genocides

By Dr Gideon Polya

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress House of Representatives has just voted 23 to 22 on Resolution 252 that recognizes the 1915-1923 Armenian Genocide as a genocide. The 23-22 vote enables the measure to go to the full House of Representatives - if the House leadership decides to bring it up. Turkey subsequently withdrew its ambassador to the US and the Obama Administration attacked the vote, Secretary of State Clinton declaring : “The Obama administration strongly opposes the resolution that was passed by only one vote by the House committee and will work very hard to make sure it does not go to the House floor

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton
Does Latin America

By Evgenij Haperskij & Kaycie Rupp

Secretary of State Clinton and her Assistant Secretary, on this try, do not seem to perceive that it is a changed world in terms of inter-American relations and that traditional concepts of pan-Americanism may be crumbling

Remove Sharad Pawar, And Food Inflation Will Ease
By Devinder Sharma

Fertiliser manufacturers have promised not to raise the price of other fertilisers besides urea in Kharif 2010, but after the monsoon season is over, it will be free for all. That is where the fertiliser manufacturers are waiting to make a killing. This will have a cascading effect on food prices. In short, we must learn to live with higher food prices

Democracy Or Sham ?
By Jagdish Keshav

With all the success and honesty of these officials, who are we electing? Having acknowledged the procedure adopted by the Election Commission as truly noteworthy, the story of the candidates is something else

04 March, 2010

Mossad Comes To America: Death Squads
By Invitation

By James Petras

The authorities in Dubai have found clear evidence that the Mossad assassination team received support from European Zionists. The hotels, air tickets and expenses were paid with credit cards issued in the US. Two of the killers may be in the US now. Will a time come when American Zionists, who are unconditional public defenders of Mossad killings, cross the line between propaganda for the deed to become accomplices of the deed? The robust American Zionist defense of Mossad’s overseas assassinations does not augur well for the security of Americans in the face of Israel’s willing U.S. accomplices

Chile's Socialist Rebar
By Naomi Klein

Just two days after Chile was struck by a devastating earthquake, Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens informed his readers that Milton Friedman's "spirit was surely hovering protectively over Chile" because, "thanks largely to him, the country has endured a tragedy that elsewhere would have been an apocalypse.... It's not by chance that Chileans were living in houses of brick--and Haitians in houses of straw--when the wolf arrived to try to blow them down." if one person deserves credit for the law, it is not Friedman, or Pinochet, but Salvador Allende, Chile's democratically elected socialist President

Life After Growth
By Richard Heinberg

We are in for some very hard times. The transitional period on our way toward a post-growth, equilibrium economy will prove to be the most challenging time any of us has ever lived through. Nevertheless, I am convinced that we can survive this collective journey, and that if we make sound choices as families and communities, life can actually be better for us in the decades ahead than it was during the heady days of seemingly endless economic expansion

Whither Our Exist?
By Jeff Berg

Today we hear from our scientists on the perils of topsoil depletion, ocean acidification, overfishing, fresh water shortages, and peak grain, and this just for starters. And if our scientists have got the right end of the stick, and they do, we are going to need this miracle soon. Unfortunately, to quote Miracle Max from the Princess Bride, "You rush a miracle man - you get a rotten miracle." A chance we are going to have to take, but one of the many costs to foreclosed options. The inevitable consequence of delay

Domestic Violence: A Pre-Existing Condition?
By Amy Goodman

March is Women’s History Month, recognizing women’s central role in society. Unfortunately, violence against women is epidemic in the United States and around the world

Naxalism: Spectre Of People’s Movements
By Prabhat Sharan

Roiling with contained anger at the revisiting of colonial history with a new face, the deep hinterlands of the Indian sub-continent is once again witnessing the explosion and implosion not seen since late Sixties when the peasants and tribal uprising shook the entire Indian peninsula

Will Canada Join Israel’s Next War?
By Jack Miller

On February 12, Shalom Life, the online magazine of the weekly Jewish newspaper Shalom Toronto, published an interview with Peter Kent, the minister of state for foreign affairs (Americas). “Prime Minister Harper,” Kent told Shalom Life, “has made it quite clear for some time now and has regularly stated that an attack on Israel would be considered an attack on Canada.”

Native Indian Genocide: Parallels In Palestine
By Yuram Abdullah Weiler

Someday, the United States, Britain, Israel, France and all who are complicit in colonizing lands belonging to Native American Indians, Palestinians and other indigenous peoples around the world will be held accountable for their crimes

Truth And Consequences In The Gaza Invasion
By Norman Finkelstein

This article is excerpted from Norman Finkelstein’s important new book about the Gaza conflict, "This Time We Went Too Far" published this month

Picking Pebbles To Survive In Gaza
By Eva Bartlett

They come by the hundreds every day to sand dunes and rubble sites to sift for pebbles, stones and sand that can be used in making concrete blocks. They lean into trash bins across the Gaza Strip, and wade through piles of rubbish scavenging for plastics, metals and any bits worth reselling

"I Can't Live Without This Place"
By Nora Barrows-Friedman

Rabbeh, a man in his late forties, is one of the last holdouts of al-Walaja's indigenous Palestinian population. Ethnically cleansed beginning in October 1948 by Israeli forces, most of al-Walaja village now remains a smattering of stone house ruins, destroyed wells and picnic areas frequented by ultra-orthodox settlers. The rest of al-Walaja's uprooted population and their descendants mostly live in Dheisheh today

Black President And American Imperialism
By Jay Janson

Pro-Obama progressives acquiesce to continuing legalized human slaughter, imperialism and capitalism

Barry C. Lynn's "Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism And The Economics Of Destruction"
By Stephen Lendman

Lynn is director of the Markets, Enterprise, and Resiliency Initiative, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, and author of "Too Big to Fail" about the dangers of monopoly capitalism. He expands on the threat in his newest book titled, "Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction," explaining today's peril given the power of predatory giants

May God Bless India’s FM?
By Kaizen Krishna

It is passing time for the business tycoons, viz, the Birla’s, Ambani’s, Godrejs and Mittals of the country. This years budget has filled in a golden platter over Rs 5,00,000-crore to the corporate sector in the form of various sops, direct and indirect

03 March, 2010

New Birth Defects Seen In Gaza
Due To Israeli Weapons

By Eman Jomaa

An increase in birth defects among newborns in the Gaza Strip - first documented in the Palestine Telegraph - has become apparent, despite claims to the contrary by some doctors at Al-Shifa Hospital. Pregnant women say they are living in constant fear

NY Times' Jerusalem Property Makes It
Protagonist In Palestine Conflict

By Ali Abunimah

The New York Times' Jerusalem bureau chief lives on property Israel seized from Palestinian refugees forced to leave their homes during the Nakba in 1948. EI's Ali Abunimah reveals for the first time details of The Times' acquisition and use of this property and the story of the Palestinian family whose home it was. What are the implications for its reporting of a case that places the "newspaper of record" at the heart of the Palestine conflict?

Jerusalem Mayor Plans To Raze
Palestinian Homes For Tourist Park

By Donald Macintyre

Jerusalem's mayor yesterday unveiled details of a controversial and long-expected plan to demolish Palestinian homes and make way for an Israeli-sponsored tourist park in a neighbourhood of the city's Arab eastern sector

Jerusalem, Unholy Fault Lines
By Marwan Bishara

The recent escalation of violence in Jerusalem does not bode well for future co-existence in the city, let alone between two peoples. In fact, it could usher a new cycle of confrontation with far reaching regional consequences

The Meaning Of Israeli Apartheid Week
By Khalid Amayreh

The Palestinian struggle for justice and peace is undoubtedly the epicenter and ultimate test for humanity’s struggle for a future of peace and justice. Hence, our message to the world should be that every decent and honest man and woman in this world should get involved in the efforts to isolate Zionism at every level. Zionism is a cancer upon the conscience of humanity and would eradicate us if we don’t eradicate it

Hebron Massacre Revisited: Understanding
Today's Politics

By Khalid Amayreh

The Israeli authorities never took any punitive act against the family of Goldstein. Not only the Goldsteins' home in Kiryat Arba was not demolished, and none of his family members was arrested, as is the case when Palestinians are involved in a "terrorist" act, but the government of Israel also paid a huge amount of monthly salary to Godlstein's widow and children

Germany's Fear Of Finkelstein
By Ali Fathollah-Nejad

Norman Finkelstein, an internationally renowned scholar of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, was due to talk about the state of the decades-old conflict and the situation in Gaza one year after the Israeli assault last week in Munich and Berlin. The wave of cancellations came after a concerted campaign by neoconservative and Zionist pressure groups, such as Honestly Concerned and BAK Shalom

Israeli Terror At Rights Activists House
By Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

What disturbs me is not the risk to me; any action against oppression is taken knowing there are personal risks. What disturbs me is that this has an effect on my family and thousands of friends around the world who care

'Empathic Civilization'
By Jeremy Rifkin

By reimagining faith and reason as intimate aspects of empathic consciousness, we create a new historical synthesis -- the Age of Empathy -- that incorporates many of the most powerful and compelling features of the Age of Faith and the Age of Reason, while leaving behind the disembodied story lines that shake the celebration out of life

Iraq's Fearful Christian Candidates
By Afif Sarhan

A spike in violence against the Christian community in northern Iraq is leading many of their candidates to consider dropping plans to contest the March 7 general elections

Habeas Challenges For Bagram Prisoners
By William Fisher

Four men who have been imprisoned for over a year – some for almost two years – are going to U.S. federal court to challenge their detention at the notorious Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan

Shaker Aamer: Guantanamo's Last British Detainee
By Robert Verkaik

He was supposed to return to Britain in 2007 – but Shaker Aamer is still being held inside Camp Delta. Who is this charismatic prisoner? And what happened to him at the hands of MI5?

Flexible Afghanistan War Objectives:
And The Agony Grinds On

By Ramzy Baroud

The intellectual cowardice of some should not blind the majority to the fact that the war in Afghanistan is morally indefensible and militarily unwinnable

How Kucinich's Resolution To End The War
Will Help Us End The War

By David Swanson

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 4th, Congressman Dennis Kucinich plans to introduce a privileged resolution to end the Afghan War. The resolution requires that the House debate, within the next week, the continuing war in Afghanistan, now the second longest war in American history

Mercenaries Circling Haiti
By Bill Quigley

On March 9 and 10, there will be a Haiti conference in Miami for private military and security companies to showcase their services to governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in the earthquake devastated country

How To Fight A Better War (Next Time)
By Tom Engelhardt

Three Fixes for the American way of war

What In The World Are They Spraying?
By Michael J. Murphy

Concerned citizens demand answers about global stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering programs

Thinking: At A Premium In America
By Sean Fenley

When the official left and the ‘liberals’ have no coherent and effective program at all/whatsoever is it really a surprise when folks flock to the Tea Bag movement for the ‘answers’!?? Heck, if you’ve got a nifty marketing logo, in this country, you can sell salt to a slug! So if the Tea Baggers can do it, then why shouldn’t we be able to do it also?

J Street - Two Years After Its Formation
By Dan Lieberman

There might be a shift in the ranks, but J Street, knowingly or unknowingly, essentially caters to another clientele. This clientele is more humane and less dogmatic, but J Street still must prove that it does not, in effect, complement AIPAC

Entering The Scary "Lacuna" Of American Politics
By Bernard Weiner

I finally finished reading Barbara Kingsolver's latest brilliant novel, "The Lacuna," and it's the kind of book that engenders discussion on a wide variety of important topics

“Mullahs Are Coming”! Cry Wolf In Bangladesh
By Taj Hashmi

One wonders as to why this outrageous distortion of reality is being sold as “Crime in the Name of Belief”. One wonders as to why some people see the hidden hands of omnipresent Islamists pulling the invisible string to turn Bangladesh into a “Taliban State”

Protesters In Eastern India Battle Against
Mining Giant Arcelor Mittal

By Moushumi Basu

In the rural, tribal lands of Eastern India, protesters are going head-to-head with world steel giant Arcelor Mittal. "We may give away our lives, but we will not part with an inch of our ancestral land," the villagers cry. "The forest, rivers and land are ours. We don't want factories, steel or iron. Arcelor Mittal Go Back."

Gujarat Pogrom: The End Of Impunity
By Teesta Setalvad

It's the 8th anniversary of the gujarat genocide. Will justice ever be done?

Israeli Apartheid Video Contest Underway

Stop the Wall and itisapartheid.org are organizing the first international Israeli apartheid short film contest. Please consider making and submitting a film to this contest

02 March, 2010

Israeli Apartheid Week Kicks Off
By Ilaria Giglioli

Six years since the launch at the University of Toronto, Israeli Apartheid Week is taking place in more than 40 cities in five continents, and is a key event in the yearly calendar of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement

Russell Tribunal Aims To Hold
The International Community To Account

By Frank Barat

The first session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine has begun in Barcelona and will end tomorrow, March 3 . The RTP is a peoples' tribunal focusing not on Israel's obligations under international humanitarian law such as the Fourth Geneva Convention, but on the obligations of the international community of signatory states which sustain and enable Israel's continuous violations of international law

Ralph Nader Was Right About Barack Obama
By Chris Hedges

We owe Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney an apology. They were right about Barack Obama. They were right about the corporate state. They had the courage of their convictions and they stood fast despite wholesale defections and ridicule by liberals and progressives

Empire, Oligarchy And Democracy
By Ralph Nader

The twin swelling heads of Empire and Oligarchy are driving our country into an ever-deepening corporate state, wholly incompatible with democracy and the rule of law

Muslims Are Their Own Worst Enemy
By Paul Craig Roberts

As long as Muslims hate and fear one another more than they hate their conquerors, they will remain a vanquished people

Gaza: Frustration, Suffocation And Crisis
By Eva Bartlett

Nidal Abu Leila, 10, lost his ability to speak, think and walk, a result of trauma from the sustained Israeli bombing of Gaza last year. The Gaza Community Health Centre found that 91.4 per cent of children in Gaza displayed symptoms of moderate to very severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Palestinians Excluded From Bulk Of
Occupied West Bank

By Mel Frykberg

Israel's illegal occupation and continued expropriation of Palestinian land in the West Bank has left 2.5 million Palestinians living there with effectively less than 40 percent of the territory

Funding Israeli Militarism,
Belligerence And Occupation

By Stephen Lendman

From birth, Israel was a regional menace until America became its benefactor in the late 1960s. Now it's a global one, powerful with a large standing army and the latest weapons and technology, nuclear armed and ready to use them. It's belligerent on the slightest pretext or none at all, and a threat to world peace and security because US administrations since Lyndon Johnson supported a nation of 5.6 million Jews in an area the size of New Jersey, partnering in its worst crimes and abuses

Finding A Cure For The Insidious Cancers Of
"Hope" And "Faith"

By Carolyn Baker

So what is the cure for hope and faith? The first aspect of the cure, quite simply, is total honesty. The statements by Hedges, Jensen, Osheroff, and Bageant, are replete with white-hot honesty. And whenever we get brutally honest, we are confronted with emotions-most of which are unpleasant. That said, let's start with the most basic reality of all: Industrial civilization is in the process of collapsing which means that as a result, there is absolutely no return to normal, and our lives are also in the process of being permanently altered

The Saddest Story
By David Swanson

One of the most unusual books and far-and-away the saddest I have ever read is James Douglass's "JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters." This is the best documented account ever produced of why and how the CIA assassinated John F. Kennedy

Dignifying Human Dignity: An Answer To Christianity And Islam's Compatibility
With Democracy

By Acmad Toquero Macarimbang

Democracy is believed to be a modern phenomenon in governance. The word “democracy” is not directly stated in the Bible and Qur'an, but there are narratives and interpretations that are substantially relating to the notion of modern democracy. This paper will present theological reasons why both religions are compatible with democratic forms of governance and how these grounds are anchored in the elements of Christianity and Islamic worldviews

Political Empowerment Of Women
By Prof K Nageshwar

The Union Cabinet has approved the much- delayed Women’s Reservation Bill providing 33 per cent reservation to women in Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies. The Bill is likely to come in this session of Parliament

Tasleema Nasreen And The Four Pillars Of Learning
By Mustafa Khan

On March 1, 2010 violence broke out on account of what Tasleema Nasreen had purportedly written much earlier. Why did the Kannada papers wait until she was granted her last extension of visa only last week and republish her article to coincide with it? Of course, there is a tactical move which would bring political gains to one party but would not have the moral justification of communities living together. Harmonious peaceful coexistence rather than political skullduggery should have weighed in republishing that article, “Let’s Think Again About the Burqa”

African Americans Have Seven Times
Greater Chance Of Imprisonment

By Sherwood Ross

Many factors contribute to the incarceration today of more blacks than whites even though blacks make up just 13 percent of the U.S. population. For example, of nearly 250,000 state inmates serving time for drug offenses in 2004, 113,000 (or 45%) were blacks compared to 66,000, (or 26%) whites and 52,000, (or 21%) Hispanics

Pride, Prejudice, And Propaganda:
Salvaging The American Dream

By Robert S. Becker

Hear the hosannas this Great Recession isn’t so bad, no national tragedy, no generational plague, barely involving predatory lending. ABC News is preaching that this healthy downturn “will improve all of our lives by bringing us back to the original vision of the American Dream.”

01 March, 2010

Major Iraqi Parties Anxious Over Possible
Massive Ballot Fraud

By Juan Cole

Al-Hayat writes in Arabic that the National Iraqi Alliance, a coalition of Shiite religious parties, has alleged that there are 800,000 imaginary voters' names on the election rolls. Member of parliament for the National Iraqi Alliance, Qasim Da'ud, told al-Hayat that his coalition has already detected numerous instances of attempted fraud in the upcoming election. He said that there is evidence that the Independent High Electoral Commission has come under undue pressure in this regard

A Third Intifada In Palestine?
By Juan Cole

Last week the Israeli government designated the Cave of the Patriarchs an Israeli heritage site. Since it is on the Palestinian West Bank, it cannot be an Israeli heritage site, though it certainly is a Jewish one. The move provoked protests in al-Khalil, with youths throwing stones at Israeli soldiers and threatening a third popular uprising or Intifada. As a result of this atmosphere of tension, the Israeli military locked down the Palestinian West Bank on Sunday as Israeli colonists there celebrated the festival of Purim

America's Permanent War Agenda
By Stephen Lendman

America's Permanent War Economy....has endured since the end of World War II....Since then the US has been at war - somewhere - every year, in Korea, Nicaragua, Vietnam, the Balkans, Afghanistan - all this to the accompaniment of shorter military forays in Africa, Chile, Grenada, Panama," and increasingly at home against its own people

U.N. To Create Science Panel To Review IPCC
By Sunanda Creagh

An independent board of scientists is to review the work of a U.N. climate panel, whose credibility came under attack after it published errors, a U.N. environment spokesman said on Friday

Marx's Ecology And The Ecological Revolution
By John Bellamy Foster Interviewed By Aleix Bombila

A critical Marxist approach, especially in our time, requires an ecological worldview, while a critical human ecology requires an anti-capitalist and ultimately socialist orientation (i.e., a Marxist one). In terms of united work that Marxists and ecologists can share, social justice and environmental sustainability: saving humanity and saving the earth. You can't expect to achieve one without the other, and neither is possible under the existing system

A Farmer's Fears
By Idoro Ancog

This powerful speech - well worth reading in full - was made at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) technical conference in Guadalajara, Mexico. The Boholano people live on the island province of Bohol in the Philippines

Violations of Iraqi Children Rights
Under the American Occupation

By Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi

For two decades, Iraqi children, along with all other elements of Iraqi society, have been subjected to grave human rights violations. Here is a detailed study on the suffering of Iraqi children

Jordan: Where Iraqi Women Are Also Fathers
By Hanan Tabbara

According to UNHCR estimates, over 4.7 million Iraqis have been displaced since the United States-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, with at least 700,000 of them settled in refugee camps in Jordan. Iraqi refugee women are bearing a disproportionate burden of family responsibilities. Many have had their husbands either killed, disappeared or seriously injured. The onus is now on the women to find a way to secure income

A Titanic Budget In An Ocean Of Icebergs
By Jo Comerford

Will the USS budget go down?

People Power Trumps Corporate Power:
R.I.P Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant

Kathleen Krevetski Interviewed By Carolyn Baker

The February 24 decision by the Vermont Senate not to relicense Vermont Yankee was a stunning triumph of activism and local political action by citizens passionately committed to their place and its environment. Carolyn Baker interviews Kathleen Krevetski of Rutland who was at the froefront of the fight against the nuclear plant

Three More Houses Demolished In Gaza
By Eva Bartlett

Israeli bulldozers had come in a week prior and destroyed his house and livelihood, and those of 2 other neighbouring families, tearing down 3 houses in total and 17 dunams of treed land

Is Kapil Sibal Behind The Draconian Provisions
That Puts GM Critics In Jail?

By Devinder Sharma

Coomi Kapoor from the Indian Express has perhaps provided us the right answer. In her column "Inside Track" (Sunday Express, Feb 28, 2010), she writes that the bill was actually drafted in March 2008 when Kapil Sibal was the Minister for Science & Technology

How Obama’s Health Care “Reform”
Kills Health Care

By Shamus Cooke

It’s difficult to understand a subject when those explaining it are motivated not by truth, but profit. In the case of health care, both Democrats and Republicans have huge financial incentives to obscure, mislead, or lie. Instead of common sense and honesty directing the debate, bags of money facilitate the conversation, funneled in from the health care industry via lobbyists into Congressmen’s pockets. This is the real reason that Obama’s “health care summit” was full of free-market jargon, staged debate and fake rage

Tea-Parties And Progressives, Maybe
We Should Listen To Each Other

By Timothy V. Gatto

I’m watching the Tea-Partiers, Glenn Beck and Alex Jones with interest, you see me and people like me are exactly the ones they profess to hate, Liberal Progressives. It makes me chuckle when I hear their complaints. Allow me to bring up some of their major complaints so we are all on the same page here