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Malegaon People’s Appeal To The Government

By Mustafa Khan

24 March, 2010

The feeling and expectations of the people of Malegaon regarding their grievance over the arrest of innocent people in Malegaon blasts of September 8, 2006 has been given short shrift on account of the shoddy investigation by the police, ATS and CBI.

Despite the assurance of the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh that no person or organization howsoever influential would be left out of investigation and every material proof would be included in the investigation of Malegaon bomb blasts of 2006, the real state of the investigation is far from satisfactory.

On September 1st 2006 itself the Nasik control room received actionable intelligence that terrorist attack would take place within a short period. The ASP of Malegaon Mr. Kumbhare had informed the SP (Rural) Mr. Rajwardhan that there was imminent threat. The ASP had gone to the trustees of Hamidiya mosque at the grave yard a day before the bomb blasts and apprised them of the danger. He mentioned that police would be deployed within and outside the graveyard and beggars would not be allowed within the vicinity of the mosque and the graveyard. Even then there were no police men in sight when the blasts occurred and many beggars were injured and killed within the premises of the mosque. Why were there no police men at the mosque?

The police charged Noorulhuda as the principal accused although he was under surveillance of the police who had made it mandatory for him to report them on daily basis and not to leave the town without their permission. His case stands out as the most moving picture of bias of the police and the administration. Coming from an indigent family taken up with providing food and shelter to the members, he could hardly even imagine committing crime. For every sensitive occasion in the town the police would harass him although he was never involved in any criminal activity. He was forcibly and illegally subjected to narco analysis test at Bangalore where nothing incriminating was found against him. Nay, because of this impeccable record the laboratory in charge Ms Malini beat him repeatedly and told him to confess to the crimes the police had wanted him to confess. For such unscientific and unprofessional behaviour she was sacked. There was in fact no prima facie evidence against Noorulhuda. The Lord Magistrate of Malegaon had rejected the police application seeking for brain mapping, lie-detector and narco analysis tests, Even so the police made him go through the tests.

Coming in the year of the Nanded blast, the Malegaon Hamidiya mosque blasts fall into a pattern. The bomb blasts at Purna mosque, Parbhani mosque, Jalna mosque, Mecca mosque Hyderabad, Jama Masjid Delhi and Malegaon have all occurred between 1.35 PM and 1.45 PM on Friday midday prayer when the crowd of Muslims is fullest. Even the Nanded bomb was scheduled to explode at the railway station mosque in Aurangabad on April 4 2006 at 1.35 PM but because of the mistake in setting instead of 1.35 PM it exploded at 1.35 AM in the house of the Bajrang Dal activist Naresh before he and his accomplice could travel to Aurangabad. In most cases Hindutva extremists were involved. But without rhyme and reason the police booked Muslims in Malegaon blasts!

This is very bizarre because none of the accused in Malegaon 2006 blasts resemble the police sketches of the suspects even remotely. Most of the accused are bearded while the sketches are of country youths of rather Hindu origin as they are clean shaved. The police in fact believed one to be a Bajrang Dal activist, Dashrath Pawar. (cited,Tehelka) One of the most poignantly left out aspects is the abandoning of police search for the prototypes of the sketches. One of them had tried to keep a black bag with a tea vendor who recognized him when the sketches were telecast. He volunteered to go to the police and help them. Nothing came out of this.


There is urgent need to thoroughly vet the record in the public domain as well as the reports of police and intelligence agencies regarding Lt Col Shrikant Purohit and the Abhinav Bharat. They along with their accomplices had trained more than 500 Hindu youths to target Muslims through bomb attacks. There is strong possibility that important clues can still be found of the Malegaon blasts of 2006 and 2008 in tracking their whereabouts. Such as the mystery that still shrouds the organizational link of the following accused.

In a raid to the basement of private hospital pathology laboratory in April 2008 the police had recovered five live and three used RDX explosives. Among other seized items were a laptop, a scanner, a pistol, two mobile phones and four fake currency notes of Rs 1000 each as well as Rs 5000 in cash. Those arrested from the site were Nitish Ashire, Sahebao Dhurve, and Jitendra Khema. They were members of some organization whose identity is not known.

This is another area which the local police and ATS and CBI did not follow up and must be included in investigation.

The most crucial part of the two bomb blast incidents of 2006 and 2008 is that ATS has deliberately overlooked the broader significance of the blasts of 2006. After the arrest of Lt Col Purohit and Sadhvi Pragyasingh Thackur and their statements they emerge as the principal actors involved in the blasts of 2006 as well. Quintesstially, the 60 kg RDX that Purohit had given to Bhagwan requires to be accounted for. Did a part of it go in the making of the bombs that exploded in 2006? This hindsight revelation necessitates a thorough probe which the CBI and ATS have not done and have thrown innocents in prison!



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