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Iraqi Mother's Day

By Hussein Anwar

22 March, 2010
The Mesopotamian

"Iraqi mother Wafaa Hussein, tries to revive her dead son Thaer, aged six, at a Baquba morgue, northeast of Baghdad, 16 September 2007. The boy was shot by an unidentified sniper while riding with his family in a public bus from Baghdad to Baquba"

No...I don't think it is enough, I suggest you take another look and reflect, another look and put your self in her shoes if you were a female, and a male and imagine yourself a father. I suggest you look at them again and again and again...and no we do not want your sympathy nor compassion...we are here to make you see your tyranny.

Today is the World's Mother's Day, I find that not all mothers deserve to be given a gift, a poem, a letter of love, an award or a reward on that day, because many mothers have been bad ones, busy with the boyfriend and leaving their children to do what they want not knowing what their children are doing, busy sniffing cocaine and lost in a trance not caring about their baby child...this often happens in the infamous United States of America.

The Iraqi women in general and specifically Iraqi mothers even the ones in prison have suffered more than any other woman can suffer. The Iraqi women are the most women that suffered the most in the 21st century and even in this millennium. They have seen many things, horrible, disgusting, inhuman, barbaric torture and rape no one has even seen before, many of them lost their children, 2 million widows in Baghdad only, many of them lost all their children, many of them lost their jobs, their homes and their husbands and were forced into prostitution only to feed their children.

Iraqi women have suffered allot not even Palestinian women have suffered. What is Palestine? what is Gaza? I am sick and tired hearing of Gaza all the time on the news. Gaza is a city smaller than a quarter of Baghdad with a population no more than 410,000 and it is making a fuss all over the news, and the GREAT IRAQ with over 30 Million is suffering much more and MORE than what Gaza has suffered, and barely put on the news...except for election of course.

I admit that I am not a Woman Rights Activist but the truth must be told, it is a matter of having a sense of humanity. Never during these 7 years have I seen the suffering of Iraqi women in Iraq or abroad, never have I seen it on TV...NEVER! and all the time I see the blabbering about Palestinian women waiting for their sons to be released from prison carrying their son's photos before the camera. Are they the only ones who have sons? what about us? are we not counted? Or is it because you categorize things the way you like? or is it because you find Israelis an occupation and the Americans as coalition forces? FUCK YOU!

The Iraqi mothers must be compensated, and believe me no matter what you do, what you provide them you will not compensate them well...not enough to turn off the burning fire in their chests. The only thing that will turn off the burning fire in their chests is a time machine...which will not happen, you took away from them their sons, their virginity that not even the most powerful man in your fucking America can return back to them.

How about cutting your arm...or lets forget about the arm, how about cutting one finger and throwing it away...what will that make you feel for the rest of your life? You will feel incomplete...you lost a part of your body that will not return...well you bastards killed their sons that lived inside their bellies, a living human that is part of their blood and flesh, the baby that lived inside their bellies for 9 months for God's sake!!! you took their virginity away that no one will return to them.


Look at Wafaa...scroll back to the pictures...be my guest. Look at her...she is in complete SHOCK, she is in complete DENIAL! her 6 year old son Thaer is dead, shot with a sniper and she is trying hard to revive him...deep inside her she knows he wont wake up again, but she is clinging to the hope inside her...or what is left of it. Look at her...her son's blood is all over her...even dry, a scene that breaks the heart, tears my heart into pieces. I don't know about you...

This is what you have done! This is what you made of Iraqi mothers, and this is HER day! the least your fucked up government can do is sponsor them...you have enough money to pay thousands of dollars for each soldier per day, but you do not have the money to pay these women, at least be in charge of their living, their medication, God knows what diseases they have developed. A heart's wound is more than enough to develop cancer, mourning for their sons and families is more than enough to develop cancer in their livers.

Every Iraqi can cut a part of his/her salary and send what they can to any of the suffering families, even if it was 50 dollars, that is a duty Iraqis should recognize and adopt. These are your fellow Iraqis, if you wont heal their wounds, you their Iraqi fellows...then who will? if you wont try to fill their void...then who will?

Perhaps you should read a post I wrote earlier...maybe it will wake something inside you that has been long dead, maybe this post will water the dry seed inside you, maybe it will help it blossom again.

A man has a level of tolerance, he can live off the land, sleep anywhere, tolerate the intolerable because by nature he is tough, cold hearted, a bastard in disguise, rough, mean and a freak of nature. A woman is the opposite, she might have a job and provide the best education and living for her sons and daughters but at some point she will need help, she will need someone to lift the heavy weight with her. It is your duty to do your best to draw a smile on their faces on this day...Mother's day.

It is your duty to make them as happy as possible, you never know...maybe simple things will make them happy, maybe a poem on their pillow, or a love letter, a letter of appreciation, at least appreciating the 9 months she held you in her belly. A flower...a big red rose, a kiss and a warm hug, a tear, a kiss on the feet, a great meal, anything can make them happy on this day, just make them feel appreciated...because you should appreciate them, even if they were not your actual biological mothers, it could be the widow next door, it could be a widow of someone you know and you happen to be the same age as her lost son, or even daughter, not necessarily your mother.

The Iraqi women deserve the best like all other decent women, because the Iraqi women have suffered the most and nothing will heal their wounds, the least you can do is embrace them, compensate them and make them feel appreciated.

Have some sense of humanity...
and appreciation...

That is all what they need, at least the essentials...simple things can make them happy, you dont need to make something extraordinary if you cant just to make them happy on this special day...beleive me...even simple things can make them happy.


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