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A Prosthetic Leg At The Palestinian Auschwitz

By Kawther Salam

19 March , 2010

Monday 14 March 2010 at quarter past nine in the morning at the Zionist Qalandiya checkpoint towards entry into Jerusalem, the gate of Auschwitz 2. A female Israeli Nazi soldier orders an invalid Palestinian girl to take off her pants in front of the crowd of Palestinians waiting at the checkpoint, thousands of waiting men and women. The girl had a prosthetic leg which was fixed with metal screw. She was carrying an Israeli permit issued by the military intelligence in Beit Ill, which supposedly allows her access to Jerusalem for medical treatment. To understand this, it is important to know that the Israeli military intelligence only issues permissions to people who either themselves or their extended families never had so-called "security problems", who are not political activists.

At the gate of the zionist second Auschwitz installed at the entrance of Ramallah, where self-appointed President Mahmoud Abbas and his Judenrat of zionist friends, american employees and quislings have their headquarters, an alarm rang when the invalid girl with the leg prosthesis tried to pass the gate.

The innocent girl showed her shoes for invalid people, and told the female soldier that she had a prosthetic leg fixed with a metal screw metal. It would have been enough to check the permit issued to the girl by the Israeli military command. But the soldier turned into a fury and shouted into the face of the girl, who took off her shoes and put them into the electronic checking machine. However, the soldier continued screaming at girl and ordered it her to take off her pants. The female soldier did not allow the girl to take her pants off inside the check room of this second Auschwitz. Out of pure sadism, to satisfy her deep content, for the fun of demeaning and humiliating the girl, this woman insisted that the girl take off her pants in front of thousands of men and a women, instead of allowing the girl into the room which exists exactly for this purpose.

The girl took off her pants on the street in front of everybody, at the entrance of the zionist second Auschwitz. The girl felt that she was deliberating being offended and her privacy violated in front of everybody, and she cried. Everybody at the entrance of Auschwitz 2 saw the girl and the way how she was being humiliated, and everybody wished with all their hearts and feelings that Israel and their dogs in the PA would removed from existence and from humanity at once.

Nidal Hamad, a Palestinian journalist, wrote about the story of this girl at the gate of the second Auschwitz. In his piece he described the gate where the invalid girl was forced to take off her pants saying: "The gate at Qalandiya is similar to the gate of the concentration camps at Auschwitz and Treblinka in Poland during the time of Hitler and Nazism. It is similar to the gates of the Nazi death camps elsewhere in Europe. These camps, which tortured and killed and displaced European Jews, on racial, religious and other base grounds, in these camps the Nazis detained and tortured and killed the Jews very slowly, exactly in the same way, resulting in the same scenes, and by using the same racism and arrogance, the same humiliation, domination, oppression and abuse, the same torture and the same sophistication in the commission of their crimes, as what is happening now in Palestine. But this time the victims are not the European jews, but the Palestinian Arabs, and the offenders are not the German Nazis, or the European fascists, but the Zionist Jews who hold grudges and hate against everybody in their chests. These are the Zionists who occupied the land of Palestine, who expelled the Palestinians from their homeland in order to set up their own state on the ruins of the Palestinian towns, cities and villages. These Zionist gangs, Hagana, Palmach and others do not know anything about the people and the land of Canaan. They do not know anything about the descendants of Sam the son of Noah, they have monopolized the meaning of being Semitic for themselves, and now start accusing anybody who exposes their crimes as anti-Semitic".

It is a complicated equation. Will the practices of the Zionist, these false, wannabe Semites, become the beginning of the end for Israel? The answer to this question is very difficult, but all who live the daily humiliations and indignities at the hands of the jews in Palestine, hopes for the demise of both Israel and the Palestinian National Authority, which has become a nightmare which darkens of the lives of all Palestinians life, rather than giving us hope and life.