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22 March, 2005

Remember What? Remember How?
By Uri Avnery

Sixty years after the end of the Holocaust, it is time to grow out of all this.The time has come to turn the memory of the Holocaust from an exclusively Jewish property into a world-wide human possession.The mourning, the anger and the shame must be turned into a universal message against all forms of genocide

11 March, 2005

Bush's Guru
By Uri Avnery

When Israelis heard for the first time about Bush citing Natan Sharansky as his guide and mentor, they gasped in disbelief. Sharansky? Our Sharansky?

06 March, 2005

The Next Crusades
By Uri Avnery

The US government's posturings to bring democracy and freedom to Lebanon , disregarding its complexities and history can only push that country into civil war and with it the whole of Middle East

22 February, 2004

Beware Of The Dog!
By Uri Avnery

If Iran does not submit to the orders of the US (and, perhaps, even if it does) Israel will attack it with American help, much as it attacked the Iraqi nuclear reactor some 24 years ago

25 November, 2004

Bush And Sharon After Arafat
By Uri Avnery

Let no one have any illusions: Sharon will use every means, overt and covert, in order to destroy any "moderate" Palestinian leadership. His natural ally is Hamas, which opposes any negotiations with Israel. As of now, Abu-Mazen is Enemy No. 1

23 November, 2004

Missing Arafat
By Uri Avnery & Ari Shavit

Uri Avnery speaks about a world with and without Yasser Arafat

15 November, 2004

After Arafat
By Uri Avnery

Ariel Sharon has absolutely no interest in sitting opposite a democratically elected Palestinian leadership enjoying international legitimacy and respect. He will do everything to prevent elections, and, of course, blame the Palestinians

07 November, 2004

A Man And His People
By Uri Avnery

Wherever Arafat may be buried when he passes away, the day will come when his remains will be reinterred by a free Palestinian government in the holy shrines in Jerusalem

03 November, 2004

The Importance Of Being “Irrelevant”
By Uri Avnery

Yasser Arafat who years ago was officially declared by the Israeli government to be “irrelevant”, was headline news all over the world this week. There are very few leaders around whose state of health would command similar attention

25 October, 2004

On The Road To Civil War
By Uri Avnery

Everybody in Israel is talking about the Next War. The most popular TV channel is running a whole series about it.Not another war with the Arabs. Not the nuclear threat from Iran. Not the ongoing bloody confrontation with the Palestinians.The talk is about the coming civil war

18 October, 2004

Thank You, Dubby
By Uri Avnery

By now, everybody has had a go at analyzing the interview with Dov (“Dubby”) Weisglass, Ariel Sharon’s most intimate confidant. But there is precious little to analyze. His statement is crystal clear: the “redeployment plan” was designed to “freeze” the peace process for decades, to put an end to the possibility of a Palestinian state, once and for all

17 October, 2004

Eggs In One Basket
By Uri Avnery

What would happen if Americans started to wonder about the roots of the terrorism of Islamic fanatics? Won't there be some who would argue that America got into the Clash of Civilizations with the Muslim world only because of Israel?

03 October, 2004

A Nation? What Nation?
By Uri Avnery

It sounds like a joke, but it is quite serious.The government of Israel does not recognize the Israeli nation. It says that there is no such thing!

13 September, 2004

God Wills It!
By Uri Avnery

Many of the most heinous crimes in human history were committed in the name of religion. May God protect us from those who would speak in His name

08 September, 2004

How Are You, Non-Violence?
By Uri Avnery

As long as the Sharon government, with the active encouragement of President Bush, goes on enlarging the settlements, building the Wall and all the other actions of annexation, there is no way to convince Palestinian public opinion to turn its back on violence

01 September, 2004

An Officer In Court
By Uri Avnery

The Berlin wall was smashed and the debris sold as souvenirs to foreign and local tourists. A really sharp operator would now be applying for a concession to sell off chunks when this wall’s time comes

25 August, 2004

A Very Special Kind Of War
By Uri Avnery

What's going on in occupied territories is a very special war, because it confers rights only on the fighters of one side. On the other side, there is no war, no fighters, and no rights of fighters, but only criminals, terrorists, murderers. Why?

20 August, 2004

Israel And US Elections
By Uri Avnery

Right from the beginning, the State of Israel has been critically affected by events in the United States. “If America sneezes, Israel catches cold,” is the local version of the universal saying. This is particularly true in the run-up to American elections

09 August, 2004

Some Order In The Mess
By Uri Avnery

Ariel Sharon’s “disengagement” plan has already made a mess on all levels. It has sparked a continuing cabinet crisis, an upheaval in several parties, a disorientation of public opinion, confusion in the security establishment and armed confrontations between Palestinian organizations

The Oligarchs
By Uri Avnery

Oligarchy and democracy are incompatible. As a Russian commentator said about the new Russian democracy: “They have turned a virgin into a whore.”

There Are Judges In The Hague
By Uri Avnery

The same crane that puts the blocks there can also remove them. It happened in Germany. It will happen here. The decision of the judges of The Hague, coming from 15 different countries, has made a contribution to that

To Drink From The Sea Of Gaza
By Uri Avnery

"By the end of 2005, not a single Jew will remain in the Gaza Strip!" claims the new Gaza disengagement plan.This reminds us of the classic Jewish joke about the Polish nobleman who threatens his Jew with death if he does not teach his beloved horse to read and write

Sharon's Method
By Uri Avnery

The directive for the onslaught on Rafah came from the political leadership, in order to gratify the primitive emotions of a part of the public. Simply put: they hurt us, so we hurt them tenfold. Ten eyes for an eye, ten teeth for a tooth. That's how votes are won

Living In A Bubble
By Uri Avnery

Palestine and Israel each live sealed in its closed bubble, cut off from the other, and, indeed, from the world at large. Inside its bubble, each people cultivates their grievances, the conviction of being the ultimate victim, the memory of the injustices done to them, the anger at the other, cruel, murderous and detestable people

Sharon's Skin And Bush's Spots
By Uri Avnery

Sharon is prepared to evacuate the 7,000 Jewish settlers who are living in Gaza strip, in return for the consolidation of the West Bank settlements, where 250,000 Jewish settlers live

Three Generals, One Martyr
By Uri Avnery

The picture of Hamas as an inveterate enemy of all peace and compromise is not accurate. The picture is much more complex than meets the eye

Bravo, Amigos!
By Uri Avnery

The Spanish people reacted differently to the big terrorist attack on their soil by throwing out their prime minister who took them to war in Iraq. When will the Israeli publics know the real meaning of terrorist attacks?

The Ghetto Inside
By Uri Avnery

"It is easier to get the Jews out of the ghetto than to get the ghetto out of the Jews!" - this dictum of the early Zionists is now assuming a new meaning. Israel is cutting itself off from the world and enclosing itself in a ghetto, and not only physically

Anti-Semitism vs. Anti-Zionism -A Practical Manual
By Uri Avnery

One hates someone for being a Jew, Arab, woman, black, Indian, Muslim, Hindu. His or her personal attributes, actions, achievements are unimportant. If he or she belongs to the abhorred race, religion or gender, they will be hated

Israel's Conscientious Objectors
By Uri Avnery

When five 19-year old youngsters choose to go to prison rather than enjoy the freedom of the occupiers, Kant himself would have saluted them. The protest against an immoral regime is a categorical imperative

Sharon's Speech Decoded
By Uri Avnery

Sharon's "Herzliyah speech" outlined a whole, detailed - and extremely dangerous - plan. It is impossible to decipher it without breaking the code. And it is impossible to break the code without knowing Ariel Sharon very well indeed

Human Shield
By Uri Avnery

A personal account from Gush Shalom activist Uri Avnery who is in the courtyard of Arafat's Mukat'ah (compound) in Ramallah as a human shield

Slow Motion Ethnic Cleansing
By Uri Avnery

"But there are other ways to implement ethnic cleansing: not dramatically, but slowly, daily, even routinely. Like, for example, what's happening now in Bethlehem."

The Magnificent 27
By Uri Avnery

The decision of the 27 Air Force pilots who refused to fly sorties over the occupied territories is magnificent. Some day Israel will recognize the huge debt it owes to the valiant 27

Uri Avnery To Act As Human Shield For Arafat

"I am willing to put myself at risk and serve as a human shield, in order to foil Prime Minster Sharon's intention to murder the leader of the Palestinian People. So are many of my my fellows in the Israeli peace movement"

Removing Arafat
By Uri Avnery

So now it is official: the government of Israel has decided to assassinate Yasser Arafat

Betrayal At Camp David
By Uri Avnery

Before the meeting even started, the Americans had, without consulting the parties, prepared the full text of an agreement. This text is very similar to the agreement that eventually emerged

Killing The Road Map
By Uri Avnery

The Road Map is dead, and the killing was a classic putsch

Hero In War And Peace
By Uri Avnery

If Sharon and the army command succeed in disrupting the hudna (truce) and bring about the renewal of the intifada, they will not break the Palestinians, who will refuse to submit. And after large-scale bloodshed, Yasser Arafat will make a speech in the Knesset, as did Sadat, the "Hero of War and Peace".

Who Will Save Abu-Mazen?
By Uri Avnery

Abu-Mazen will fall before the end of October--this conviction is gaining ground in leading Palestinian circles

Caesar's Favor
By Uri Avnery

Hail Caesar, those who are about to kill Abu Mazen salute you

Will the Hudna last?
By Uri Avnery

After "Intifada" (shaking off) and "Shahid" (martyr), another Arabic term has entered the world's vocabulary: "Hudna" (truce)

To Aqaba And Back
By Uri Avnery

What makes George Bush run? Why this sudden enthusiasm for personal intervention in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

The Children's Teeth
By Uri Avnery

Let there be no illusions: Sharon's final goal is turning the whole country, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river, into an exclusively Jewish state

The Evil Wall
By Uri Avnery

The wall twists like a snake according to a simple principle: most of the settlements must remain on the western side of the wall, i.e. eventually to be absorbed into Israel

Abu Against Abu
By Uri Avnery

The clash between Yasser Arafat (Abu-Amar) and Mahmud Abbas (Abu-Mazen) is not a clash of egos but a debate about existential questions

Why Do They Kill Children?
by Uri Avnery

An enquiry into the psyche of a Palestine suicide bomber





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