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Jinhe Naaz Hai Hind Par Woh Kahan Hain?
Where are those who are proud of India?

By Shamsul Islam

27 February, 2016

I am sure that every Indian patriot remembers this heart wrenching song penned by Sahir Ludhinvi,sung by Mohammed Rafi under the music direction of SD Burman for Piyaasaa, a memorable 1957 film by Guru Dutt. This song expressed the sorrows of common Indians who felt cheated despite a decade of country’s freedom. And what’s happening almost seven decades of India’s freedom? India finds itself governed by a clique controlled by RSS which has no faith in democracy and openly declares its antagonism to constitutional polity of India.

The most important theoretician; Guru of this gang, MS Golwalkar set its governing philosophy as early as 1940 while addressing the 1350 top level cadres of the RSS at its headquarters at Nagpur in the following words:

“The RSS inspired by one flag, one leader and one ideology is lighting the flame of Hindutva in each and every corner of this great land.”

This slogan of one flag, one leader and one ideology was directly borrowed from the programmes of the Nazi and Fascist Parties of Europe. Mind it 1940 was the year when Armies of Hitler and Mussolini were marching on Europe.

RSS denigrated everything which represented the united freedom struggle of the Indian people against the foreign rulers and hated all those symbols of composite Indian nation which were agreed upon by the people of India. Just on the eve of Independence English organ of the RSS, Organizer (August 14, 1947) carried a feature titled 'mystery behind the bhagwa dhawaj' (saffron flag) which while demanding hoisting of saffron flag at the ramparts of Red Fort in Delhi, openly denigrated the choice of the Tri-colour as the National Flag in the following words:

"The people who have come to power by the kick of fate may give in our hands the Tricolour but it never be respected and owned by Hindus. The word three is in itself an evil, and a flag having three colours will certainly produce a very bad psychological effect and is injurious to a country."

It was November 26, 1949 that under the guidance of Dr BR Ambedkar Indian Constituent Assembly passed a democratic-secular Constitution. But it was unacceptable to anti-national RSS. RSS following into the footsteps of anti-India, Muslim League and echoing latter’s words of in defence of two-nation theory that Hindus & Muslims are two different nations denigrated this Constitution. Just on the eve of Independence its organ (Organizer, August 14, 1947) rejected the whole concept of a composite nation (under the editorial title ‘Whither’). According to RSS:

”Let us no longer allow ourselves to be influenced by false notions of nationhood. Much of the mental confusion and the present and future troubles can be removed by the ready recognition of the simple fact that in Hindusthan only the Hindus form the nation and the national structure must be built on that safe and sound foundation […] the nation itself must be built up of Hindus, on Hindu traditions, culture, ideas and aspirations.”

Mind it that Maoists, Islamists, Khalistanis and militant groups like ULFA who uphold similar ideology and denigrate symbols of democratic-secular India have been dealt sternly with full physical might of India. Thousands of them have been killed in encounters, hanged through judicial processes and incarcerated for life terms. But RSS and its cadres who openly denigrate the national symbols of honour and openly declare that democratic-secular India will be converted into a Hindu state have been allowed to rule India so that they can undo our democratic-secular polity. Our judiciary and Head of the State oblivious of the inherent dangers due to their unfortunate ignorance of the secretive functioning of the RSS have not responded to the grave challenge. And this is the time when I remember the following line of Sahir Ludhinvi:

Jinhe Naaz Hai Hind Par Woh Kahan Hain?
Where are those who are proud of India?


Shamsul Islam is a retired Professor of University of Delhi.Email: notoinjustice@gmail.com
For some of S. Islam's writings in English, Hindi, Urdu & Gujarati see the following link:
Facebook: Shams Shamsul
Twitter: @shamsforjustice



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