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10 June, 2015

10 Questions To Kerala CM On Vizhinjam Harbour Project
By K.P Sasi

It was a historic start for the communist movement in India to come to power in Kerala with the election promises of `Development without destroying the environment’, `Development without harming people’ and `A corruption free Kerala’. Since Vizhinjam Transit Harbour is a clear violation of all these three principles, how will LDF fulfil its election promises?

27 May, 2015

20 Questions To LDF Government: Does It Want To Turn Vizhinjam
Into A Nandigram And Commit Harakiri?

By K.P. Sasi

Is the LDF trying to break its election promises within 24 hours of swearing in? Among the promises of the left, at least three promises have had a major positive impact on the minds of many voters. Those promises are: 1. Development Without Destruction of Environment, 2. Development without Harming People, and 3, Governance Without Corruption. Is the LDF trying to break its election promises within one day of its swearing in? Ramachandran Kadannappalli, the minister for Ports seems to have forgotten these promises in just one day. When the question on Vizhinjam Transit Harbour came up, he has stated with enough confidence that the problems will be solved and the project will be completed in five years since it has a national and international significance. There are certain important questions which the Minister has to answer on this issue

22 May , 2016

Vizhinjam Port Project Causes Environmental Havoc
By Countercurrents.org

Vizhinjam port being built by Adani Group near Trivandrum, capital city of Kerala, is hit by ‘rough weather’ even as it is taking its baby steps. The rains that lashed at Trivandrum coast on 17th of May itself and made the life miserable for coastal people living all along the erosion-prone beaches on the northern side of the proposed Vizhinjam port! According to news paper reports at least 150 houses washed away around the project area

09 January, 2015

Video Evidence Of Environmental Disaster Underway In Vizhinjam
By Joseph Vijayan

Here are two videos that show the enviromental destruction caused by dredging for the Vizhinjam Transit Harbour Project! One shot on January 2, 2016 after the dredging started and the other shot in February, 2015. These two contrasting videos show how a unique marine ecosystem is being destroyed in the name of development. First video shows an ecosystem in destruction. The second video shot before the dredging started shows a heavenly ecosystem underwater. It is a unique ecosystem rich with corals, sponges and other forms of marine life. Do not think that all our sea bottoms are like this. There are only very few such areas. The area is close to only Wedge Bank in India, and one of only 20 in the entire world. This is like our Silent Valley forest in the land. Unfortunately, it is being destroyed forever

05 January, 2015

Vizhinjam Port Project Is A Huge Scam: S.P. Udayakumar

04 January, 2015

Nature Will Strike Back, Says Poet-Activist Sugathakumari

18 December, 2015

Some Pertinent Questions On Vizhinjam Project.. By C.R Neelakandan


17 December, 2015

The Vizhinjam Project Is A Sell Out To Adani: A. J. Vijayan


14 December, 2015

Who Compliments Whom? The Fall Out Of Vizhinjam Port
By Anitha.S

Land worth 600 crore will be transferred To Adani. Two ancient hills of Southern Western Ghats will be quarried and dumped in sea. Road widening alone will axe 10,000 trees. The first phase of cutting has started and more than 200 trees lie on the ground. The project will directly impact the lives and livelihood of 50,000 villagers in 32 coastal villages. The famed Cape Comarine Wadge Bank will be destroyed Nascent but diverse coral outcrops will go extinct

14 December, 2015




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