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Armenian Genocide And Anglo-French & ANZAC Gallipoli Invasion Centenary –
Genocide Ignored Yields Genocide Repeated

By Dr Gideon Polya

 23 April, 2015

24 April 2015 is the 100th  anniversary  of the start of the Turkish WW1 Armenian Genocide and 25 April 2015 is the centenary of the unsuccessful and disastrous Australian and New Zealand Army Corps  (ANZAC) invasion of Turkey  at Gallipoli,  these linked events being commemorated on these dates as Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day and Anzac Day, respectively. These anniversaries highlight continuing  major issues of war crimes complicity, horrendous civilian war deaths, genocide ignoring, holocaust ignoring, genocide denial  and holocaust denial.

The Anglo-French (Allied) invasion of Anatolian Turkey in 1915 was part of an Anglo-French strategy to assist their ally Russia (that was cut off from the Mediterranean ) , to seize Constantinople (Istanbul), seize the oil-rich parts of the Middle East that were part of the Ottoman Empire, to further secure the Suez Canal and the Middle East between Europe and  British and French Asian colonial possessions, and to establish a third front against Germany and Austria-Hungary in WW1. The tragedy of WW1 arose out of Germany being squeezed out of global capitalism by the British and French Empires  and a longstanding British policy of  violently influencing the balance of power in Europe.

Months of Anglo-French bombardment of the Dardanelles (linking the Black Sea and the Mediterranean) eventually precipitated violent Turkish xenophobia on the eve of the actual Allied invasion on 25 April 2015. On 24 April 2015 the Armenian Genocide commenced with the rounding up of Armenian community leaders such as councillors, clergy and professionals and expanded  to mass killings and the forced  expulsion of Armenian  communities in horrendous death marches. An estimated 1.5 million Armenians were killed and one of the regions oldest civilizations was decimated. Successive Turkish governments have remorselessly rejected the extent and terminology of the Armenian Genocide [1].

The actual Allied land invasion of the Dardanelles region at the  Gallipoli Peninsular  (on the northern or European side of the Dardanelles) commenced on 25 April 2015. Both the British  and French used soldiers from their respective empires, including the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps  (ANZAC) forces. The ANZAC forces  were mistakenly landed on steeply sloping terrain instead of on adjoining more level terrain.  Pre-eminent British warmonger and imperialist Winston Churchill was the architect of this British imperial disaster that was associated with about 250,000 Allied casualties and about 250,000 Turkish casualties, with about 60,000 Allied soldiers and 80,000 Turkish soldiers dying before the Allies withdrew in 1916.  The Turks fought tenaciously to defend their homeland  and their general Kemal Ataturk was to later found a modern secular Turkey on the ashes of the Ottoman Empire.

However actively encouraging the vulnerable Ottoman Empire, the sick man of Europe, into war on the side of Germany (the initiating  ploy by the  British was to commandeer 2 warships being built in  Britain for the  Turkish Navy) was a great success for the British Empire  which by 1916 was in a position to carve up the former Ottoman possessions in the oil-rich and strategic Middle East between itself and France via the notorious Sykes-Picot Agreement.

One is reminded of the determined and ultimately successful British efforts  under Winston Churchill to get Japan into WW2 – this led to US entry into the war and thus  inevitable victory but  at the  dreadful cost of scores of millions of lives , notably the 40 million Chinese killed by the Japanese (1937-1945) and 6-7 million Indians deliberately starved to death by the British in the man-made Bengal Famine 1942-1945 (with Australia being  complicit in this Bengali Holocaust and Indian Holocaust by withholding grain from its huge wartime what stores) [2]. Indeed Churchill commented: “It was a blessing that Japan attacked the United States and thus brought America wholeheartedly into the war. Greater good fortune has rarely happened to the British empire than this event” [3].

The period of WW1 and its aftermath (1914-1923) was associated with not only the genocide of the Christian Armenians but also with by the expulsion or killing of most of the other remaining Christians in Turkey, namely the Assyrians (Syriac Christians) and Greeks. Thus up to 0.3 million Assyrian Christians, about 2/3 of the Assyrian population, were killed by Turks and Kurds in the Turkish Assyrian Genocide.  [4]. About 0.2 million Greeks were killed in massacres and forced deportation “death marches” in this period. A total of 1.5 million Greeks were expelled from Turkey after WW1 (the Greek Genocide) and 0.5 million Turks were expelled from Greece in this period  [5].  What had been a major heartland of Christianity from the time of Christ  was largely eliminated from Anatolia in this period.

The Kurds were repeatedly in revolt since WW1 variously against the Turkish, British, Iraqis or Iranian  administering authorities in the general area of Kurdistan encompassing south east  Turkey, north western Iran, northern Iraq and northern Syria. Some 100,000 Kurds were killed by Turkey in the period 1922-1938, notably in 1924-1927 and in the Dersim Rebellion (1937-1938) . It is estimated that some 0.5 million Kurds have been killed and 3 million displaced  by Turkish forces since WW1, noting that the banning of the Kurdish language by Turkey in 1983 provide impetus for renewed rebellion in which 40,000 Kurds were killed [6]. Up to  100,000 Kurds were killed in  the Iraqi Al-Anfal Campaign in 1986-1989 during the bloody Iran-Iraq war [7].

One must note at this point that “holocaust” implies the destruction of a huge number of people  and “genocide” is defined  by Article 2 of the UN Genocide Convention as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group” [8]

Subsequent 20th century and 21st century holocausts and genocides.

The Armenian Genocide (1.5 million Armenians killed) is sometimes described as the first 20th century genocide. However this distinction perhaps belongs to the Namibian Genocide in German-occupied South West Africa in which the Germans killed about 0.1 million indigenous Hereros and Namas by shooting them or driving them into the desert to die [1].   However avoidable mortality of Britain's impoverished  Indian subjects was so high that despite a high birth rate the Indian population remained the same between 1911 and 1920 and Indian avoidable deaths (excess deaths) from deprivation in the period 1901-1947 totalled about 400 million [9] -  mass murder and a British-imposed Indian Genocide. Indeed Winston Churchill unwittingly confessed to this crime  in a speech to the UK House of Commons (1935): “In the standard of life they have nothing to spare. The slightest fall from the present standard of life in India means slow starvation, and the actual squeezing out of life, not only of millions but of scores of millions of people, who have come into the world at your invitation and under the shield and protection of British power”[3].

Other 20th century holocausts and genocides (dates and deaths from violence or violently  imposed deprivation in parentheses) include the Influenza Epidemic (1918-1919, 50 million deaths with the disaster exacerbated by returning soldiers and trade in the global European empires); the Ukrainian Famine (1930-1933,  7 million deaths); the Stalinist  Russian Holocaust (1922-1952, 8 million execution and Gulag deaths under Stalin, excluding famine victims);  the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (1941-1945, 5-6 million deaths); the WW2 European Holocaust (1939-1945, 30 million Slavs, Jews and Gypsies killed); the WW2 Bengali Holocaust or Indian Holocaust (1942-1945  Bengal Famine,  6-7 million deaths);  the WW2 Chinese Holocaust (1937-1945, 40 million deaths); the Korean Holocaust (1950-1953, 4.2 million deaths with 28% of the North Korean population killed by US bombing); Laotian Genocide (1955-1975 war with the US dropping more bombs on Laos in 1964-1975 than were dropped in WW2, 1.1 million deaths); the Algerian Genocide (1954-1962, 1.2 million deaths); the post-WW2 Chinese Holocaust  (1958-1961, 20-30 million perished in famine associated with the Great Leap Forward in US-sanctioned China); the post-WW2 Indian Holocaust (350 million Indian avoidable deaths post-Independence); Afghan Genocide (1978-present, 12 million deaths); the Iraqi Genocide (1914-present, 9 million deaths); the Pakistani Bengali Genocide (1971, 3 million mostly males killed in a “gendercide”);  the Cambodian Genocide (1969-1979, 3.9 million killed by US bombing and thence by the Khmer Rouge; 1975-1979, 1.2 million killed by the Khmer Rouge); the Vietnamese Genocide (1954-1975, 11.9 million deaths); the Guatemala Mayan Indian Genocide (1960-1996, 0.1 million deaths ); the Rwandan Genocide (1994, 1 million Tutsis and Hutus killed); the Congolese Genocide (1960-1997, 16.5 million deaths; 1994-2005, 10.1 million deaths); the Sudanese Genocide (1955-2005 excess mortality 12.4 million); the Eritrean Genocide (1962-1993, 1.1 million deaths ); the Ethiopian Genocide (1973-2003, droughts and wars  were associated with 6 million untimely deaths); the Sri Lanka Tamil Genocide (1980- 2012, 0.1 million deaths); the Iranian Genocide (1980-1988, 1.5 million killed in the US-backed Iran -Iraq War and 1980-1988 excess deaths 2.1 million); and the Palestinian Genocide (1936-present, 2 million deaths including  0.1 million violent deaths) [1].

The period from 1978 onwards has been dominated by a US War on Muslims that one can date from the US-backed overthrow of the secular and progressive government of Afghanistan and US backing for the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war,  but in terms of direct US and US Alliance military involvement  from 1990 in the post-1990 Zionist-backed US War on Muslims from Africa to South Asia  that amounts to a Muslim Holocaust and Muslim Genocide in which 12 million Muslims have been killed through violence or violently-imposed deprivation, the breakdown for notable  devastated countries being as follows: the Iraqi Genocide  (1990-present, 4.6 million deaths, 5-6 million refugees); the  Afghan Genocide (2001-present, 5.5 million, 3 million refugees); the Syrian Genocide (2011 - present, 0.2 million deaths, 9.5 million refugees ); the Libyan Genocide (2011 – present, 0.1 million deaths, 1 million refugees); and the ongoing Palestinian Genocide (1990-present, 0.1 million and now 7 million refugees) [10].

This  horrifying catalogue of human misery must include the Global Avoidable Mortality  Holocaust involving 1.3 billion avoidable deaths from deprivation in the period 1950-2005 alone [1].  The Global Avoidable Mortality  Holocaust continues  with about 17 million  people dying avoidably each year in the Developing World (minus China) on Spaceship Earth with the First World in charge of the flight deck.  This horrendous annual avoidable mortality carnage is set to reach an average of 100 million avoidable deaths  per year for the 21st century if continued inaction on climate change yields 10 billion deaths this century in a near-terminal Climate Genocide [11].  

Much of this carnage can be linked to British, French and American imperialism operating largely in  concert since WW1 and  the various intense individual or collective involvements of the France- UK-US (FUKUS) Alliance  in the Muslim world from Africa to South Asia and directed to global hegemony, fossil fuel resources and “containment” of Russia and China. Indeed 1950-2005 avoidable deaths in countries occupied by the UK, US,  France and Apartheid Israel total 727 million, 82 million, 142 million and 24 million, respectively.

One notes that the Iraqi Genocide (9 million deaths, 5-6 million refugees), the Syrian Genocide (0.2 million deaths, 9.5 million internally or externally displaced ), and the Palestinian Genocide (2 million deaths, 90% of Palestine ethnically cleansed and now 7 million refugees) are continuing atrocities occurring in countries “liberated” by the  attack on  the Ottoman Empire by the British and the French with  colonial contributions  from the British Egyptian Labor Corps, the British Maltese Labor Corps, India, Canada (Newfoundland) , Australia and New Zealand. The genocidal British got off the mark quickly after invading Iraq in 1914, with the Australians invading Iraq in 1915 in Australia's First Iraq War (in 2014 Australia commenced its Seventh Iraq War) [12]. Australian and New Zealand ANZAC forces can be said to have started the Palestinian Genocide with the massacre of about 100 Palestinian  villagers in the December 1918 Surafend Massacre [13]. The Syrian Genocide can be seen to have commenced with the 1967 onwards ethnic cleansing of the Golan Heights by UK-, US-, Canada-, France-, Australia and New Zealand-backed   by Apartheid Israel. The current Syrian Genocide began in  earnest in 2011 with US, UK, French, Saudi, Qatari, Israeli and Turkish support for rebellion against the Assad regime.  

Denial of the Armenian Genocide and other genocides.

The surviving Armenians  and their descendants are resolutely concerned to remember the Genocide that decimated their people (as are the surviving  European Jews and their descendants in relation to the WW2 Jewish Holocaust). In contrast, of the Alliance that  invaded  Turkey at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 only France and Canada (now incorporating  Newfoundland)  recognize the Armenian Holocaust as an Armenian Genocide. Like the US, the similarly genocide-ignoring  and genocide-complicit US allies the UK, Australia, New Zealand and genocidally racist, democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel are steadfast in not recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

While Turkey and Azerbaijan deny the Armenian Genocide and Turkey  has made it a crime to talk of the Armenian Genocide, denial of  the Armenian Genocide has been criminalized by some countries, namely Greece, Cyprus, Slovakia and Switzerland  (Italy has criminalized genocide denial in general but  France dropped attempts to criminalize denial of the Armenian  Genocide on freedom of speech grounds) [14].

Countries recognizing the Armenian Genocide include Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Belgium Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Lebanon, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, the Vatican, and Venezuela [14].

The Syrian ruler President Assad has acknowledged the Armenian Genocide as have 43 US states, New South Wales and South Australia, the International , the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the World Council of Churches, the European Alliance of YMCAs, the Permanent Peoples' Tribunal, and Mercosur [14].

Germany, that was responsible for WW2 (perhaps 100 million dead globally ), the  WW2 Jewish Holocaust (1941-1945, 5-6 million) and  the WW2 European Holocaust (1939-1945, 30 million Slavs, Jews and Gypsies killed) has not recognized the Armenian Genocide. History ignored yields history  repeated and since 1945 Germany has been heavily  involved financially  in Apartheid Israel's Palestinian Genocide (2 million dead, 7 million refugees) and militarily in the Afghan Holocaust and Afghan Genocide (5.5 million dead and 3-4 million refugees). The   Central  Council of  Jews in Germany has called on Germany to recognize the Armenian Genocide [14]. Zvi Bar-el writing in the liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz asks: “And what about Israel? Will this be the year that the prime minister joins the pope and the European Parliament, or will he perpetuate the Jewish monopoly over the terms “genocide” and “holocaust”?” [15].

UK lackey, US lackey and serial invader of other countries, Australia, exhibits extraordinary ignoring in relation to the Armenian Genocide.  I would love to be corrected, but as far as I am aware, despite the intimate linkage of the Armenian Genocide with the ANZAC invasion of Turkey at Gallipoli,  only 2 books dealing with the overall history  of Australia actually mention the Armenian Genocide, namely Gideon Polya's “Body Count, Global avoidable mortality  since 1950” (2007) [1] and Gideon Polya's “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of  British History.  Colonial rapacity,  holocaust denial and the crisis in biological sustainability” (1998, 2008) [3], books that were, of course, rejected by Australian and British publishers and which are   resolutely ignored in serially genocidal, look-the-other-way Australia.

History  ignored yields history repeated. Australia is responsible for an ongoing Aboriginal  Genocide and Aboriginal  Ethnocide [16],  has invaded 85 countries (as compared to the UK 193, France 80, the US 70 and Apartheid Israel 12) [17] and  has been involved in 30 genocidal atrocities, including the Armenian Genocide. However Australia's secret genocide history (except for the Aboriginal  Genocide which is subject to extraordinary  denial)  is completely ignored by Mainstream  Australian politicians, media and academics  historians, most notably by the recently published   “The Cambridge History of Australia” [18].

A  search of the ABC (Australia's equivalent of the UK BBC) for the term “Armenian  Genocide” yields 140 results but notably none earlier than 2006. Yet Anzac Day has been commemorated as Australia's most sacred war dead remembrance day for a century since the first Anzac Day on 25 April 1915 when Australian  and New Zealand ANZAC forces invaded Turkey at Gallipoli. The total number of Australians killed at Gallipoli was about 8,700 with 700 of these dying from disease. In all, about 62,000 Australians died in WW1 and a total of about 100,000 Australian soldiers have died for their country [19].

Anzac Day is sacred in Australia and New Zealand as a day of remembrance for  those  heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in dying for their country. It is remarkable in that it remembers  a defeat - the ANZAC forces withdrew  in 1916 leaving 6,700 dead Australian (Aussie) and 2,800 New Zealander (Kiwi)   dead behind [20]. However the Australian  political  establishment  in subsequently exploiting Anzac Day for  ideological, political and commercial purposes  has resolutely  avoided exposing (1) the warmongering political war criminals who have  repeatedly  taken Australia to war for either the British Empire or the American Empire, and (2) the horrendous civilian deaths and genocidal consequences of these wars.

Genocide  ignoring and holocaust ignoring  are  far, far  worse than repugnant genocide denial and holocaust denial because the latter can at least admit the possibility of debate.

2015 being the 100th  anniversary of the Gallipoli landing has resulted in a hugely expensive  government and corporate propaganda effort that has concerned  thoughtful  Australians. The most tacky commercialization of the Gallipoli tragedy was a major supermarket chain with the slogan “we're the fresh food people” putting up an Anzac Day advertisement with the heading  “fresh in our memories”. However in addition to the genocide ignoring, what deeply offends  about the official Mainstream Australian narrative about Gallipoli is that this horrendous military  disaster from invading a distant country at the behest of British imperialism somehow “defined” Australian nationhood  – to the exclusion of   the reality that when Australia achieved independence in 1901 it was one of  the foremost  liberal democracies in the world with free speech, female suffrage, free, compulsory and  secular education, accessible universities,  vigorous media and free trade unions culminating in the 8 hour day in the 1920s (only  for White people, of course, until after 1967).

The dark side of the Australian  reality was (and remains) participation in genocidal wars and the ongoing Aboriginal Genocide - the Indigenous population dropped from about 1 million to 0.1 million in the first century since the British invasion in 1788, 2 million Aborigines  have died untimely deaths since 1788 due to violence, deprivation or introduced disease,  and of  350-750 Aboriginal  dialects and cultures in 1788 only 150 remain of which all but 20 are endangered, the more so through  continuing forced removal of Aboriginal   children from their mothers, massively disproportionate imprisonment, compulsory school instruction  in English and now adumbrated  forced closure of about 150 remote Aboriginal communities  on their ancestral lands inhabited thus for about 60,000 years. The Australian War Memorial refuses to include any mention of the 2 million Indigenous Australians  who died untimely  deaths in the Aboriginal  Genocide or the tens of thousands of  Aborigines who were violently killed defending their land  and their families against  the European  invaders in the “frontier wars” that only ceased with the last massacres of Aborigines in the 1920s [21].

Australian law academic Professor  George Venturini has commented on Anzac Day observance thus: “As for Anzac Day, now artfully managed and marketed by official organisations of all kinds, it is for everyone to see that during the past thirty/forty years, at least, the last of the real Anzac departed, the whole thing has become a circus, with speeches, flyovers, big screens showing collages of ‘military history' - and all the better to be observed from a couch, guzzling beer.  Alcohol consumption is part of the tradition. Rum was provided at Gallipoli to the poorchrists who were about ‘to go over'. In their honour is now consumed in the tranquillity of one's home or the noise of a public bar. No offence is intended to the memory of the Anzacs in pointing out that their sacrifice was not a declaration of independence, that Australia was not born there and then, and that they were the victims more than the protagonists of that part of Australia's imperial history which is now gone, along with the Empire” [22].  

A controversial Australian advertising campaign by Australia's  largest brewery used the Australian Governor General, former Vietnam veteran and former head of Australian defence forces, General Peter Cosgrove,  saying “raise a glass” of beer to serving  personnel and veterans (the brewer made large donations to veterans causes). One notes that  80,000 Australians die preventably  each year and of these 5,600 Australians die alcohol-related deaths annually [22]. Yet Australia has committed to a  presently $125 billion long-term accrual cost to Australia of the Zionist-promoted US War on Terror (10 million Muslims killed by violence or by war-imposed deprivation versus 1 million Australians dying preventably since the US Government's 9-11 false flag operation [23] and despite only 1 Australian having ever been killed in Australia by a Muslim-origin non-state  terrorist) – an extraordinary fiscal perversion  of spending billions of dollars  on killing  Muslims abroad instead of keeping Australians  alive at home [22].


24 April 2015 marks the  100th  anniversary  of the start of the Turkish WW1 Armenian Genocide and 25 April 2015 marks  the 100th  anniversary  of the unsuccessful and disastrous Australian and New Zealand Army Corps  (ANZAC) invasion of Turkey  at Gallipoli in WW1,  these linked events being commemorated on these dates as Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day and Anzac Day, respectively. Yet many countries, including the US, UK, Apartheid Israel, Australia and New Zealand,  refuse to recognize the Armenian Genocide and there is appalling Western ignoring of the horrendous  human cost  over the last century of the Anglo-French dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire and subsequent Western genocidal  atrocities in Middle Eastern countries,  notably  the ongoing Palestinian Genocide, the ongoing  Iraqi Genocide , and the ongoing Syrian Genocide.    

Genocide  ignoring and holocaust ignoring  are  far, far  worse than repugnant genocide denial and holocaust denial because the latter can at least admit the possibility of debate. Decent people must expose and oppose war, mass murder and genocide ignoring by (a) informing  everyone  they can and (b) by urging and applying Boycotts, Divestment  and Sanctions (BDS) against all people, politicians, parties, companies, corporations,  and countries involved in the commission and covering up of such atrocities.


[1]. Gideon Polya, “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950”, that includes  an avoidable mortality-related history of every country from Neolithic times and is now available for free perusal  on the web  : http://globalbodycount.blogspot.com.au/  .

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[23]. "Experts: US did 9-11': https://sites.google.com/site/expertsusdid911/  . 

Dr Gideon Polya has been teaching science students at a major Australian university for 4 decades. He published some 130 works in a 5 decade scientific career, most recently a huge pharmacological reference text "Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds" (CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, New York & London , 2003). He has published “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” (G.M. Polya, Melbourne, 2007: http://globalbodycount.blogspot.com/ ); see also his contributions “Australian complicity in Iraq mass mortality” in “Lies, Deep Fries & Statistics” (edited by Robyn Williams, ABC Books, Sydney, 2007: http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/ockhamsrazor/australian-complicity-in-iraq-mass-mortality/3369002#transcript

) and “Ongoing Palestinian Genocide” in “The Plight of the Palestinians (edited by William Cook, Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2010: http://mwcnews.net/focus/analysis/4047-the-plight-of-the-palestinians.html ). He has published a revised and updated 2008 version of his 1998 book “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History” (see: http://janeaustenand.blogspot.com/ ) as biofuel-, globalization- and climate-driven global food price increases threaten a greater famine catastrophe than the man-made famine in British-ruled India that killed 6-7 million Indians in the “forgotten” World War 2 Bengal Famine (see recent BBC broadcast involving Dr Polya, Economics Nobel Laureate Professor Amartya Sen and others: http://www.open.edu/openlearn/history-the-arts/history/social-economic-history/listen-the-bengal-famine ). When words fail one can say it in pictures - for images of Gideon Polya's huge paintings for the Planet, Peace, Mother and Child see: http://sites.google.com/site/artforpeaceplanetmotherchild/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/gideonpolya/


Dr Gideon Polya

Armenian Genocide







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