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30 November, 2010

Wikileaks And The New Global Order
By Jonathan Cook

The new disclosures, however, do provide a useful insight, captured in the very ordinariness of the diplomatic correspondence, into Washington’s own sense of the limits on its global role -- an insight that was far less apparent in the previous Wikileaks revelations on the US army’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Underlying the gossip and analysis sent back to Washington is an awareness from many US officials stationed abroad of quite how ineffective -- and often counter-productive -- much US foreign policy is

The New York Times Again Censoring WikiLeaks
By Stephen Lendman

The "newspaper of record," of course, is a longstanding imperial tool, the closest equivalent in America to an official ministry of information and propaganda, what Times editors and bosses know but won't say

Obama Administration Targets Iran For Aggression
By Patrick Martin

The Obama administration has devoted enormous attention and effort to a worldwide campaign to destabilize Iran and open the way to direct military aggression, the latest mass of documents released by WikiLeaks confirms

Crop Failures And Drought Within Our
Children's Lifetimes

By Steve Connor

Children today are likely to reach old age in a world that is 4C warmer, where the 10,000-year certainties of the global climate can no longer be relied on, and widespread crop failures, drought, flooding and mass migration of the dispossessed become a part of everyday life

The Missing Persons Of Iraq
By Dirk Adriaensens

Always someone’s mother or father, always someone’s child. Iraq has the most disappeared persons in the world (PDF)

Hugo Chavez' Address
By Fidel Castro

In Bolivia and Venezuela, the imperialist mafia has received a response more clear and forceful than they could have ever imagined

Obama Imposes Pay Freeze On 2.1 Million
Federal Workers

By Tom Eley

President Obama on Monday announced the imposition of a two-year pay freeze on all federal government employees outside of the military. Pending congressional approval, the order will take effect immediately, affecting 2.1 million workers and eliminating a scheduled 1.4 percent pay increase for 2011

But What Is "Community"?
By Yevgeny

It seems to me that Russia and other former Eastern Block countries have already gone through hell and are now on the way to recovery, while the USA and other formerly rich countries are yet to go through this hell, and nobody knows what it will look like. The take-home point is simple: to survive in a third world country, you have to know who your people are, and who are the strangers. The more of your people there are, the better, but it is absolutely unacceptable if everyone beyond the confines of your family nest is a stranger. Then there is simply no chance that you will survive

The Evolution Of Transition In The U.S
By Michael Brownlee

The emergence of the Transition movement in the last four years or so is one of the most hopeful signs in the early 21st century, and Transition may yet turn out to be one of the fastest-growing, most inspiring, and most significant social change movements we have ever seen

A Circle Of Gifts
By Charles Eisenstein

Wherever I go and ask people what is missing from their lives, the most common answer (if they are not impoverished or seriously ill) is “community.” What happened to community, and why don’t we have it any more? There are many reasons – the layout of suburbia, the disappearance of public space, the automobile and the television, the high mobility of people and jobs – and, if you trace the “why’s” a few levels down, they all implicate the money system

How Sustainable Is Renewable Energy?
By Roger Adair

Systems like solar water heating and PV, with no or few moving parts, should be more long lived until they too become unrepairable. However large and complex systems, particularly in remote and environmentally challenging environments such as wind farms, especially off shore, will probably be early renewable energy casualties of the decline in oil supply

Education And The New Story
By Arnold Greenberg

There is a new story emerging that is replacing the old story of human existence. The new story is urging us to learn who we are as humans and how to live so we do not destroy the planet. What is the old story and why is the new story so essential to our existence?

The Transition Town Movement’s Initial Genius
By Craig Comstock

Can we get beyond denial about peak oil, climate change, and economic troubles as long as we don’t find forms of action open to us?

The Future Of Humankind: A Few Simple Rules
By Jason G. Brent

Since the earth is finite in size both economic and population growth must cease. No power on earth or in the heavens will permit infinite growth on the finite earth. Nothing humanity can do or say will permit infinite growth on the finite earth. New technology, recycling, environmentalism, and even a possible second or third green revolution will not permit either the economy or the human population to continue to grow

Efficiency And Jobs
By Jason G. Brent

Almost everyone concerned with the future of humanity and concerned about the usage of the resources the earth can provide to humanity in the future assumes that environmentalism and technology will reduce the resources used by humanity in the future. They are just plain wrong. Environmentalism and technology will not cause a reduction in resource usage. In fact, it is highly likely that every technological advance will cause an increase in the usage of resources

What We Lose, If We Lose The Tigers
By Jim Taylor

If we fail to protect the few remaining tigers, the loss of yet another species will not have much practical impact on our lives. But it may be a symptom of a far greater loss – the inability of modern humans to feel a sense of awe

Massive Fraud In Haiti's Sham Elections
By Stephen Lendman

On November 28, Haiti held first round legislative and presidential elections. The entire process was rigged, 15 parties excluded, including by far the most popular, Aristide's Fanmi Lavalas

More Than A Bribe: Obama Surrenders
Palestinian Rights

By Ramzy Baroud

The Middle East policies of US President Barack Obama may well prove the most detrimental in history so far, surpassing even the rightwing policies of President George W. Bush. Even those who warned against the overt optimism which accompanied Obama’s arrival to the White House must now be stunned to see how low the US president will go to appease Israel – all under the dangerous logic of needing to keep the peace process moving forward

Obama's Bush Doctrine In Korea
By Shamus Cooke

A key reason that Obama was elected President was his promise to abandon the Bush doctrine of unilateral foreign policy, meaning that Obama would work with other countries toward a more cooperative, peaceful world. The threat of war in Korea exposes Obama -- yet again -- as a dangerous copycat of Bush's approach to global politics

Today Ireland......
By Jeff Berg

The austerity agenda is being set loose on the Eurozone. First Greece, now Ireland. Next up Portugal. This is crisis capitalism writ large. I.e. The use of crisis to push through social changes long sought by a tiny, well funded, well organized, and highly influential segment of the investment class. The fact that the very same sector - the FIRE sector - that created the crisis will benefit most from the restructuring being enacted being not so much beside the point as the point itself

Why Poverty Spreads Across America
By Sherwood Ross

Pockets of poverty, like the sores of some malignant disease, are spreading across America, as its states and cities go broke and bankrupt

U.S. Gets Human Rights Advice From The World
By Mary Shaw

Most obvious were recommendations that the U.S. ratify several international human rights conventions and treaties that we have not yet formally endorsed. To no surprise, our use of torture and racial profiling, and the obvious culture of xenophobia apparent in our national discourse, also figured prominently in the feedback

Thanksgiving – The Real Truth Behind The Holiday
By Dr. Habib Siddiqui

Is president Obama's more religious statement this year a sign of current rough times for the White House

When Two Muslims Meet: The Media(ted) Case Of
Madani And Shahina

By K Ashraf & Jenny Rowena

Shahina tried to look into the police story that Madani had conspired in the Bengaluru blasts in separate meetings two years ago — one which took place in Madani’s rented home in Kochi and the other in the Lakkeri estate in Kodaku Karnataka. Now this is a case of good investigative journalism, which has the power to unsettle the stories that are constantly being planted in the media by the police. However, just a few days after her report comes out, the Karnataka police slaps a case against Shahina under IPC 506, for “intimidating the witnesses.”

Frame Up After Frame Up:
In Defence of K.K. Shahina

By Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association

K.K. Shahina was merely fulfilling her journalistic duty of investigating the police claims of Madani’s complicity in the Bengaluru blasts, given especially the inglorious history of frame-ups. JTSA stands in solidarity with K.K. Shahina and demands that cases against her be dropped immediately

The Priorities Of Politicians
By Vidyadhar Date

For common people,apart from the problem of commuting for hours and miles in overcrowded, humiliating conditions, the real problem in Mumbai and many other places is walkability. People just need a proper access to walk to their neighbourhoods. It is as simple as that. But even this basic amenity is denied to people

A Wall In My Brain And A Wall
On Your Head, Mr Chidambaram

By Nawaz Gul Qanungo

Last Friday, police in Srinagar seized a truckload of bricks near Eidgah presuming they were brought for the construction of the memorial at Eidgah. It turned out it was meant for construction of a house nearby. Last Friday, millions stared in depression at yet another curfew in the ugly jail of a beautiful vale. Last Friday, millions built a wall brick by brick, inside their brains. The one that’s on your head, Mr Chidambaram

29 November, 2010

New WikiLeaks Documents Expose
US Foreign Policy Conspiracies

By David Walsh

The batch of 250,000 US classified documents released by WikiLeaks to several news outlets, some of whose content was made public Sunday, sheds new light on the sordid nature of American imperialist intrigue and conspiracy around the globe

US Diplomats 'Spied' On UN
By Aljazeera

US diplomats were ordered to gather intelligence on senior foreign figures, including UN officials, a huge cache of leaked diplomatic cables have revealed

"They Can File A Charge Posthumously Against
Jawaharlal Nehru Too"

By Arundhati Roy

My reaction to today's court order directing the Delhi Police to file an FIR against me for waging war against the state: Perhaps they should posthumously file a charge against Jawaharlal Nehru too. Here is what he said about Kashmir

Mohamed Osman Mohamud: Terrorist Or Victim?
By Stephen Lendman

Most important is why perhaps was another innocent man incited, duped, set up, and now charged with what he may never have conceived of doing otherwise. Moreover, did he really want to detonate a bomb, or are key facts willfully concealed, especially the truth?

Hope, Real Hope, Is About Doing Something
By Chris Hedges

On Dec. 16 I will join Daniel Ellsberg, Medea Benjamin, Ray McGovern and several military veteran activists outside the White House to protest the futile and endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of us will, after our rally in Lafayette Park, attempt to chain ourselves to the fence outside the White House. It is a pretty good bet we will all spend a night in jail. Hope, from now on, will look like this

Oceans Of Blood And Profits
For The Mongers Of War

By Robert Fisk

Coming soon to a war near you; oceans of blood, bodies torn to shreds, of course. But bring your credit card. Or a cheque book. It's big business. And there may be profits

Candidly Speaking: The De-Zionization Of
Anglo Jewry

By Alan Hart

The main reason for the silence of the Jews of the world is the unspeakable fear – the product of persecution through the centuries and, after the Nazi holocaust, Zionism’s manipulation of the fear – that another great turning against them is inevitable. That being so, if only in their sub-consciousness, they perceive the need for Israel as their refuge of last resort. So say nothing and do nothing that could assist Israel’s enemies and put that insurance policy at risk

The Original Sin
By Uri Avnery

Zionism was, among other things, a rebellion against the Jewish religion. It was born in sin – the sin of secular nationalism, which had swept through Europe after the French revolution

Cancún Opens For GREEN Business But REDD
Will Destroy Indigenous Forest Cultures

By Subhankar Banerjee

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) COP16 opens this week in Cancún, Mexico to discuss green business (November 29 – December 10, 2010). No one is expecting any global climate treaty to be signed at this conference. However there is hope that some progress could be made

Thankful For Polar Bear Habitat
But Shell Must Not Go There

By Subhankar Banerjee

Shell launched a massive ad campaign earlier this month. I’m sure somewhere you must have seen the Shell ad “Let’s Go.” I’d say “Let’s” instead make sure Shell doesn’t “Go” anywhere near the polar bear critical habitat

Imperial America's End Time
By Stephen Lendman

Noted analysts on both left and right see America's empire in decline

The New York Times: What Passes For
Journalism In The Newspaper Of Record

By Stephen Lendman

Overall, America's major media fails the test. It's biased, shameless, and irresponsible with "everything to sell and nothing to tell" as a noted US media critic once said. It delivers a daily diet of "managed news" (propaganda), infotainment, and "junk food news," a worthless mix, treating people like mushrooms - well-watered, in the dark, and uninformed about what matters most. No wonder greater numbers opt out, consuming less broadcast "news" and print media, the kind no one should waste time or money on

Oscar Lopez Rivera: Imprisoned For
Supporting Puerto Rican Independence

By Stephen Lendman

On May 29, 1981, Oscar Lopez Rivera was arrested, the FBI calling him one of America's most feared fugitives. Accused of being an FALN leader, he neither confirmed or denied it, affirming only his nonviolent activism. At trial, he refused to participate, declaring himself a "prisoner of war."

Enhanced Airport Screening Controvery
By Stephen Lendman

All travelers are at risk, especially pregnant women, their fetuses, young children, cancer patients, HIV-positive flyers, and anyone over 65. Calling the technology safe is untrue, yet the Obama administration deceitfully does it. However, not without growing criticism

Haiti's Deepening Cholera Crisis
By Stephen Lendman

From October 22 to November 21, MSF teams treated 29,000 people in cholera treatment centers (CTCs), established in Port-au-Prince, Artibonite region (where the first outbreak occurred), North, and Northwest with a 2% or less case fatality rate

The People Friendly Police?
By Gladson Dungdung

The recent brutal killing of Dhirendra Kumar in Barwada police station clearly indicates of how the police stations have become the safest place of inhuman treatment, torture and brutal killings

25 November, 2010

It's Official: The Economy Is Set To Starve
By Chris Martenson

The IEA has known about looming Peak Oil issues for more than a decade and is only now explicitly recognizing the idea in their public documents. People inside and outside of the IEA say that the organization has downplayed both the timing and potential severity of Peak Oil. Peak Conventional Oil has already happened

The IEA’s New Peak
By Tom Whipple

As a document, WEO 2010 breaks some significant new ground both in calling the peak of conventional oil and the attention it focuses on the impact of carbon emissions. At the same time it offers succor to those who insist on denying the reality of the 21st century

UN Issues Severe Climate Warning
Ahead Of Summit

By Michael McCarthy

The world is now firmly on the path for dangerous climate change in the coming century, a major new assessment reveals today on the eve of the forthcoming UN climate conference which opens next week in Mexico

Sarah Palin And The Missing “F” Word
By Alan Hart

Sarah Palin (or her publisher) chose a title for her latest book with three “F” words -America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and the Flag. But surely there’s something missing. Another “F” word. One with four letters. What could it be? (My answer in a moment)

No, Mr. Netanyahu, You And Yours Are Responsible
For The “Demonization” Of Israel

By Alan Hart

My own guess is that Netanyahu’s biggest fear is that America’s Jews might be on their way to understanding that support for Israel right or wrong is not in their own best interests. There is some evidence to suggest that might, repeat might, be so. If it is, perhaps there is some reason to hope that the countdown to Armageddon can be stopped before it is too late

Volvo Equipment Enabling Torture,
Facilitating Occupation

By David Cronin

Volvo prides itself on being a byword for sturdiness, safety and reliability. After a careful examination of the vehicle-maker's investment in Israel, perhaps it should also become synonymous with enabling torture

Exposing Israel's Fraudulent Third
Periodic Report To The UN

By Stephen Lendman

Israel is seriously and repeatedly in breach of all the above enumerated rights, basic ones under ICESCR and other international laws. It puts a lie to saying it's "proud of its longstanding recognition of the inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family."

Missile Defense At NATO's Summit:
Two Forms Of Atlanticism Combined

By Dr. Peter Custers

Whereas Russia’s rulers who are being wooed by NATO have perhaps not much to fear from the wedding, - states like China and Brasil belonging to the Global South have little reason to be re-assured. For NATO is now committed to playing a military role well beyond the territory it historically assigned itself. See the war in Afghanistan. One wonders about the offensive significance which the combination of two atlanticism in the future will have

Engels On Skilled And Unskilled Labour
By Thomas Riggins

In Chapter Six ('Simple and Compound Labour') of Part Two of his classic work Anti-Dühring, Frederick Engels addresses a charge made by the German professor Eugen Dühring to the effect that in his work Das Kapital Marx has made a major blunder which amounts to a socially dangerous heresy regarding socialism. What could this heresy be?

Pakistan: Thy Wish Is My Command
By Mir Adnan Aziz

A recent US request to 'extend' the sphere of drone strikes was countered by a spineless offer to 'enhance' CIA presence in Quetta. The powers that be, confident by the accepted bondage at large, gave up on even the routine charade of defending sovereignty at all costs

24 November, 2010

Nato, The World Police Force
By Fidel Castro

Obama already admitted that his promise to withdraw US soldiers from Afghanistan may be postponed, and the taxes for the richest contributors suspended right away. After the Nobel Prize, we would have to award him with the prize for “the best snake charmer” that has ever existed

NATO Arctic Security And Canadian Sovereignty
In The Far North

By Dana Gabriel

Arctic nations continue to assert their sovereignty through military means. Rising tensions could further escalate the militarization of the region. While the process to resolve territorial disputes and the competition to secure resources has thus far been peaceful, there is still the threat of a future armed confrontation in the Arctic

Latest North/South Korean Exchange:
Who Needs A Conflict

By Stephen Lendman

Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stressed "a colossal danger which must be avoided. Tensions in the region are growing." A cool response is needed. North Korea has no reason to want conflict. Washington and South Korea may have other ideas

Peak Oil Risks Becoming An Apocalyptic Cult
By Erik Curren

Rejecting the idea of community as wishful thinking is a direct assault on the optimism of people who accept peak oil but still think the future won't be either Mad Max or Waterworld

Mickey Z. Interviews David Swanson On War Lies
By Mickey Z.

David Swanson has a new book out called War Is A Lie . A thorough refutation of every major argument used to justify wars, Swanson calls it "a handbook of sorts, a manual to be used in debunking future lies before future wars have a chance to begin."

The Russell Tribunal On Palestine: London Session
By Stephen Lendman

In early December, Russell Tribunal On Palestine's full London findings will be presented

Is Anti-Semitism More Acceptable Than
Criticizing Israel?

By Sean Fenley

We already knew that most of these fundamentalist Christian so-called Zionists care nothing for the Jewish people, and now we can unequivocally say that we know the same about the loathsome Murdoch “news” channel. According to their ideology/mythos, of course, the Jews will be engulfed in the Rapture, or converted to worship their God

The Media As Middle Man
By Farzana Versey

The sudden interest in the involvement of some Indian media persons in what appears to be lobbying has posed the question about ethics, but it has a lot more to do with the cult of icons

A Brick In My Hand
By Nawaz Gul Qanungo

Truth we do need to know. Just why exactly, and how, did all those Kashmiri Hindus leave the valley? Who drove them away, who arranged for their colossal departure? How many daughters, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers have been raped in Kashmir in the last 20 years, what happened in Kunanposhpora? How many Kashmiris have been, as they say, disappeared? Exactly how many have been killed? How many litres of lost blood would that be? Would it be enough to turn the colour of Dal deep red, Mr Abdullah?

23 November, 2010

Shell’s Arctic Drilling Will Destroy
Our Homeland And Culture

By Rosemary Ahtuangaruak

This week families across the country will be celebrating Thanksgiving—sharing food and telling stories. Here is my story about our food and culture that would be destroyed if Shell Oil gets the permit to drill for oil in our homeland—the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas

The Deadly Lie Of Democracy In Iraq
By Ahmed Habib

Elected officials are nothing more than glorified pimps that are holding down Iraq's head while it is being violated by dozens of dollar-driven demons. In the absence of a progressive, radical, grassroots political program, the death of Iraq will continue to evolve from one election booth to the next

Hegemony Overthrow or Political Power Seizure?
What Comes First?

By Trevor Selvam

Those who want to change things, need to rethink their alliances, as well, and also the business of overthrow of this specific cultural hegemony that is on the build. While Gramsci talked about the need to overthrow the bourgeois consensus and create an alternate radical consensus, perhaps in this country it is necessary to overthrow the middle class consensus. Without an independent civic society movement this cannot happen

Remembering Chalmers Ashby Johnson
(8/6/31 - 11/20/10)

By Stephen Lendman

It's no way to begin a Sunday or any day. An email explained. My first thought was: damn, we lost another good one when we urgently need him and many others, given the state of today's America - out-of-control militarism, imperial arrogance, and homeland repression at a time of economic crisis for millions. Johnson knew the threat, challenging it brilliantly in his important writings and outspokenness. Now he's gone

Haiti's Sham Elections:
Solidifying Imperial Control

By Stephen Lendman

On November 28, first round legislative and presidential elections will be held. Democracy will be absent because the nation's most popular party, Aristide's Fanmi Lavalas, and 14 others are excluded, the system rigged to install Washington's favorites

Interview With Erri De Luca
By Kourosh Ziabari

Erri De Luca is an internationally-renowned Italian poet and writer. "Corriere della Sera" literature critic Giorgio De Rienzo has called him "the writer of the decade"

UID//Aadhaar Scheme Is Against Civil Liberties
By Gopal Krishna

The Unique Identity (UID) Number is a rare project which has unleashed the concept of massively organised information as means of social control, a weapon of war, and for the victimisation of ethnic groups, minorities and political adversaries

COICA Blacklisted By Senator Wyden
By Chris Pratt

Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, said late Thursday that he would seek to block the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act, or COICA, from passing through the full Senate, unless the legislation is changed.”

Bush’s ‘Damn Right’ Shallow Book
By Habib Siddiqui

Bush is a wretched character who is emotionally and intellectually incapable of truthfully reassessing the past. He is delusional. His memoir miserably fails to shed any new light that would offer its readers a better appreciation of him

The New War Congress
By David Swanson

To understand just how bad the 112th Congress, elected on November 2nd and taking office on January 3rd, is likely to be for peace on Earth, one has to understand how incredibly awful the 110th and 111th Congresses have been during the past four years and then measure the ways in which things are likely to become even worse

In Terror Prosecution Cases,
Justice Does Not Mean Convictions

By Mary Shaw

On November 17, in federal court in New York City, Guantanamo detainee Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani was convicted of a single charge of conspiracy in connection with the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. He was acquitted of 284 other counts against him. Ghailani was the first Gitmo detainee to be tried in federal court rather than a military commission. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for January

Banks Too Have Social Obligations
By Bilal Hussain

The banks here are making profits during unrest but at what cost? I believe social, which is not fine. By taxing denizens of the valley, who are already financially strained, due to continued market closures barring few days is an act of profiteering

A Swami With Terror Agenda
By M Shamsur Rabb Khan

On 19 November 2010, the CBI arrested “Swami Asimanand”, believed to be the mastermind of the Ajmer Dargah and Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad blasts -- both occurred on 11 October and 18 May 2007 respectively

Bhagwan Das: A True Inheritor Of
Ambedkar’s Mission

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

The passing away of veteran Ambedkarite Bhagwan Das is closure of a great chapter in the contemporary Dalit movement. A close associate of Baba Saheb Ambedkar, Bhagwan Das in every sense of life lived a life of true follower of Baba Saheb

Darul Uloom Deoband Turns Into A Fatwa Factory:
Triple Talaq And Women's rights In Islam

By Adnan Alavi

Due to Darul Uloom Deoband's historic role and its Ulama's recent social initiatives, one could have ignored a couple of controversial fatwas but the latest fatwa has once again proved that there is something seriously wrong with the seminary, especially the Darul Ifta or the 'Fatwa wing'. It is no longer an aberration when the Darul Uloom opines that even if a person has uttered the word 'talaq' thrice and his wife couldn't hear it, the divorce takes place

22 November, 2010

Indian Media Discredited
By Binu Mathew

Indian media's credibility is at an all time low. The recently released audio tapes involving a major corporate house publicist and reputed journalists and the subsequent black out of the news by almost the entire Indian mainstream media puts a huge question mark over the integrity and credibility of the Indian mainstream media

The Radia Papers– Raja, Tata, Ambani Connection
By Girish Nikam

Except for covering the Parliament brou-ha-ha over the demand for the resignation of Raja, the majority of the media have remained quiet. Why? It is not at all surprising, in fact. Nira Radia, as some of the publications have already published, is considered to be the most influential and powerful Public relations person, with powerful clients who controls almost half of the stock exchange— Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani and Sunil Mittal

Radia Tapes… How Top Journalists Have
Turned Handmaidens Of Ambani Brothers

By Girish Nikam

The Niira Radia Tapes which has caused a storm, after a part of it was published in both the Open and Outlook magazines this week, but picked up by only Mail Today newspaper partly, and ignored by all other newspapers and TV channels, shows the extent to which the rot has set in, in our systems


The Ultimate Roller Coaster Ride:
A Brief History of Fossil Fuels - Video

By Post Carbon Institute

Fossil fuels have powered human growth and ingenuity for centuries. Now that we're reaching the end of cheap and abundant oil and coal supplies, we're in for an exciting ride. While there's a real risk that we'll fall off a cliff, there's still time to control our transition to a post-carbon future

Escaping From The American
(And Canadian) Dream

By Peter Goodchild

The “stagflation” of the 1970s has returned: high prices and low wages. The difference is that this time it isn’t going to go away. In response, we must increase our income and decrease our expenses, although that’s easier said than done. The magic word is “frugality” or “thrift.”

Stone Age Brain, Space Age Culture
By Mickey Z.

The last time Mars got this close to Earth was 60,000 years ago…an age when stars were easy to find and one could cause a blackout by simply dousing the fire. In a mere 280 or so years, the extraterrestrial lady in red will once again be 34,646,418.5 miles away. I wonder what kind (if any) of earthly human culture will be there to greet her

Destructive Neoliberal Austerity
By Stephen Lendman

Instead of vitally needed stimulus, Washington and European governments dictate austerity. The pretext of deficit reduction is being used to transfer more wealth to those already with too much, plus the usual canard over the urgency to save national banking systems

Who's Behind The Deficit Crisis
By Shamus Cooke

Unless labor and community groups massively mobilize working people in fighting for a pro-worker solution to the deficit crisis, austerity measures-- like reducing Social Security and Medicare -- will be forced upon us

The Windy City Makes Waves For Peace,
Equity And Justice In Palestine

By Stephen Lendman

Working for peace, equity and justice in Israel, Palestine, and America, CJPIP wants as many others committed as possible. The alternative is continued war, occupation, repression, and billions diverted from vital homeland needs

Haiti's Cholera Epidemic: Mounting Illnesses
And Deaths, Inadequate Aid

By Stephen Lendman

In America, especially on TV, Haiti's epidemic gets scant, if any, coverage. In contrast, daily independent news reports are alarming

Unrecognized Palestinians: Illegally Demolishing
Their Homes And Villages

By Stephen Lendman

Evicting Bedouin Arabs and demolishing the homes and villages, based on their nationality and religion, clearly violates their rights under Israeli and international law. Worse still, it's being done solely for Jewish development, showing contempt for Arab citizens, violating basic human rights and freedoms

“Corruption” The Curse On Indian Growth
By Nilendu Mukherjee

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India has submitted to the government the report on the 2G spectrum allotment that may have caused a loss of over Rs 1.76 lakh crore to the exchequer. If we see the magnitude of the 2G spectrum scam against the various budget allocations for 2010-2011, it is really shocking that the country has lost such a huge amount which could have been utilized to support many important issues and help poor people of this country. But this has been hijacked by the vested interest and nexus between the corrupt people who manage the show

Designer Disease : “I Am Wrong”
By Sadanand Patwardhan

After 9/11, the president of USA urged citizens, not to grieve or pray or reflect or volunteer to help, but to go out and shop. Drug industry too wants people to go out and shop. That's why it is telling people - “You are wrong”

19 November, 2010

Climate Change And Disease Will Spark
New Food Crisis, Says UN

By Sean O'Grady

A food crisis could overtake the world in 2011, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation, an agency of the United Nations. Climate change, speculation, competing uses such as biofuels and soaring demand from emerging markets in East Asia are the factors that will push global food prices sharply higher next year, claims the FAO

Peak Oil: Why The Pentagon Is Pessimistic
By Matthieu Auzanneau

Two biannual reports, having appeared in 2008 and in 2010, describe the “environment” of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff. They occupy an important place, in this reporter’s opinion, among the recent analyses recognizing the eventuality (or stating the threat) of a fall in the world oil production between now and the middle of this decade

Oil Shock Warning To Government
From UK Business


An industry taskforce has called on the government to act to protect the UK economy against a new threat of rising oil prices. A consortium of British business, including retailers Kingfisher and transport group, Stagecoach, say the UK must prepare for the next oil shock

The Delusional People Who Want To
Frack This Country Up

By James Howard Kunstler

There are large deposits of methane gas locked into shale deposits roughly following the Appalachian mountain chain from New York State through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, into Ohio, but also hot spots out west. It's hard to get at. You have to basically blow up the shale rock deep underground with high pressure water that is loaded up with chemicals and sand particles to keep the rock fragments separated once they are blown apart. Chesapeake Energy specializes in this rock fracturing (or "fracking") method for drilling. You can get gas out of the ground this way. The question is how much, over what time period, at what cost

The Burden Of Knowing
By Charles Hugh Smith

The knowledge that the present is unsustainable is, for many of us, a great emotional burden. It troubles our sleep, our minds, and our basic emotional well-being. Knowledge, like memory, cannot be erased at will, and thus it runs in the background of our lives, unseen by others but deeply troubling to the knower

Social Crisis Grips Ireland
By Steve James

The accelerating economic crisis in Ireland is taking a terrible toll on broad layers of workers, particularly the more vulnerable—children, the elderly, those on low incomes and with insecure housing

Sweden Issues International Arrest Warrant
For WikiLeaks Founder Assange

By David Walsh

Swedish authorities, stepping up their persecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, have issued an international arrest warrant for his detention in relation to trumped-up “rape” charges

Statement By Julian Assange's Counsel
Mark Stephens

The only way the accused and his lawyers have been able to discover any substantive information regarding the investigation against him has been through the media Over the last three months, despite numerous demands, neither Mr. Assange, nor his legal counsel has received a single word in writing from the Swedish authorities relating to the allegations; a clear contravention to Article 6 of the European Convention

Prospects for Peace In The Middle East
By Prof Francis A. Boyle

A lecture by accomplished international lawyer and College of Law Professor - Video

Western Media Frightened Of The “F” Word
In Its Israeli Context

By Alan Hart

There is a debate in Israel about whether the Zionist state is on the slippery slope to fascism or is already fascist. As far as I am aware the mainstream Western media has not drawn any attention to this

Obama And Jihad And How Not To Fight Terrorism
By Alan Hart

It follows that the only effective way to defeat Arab and other Muslim terrorism is by addressing the legitimate grievances of its host communities. What are those grievances? The list is quite long but at the top of it is the double standard of Western foreign policy as manifest in its refusal to call and hold Israel to account for its defiance of international law, while at the same time making demands, often backed with punishment including war, for Arab and other Muslim regimes to act in accordance with international law

A Privatized Nakba
By Charlotte Silver

Palestinians describe the Israel Land Administration Law (ILA) quietly passed by the Israeli Knesset in 2009 as the final stage in the 62-year process of displacement from their homeland. The legislation is expected to have a long-term, disastrous impact on Palestinian lives and precludes the possibility of a negotiated resolution to the conflict

A Follow Up On My Fifth Grade Essay:
Education At Gunpoint

By Ramzy Baroud

The problems faced by the education system in Palestine were difficult enough during my childhood. Now they have compounded to unforeseen levels, with the educational sector divided between two educational ministries in Gaza and the West Bank, the former under Israeli siege and the latter under military occupation. Were it not for UNRWA, the already severe obstacles would have become completely insurmountable long ago. But today even UNRWA is struggling with depleting funds and political haggling between competing Palestinian authorities and an ever atrocious Israeli occupation

Al-Qaeda's Christian Massacre — Aiding
And Abetting The Occupation Of Palestine

By Maidhc Ó Cathail

Couldn't the Baghdad church massacre also be seen as an attempt to “subvert and fragment” Palestinian unity? With “brothers” like al-Qaeda, who needs enemies?

How Israel And The US Hope To Destroy Hezbollah
By Franklin Lamb

The US-Israel project is said to be based on elaborate computer models among other calculations and includes the expectation that members of Hezbollah, possibly even Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, will be indicted, tried and convicted, in absentia of course, of involvement in the February 14, 2005 murder of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri

Ethnically Cleansing East Jerusalem
By Stephen Lendman

Israel's long range Jerusalem plan is total Judaization, making the city its exclusive capital, denying the Palestinians rightful claim to its eastern portion for its own. As a result, ethnic cleansing systematically continues, villages like Silwan targeted by home demolitions, dispossessions, and assaults against residents defending their land and property

Stonewalling Goldstone
By Stephen Lendman

Goldstone's report isn't dead, but it's on life support. Nonetheless, HRC's Committee of Experts remains active, headed by John Dugard, former UN Special Human Rights Rapporteur for Occupied Palestine. However, whether or not it will matter is worrisome, given forces for delay, obstruct and whitewash in control. Wresting it from them may prove insurmountable, but serious efforts must be made to try. Otherwise, predictable consequences will follow, assuring violence, unaccountability and injustice

Non-Violent Response Urged
To Oppose U.S. Aggression

By Sherwood Ross

People the world over must find non-violent ways to oppose American military force lest they suffer the fate of the Iraqis---hundreds of thousands dead and a nation in ruins

Jama'at - E - Islami And
Secular Democratic Politics

By Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer

The transformation of Jama'at - E - Islami in India

18 November, 2010

TSA Targets Woman For Naked Scan;
Fondles Children

By Rady Ananda

Are these transportation security authorities looking for terrorists or a hard on? Why would 19 agents and police officers need to handle -- and watch -- a 20-something woman who happens to be 'smoking hot' get her breasts squeezed and twisted ? Children are fondled, too. Three-year-old Mandy Simon screams, "STOP TOUCHING ME" when a woman searches her for weapons

TSA Promises $10,000 Fine For Refusing
Sexual Assault

By Rady Ananda

At the San Diego International Airport on Saturday, about one-fifth of the travelers were selected for sexual assault by transportation security agents. Though TSA's website did not list SAN as one of the airports employing the carcinogenic naked scan or a full body rub down, one man was told his refusal to submit would result in a civil law suit and a $10,000 fine

Enough Is Enough

Enough is Enough is the single most complete collection of policy initiatives, tools, and reforms for an economy that makes enough its goal instead of more. The report is generated from the inspirational ideas of the Steady State Economy Conference

Fidel Castro's Message To The Students
By Fidel Castro

It’s only fair to struggle for that and that is why we must use all our energy, all our effort and all our time to be able to say with the voice of millions, or hundreds of thousands of millions of people: It is worthwhile to have been born! It is worthwhile to have lived!

The Peak Oil Crisis: Did We Vote Ourselves
To Extinction?

By Tom Whipple

Some climate scientists say that an average global increase of 6o C will leave the earth uninhabitable. Long before we get there, rising sea levels, droughts, floods, storms and what have you will make life very unpleasant for those of us still around or our descendants. Someday, those who are left will wonder just what we were thinking about when we let all this happen

Straight Talk With James Howard Kunstler:
"The World Is Going To Get Rounder
And Bigger Again"

By Chris Martenson

I take issue with the Tom Friedman notion that the world has become permanently flat. The world is going to get rounder and bigger again. Ahead now, I think you'll see the big nations shrink back into their own corners of the world. I'm not saying we'll see no international trade, but it will be nothing like the conveyer belt from China to Wal-Mart that we've known the last few decades. And the prospects for conflict are very very high

Global Warming Coming On Rapidly, Scientists Say
By Sherwood Ross

If we don't take urgent action to curb carbon emission, run away warming could be the possible consequence

Far Down The Road To Oligarchy
By Ron Forthofer

Our situation is far worse than in almost all other industrialized Western nations. Is the control of our government by a relatively few wealthy elite acceptable? Isn't it past time to consider changes to the U.S. approach?

Liar, Liar
By Philip Giraldi

President Barack Obama's speech in Indonesia in which he conceded that the United States must do more to establish a good working relationship with many Muslim nations would have ranked as one of the more pathetic performances by an American president in recent years but for the fact that there have been so many awful performances to choose from

Twenty-First Century Blowback?
By Nick Turse

As prospects dim in Iraq, the pentagon digs in deeper around the Middle East

Obama’s Bribe
By Jonathan Cook

Another setback of similar magnitude may be unfolding as Barack Obama dangles a lavish package of incentives in the face of Benjamin Netanyahu in an attempt to lure the Israeli prime minister into renewing a three-month, partial freeze on Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank

A Bribe Too Good To Refuse
By Stephen Lendman

When all else fails, offer money, or in this case weapons for peace (a clear oxymoron) via for a three month settlement construction moratorium in name only. In fact, new building is unimpeded, Obama's offer a facade to hide reality on the ground

Senate Votes Cloture On S 510 : Must Now Be
Voted On In 60 Days

By Rady Ananda

By a vote of 74 to 25, at noon today, the U.S. Senate voted for cloture on S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, which means it must now be voted on in the full Senate within 60 days. All amendments to the controversial food control bill must be completed by that time

S.510, Food Control (aka, People Control)
For Dummies

By Robert Palmer

Today the greatest threat to our food sovereignty in history, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010 (S.510), is on the floor of the U.S. Senate, and the food activists are sitting on the side lines ignoring the pleas for help

Ablechild - Unsung Hero in Battle Against
Psychopharmaceutical Industry

By Evelyn Pringle

The founders of Ablechild, Patricia Weathers and Sheila Matthews, have earned the title of “Unsung Heroes,” as both pioneers and warriors for over a decade, in the battle to protect children from the Psychop harmaceutical Industry

America's Gulf: An Ongoing Catastrophic Disaster
By Stephen Lendman

Experts and local residents express concern about a combination of widespread contamination, growing illnesses, and environment destruction. Besides the above, it's a lethal mixture, impacting the lives of growing millions, but government officials and media reports won't explain it

Haiti's Cholera Epidemic Sparks Outrage
By Stephen Lendman

It's Haiti's latest cross to bear, a country beset by centuries of oppression, occupation, exploitation, neglect, deep poverty, and now cholera - an imperial epidemic likely to claim many thousands of lives, perhaps willfully targeted for removal

Revisiting Obama’s Visit
By Suvrat Raju

Obama’s major foreign policy achievement has been to restore American soft-power. So he was not met with protests of the kind that greeted Bush. However, unless sustained public pressure forces the Manmohan Singh government to reverse course, it will go ahead with deals that not only advance U.S. hegemony but are also pernicious for the vast majority of Indians

India Needs A Seed Liability Bill
By Devinder Sharma

The controversial Seed Bill 2010 that has been placed in Parliament in the ongoing session fails to address the long standing demand of farmers. Originally drafted in 2004, the new Seed Bill that has been reintroduced after much deliberations and discussions still takes a soft line against the seed companies, and provides no succour to farmers

The Milk Madness
By Devinder Sharma

US/EU pushing India to open up for its subsidised milk products

No, You Can’t
By Nawaz Gul Qanungo

It is true that the question of Kashmir cannot be answered fully without bringing Pakistan on board. It is also understandable that the US can, if it ever so desires, push for such an engagement. However, what is more important is to recognize that it is the Indian state which is responsible for such a thing not happening. India will not bow under what the United States says or believes. To bring change, Kashmir must look back within, not without

16 November, 2010

Haiti Cholera Protest Turns Violent
By Aljazeera

Protesters clash with UN peacekeepers in second-largest city of Cap Hatien over epidemic that has killed more than 900

The Age Of Cheap Oil Is Over
By Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

We are now inhabiting a 'post-peak' world. That is the implication of the International Energy Agency's (IEA) new report, World Energy Outlook 2001, which in its 25-year 'New Policies Scenario' projects that it is most probable that conventional crude oil production "never regains its all-time peak of 70 million barrels per day reached in 2006." In this scenario, crude oil production is most likely to stay on a plateau of around 68-69 million barrels per day

Techno-Optimism Meets Its Match
By Guy R. McPherson

According to the extremely conservative International Energy Agency (IEA), we’ve passed the world peak for conventional oil (in 2006, they say). In a stunning nod to reality, even the New York Times agrees. In a bizarre case of committee-style cognitive dissonance, the IEA follows up on the admission that peak oil has come and gone with the conclusion that energy will never limit economic growth

Interview With Chris Martenson:
"Prepare For peak Oil While There Is Time"

By Alexander Ac

Dr. Chris Martenson says that the next 20 years will be very different from the last 20 years. Peak oil “will change everything” and there is never too soon for preparations. The key is resilience, self-dependency and versatility. He is an optimist and believes that many people will survive peak oil happily – if they prepare themselves. As all people researching peak oil and its impacts, he advises people to get out of debt

The Dominant Culture Is Killing The Planet...
It’s Very Important For Us To Start To Build
A Culture Of Resistance"

By Derrick Jensen

A Democracy Now! interview with Derrick Jensen

G - 20, APEC And The Extreme Unction
Of Credibility

By Fidel Castro

According to Roman Catholic practice, when someone is deathly ill, they make their confession and then receive extreme unction. This is what has happened with United States credibility in the almost simultaneous meetings of the G-20 and APEC. On the basis of this, we don’t know what’s coming next. Perhaps they shall give a Christian burial or cremation to the remains of the absurd illusion that it is possible to keep alive a social system that is incompatible with the life of humanity

What, Really, Is The Obama-Clinton
Game Plan For Israel/Palestine?

By Alan Hart

The question for the coming days is whether Obama has the will and courage to play his ace card if Netanyahu continues to humiliate him and demonstrate, with or without a 90-day moratorium, that he and virtually all of his leadership colleagues are not interested in peace on terms the vast majority of Palestinians and most other Arabs and Muslims everywhere could just about accept

Islamophobia Inc.
By Nicole Colson

Nicole Colson documents the big business of spreading anti-Muslim hate and lies

Boycott List For God-Conscious Consumers
By Huda Jawad

Due to their labor standards, environmentally destructive policies and human rights records, we must refrain as much as possible from supporting these brands and companies with our dollars

Illness Plagues Gulf Residents In BP's Aftermath
By Dahr Jamail

Increasing numbers of U.S. Gulf Coast residents attribute ongoing sicknesses to BP's oil disaster and use of toxic dispersants

BP Oil Spill Victims: Gulf Coast Claims Facility,
Litigation or Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund?

By Brian J. Donovan

Contrary to what BP and AFJ would like the American public to believe, GCCF and litigation are not the only avenues of compensation open to BP oil spill victims. A financially viable Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund (the “Fund”) is a third, and probably the best, avenue

Class Warfare Jeopardizing
American Workers' Security

By Stephen Lendman

Only mass outrage can stop them from slashing Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other social benefits on the way to ending them - a venal plot to make America another banana republic, its working millions oppressed serfs, their present and future security destroyed. Obama and congressional majorities support this in league with big money backers, largely Wall Street racketeers profiting hugely from sucking public and personal wealth to themselves. The die is cast. It's their future or ours. There's no in between. Grassroots activism only, or lack of it, will decide

Washington Backing Indonesian State Terror
By Stephen Lendman

Munir Thalib, a man Nairn called outspoken, tough, brilliant, a good friend, and fearless human rights activist was murdered. Others like him as well as ordinary people are targeted, Kopassus single-mindedly turning a blind eye to reform, but, nonetheless, got military aid restored showing Washington supports their abuses, the same ones it commits globally

In The Undeclared War Zone Of South Orissa
By Debaranjan Sarangi

The impoverished tribals of South Orissa is caught up in the violence and counter violence of the Maoists and the State

Invisible Cities: Part Two: Hunger
By Javed Iqbal

Malnutrition is not just a rural phenomena but is even unchecked amongst the poorest sections of the urban population. While access to development is often cited as a cure to the ills of hunger, there are many people living in Mumbai, deprived ‘access’ to development – healthcare and basic human rights

Plundered Histories, Forgotten Terrains
And Entangled People

By Goldy M. George

A critical search on Planning and Commission on Mining

There Is A Need To Involve The Muslim Polity Of The Country To Solve Kashmir Issue
By Prof. Tahir Mahmood

If the Kashmir issue is solved amicably, India and Pakistan can live in peace and harmony and the people in the whole subcontinent can heave a sigh of relief. Both the governments should revise their attitude and the religious and welfare organisations should fulfill their responsibilities on this issue. Kashmiri peope have already suffered a lot. Now they need some solace

15 November, 2010

FTII Under Threat Of Privatization
By Saumyananda Sahi & Ruchir arun

The goverment of India is planning to privatize Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. For this purpose, the administration contracted Hewitt Associates, a US-based consultancy firm, to prepare a detailed proposal report, which has caused much anxiety and confusion among the students, teachers and staff on the campus, as none of the respective associations were taken into confidence during the preparation of the report

Preserve Our Blue Planet
By Dr. James E. Hansen

Climate can be stabilized and the remarkable life on our planet can be preserved. But we must demand that governments serve the public and preserve our blue planet

STOP: Another One Hundred Years of
Fossil–Digging In North America?

By Subhankar Banerjee

Soon I’ll will tell you about five Godzilla–scale fossil–digging projects in North America that if approved will set us on a course to repeat our past with grave implications for the future of our planet. You may have already heard about some of these projects individually, but the urgency to stop them collectively is more than ever before

Climate Crisis, The Arctic And Geopolitics
By Farooque Chowdhury

Melting Arctic ice sheets, “contribution” of climate crisis, are altering geoeconomic and geopolitical environment. Agitating strategic setting in the Arctic carries implications for imperial stakeholders, which is actually interest of the capitals that these states serve. An ice-free Arctic will turn into a theatre of economic and political conflict with serious impact on geopolitics

Conversations With Fidel Castro:
The Dangers Of A Nuclear War

By Fidel Castro Ruz & Michel Chossudovsky

Fidel Castro's conversations with Professor Michel Chossudovsky

"Winning" A Nuclear War
By Timothy V. Gatto

We have a situation in the United States and NATO, along with the belligerent State of Israel, where the ruling elite believe that it is ultimately possible to win a nuclear war. Think about that “To win a nuclear war” . Anyone with half a brain should consider this, and ask themselves the question of how is it possible to win a nuclear war?

Projecting Power or Promoting Peace:
The Prophetic Call For Justice, Kindness, Humility

By Robert Jensen

We live in dark and dangerous times, and we know we cannot be seduced by those urging us to revert to religious, national, economic, or technological fundamentalisms, all of which would only exacerbate the danger. To whom should we listen? Listen to the cries of the dead from imperial wars. Listen to the cries of those suffering in a predatory economic system. Listen to the cries from the living world all around us. And, perhaps mostly importantly, listen to the cry of your own heart

Alienated Labor Revisited
By Peter Goodchild

The only answer to the global economy is the local economy. The unasked-for global community should be balanced by the local community, the tribe. Every time I produce my own goods and services, I am striking three blows against corporate feudalism: I am not increasing the income of a CEO in New York, I am no longer alienated from my own labor, and I cannot be laid off as redundant

COICA Could Be Voted Out Of Committee
As Soon As This Week

By Chris Pratt

As proposed, COICA can blacklist, control or close down thousands of watchdog websites, sites like mine, bloggers, even You Tube for engaging in “infringing activities.” With no due process or legal oversight this law would empower the Attorney General ( not the aggrieved party ) to initiate blacklisting activities and prevent access to infringing sites. It is a dangerous and ill defined piece of legislation that at the very least should be publicized and thoroughly discussed in the open

One-Sided Deal
By Neve Gordon

In return for a three-month freeze of illegal construction in the occupied West Bank (but not in occupied East Jerusalem, where it may continue), Barack Obama has promised to deliver 20 F-35 fighter jets to Israel, a deal worth $3 billion

Vox Taxi – Vox Dei
By Uri Avnery

If we want to move towards peace, we undoubtedly have to remove this huge rock blocking the road. We must infuse the public with another belief – the belief that peace is possible, that it is essential for the future of Israel, that it depends mainly on us

Internally Displaced Hunger
By Javed Iqbal

A look at hunger among internally displaced tribals from Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh states of India

The QE2: Bernanke Prints Again
By Sean Fenley

This end-around; however, appears that it will reap little more than a bubble at best, and a currency war — and perhaps even a trade war — according to some of the least optimistic economic policy analysts and observers. Additionally, this may portend the finish for the dollar as the global reserve currency, and the twilight of the U.S. as a major military power on the international stage

Conservative Radio Show Hosts Stoke Up Hatred
By Dr. Habib Siddiqui

Only by withdrawing sponsorship of advertisements and denying promotions of views of these bigots in the popular media can this battle against bigotry and hatred be won. And the Jewish media moguls and community leaders can play an important role in defeating this menace. Are they ready to stop hatred?

G-20: Worried About Corporates, Not People
By Devinder Sharma

Ian Fleming gave James Bond the licence to kill. G-20 fails to withdraw the licence to speculate. Global capital therefore continues to be on a killing spree

Recovering The Humanities,
Revitalizing Democracy

By Rajesh Kumar Sharma

Timely infusion of critical funding could have renovated the old homes of humanities and built them into competitive sites of cultural production. But this was not done. Why? One can speculate. Along with marketable cultural production these sites might have spawned some unwelcome offspring: critique and dissent. Something the corporate education apparatus can be relied on to kill before birth

Long March Against Open Pit Mine And Disastrous
Deals With Oil MNCs In Bangladesh

By Anu Muhammad

People from different parts in Bangladesh marched for seven days towards Phulbari, the place that becomes a symbol of resistance against imperialist plunder, to raise voice against global imperial power engaged in grabbing and plundering natural resources of the country

Colombia: Doing Business, Killing Workers
By Federico Fuentes

A November 4 World Bank and International Finance Corporation report, Doing Business 2011: Making a Difference for Entrepreneurs, ranked Colombia as the 39th most “business friendly environment” in the world. Missing from the report were the more than 500 unionists killed in Colombia over the past eight years, making up 60% of all unionists killed globally

Fact Finding Report On Kashmir

Fact finding report on Kashmir prepared by a team that visited Kashmir recently. The team comprised of academic Bela Bhatia, advocate Vrinda Grover, journalist Sukumar Muralidharan and activist Ravi Hemadri of The Other Media, a Delhi based campaign and advocacy organisation, at whose initiative the effort was organised

Kashmir: Dilemmas Of The Right Of Nations
To Self-Determination

By Rohini Hensman

The repeal of AFSPA and other laws providing impunity for human rights violations by the army and other security forces would help to provide an atmosphere in which the people of Kashmir and the North-East could work out solutions that guarantee democracy and self-determination for all, and not just for a privileged or dominant section

Jammu and Kashmir National Democratic
Alliance :A Step In Right Direction

By Dr Shabir Choudhry

This initiative of NAP should be appreciated and all those who took part in this important conference should also be commended; as their hard work resulted in an alliance which could be of immense importance for the Kashmiri struggle, and especially for politics of Pakistani Administered Kashmir

Torture In US Prisons
By Stephen Lendman

In March 2005, a UK Deborah Davis Channel 4 report titled, "Torture, Inc., America's Brutal Prisons" highlighted the horrors, including prisoners savaged by dogs, brutally shocked with cattle prods, burned by toxic chemicals, harmed by stun guns, beaten, stripped naked and abused in various other ways. Sound familiar? Welcome to mainland Guantanamo

American Style Free Trade
By Stephen Lendman

Agreements like NAFTA, DR-CAFTA, and various bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) have proved hugely destructive, superseding national laws, sovereignty, labor rights, environmental concerns, and more

In Mumia Case, Judges Argue Penalty
While The People Argue Justice

By Mary Shaw

How can true closure be achieved unless we are absolutely certain that justice was served in a fair and unbiased manner? Without that, we're not looking at justice, but rather at a case of reckless revenge against a conveniently controversial character

Liberating Thought: Toward An Independent
Mass Media

By Steven Fake

Revitalizing the labor movement – radicalizing and democratizing it as well as expanding membership – must be a crucial component of any successful social movement for a more civilized society. The creation of an independent, mass circulation community and labor press should go hand-in-hand with that goal. The freedom and independence of the population from ideological domination by elite interests is dependent upon it

Justifying The Murder Of Hem Chandra Pandey

Peoples Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) considers the raid and alleged recovery of “banned literature” and correspondence from Babita Pandey’s rented accommodation in New Delhi by the Andhra Pradesh State Intelligence Bureau (APSIB) to be an attempt at justifying the cold blooded killing of her husband Hem Chandra Pandey and Cherukuri Rajkumar @ Azad. By showing him to be member of a banned organization, the APSIB and its political bosses want to suggest that Hem Chandra Pandey’s alleged membership of a banned organisation somehow justifies his execution

13 November, 2010

The End Of Growth
By Richard Heinberg

This article is an excerpt from Richard Heinberg's new book which has the working title 'The End of Growth' and is set for publication in July 2011. The central assertion of this book is both simple and startling: Economic growth as we have known it is over and done with

Building Climate Change Consensus:
Mann Vs McIntyre, For Example

By Bill Henderson

Climate change is but one of the global scale 'Bottleneck' problems threatening our continuing evolution. A science-process, controlled-access wiki could be a key tool in looking down the road, quantifying dangers, and acting with due diligence to future generations

Is The American Public About To Toss Israel?
By Franklin Lamb

Ever so slowly over the past two decades, and gaining momentum since the April 2002 Israeli destruction of the West Bank town of Jenin, American attitudes toward Israel appear to be changing according to some public opinion analysts

G-20 Summit: Seoul Symphony In Discord
By Farooque Chowdhury

Seoul just had a symphony in discord. Signs of rupture are there in the just concluded G-20 summit

Corporate Takeover Of Indian Democracy
By Ravi S Ghosh

"If terrorism is uncontrolled, if Left Wing extremism continues to flourish in important parts of our country which have tremendous natural resources of minerals and other precious things, that will certainly affect the climate for investment."- Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh

Reinventing A War Criminal:
Defending The Bush Legacy

By Stephen Lendman

The Bush legacy is based on lies, deceit, crimes of war and against humanity, and complicity in criminal fraud, a disgusting record deserving denunciation and prison, not shameless feting. Yet his new book, "Decision Points," attempts the impossible, a brazen scheme to reinvent a war criminal, one of history's greatest

200,000 At Risk In Haiti Cholera Epidemic
By Patrick Martin

More than 800 have died in the cholera epidemic in Haiti, 12,000 have been hospitalized, and some 200,000 people are at risk, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) announced Friday, issuing an appeal for $164 million in emergency aid

12 November, 2010

Global Oil Availability Has Peaked:
EU Energy Chief

By Reuters

The availability of oil worldwide has already peaked, the European Union's energy chief Guenther Oettinger said on Wednesday. "My fear is that the global consumption of oil is going to increase, but European oil consumption has already reached its peak. The amount of oil available globally, I think, has already peaked," Oettinger told a news briefing in Brussels

IEA World Energy Outlook 2010: Questionable
Assumptions And Major Omissions

By Gail Tverberg

The World Energy Outlook 2010 makes quite a number of assumptions that seem wrong, and omits important ideas. Here are a few that Oil Drum staff members have mentioned. You may have others you think should be added to the list

Veterans Day! Long Live Violent Death! WMD!
And Rule By Investment Bankers!

By Jay Janson

Disappointment not to have seen or heard of some flying contingent of brave tough members of Veterans of Peace or a Howard Zinn peace activist brigade tussling with pro-war veterans and military officers, seeking to disrupt the praise of war. American acceptance of horrific implications of what is preached on Veterans Day

Take A Stand For Peace
By Veterans For Peace

This letter invites you to join what will be the largest veteran-led civil resistance to U.S. wars and occupations in recent history, Washington, D.C., December 16

A New American Revolution
By Timothy V. Gatto

Revolution is one of those words that capture attention. When people think of revolution the War of Independence or the French Revolution come to mind. Revolution needn't be that extreme, however, revolution is what is needed in what has become the most repressive and militarily expansive government on the face of the planet. The government I'm talking about isn't Iran or North Korea, its The United States of America

The Fight To Save Social Security Begins Now
By Shamus Cooke

With national elections barely over, Republicans and Democrats unveiled their real political agenda, in the form of Obama's Deficit Reduction Commission. The bi-partisan commission has a nightmare vision for working people that, if implemented, will remold American society to mirror the current ruler of U.S. politics -- the corporations and wealthy

Obama Team's Deficit Cutting Proposal:
Benefit The Few, Harm The Many

By Stephen Lendman

If approved, in whole or in part, proposed changes will become effective in 2012. Deficit hawks want it accomplished before the 112th Congress convenes in January. Public anger is needed to stop it, a thinly veiled scheme to take from the many for the few, the administration very supportive

Which "Human" Rights Do You Call For?
By Kourosh Ziabari

How justified is the sanction imposed on Iran? Here is a real life story

A Movement Visible From Outer Space
By Bill McKibben

Next month’s UN Climate talks in Cancun promise more disappointment--politicians around the world are already lowering expectations and backing away from commitments. In the days leading up to that conference, though, the world will see a new kind of spectacle: the first planet-scale group art show. We're calling it 350 EARTH, and it will feature art so big you'll need to back all the way up to outer space for a proper view

A Loud London Day
By Farooque Chowdhury

Student activism and politics in the United Kingdom, both at national level, have shown their close connection. Both, moored in economy, are acting with each other, and pronouncing aloud old questions related to politics, citizens’ rights, state’s role, and education

Militants Regrouping In Pakistani Kashmir
By Zafar Iqbal

Islamic militants have started re-emerging in various cities and towns of Pakistani administrated Kashmir

Anguish of Kashmiri People: Are We Listening?
By Ram Puniyani

Layers of democracy, within the state need to be strived for and people’s voices of dissent need to be listened carefully rather than insulted and blindly opposed without understanding the logic of their statements and suffering of the people of Kashmir

The Myths That Kept The MFIs Afloat
By Devinder Sharma

Microfinance is under attack. Even the normally reticent pink newspapers have now begun to bring out the inherent flaws in the microfinance model. While Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and the Reserve Bank of India governor Mr D Subbarao refuse to take notice, public outcry against the criminal micro-credit system that has actually grown with state support, is building up

The Disadvantage of Being Strategic
Partner of The US

By Mustafa Khan

As far as the bilateral relationship between India and the US is concerned there is an élan as observed at occasions like the recent Obama visit. The most important issue of the day is terrorism. But the moment the “enormous” negihbour Pakistan enters in the equation there is a chemical change. The tripartite relationship leaves much to be desired

11 November, 2010

World Energy Outlook 2010 Is A Cry For Help
By Kjell Aleklett

In WEO 2010 the IEA presents facts that mean only one thing – the peak of oil production is imminent. By showing this data without announcing this obvious conclusion the IEA is making a cry for help to do what, for them, is politicly impossible. WEO 2010 is a cry for help to tell the truth about peak oil

The Story of Electronics



Photos Allege Sri Lanka Massacre
By Aljazeera

Photographs obtained by Al Jazeera appear to show massacre of Tamils during final stages of Sri Lanka's civil war

Cholera Outbreak Hits Port-au-Prince
By Stephen Lendman

Cholera outbreak hits Haiti capital

Student Militancy A Welcome Surprise
By Celia McAteer

Today, what could have been a march by students and lecturers within the confines set by those they are meant to be marching against, may prove to be the first protest of this generation that will not just send shivers through the halls of power but also expresses an acknowledgement that it is not possible to have your voice heard through the instruments of the state

Zionism Needs The Israeli Jews
To Feel Frightened: Alan Hart

Interview by Kourosh Ziabari

Alan Hart joined the Iranian journalist Kourosh Ziabari in an exclusive, in-depth interview to explore the prospect of Israel-Palestinian conflict, the roots of Zionist lobby's influence over the U.S. Congress, the 9/11 conspiracy theories and the possibility of a U.S.-directed military strike against Iran

Israel's Self-Destruction
By Jonathan Cook

In clinging to a vision of Greater Israel, Mr Netanyahu and the right are fuelling a potentially powerful Palestinian nationalism that could yet come to crush not only the occupation but Israel's status as a Jewish state

Lurching Toward Gomorrah:
Growing Israeli Fascism

By Stephen Lendman

Disturbing signs are ominous. On November 8, Israel demolished and ransacked a Negev Bedouin Arab mosque in Rahat, removing it for Jewish development. Professor Yousef Salamah called it "a criminal act," done on the pretext that it was unlicensed

The Parcel Bomb Plot — Al-Qaeda's Gift To Israel
By Maidhc Ó Cathail

Israel must be very grateful indeed for this latest terror scare. If Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula did not exist , they might have to invent it

Why George W. Bush Should Still Worry
By Bill Quigley

Bush pens true crime book, no justice for CIA destruction of 92 torture tapes

Obama In Asia : Meeting American Decline
Face To Face

By Juan Cole

Beyond being a goodwill ambassador for ten days, Obama is seeking sales of American-made durable and consumer goods, weapons deals, an expansion of trade, green energy cooperation, and the maintenance of a geopolitical balance in the region favorable to the United States. Just as the decline of the American economy hobbled him at home, however, the weakness of the United States on the world stage in the aftermath of Bush-era excesses has made real breakthroughs abroad unlikely

Another Baghdad Massacre:
Iraqi Christians Are Already at Home

By Ramzy Baroud

On Sunday, October 31, when a group of militants seized a church in Baghdad, killing and wounding scores of Iraqi Christians, it signaled yet another episode of unimaginable horror in the country since the US invasion of March 2003. Every group of Iraqis has faced terrible devastation as a result of this war, the magnitude of which is only now beginning to be discovered

Public Like A Frog: "Where All Are Guilty,
No One Is"

By Phil Rockstroh

Darkness must and will descend upon us. The absence of light must grow so unbearable that we’re willing to ask how is it we arrived in this place and begin to illuminate the darkness by revealing the scuttling, creepy crawlers of empire

Caste’ing Live Chitradurga’s Madigas And Nayakas
By Anand Teltumbde

Caste in India is a terrible thing. It can surface anywhere in a weirdest manner and forms. In the Chitradurga district of Karnataka, famed for the rule of Nayakas, the chieftain whose descendents have strangely found a place in the schedule for Tribes, prepared by the independent India to do them social justice, it still survives in its pristine glory

Why, Rahul Gandhi, The Adivasis’ Soldier Silent?
By Gladson Dungdung

Perhaps, Rahul Gandhi is much worried on the matter of Adivasis deserting the Congress Party rather than protection of their rights therefore he intends to get back the lost Adivasi vote bank by projecting himself as their soldier. The relevant question here is if he is Adivasis’ soldier then whose government has been carrying on eviction of the migrant Adivasis in Assam, Salwa Judum in Chhatisgarh and Operation Green Hunt in the so-called Red Corridor?

10 November, 2010

Has The World Already Passed “Peak Oil”?
By Mason Inman

The year 2006 may be remembered for civil strife in Iraq, the nuclear weapon testing threat by North Korea, and the genocide in Darfur, but now it appears that another world event was occurring at the same time—without headlines, but with far-reaching consequence for all nations. That’s the year that the world’s conventional oil production likely reached its peak, the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Vienna, Austria, said Tuesday

IEA World Energy Outlook 2010 Now Out;
A Preliminary Look

By Gail Tverberg

The International Energy Agency issued its annual energy forecast today for 2010. It consists of a three volume report, plus an executive summary and a press release. In the next few weeks, we will be analyzing the report. At this point, we can only point to a few of the summary findings. One clear concern is that demand will be rising--especially from China and India. Another is that prices (in inflation-adjusted terms) will be rising. A third concern is that conventional oil production will no longer be able to rise

Tariq Aziz: Innocent Man Sentenced to Death
By Ghali Hassan

The conviction of Mr Tariq Aziz – ordered and condoned by the barbaric American occupiers – was a flagrant violation of international law

Father M. d'Escoto Brockmann,Former President of
The UN General Assembly, Calls To Free Tariq Aziz

Appeal to the UN made on 3-11-2010 , by Father Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, former president of the UN General Assembly to free Mr. Tariq Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq before 2003 invasion. The appeal was shown at the end of a joint NGO side-event which took place during the Universal Periodic Review of the United States at the United Nations in Geneva

Will G20 Take Collective Stand On
Capital Controls?

By Kavaljit Singh

The potential costs associated with putting new liquidity into the global economy should not be underestimated and therefore emerging markets should adopt a cautious approach toward such capital inflows

Is Palestine America's Next Vietnam?
By Ira Chernus

Palestine as America’s next Vietnam? Like all historical analogies, it’s far from perfect. We aren’t about to send the U.S. Army to the West Bank or Gaza to kill and die in a war that can’t be won. Where else in the world, though, is American weaponry and political power so obviously used to suppress a Viet Cong-like movement of national liberation (a bill the Taliban hardly fit)?

“He's Neither Alive Nor Dead”:
The Resurrection of Ariel Sharon

By William A. Cook

Why the curious renewed interest in the former Prime Minister? It seems that the current policies of the Netanyahu administration, the increased vigor in the Knesset as it rams through a series of “thought” legislation, and the uncertainty that surrounds Obama's ambiguous thrusts and withdrawals regarding his negotiations have shed klieg lights on what Sharon wrought before he fell into the coma

Rabbis’ Edict Bars Renting To Arabs
By Jonathan Cook

In the past few weeks, Safed -- one of Judaism’s four holy cities -- has been making headlines of a very different kind. Gideon Levy, a columnist for the Israeli daily Haaretz, last week declared it “the most racist city in the country”

Peace Held Hostage To Rotating
US, Israeli Elections

By Nicola Nasser

No surprise then Palestinian negotiators are almost concluding that enough is enough, that they are left with no options but to get rid of this rotating electoral vicious circle and let come whatever, it would not be worse than the current status of being captives to a waiting game for a Godot that will never come

Shin Bet Mistreatment of Palestinian Detainees
By Stephen Lendman

An October B'Tselem/HaMoked, Center of the Defence of the Individual report, titled "Kept in the Dark: Treatment of Palestinian Detainees in the Petach-Tikva Interrogation Facility of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet)" is discussed below. Though, in some respects, treatment over the years has changed, it remains harsh, abusive, and in violation of international law, prohibiting all forms of torture and mistreatment at all times, under all conditions, with no allowed exceptions

The Horns Of Our Dilemma
By Jeff Berg

'The Limits to Growth' was published in 1972. The peak oil thesis in 1956. The first oil shock was in 1973, and the idea of sustainable development has been bandied about for decades. We know what we know. Action not solutions or information is what is lacking. On at least one point however all can agree. Prolonged delay in the face of needed change tends to foreclose options

Beyond Chaos
By Peter Goodchild

A bleak scenario for the future beyond oil

Lessons of Rebound for The Democrats
By Dr. Habib Siddiqui

It is the Republicans who will be judged now unfavorably for any arrogance and scorched-earth policy that can lead to government gridlock. The impatient voters want results and good governance, and not gridlocks. They want the two political parties to make progress in finding jobs, improving economy and ensuring that they would have social security benefits when they retire. It is that simple! And nothing else!

Oklahoma’s Anti-Islam Ballot Measure
Challenged As Un-constitutional

By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

The Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations today filed a lawsuit at the US District Court of Oklahoma saying that an anti-Islam (Sharia ban) state ballot measure passed in November 2 election violates the U.S. Constitution

Dishonesty of Arundhati or Media?
By Mahtab Alam

A look at the coverage in the Indian press of Arundhati Roy's recent statement on Kashmir and the subsequent ransacking of her house by hindutva fanatics

Criminals for Hindutva ? The Hidden Hand !
By Subhash Gatade

The hidden relationship between criminals and hindutva organisations

05 November, 2010

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Leading Edge
By Tom Whipple

Last week an organization in California, The Post Carbon Institute, released a new book, "The Post Carbon Reader," which draws a much broader picture of the serious issues facing mankind. The basic proposition of the book is that the world has reached the limits of growth in terms of its population, economic activity, and the ability of the atmosphere to absorb more carbon emissions. Either the world's peoples must transform themselves into a sustainable number living in a sustainable manner or there will be many dire consequences right up to the possibility that the human race itself could become extinct. Clearly, this is serious stuff

Becoming An Empathic Civilization
By Jeremy Rifkin

"Expect Next Phase Of Market Crash
And A Large One For That Matter…"

By Alexander Ac

Interview With Nicole "Stoneleigh" Foss

Zombie-Marxism Part II: What Marx Got Right
By Alex Knight

This is part of an essay critiquing the philosophy of Karl Marx for its relevance to 21st century anti-capitalism. The main thrust of the essay is to encourage living common-sense radicalism, as opposed to the automatic reproduction of zombie ideas which have lost connection to current reality. Karl Marx was no prophet. But neither can we reject him. We have to go beyond him, and bring him with us. I believe it is only on such a basis, with a critical appraisal of Marx, that the Left can become ideologically relevant to today’s rapidly evolving political circumstances

Engels On The Theory of Value
By Thomas Riggins

Engels discusses the origin of the Marxist theory of value in Part II, Chapter V of his 1878 book Anti-Dühring confuting the views of the self styled "socialist" German professor Eugen Dühring. He does this by first taking issue with Dühring's faulty views and then presenting what he takes to be the correct, Marxist, outlook

Rich Media, Poor Democracy
By Amy Goodman

As the 2010 elections come to a close, the biggest winner of all remains undeclared: the broadcasters. The biggest loser: democracy. These were the most expensive midterm elections in U.S. history, costing close to $4 billion, $3 billion of which went to advertising. What if ad time were free? We hear no debate about this, because the media corporations are making such a killing by selling campaign ads. Yet the broadcasters are using public airwaves

After The Campaign Cash, The Backlash
By Brooke Jarvis

The 2010 midterm elections—the first since Citizens United opened the floodgates to corporate campaign cash—were the most expensive in history. So what happens next?

Where Is Everybody? Election Money Flows
In 2010 But Voters Stay Home

By Billy Wharton

The money did certainly flow in 2010 and it served to shape the outcome of at least some of the elections. Ominous unnamed sources funded dozens of attack ads in contested races, Political Action Committee (PAC) funds flowed freely and the unions continued their failed strategy of footing the bill for the Democratic Party. The sheer scale of the spending combined with restrictive ballot access laws, served to further drown out independent candidates. Voters responded by staying home

Lies, Money, And The Fate Of Our Liberty
By Mary Shaw

The November 2 elections whittled away at the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate and gave the Republicans control once again of the House of Representatives. So what prompted so many people to vote for the GOP -- the very same party that got this nation into the current economic mess? Two things that go hand in hand: Lies and money

The Democrats Prepare To Move Right 
By Shamus Cooke

These bi-partisan, anti-worker policies will further expose the Democrats as being extensions of the very wealthy and the corporations. Working people will refuse to vote for this “lesser evil” in the future and demand that their labor and community groups move towards political independence

Lebanon Demurs As Israel Claims Victory
In The US Midterm Elections

By Franklin Lamb

The Lebanese students verdict on the 2010 US midterm election: Netanyahu and Israel won again. Obama and America lost again.

Obama’s Visit: US Merchants Eyeing
Indian Agriculture

By Devinder Sharma

At a time when America is faced with an economic downtrend, US President Barack Obama comes calling in a few days hoping that India will bail him out of the seemingly unending economic crisis. With a huge business team – more than 200 top business chiefs -- accompanying him, US is expecting to increase it exports to India by at least 400 per cent. Food and Agriculture is one of the major thrust areas where President Obama is likely to make a strong pitch

Why Yemen?
By Nasser Arrabyee

Religious extremism from Saudi Arabia is an excuse for false flag operations targeting Yemen, reports Nasser Arrabyee


“Traffic Accidents” In Occupied Palestine:
Another Form Of Zionist Terrorism

By Reham Alhelsi

On 08.10.2010, Al-Jazeera showed footage of an Israeli settler run over Palestinian children in Silwan in occupied Jerusalem. In the footage, the car is seen swerving towards the children, hit them and throw one over the windscreen. This was not an isolated incident

Palestinian Refugees And Direct Negotiations
By Ali Badwan

Leaks from Washington and those involved in the inner circles of the peace negotiations suggest that the right of return for Palestinian refugees is on the point of being sacrificed. The US is insisting that anyone agreeing to negotiate with Israel must abandon this fundamental issue. The right of return is, literally, reaching a point of no return; the pun is definitely intended

Conned By Democracy: The Middle East’s
Stagnant ‘Change’

By Ramzy Baroud

Democracy in the Middle East continues to be a hugely popular topic of discussion. Its virtues are tirelessly praised by rulers and oppositions alike, by intellectuals and ordinary people, by political prisoners and their prison guards. Yet, in actuality, it also remains an illusion, if not a front to ensure the demise of any real possibility of public participation in decision-making

Israeli Settlers Threaten Sheikh Jarrah
By Stephen Lendman

A predominantly East Jerusalem Arab neighborhood, it's home to about 2,800 Palestinians as well as diplomatic missions and well-known landmarks. However, because of its strategic location, settlers want it, and have encroached for years. So far, over 60 Palestinian families have been dispossessed. Another 500 are at risk

Eroding Conditions For Israeli Arabs: Part II
By Stephen Lendman

This article discusses a new Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) report titled, "Project Democracy - Fighting for the Ground Rules" for Israeli Arabs

Cell Phone Trap
By Joel S. Hirschhorn

It is now inconceivable that our world could function without the 5 billion cell phones used globally. The new book by Devra Davis “Disconnect” deserves your attention. Indeed, if you use a cell phone a lot it should be mandatory reading

Strong Unions Are The Best Hope Inside Capitalism
By Farooque Chowdhury

The San Jose Mine incident in Chile has again brought forward old questions related to labor and capital. In the backdrop of the San Jose Mine incident, the 33 miners' struggle to win life, Michael D Yates , Associate Editor of Monthly Review , was interviewed by Farooque Chowdhury

My 75 Days Of Horror At The Hands Of Mumbai ATS
By Estesham Qutub

How a muslim youth was tortured by Mumbai ATS

CasteAnd Caste-Based Discrimination Among
Indian Muslims - Part 4 -
Early Anti-Aryan Movements in India

By Masood Alam Falahi

Part 4 of Masood Alam Falahi's Urdu book Hindustan Mai Zat-Pat Aur Musalman (‘Casteism Among Muslims in India’)

Peace Authority Supporting War Effort
By Ron Swallow

Founded in 2003, the Dayton International Peace Museum (DIPM) has received considerable attention from our local newspaper, the Dayton Daily News (DDN). Ironically, several of DIPM’s projects, especially those reported in DDN, seem to support US foreign policy and its wars of aggression

04 November, 2010

Indigenous Native American Prophecy
(Elders Speak-Part I)


View all the 5 parts here

India: Militarizing Space With U.S. Help
By Matthew Hoey & Joan Johnson-Freese

India is using space development as a way to advance a stronger geostrategic position in the region and globally. The U.S. defense industry is facilitating this military expansion with its aggressive move in to South Asian markets to supplement reductions in their Pentagon contracts

US Elections: America's Right Turn
By Stephen Lendman

On November 2, angry voters responded, shifting right despite favoring many left of center issues, a combination of outrage and angst overriding their best interests. Go figure because what they got will incense them more

Missing: A Vision Of Economic Possibility
By David Korten

This election showed us that neither of our two major parties has a credible vision for our economic future. And that's why this is a moment of opportunity

Midterm "Day-After"
By Partha Banerjee

Many compared 2010 with the midterm elections of 1994 when far right Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanan and their so-called Contract with America swept Republicans to huge Congressional victories. I see some differences between the two; I see some similarities as well

Thought Crimes In Israel
By Neve Gordon

Would Meryl Streep, Spike Lee, Tim Robbins or Susan Sarandon be willing to swear an oath of loyalty to the United States and its policies in order to receive public funding for feature films that they star in, direct or produce? In Israel, the far-right Knesset member Michael Ben Ari has proposed a bill that would require entire film crews to pledge allegiance to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, and to declare loyalty to its laws and symbols, as a condition for receiving public funding. It’s just one of more than ten bills to be discussed during the Knesset’s winter session that several commentators in Ha’aretz have characterised as proto-fascist

All Things Nuclear Must Pass: US, Israel And Iran
By Eileen Fleming

A brief history of Israel's secret nuclear weapons programme

Vaccination Profiteers Gang Up On
Hannah Bruesewitz In Supreme Court

By Evelyn Pringle

The American Academy of Pediatrics announced the submission of an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court on July 30, 2010, “joined by 21 partnering health organizations,” in the vaccine injury case of Bruesewitz v Wyeth, to support the powerful vaccine maker against a lone family

A New Kind Of Crime Against Humanity?:
The Fossil Fuel Industry's Disinformation
Campaign On Climate Change

By Donald Brown

This post examines the question of whether some US companies are guilty of a new kind of crime against humanity that the world has yet to classify. This post is not meant to be a polemic but a call for serious engaged reflection about deeply irresponsible corporate-sponsored programs that have potentially profound harsh effects upon tens of millions of people living around the world, countless millions of future generations, and the ecological systems on which life depends. This post seeks to encourage further reflection on the issues discussed here

Time To End War Against The Earth
By Vandana Shiva

When we think of wars in our times, our minds turn to Iraq and Afghanistan. But the bigger war is the war against the planet. This war has its roots in an economy that fails to respect ecological and ethical limits - limits to inequality, limits to injustice, limits to greed and economic concentration

The Deal To Save The Natural World
Never Happened

By George Monbiot

The so-called summit in Japan won't stop anyone trashing the planet. Only economic risks seem to make governments act

Australia’s Hazardous Road To Climate Action
By Peter Boyer

Australia, the nation that gave birth to green politics is also among the planet’s top carbon polluters on a per–capita basis – on some measures even ahead of the United States

A Discussion About Overpopulation
And Some Related Matters

By Steve Salmony & Emily Spence

The human family ignores human biological limits and Earth’s physical limitations at its own peril. We also puts at risk the children’s future, life as we know it and the Earth as a fit place for human habitation

Tough Questions For Hamas
By Haidar Eid

This article is not concerned with domestic or foreign reactions and attempts to topple the sole democratic experience in the Arab world. Rather, it tackles Hamas's failure to live up to its own commitments to its constituencies, many of whom were not necessarily supporters of the movement. It also examines the extent of Hamas's credibility in committing to the social contract that major democracies abide by in terms of respecting individual citizens and safeguarding their dignity

Guantánamo, Exception Or Rule?
By Chase Madar

All-American Justice for a Child Soldier at Obama’s Gitmo

America: Land of Police State Persecution
By Stephen Lendman

Plight of a Bangladeshi family in America

Small Borrowers Must Stop Repaying
The Loans From MFIs

By Devinder Sharma

In a democracy, people must raise their voice. They must express their anger in a peaceful way so that the powers that be sit back and take notice. MFIs charge such exorbitant interests because the nation does not care nor is it aware. The MFIs will come under pressure only of we exert that pressure

Trying For Sedition? Not Yet
By Nawaz Gul Qanungo

To even remotely allow any similarity between such celebrated stalwarts of the Indian freedom struggle as Tilak and Gandhi with the likes of Arundhati Roy and Syed Ali Shah Geelani by trying them for sedition is something the Indian establishment can hardly afford. The obvious comparisons are far too damning

The Operation NGO Hunt In Jharkhand
By Gladson Dungdung

The Jharkhand government has launched a new operation in the state, which can be called the “Operation NGO Hunt”. In a latest discovery, the Jharkhand Police have found 1300 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as sympathisers of the Naxalites though nobody knows the ‘parameters’ of ‘sympathiser’

Lessons From A Relief Worker’s Diary
By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Richard Symonds has done an interesting work to give us the first hand account of his experiences as a relief worker in India from 1942-1949. Symonds was not only a relief worker as the ‘officer in charge of the Indian section of the ‘Friends Ambulance Unit’, based in Calcutta during the 1943 infamous famine of Bengal. He was the Deputy Secretary to the Government of Bengal’. This book reveals the multifaceted personality of symonds as he not only writes about famine issue but also make critical observation on important aspect of India Pakistan relation

Caste and Caste-Based Discrimination
Among Indian Muslims - Part 3

The Impact of the Aryan Invasion of India
By Masood Alam Falahi

Part 3 of Masood Alam Falahi's Urdu book Hindustan Mai Zat-Pat Aur Musalman (‘Casteism Among Muslims in India’)

03 November, 2010

Republicans Win Sweeping Victory In
US Congressional Election

By Patrick Martin

With many results still being counted or too close to call, the US congressional elections have produced a sweeping victory for the Republican Party, which regained control of the House of Representatives, gaining as many as 60 seats, and cut into the Democratic margin in the Senate

Despair Follows Delusion
By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Despite all the hype and rhetoric, only one impact of the midterm elections is assured. Notwithstanding power shifts from Democrats to Republicans in Congress there will not be any deep, sorely needed true reforms of our corrupt, dysfunctional and inefficient government. The culture of corruption in Washington, DC will remain. Hundreds of millions of dollars from corporate and other special interests will assure that

The Desperate Left
By William Blum

The left in America is desperate; desperate for someone who can inspire them, if not lead them to a better world; or at least make them laugh

The Insane Prelude To The Corporate
Takeover Of The Planet

By Siv O'Neall

The ‘superpower’ is in its death throes, even though on its surface it still keeps the looks of a giant. Underneath the veneer, the country is collapsing. We have seen the signs again and again. Its politics are in a tumultuous meltdown. The politicians who were crying out loudly for law and order have now lost all control. There is only confusion and lawlessness in the big country in the West

Dilma’s Victory In Brazil:
People Reiterate Against Neoliberalism

By Farooque Chowdhury

Dilma, the former Marxist guerrilla turned newly-elected President of Brazil, now stands with the standard of people’s verdict under the shadow of Lula. The election result is the expression of people’s unfulfilled dreams in the backdrop of conflicting class interests storming the biggest economy in Latin America

Haiti's Cholera Outbreak: A Disease Of Poverty
By Stephen Lendman

For America, the West, Haiti's oligarchs and its government, homeless, malnourished, mistreated, and sick Haitians are of no concern, including those affected by cholera. Only predatory imperial interests matter, preying on the many for the few, millions of Haitians easy pickings to exploit. Their struggle for liberation continues

Ram, Jet-Lagged
By Amit Sengupta

What about Kashi and Mathura, will they too go the Ayodhya way? What of thousands of synthetic, mixed shrines, and closed, shared, religious spaces of open societies across the pluralist Indian landscape? Will they all be demolished and rebuilt and re-distributed in three parts based on so-called faith and populism?

Caste And Caste-Based Discrimination
Among Indian Muslims - Part 2

Translated from Urdu by Yoginder Sikand

This is a translation of Dr. Fazlur Rahman Faridi's Introduction to Masood Alam Falahi's Urdu book Hindustan Mai Zat-Pat Aur Musalman -‘Casteism Among Muslims in India’

02 November, 2010

Obama Prepares To Expand
Military Attacks In Yemen

By Bill Van Auken

The Obama administration is preparing to escalate its intervention in Yemen, placing US military units under CIA control to facilitate intensified drone attacks and death squad killings. Citing unnamed government officials, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the administration has responded to the alleged airplane mail bomb plot by stepping up its consideration of “military options” inside Yemen

Wikileaks Exposures Deepen Political Crisis In Iraq
By James Cogan

The publication of thousands of US military reports by Wikileaks on October 22 has added to the tensions that underlie the ongoing failure of the main Iraqi political factions to form a new government nearly eight months since the March 7 election

China, 'Rare Earth' Metals And The Need For
Industrial Restructuring In The West

By Dr. Peter Custers

According to leading Western newspapers, during the second half of 2010 China has reduced its exports of rare earth-metals by 70%. Moreover, China itself has announced that in 2011 it will be forced to further restrict these exports, as part of a policy aimed at securing provisions for China’s own industries using the metals.What then is the real, the larger story behind this row?

Psychological Inoculation For
A Century Of Challenges

Carolyn Baker Interviews Nicole Foss

An exclusive interview with one of the most astute minds in the world of finance whose insights offer crucial preparation for living in a post-industrial world

God On The Table: Attempting A Useful
Discussion Of Mankind's Spiritual Future

By Mike Ruppert

Mankind is essentially expecting (or demanding) that technology overturn the laws of physics, chemistry and especially thermodynamics/energy. By definition, anything that can overturn natural laws is God. Under this construct, technology is, in fact, a religion

The Phantom Left
By Chris Hedges

The American left is a phantom. It is conjured up by the right wing to tag Barack Obama as a socialist and used by the liberal class to justify its complacency and lethargy. It diverts attention from corporate power. It perpetuates the myth of a democratic system that is influenced by the votes of citizens, political platforms and the work of legislators. It keeps the world neatly divided into a left and a right. The phantom left functions as a convenient scapegoat

"No Chance For Two States":Haneen Zoabi
By Ali Abunimah

Video interview with Knesset member Haneen Zoabi

A "Swiss Made" Boat For Gaza
By Silvia Cattori

An interview with Jean-Charles Rielle, Socialist member of the Swiss Parliament

The People Speak
By Eva Bartlett

The focus on people’s movements in Palestine continues to gain momentum with growing non-violent demonstrations in Gaza, the occupied West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem, and with a Palestine-wide call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel

We Are Not Pro-Anyone, We Rre Only
Pro-Burma : Ko Bo Kyi

By Akanksha Mehta and Ava Patricia Avila

An Interview with Burmese Activist and Former Political Prisoner- Ko Bo Kyi

Sabotage On The Rise
By William T. Hathaway

Militant activists in the USA are turning to sabotage in the struggle for social change. Outraged by the Democrats continuing the war they had pledged to stop, a growing number of domestic insurgents have moved beyond demonstrations and petitions into direct action, defying the government's laws and impeding its capacity for mass murder. Despairing over the prospect of endless war, they are convinced the only way to bring peace now is to bring the system down, and sabotage is one way to do that

French Worker Struggles For Justice
By Stephen Lendman

Since early October, France resembles May 1968, at least in part, predatory capitalism again on trial.Today it's over austerity moves, not for raising the retirement age to 62 as misreported

Leaking The Truth
By Dr. Chandra Muzaffar

We should not allow those who speak – or leak--- the truth to be subjected to such injustice and indignity. Global public opinion should rally around Assange. We should also come to the defence of Private Bradley Manning, the 22 year-old, who leaked classified military information including a video of a US army helicopter gunning down Iraqi civilians in 2007, and is now in military detention in Virginia in the US. Citizens groups should demand his unconditional release

Hague Must Visit Gaza And Push Israel
To End The Siege

By Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is calling on William Hague to use his visit to Israel this week to push for an immediate end to Israel’s illegal siege on Gaza. David Cameron has called Gaza ‘an open air prison camp’, and PSC believes that Mr Hague should follow through on his Prime Minister’s comments in his meetings with Israeli ministers

Broad Coalition Rallies For BP Accountability
By Dahr Jamail

Gulf coast fishers, conservationists, seafood distributors and oil workers rallied here at Louisiana's capital over the weekend to demand that oil giant BP be held accountable for the "ongoing" use of toxic dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico

Festival Of Lights ‘Diwali’
Environmentalists Nightmare

By Syed Ali Mujtaba

Excessive consumerism, high-energy consumption and air pollution through firecrackers, are the three major concerns of the environmentalists. They are campaigning for a green ‘Diwali’ so that the deliberate assault on the Mother Nature is stopped and at the same time, the spirit of the festival is not compromised

Kashmir, Arundhati Roy And Violence
By Tomichan Matheikal

Arundhati Roy spoke to Kashmiris and felt their heartbeat before expressing her opinion. By attacking her one is only trying to silence the truth. Isn’t it better to face the truth and seek a solution than live in a myth and pay heavily in terms of human lives and mounting costs?

Caste And Caste-Based Discrimination
Among Indian Muslims - Part 1

By Masood Alam Falahi

A translation of the first part of Masood Alam Falahi's pioneering Urdu book titled Hindustan Mai Zat-Pat Aur Musalman (‘Casteism Among Muslims in India’)

01 November, 2010

The Peak Oil Debate Is Over
By Dr. James Schlesinger

A transcription of Dr. James Schlesinger’s keynote address ASPO-Washington on Friday, October 8, 2010.: "The Peak Oil Debate is Over." Dr. Schlesinger served as Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (1971-73), Secretary of Defense (1973-75), Director of the CIA and was the first Secretary of Energy (1977-79). He says peakists had won the intellectual argument, except for some minor details about precise timing. But acceptance by knowledgeable people is not enough. The political order should respond. Nonetheless, our willingness, let alone our ability, to do anything serious about the impending inability to increase oil output is still a long way off

Media, Mobs And The Search For Spectacles
By Arundhati Roy

Is a writer with unpopular views more dangerous than a suspect in a bomb blast? Or is it a question of ideological alignment?

Dr. Richard Falk Endorses One State
In Israel-Palestine

By Movement for One Democratic State in Palestine

Dr. Richard Falk’s Message to the Conference on One Democratic State in Dallas, TX.

Is Rupert Murdoch Ignorant or
An Agent of Zionist Deception?

By Alan Hart

In a recent speech at an ADL (Anti-Defamation League) dinner, Rupert Murdoch, arguably the most influential mainstream media chief on Planet Earth, made some extraordinary statements which must be challenged

Election Day Thoughts
By Robert Jensen

Election Day is far from the most important moment in our political lives. The radical changes necessary to produce a just and sustainable society are not on the table for politicians in the Republican or Democratic parties, which means we citizens have to commit to ongoing radical political activity after the election

Why Marxism Has Failed, And Why
Zombie-Marxism Cannot Die – Part 1

By Alex Knight

This essay is not meant to be an attack on any particular Marxist, or even on sectarian groups as a species of organization, but rather on a mindset, which uncritically carries forward Marx’s ideas into present circumstances where they no longer fit

Food security As If WomenMattered (Part II):
Why And How It Works In Kerala

By Ananya Mukherjee-Reed

Part I of this article took us to a journey through Kerala where women are engaged to ensure food security though their group Kudumbashree. The concluding part throws light on its organisational structure , the systematic linkages it has established with administrative surroundings and how it has empowered the local women. The author asks, "As warnings about the impending food crisis pour in, are there lessons that could be learnt from Kudumbashree’s women-led approach to food security"?

Empire Of Lies
By Guy R. McPherson

If you’re living that comfortable life in the city, regardless how much you recycle, bicycle to work, and tithe at the altar, you still haven’t figured out the immorality of imperial living. Cities are the nadir of civilization, and they have an increasingly short and burning fuse. Furthermore, nothing about our survival as a species matters if we keep adhering to an irredeemable set of living arrangements, even if your city has “walkable” neighborhoods. Who wants to live as if life has no merit?

Why Aren't You Happy?
By Mickey Z.

Pop songs, sit-coms, Julia Roberts movies, even commercials make it crystal clear that others have it all figured out. Love, sex, money, looks, health, and more—tied up neatly in anywhere from 30 seconds to 90 minutes. Others have it all. So, why has happiness eluded you? Could it be you have the wrong job? The wrong skin color? The wrong body? The wrong attitude? Are you just too stupid and lazy to get it?

Road to Hope Convoy Stalled At Egyptian border
Road to Hope Convoy Press Release

The Road to Hope humanitarian aid convoy continues its role in the international community’s collective mission to break the illegal siege of Gaza and deliver desperately needed aid to the people of Palestine in Gaza. The convoy comprises 30 vehicles and 101 humanitarian aid workers. As it stands the convoy finds itself at a standstill, with direct communication with the outside world being limited, and access to the internet very difficult

Who Needs Stephen King When We Are
Living In A Nightmare?

By Tim Murray

Publishing trivia and avoiding inconvenient truths

COICA Kills Free Speech: Write Sen. Leahy
By Chris Pratt

Blacklisted domains and terminated websites are both possibilities if bill S.3804 becomes law. It is called “Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act” (COICA) and it was introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy on September 20, 2010

Wall Street Philosopher King Bashes Fed Policy
By Stephen Lendman

Jeremy Grantham the philosopher king of Wall Street unleashes a severe critique of the Fed

Viciously Attacking Israeli Arabs
By Stephen Lendman

Reminiscent of Kristallnacht violence, Israeli Arabs in Haifa District's Umm al-Fahm community were attacked by extreme rightists West Bank settlers aided by 1,500 police, including special paramilitary and undercover forces

Farooque Ahmed: Entrapped By An FBI Sting
By Stephen Lendman

The story is disturbingly familiar. FBI agents arrest a suspect on terrorism related charges, nearly always a Muslim, photographed full bearded to look menacing. Media reports highlight it, headlining government charges to incite fear. Announced arrests are strategically timed, this one days before mid-term elections. The message - Obama keeps America safe, vote Democrat

Reviewing Project Censored's Top 2009-10 Stories
By Stephen Lendman

The latest Censored 2011 covers the top 2009-10 stories and more in PC's richest ever volume, a collector's item like previous ones. Besides the top 25, it includes Junk Food News and News Abuse, Signs of Health, and FAIR's 10th anniversary of Fear and Favor in the News Room

Interpreting Jon Stewart's Politics
By Shamus Cooke

Sides must be taken in this battle. But instead, Stewart preaches from the sidelines with a message that says, "No such battle is taking place." Unfortunately for Stewart, the politicians and mainstream media that he regularly thrashes fully embrace this perspective, for their own benefit

Let's Rally To Restore Peace
By Marjorie Cohn

In their Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert effectively demonstrated how the media hypes fear. They brought out Kareem Abdul Jabbar to show that not all Muslims are terrorists. A couple of musical numbers dealt with the wars we are fighting. But neither Stewart nor Colbert mentioned Iraq or Afghanistan and how they are allowed to continue by the hyping of fear

It's Jobs or Wars, Not Both
By David Swanson

The Washington Post's David Broder thinks more war will bring us more jobs. Unlike in Germany, where the president was forced out of office earlier this year for suggesting that war in Afghanistan could benefit the German economy, Americans don't seem to have serious moral qualms about slaughtering human beings for no good reason

David Broder: Symbol of Major Media Depravity
By Stephen Lendman

"Here is where Obama is likely to prevail. With strong Republican support in Congress for challenging Iran's ambition to become a nuclear power (suggesting weapons with no proof), he can spend much of 2011 and 2012 orchestrating a showdown with the mullahs. This will help him politically because the opposition party will be urging him on. And as tensions rise and we accelerate preparations for war, the economy will improve."

What We Face In The United States
By Timothy V. Gatto

I want to clarify just what I know to be true in the United States today and a little about my background

What Were They Thinking?
By Franklin Lamb

What were the International Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) investigators imagining as they walked into Dr. Iman Charara's private obstetrics and gynecology clinic this week demanding personal information on her patients? 

Stupid Economics: Blaming The Poor
And Hungry For Food Inflation

By Devinder Sharma

Obsessed with the growth figures, the planners have tried but failed to hide the ugly underbelly of India’s economic growth

But Some Animals Are More Equal
Than Others...

By Karthick RM

For the past 110 days, a man called Seeman, leader of the Naam Tamizhar Iyakkam, is languishing in a prison in Tamil Nadu, arrested under the NSA. He voiced his opinions on the plight of the Eelam Tamils in pretty strong words, supporting their right to self-determination. And he was booked under a variety of charges, including for talking against ‘national integrity’. And not a single ‘radical intellectual’ (read as Delhi based intellectuals who make statements on a variety of prominent issues) condemned it

The Ugly Face of Media
By Prabhat Sharan

Greed for profits the sole motive of Indian press barons

Mines: Ethical Diamond, Fair Trade Gold,
Frail Hands

By Farooque Chowdhury

Miners, working in many cases without natural light or ventilation, “creating voids in the earth by removing material and trying to ensure that there will be no immediate reaction from the surrounding strata”, produce wealth worth of billions of dollars. As prices of these commodities soar, as poverty increases, persons accept this merciless working condition. Mining capital finds easy ways to dig profit

Ayodhya Verdict 2010:
Whither Indian Constitution!

By Ram Puniyani

The verdict given by Lucknow bench of Allahabad high court (Sept 2010) has been a landmark of sorts. On one hand it is culmination of the process of demolition of Babri Masjid, now that illegal act of demolition has got a legal sanction. On the other this judgment is the one based on every other consideration than the legal one. It has no rooting in the values of Indian Constitution, no guidance from the directive principles of the Constitution and no grounding in the law of the land

Role of Religions In Promoting Non-Violence:
Islam's Valuable Resources For Peacemaking

By Sultan Shahin

Full Text of a Speech delivered by Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam on 28 September 2010 at a parallel seminar organised by Al-Hakim Foundation and Himalayan Research in the UN Human Rights Council's September 2010 session at Geneva: International Day of non-violence: 28 September 2010

Human Rights Whitewash On Ethiopian Genocide
By Thomas C. Mountain

Human Rights Watch has just released an over 100 page “human rights” report on Ethiopia that whitewashes the crimes against humanity and genocide being committed by the Ethiopian regime

Dancing Under Siege
By Eva Bartlett

Story of an amazing dance group in Gaza

President Obama, India And Kashmir
By Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai

We trust that President Obama during his forthcoming visit to India will bring its influence to bear on both India and Pakistan to initiate peace process with witch the United Nations as well as the people of Jammu and Kashmir will be associated so as to ensure that settlement arrived at will be based on the principle of justice

Plight of Kashmiri Militants in ‘Azad Kashmir’
By Dr Shabir Choudhry

Story of Kashmiri struggle is a long and tragic story of suffering of human beings on both sides of the forcibly divided State of Jammu and Kashmir. During our study tour of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, I met a ‘leader’ of Kashmiri militants who still live in Azad Kashmir. Before giving details of their plight it is imperative to give short summary to the on going armed struggle

India's Arundhati Roy Moment
By Tariq Shah

India's post- partition generation may find it hard to let go Kashmir, India’s gene-next, however, has no time or patience, much less need, for retaining an appendage that it can do easily, and arguably profitably, without