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29 June, 2003

Indian Troops As Cannon Fodder
By P Sainath

The lives of Indian soldiers are more expendable — in American eyes. But should the eyes of an Indian government see it the same way?

Displaced And Despised
By Rory McCarthy

Rory McCarthy explains how life after Saddam has turned into a nightmare for many of Baghdad's Palestinian and Syrian inhabitants

28 June, 2003

How The British Troops Became A Soft Target
By Robert Fisk

Whether or not Tony Blair realises it, the British are playing once more the game of colonial occupiers - and now it is time to pay the price

Guerrillas Hold Ace In Post-War Iraq
By Paul Buchanan

Observing post-conquest Iraq, we should remember Mao's maxim that the population is the sea in which the guerrilla fish swim

26 June, 2003

Bush's Vietnam
By John Pilger

Once More, We Hear That America is Being "Sucked Into a Quagmire". The Rapacious Adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan are Going Badly Wrong

No Indian Troops For Iraq
By Brian Cloughley

'Stabilising' Iraq is not peacekeeping: it is weasel-speak for muscular occupation of territory on behalf of a conquering power

22 June, 2003

Paralysed City
By Patrick Cockburn

Powerless Iraqis rail against ignorant, air-conditioned US occupation force

Dangerous Liasons
By Peter Beaumont

The gunner apologised and told us that he had been about to kill us. He said he had his finger on the trigger. A second later, it would have been too late

21 June, 2003

Saddam Alive In Iraq, Intercepted Calls Suggest
By Andrew Buncombe

New intelligence recovered by American agents electronically eavesdropping on supporters of Saddam Hussein suggests the former Iraqi dictator is alive and still living inside Iraq

From Saddam’s Tyranny to Post-Liberation Tyranny
By Seumas Milne

“They create a wasteland and they call it peace.”

20 June, 2003

America's Nightmare:Is Iraq The New Vietnam?
By Gwynne Dyer

Come election time, Bush may have to justify the continuing deaths of US troops, writes Gwynne Dyer.

19 June, 2003

Just Another Day In Baghdad
By Rory McCarthy in Baghdad

The demonstrating Iraqis have no work, no money and are desperate. Two are shot dead. Nearby, an American soldier guarding a gas station is casually killed

From Liberation to Counter-Insurgency in
Less Than 80 Days

By Jim Lobe

U.S. Central Command in Baghdad has unleashed a new campaign with a far more ominous name. ''Operation Desert Scorpion'' is designed, in the equally ominous words of Monday's 'Wall Street Journal', ''to avoid a prolonged guerrilla campaign''

18 June, 2003

Still Debating? 1,800 Indians Already There
By V K Shashikumar

Indians may be busy debating whether to commit troops to Iraq but what’s not known to many is that 1,800 of their countrymen are already engaged in supporting US military operations against remnants of the ousted Saddam regime

16 June, 2003

US Support In Iraq Fades After Raids
By Ellen Barry and Bryan Bender

How One Iraqi's Lifelong Love for America Shattered

15 June, 2003

U.S. attack threatens to create
thousands of new Iraqi enemies

By Tom Lasseter and Drew Brown

A visit to the "Triangle," an area that extends from Baghdad, in the east to Tikrit,in the north, and then west almost to Syria, the recent flashpoint of attacks on American troops

14 June, 2003

Battles Rage Across Saddam Heartland
By Patrick Cockburn

Battles rage across Saddam heartland where guerrillas resist US occupation

India Sending Troops To Iraq -
Unjustifiable Even If UN Sanction It

By Praful Bidwai

Despatching troops and legitimising Iraq’s occupation would be unjustifiable even if a manipulated UN sanctioned it

13 June, 2003

Anti-US Opposition In Iraq
And The So Called Roadmap

by Amy Goodman and Robert Fisk

An Interview with Robert Fisk

12 June, 2003

Censoring The Press In Iraq
By Robert Fisk

Many stories in the newspapers of Baghdad are untrue and they are fanning anti-american sentiments

No Indo-Pak Troops For Iraq!
By Praful Bidwai

India and Pakistan should not commit the blunder of sending troops to Iraq

10 June, 2003

In An Upside-Down City
By Euan Ferguson

Baghdad's cafes are busy but there's no clean water. Galleries are opening, but visitors are armed. Patients freed from the bombed psychiatric hospital are returning there - because they feel it's safe. Reality of daily life in an upside-down city

09 June, 2003

Profiting From Destruction

New Report Exposes Contractor Bechtel as Threat to Iraqi Environment, Human Rights and Basic Services

08 June, 2003

Rapes And Abductions In Baghdad
By Victoria Firmo-Fontan

A schoolgirl is feared dead amid spate of rapes and abductions in Baghdad

05 June, 2003

U.S. To Lay Off 500,000 In Iraq
By Warren Vieth

U.S. reconstruction officials will soon lay off nearly half a million Iraqi military and civilian personnel

04 June, 2003

Iraq War Was About Oil
By George Wright

The US deputy defence secretary, Paul Wolfowitz has now gone further by claiming the real motive was that Iraq is "swimming" in oil

And The Truth The Victors Refuse To See
By Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk Suggests George Bush who visits Iraq next week an Itinerary That Would Open his eyes to What’s Really Going on in Iraq

03 June, 2003

Tribesmen's Warning
By Andrew Marshall

Leave Iraq, Tribesmen and Sacked Troops Tell U.S.

02 June, 2003

The Troops Are Afraid To Go Out At Night
By Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk in the Shia Muslim Iraqi city of Nasiriyah

Reading In Iraq
By Amitava Kumar

Nishkam Gupta, an Indian who went to fight with the us forces in Iraq " to fight the larger war against terrorism, a war that would directly benefit Hinduism and its cause."

01 June, 2003

The lies that led us into war ...
By Glen Rangwala

How the UK and the US manipulated UN reports - and conjured an anthrax dump from thin air

29 May, 2003

So, Why Was This War For?
By Rupert Cornwell

Rumsfeld concedes banned Iraqi weapons may not exist

Life Under Occupation
By Rory McCarthy

Just one town- Plight of Khalis. No electricity means no water, means disease

28 May, 2003

Body counts
By Jonathan Steele

How many army men died in Iraq? Nobody knows. And nobody cares to count

25 May, 2003

Gun Gangs Rule Streets As US Loses Control in Iraq
By Ed Vulliamy

As gun gangs rule the streets aid agencies' struggle to save Iraq from looters, disease and poverty

24 May, 2003

Bribes' and 'Threats' Behind U.N. Vote
By Thalif Deen

A coalition of over 150 peace groups and global non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is lashing out at the U.N. Security Council for adopting a resolution that virtually legitimizes the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and endorses the foreign occupation

21 May, 2003

Seeking UN Support For Controling Iraq's Oil
By David Usborne

America is pressing for a vote in the United Nations Security Council this week endorsing shared control of the country and its oil flows by the United States and Britain

20 May, 2003

Doctors Needed
By Anna Badkhen

Along with all public services, Iraq's once-proud health system has collapsed in the aftermath of the U.S invasion

19 May, 2003

Iraq May Break With OPEC
By Peter S. Goodman

Philip J. Carroll,the U.S. executive selected by the Pentagon to advise Iraq's Ministry of Oil suggested\that the country might best be served by exporting as much oil as it can and disregarding quotas set by OPEC

16 May, 2003

Baghdad Pays The Postwar Price:
242 Die In Three Weeks

By Phil Reeves

Statistics unpublished until today reveal the stark facts: 242 people have died in Baghdad in just over three weeks, almost all from bullet wounds

15 May, 2003

So, Mr Straw, Why Did You Go To War?
By Ben Russell

The legal and political basis for the war in Iraq was thrown into doubt when Jack Straw declared that uncovering Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction was "not crucially important"

14 May, 2003

Does Defeat Always Have To Be So Humiliating?
By Ramzy Baroud

Anti war activists, intellectuals and educators must move one step forward, to escape preaching and problem-digenesis, into offering solutions, mechanisms, guidelines, and to-do lists, so that the passionate millions know what to do with their passion, to effect change and to foster a more promising vision for the future

Gun Rule In Basra
By Judit Neurink

Weeks after the battle for Basra ended, the city remains paralysed by lack of security

13 May, 2003

Iraq In Danger Of Starvation, Says UN
By Helena Smith, Nicosia and Ed Vulliamy in Baghdad

Iraqi agriculture is on the brink of collapse, with fears that many of its 24.5 million people will go hungry this summer

11 May, 2003

"Go in Ali Baba! It´s all yours." - Called The Americans
By Walter Sommerfeld

American soldiers literally opened the gates and the doors to looters of Iraqi museums. Plundered articles were often sold off openly on the streets the very same day

10 May, 2003

Iraq Inc: A Joint Venture Built On Broken Promises
By David Usborne, Rupert Cornwell and Phil Reeves

America and Britain declared themselves yesterday to be the "occupying powers" in Iraq and produced a blueprint for the administration of the country that confined the United Nations to a co-ordinating role

Cholera Threat In Basra
By Ewen MacAskill

Conditions in hospitals throughout Iraq have descended to new levels of squalor

US And Britain Seek To Limit UN Role In Iraq

America and Britain are seeking UN approval to run Iraq for at least a year

U.S. to Propose Broader Control Of Iraqi Oil, Funds
By Colum Lynch

The Bush administration circulated a draft resolution among key Security Council members today calling for the elimination sanctions and granting the United States broad control over the country's oil industry and revenue

Chaos, Crime Reign In Baghdad
By Mitch Potter In Baghdad

One shot to the throat. One dead American. One more body bag weighing against the triumph of liberation

09 May, 2003

Liberation, One Month On
By Phil Reeves in Baghdad

Chaos on the streets, cholera in the city and killings in broad daylight

08 May, 2003

Halliburton Deal Includes Operating Iraq Oil Fields

The US Army has revealed for the first time that a subsidiary of Halliburton Co. has a contract encompassing the operation of Iraqi oil fields

Ten Lessons Of The Iraq War
By David Krieger

There are always lessons to be learned after a war

07 May, 2003

Unprotected Munitions Injure Civilians In Basra

Civilians are being wounded by abandoned ordnance in Basra,because British forces have failed to secure weapons caches

Garner To Be Replaced By Former Diplomat
By Donald Macintyre

Jay Garner, the former general who was appointed Iraq's chief civil administrator is making way for Paul Bremer who is close to neo-conservatives around the US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

The Real Terror Network
By William Bowles

Paul Bremer, the new ‘Gauleiter’ of Iraq

Iraqi welcome for US turns to fury
By Mark Baker

The mood is changing for the worse in Umm Qasr where food and medicine is desperately needed

Liberation at Gunpoint
By Angana Chatterji

George Bush announces 'victory' in Iraq. But is it victory?The night is a long journey of self-reflection. In the early hours of the day, history is in mourning

06 May, 2003

So He Thinks It’s All Over...
By Robert Fisk

When Iraqi civilians look into the faces of American troops, President Bush famously told the world on Thursday, “they see strength and kindness and goodwill”. Untrue, Mr Bush. They see occupation

The Biggest Bomb in Bush's Arsenal
By David Morgan

Draping the Stars and Stripes over the face of a Saddam statue in Baghdad was a photo-op created for Bush's re-election campaign commercials

05 May, 2003

Corporate Colonialism

The Bush government is calling on Bechtel, Halliburton, and other major corporations to take over the job of running the Iraqi colony

'If Fish Can Feel Pain, Then Maybe
Iraqi Children Can, Too'

By Terry Jones

If fish can feel pain, perhaps it's time to govern human affairs on the principle that human beings feel pain too

04 May, 2003

How Many Iraqis Died? We May Never Know
By Edward Epstein

The world will never know how many Iraqis died in the war to oust Saddam Hussein, because the United States adamantly refuses to estimate the number of people it kills in combat

Baghdad battle 'killed 2,300'
Associated Press

The battle for Baghdad cost the lives of at least 1,101 Iraqi civilians according to city hospitals and another 1,255 dead were "probably" civilians

Normalising Violence For Young Minds
By Meena Radhakrishnan

In the three-week 24-hour Western media coverage of the Iraq war, anti-war protests and human suffering hardly found any mention. The war may have normalised violence and aggression, especially for young viewers

03 May, 2003

Iraqis Vow Revenge as Hatred of US Grows
By Alan Philps

Hatred of the Americans is boiling on the streets of Fallujah

Dept Of Connections: The Contractors
by Jane Mayer

How members of the Bush administration and the Bin Laden family profit from the destruction and rebuilding of Iraq

Congratulations We've just won the wrong war
By William Saletan

"You wanted a quick, clear victory, and you got it. But don't flatter yourself. You haven't changed the world in 19 months. You've only changed the subject"

02 May, 2003

I watched In Horror
By Chris Hughes

Eye Witness account of the Al-Fallujah shooting which left two Iraqi demonstrators dead

01 May, 2003

Text of 'Saddam Hussein Letter'

The text of a letter allegedly written and signed by Saddam Hussein, published by the London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi.

US Troops Fire on Falluja Crowd, Iraqis Say 2 Dead
By Edmund Blair

U.S. troops opened fire on Wednesday for the second time this week on an angry crowd in the Iraqi town of Falluja, near Baghdad.