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Saving Modi’s Image, The BJP Way

By Prof. Vivek Kumar

23 January, 2015

BJP is very very week in Delhi Elections ? This can be proved on the basis of the fact that it has inducted individuals who do not have any party experience and who have crossed the political parties. Kiran Bedi ha no political experience ? However she has been declared as CM candidate in place of seasoned BJP functionary Harhvardha. Binny contested elections, of Delhi in last elections, from AAP and was thrown out from AAP has been given BJP ticket to contest this Vidhan Sabaha election. Krishna Teerath a Congress Central Minister, lost MP election is contesting on BJP ticket. What is happening ? Where is ideology of BJP- CHAL aur CHARITRA both has changed. There is not ideology, there is no morality and there is no discipline in the party.This is the character of our leading national party. Your means also define your goals . What will happen to our nation?

Ideology is fine even Individual ha been side lined. Mr. Modi the star BJP campaigner, who is being credited with the full victory for BJP in Haryana, Jharkhand and partial victory in Maharashtra,Jammu & Kashmir and UP, Bihar in by- elections is not putting his might in Delhi as he had put in other states. Why? He participated in 23 rallies in Maharashtra for winning against a discredited Congress and NCP government. Similarly, he campaigned in other states where Congress, JMM, and National Conference governments , respectively, were facing heavy anti-incumbency. Huda government was also declared corrupt. It was easy for Mr. Modi to campaign against these governments and leaders. However, this is not the case in Delhi. In fact Delhi voters have already punished Congress government led by Shiela Dixit in state elections in December 2013 and then in the Central election in May 2014.

Now Mr. Modi cannot exploit anti-congress sentiments any more in Delhi. He cannot criticize MA-Beta (Mother -Son) any more for the ills of Delhi because for 7 months it is BJP government which is ruling in the Center. He cannot ask for Congress Mukta(free) Delhi either. On the other hand in Delhi Municipal corporation and Delhi Cantonment board it was BJP in power. So, Mr. Modi doesn't have any strong agenda to motivate voters in Delhi elections. Therefore he has decided not to address rallies and campaign in Delhi with full vigor. BJP has also decided not to make these Delhi elections a fight between him and others. BJP is afraid that if BJP looses then Modi's image will take a beating.

Vivek Kumar (Ph D)
Professor of Sociology
Center for the Study Social Systems
School of Social Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi






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