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Take-Aways From Iran Deal

By Kashoo Tawseef

30 July, 2015

After months of negotiation, the so called P5+1, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, Russia and Germany -- and the European Union, came up with a long-term comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran, according to them, this will prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. At the very outset, it was never proved that Iran had one nor it was proved that Iran is acquiring one. In addition, this deal is to ensure that Iran's nuclear program is exclusively peaceful, same argument that Iran has been insisting on for more than a decade substantiated by IAEA reports time and again.

This deal was drafted in the form of Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) and the framework how this Plan of Action will be implemented, and what are the requirements for the deal between P5+ 1 and Iran to follow. Now, with this deal in place, there is a lot of talk about whether it was a good deal and bad deal and will be debated in respective capitals for sixty days from the day of deal. Each side has to convince their respective constituencies that whatever was agreed in Vienna is best for them and world at large.

Much was said about this nuclear deal between P5+1 and Iran in various parts of the world as everyone has right to talk and right to talk nonsense but as someone sums it up that "the right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins." As was evident in Vienna where each side of the negotiating team were eye bowling other for many days and finally came up with the comprehensive agreement what they called JCPO.

Some political scientists analysed this deal as a “win-win prevailed over lose- lose,” and some were of the opinion that diplomacy can work even in this century (of wars) to avoid war. Others are very cynical that this deal will be a success as goes the old saying, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, so even by that standard this deal can be trusted keeping in view all the cynics of the deal.

Economy has a major role to play in any nation building and its relation with the world and how the world will like to have relation with that particular nation. This economy has direct correlation with the populace of its nation, and for them what matters at the end of the day is the meal on their table, how this will contribute to that will have a major impact on the approach of people towards this deal over the period of time once it is fully operational.
As a matter of fact defense budget of Iran is around 30 billion dollars and that of United States’ is 600 billion dollars so that helps us to understand why Big Brother is showing muscles to Iran. At the same time, one should realize that oppression by anyone can not be classified by virtue of place and person, its either Haq(truthfulness) or Batil(falsehood) and unfortunately in this century world affairs work unfairly even a layman fails to understand what principles and parameters are used to bomb countries in-fact to bomb the people. The same question that was posed to Obama by the host of the daily show- that which side we are on or which country are we going to bomb next? And Irony is that this was a comedy show and Obama and laughed while answering this question. Alas! Laughing at the blood of innocents! One fails to understand why only few countries have the right to make nuclear bomb and even use it while as others don’t even have the right for peaceful use of nuclear technology, and strangely those having such inhuman weapons claim to be protectors of human rights by violating such rights left and right every day and every hour. Propaganda is always the best at last tool for them to fool people and make them believe what even people don’t know what they believe in. Time will tell what was right and wrong, and shut the mouths who survive on propaganda and falsehood.

Another matter of fact is the concept of “Muslim Ummah” in this day and age while most Muslims are being massacred by Muslims. How can a Muslim kill Muslim and how can a Muslim nation bomb another Muslim nation. With respect to this deal also no one bothers about the “Muslim Ummah” or the “Muslim Unity” instead they want United States to bomb Iran so that they will enjoy the wealth they have accumulated overlooking the fact that millions of Muslims are dying without food and water across the world. Post Iran deal has started affecting the way the geo-politics of the world in general and of the Middle-East in particular.

One wonders what made United States to go ahead with this deal and all of a sudden were did this love for Iran come from, some argue United States wants peace with Iran that is why they did deal with them, hold on, the reason is United States knows that they can not bomb the nuclear knowledge of Iran. This is what United States Secretary of State, while testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said. According to Kerry there is no solution but to accept reality, whether someone likes or not and the solution is this deal.

If this deal is a success then that might give some credit to the nobel prize that Obama received even before doing anything for peace besides his efforts in the resumption of relation with Cuba will add to the legacy of Obama when he leaves the office as his second term is in its last phase. While as some are suggesting that US secretary of state, John Kerry and Iran’s foreign minister, Jawad Zarif deserve the Peace Prize as they stopped another war.

This deal has a underlining message for Kashmir that to achieve something as a nation, it needs determination and sacrifices and commitments and vision and leaders, if there are no direction all sacrifices will go waste. What were recently revealed by the ex-RAW chief in his book looks all the protests and hardships in the past were mere tools of those who were running the show.

It is this determination of Iran that made them able to negotiate with rest of the world “super powers” and for that they have paid a heft price with worst sanctions imposed on them and at the end people suffered in every shape and form be that basic right to have access to medical facilities to right of education, not to mention others.

Born in conflict area, Kashoo Tawseef is a student of Media Studies and political science. His articles and essays have appeared in the Greater Kashmir, Kashmir Times, Rising Kashmir, Etalaat and in other media journals. His paper about the resolution of a Conflicts and a way forward won a journalism and research award in the United Kingdom. You can record your viewpoint at k dot tawseef at the rate gmail.com












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