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V K Singh, Respect The Dignity Of Indian Citizens

By Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava

23 October, 2015

V K Singh

When state and its manifestation government say that it has no responsibility for a petty act related to any citizen, in fact then it destroys the basic foundation of the political obligation, citizens have no guardian to protect them in functional form but the government directed and governed by constitution. Political obligation is the basis of the fundamental existence of the government and the state. No one even the political power holders should do or act which may dilute faith in the political obligation by the citizen.

Sad is that a dalit family is burnt in a Haryana village but Union Minister Mr. V K Singh says that government is not responsible for the stone throwing on a dog. Mr. V K Singh had said that the Centre was not to be blamed if somebody throws a stone at a dog. It is a bad communication, full of insult to all who live in the country. It is the government which is responsible for everything taking place within the country. The government is democratically elected; even those who are insulted have contributed in its birth. Government is a functional body which receives its existence and sustenance from the soul, which lies in every voters and citizen of the country. Hence the true meaning of the government and its power need to be understood by all, unfortunately in the country the political communication and intellectual strength of the politicians at large have declined to a bottomless pond and it seems to be unending fall.

The comment on the dalit killing and use of defining the incident in poor language also insults those who come from dalit community. Everyone must know that Indian constitution had abolished untouchability by article 17. It means not only in action, behavior but also in communication this social evil was abolished but our political elites is perhaps unaware of these values, that is the reason that such bad remarks are passed.

There was no use of speaking in such bad language. Such speaking shows that a particular community belonging to a particular castes can be spoken with non standard words, is it possible to speak against those who come from upper castes or hold money or political power? Why is it so that only poor people or people from minorities and backward castes are spoken with the filthy language? The answer lies in two components: first these are having less power in social system, second prevalence of eliticism in power holders.

In this background it becomes necessary that political leadership of the country should understand two things:

First stop the poor and insulting language use. M o S V K Singh had to clarify his statement by placing his credentials of his military service. There was no need if communication would have stemmed from humbleness not from the egoistic eliticism.

Second every one must understand the true philosophy and values of the constitution and also learn to respect the citizen of the country.

Indian politics is declining in the ethical values; low political communication is its one example. The political elites need to understand that human history is filled with examples when citizens and people demanded their rights from the political power holders. All citizens demand that respect to them should never be sacrificed by any, in any circumstance. Respect of every citizen is their fundamental right as on dignity of the individual the democracy rests. Political obligation of the citizen will then be natural response. This understanding is essential to proper functioning of the Indian political system.

Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava, presently Assistant Professor in CSJM Kanpur University[affiliated college],Vice Chairman CSSP, email: [email protected]


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