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Dear Sister! Fourth Letter From The Women of Idinthakarai

By Sisters from Idinthakarai

05 October, 2012


The Women of Idinthakarai
People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy
Thirunelveli District

Dear Sister,

Hope this letter finds you well.

This is the fourth letter we are writing to you. We do not have not many things to tell you this time.

We are shocked that even after almost a month has passed since the happenings of September 10 th , there has been no response for a dialogue with us. Amidst contradictory statements by NPCIL that fuel loading is complete and Supreme Court's review decisions, our lives seems to be hanging in the air.

On 8 th October, we will all go to the seashore and be in the sun and waves. Our men will go to the ocean in boats near the KKNPP which has brought so much disaster to us. While we do all this, the tears in the eyes of the 4 children of Sahayam who died on Sept 13 still flows. Xavieramma's elderly mother, Sundari's small children and Selvi's son wait for their dear ones.

We are expecting suppression of our peaceful struggle that day too.But just think about why we are doing this.We are forced to do this because our questions and fears have not been allayed at all. We have not been consulted in a democratic manner. Would you allow such a toxic structure to come in your neighbourhood? Would you be safe thinking that your children would be exposed to radiation and the sea waters on which you depend for life will be contaminated? We are quite angry that these questions have not been answered or addressed till now!

But we are willing to wait patiently so that there would be a dialogue and consultation with us even at this stage.Do help us with all the power and position that you all might have.

Please be alert on Oct 8 th 2012.Do write to our Chief Minister and all concerned people not to deploy such huge police force to scare us.

We are not afraid.But we want them and you to realize how unnecessary it is. Instead request them to show the courage to come to us.We do not intend to break laws or destroy public property.We will only move peacefully towards the source of trouble. Do convey this to the higher authorities.

Please tell them that there is still 72 hours to come to us and call us for a discussion. Please tell them to release our dear sisters in the jail. Please tell them to make sure that our men are safe. Is it unlawful to demand all this?

Do become our voices for the next 2 days

Thanking you

Sisters from Idinthakarai
October 5 th 2012

( as told to Anitha.S on 4.10.2012)




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