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The Missing Link To Our Harmonised Existence

By Sarah Saba

12 July, 2012

Summarising the posts of the CounterCurrents.org during the past seven days we could sort the most critical world issues based on the priority subjects of the posts such as the global human divide, exploitation of the natural resources, their impacts on humanity and the dangers of extremism and terrorism for the peaceful subsistence of global humanity. No doubt these are the most critical challenges faced by today’s world without adequately addressing which we cannot guarantee a harmonized future of global humanity. The most alarming aspect of these crucial issues is that the world had realized their significance as the rising critical concerns of humanity even during the last decade of the previous century and based on such realization a number of protective measures have been taken to adequately address those or at least to reduce their impact. However, with each step taken the intensity of such issues has further been escalated. In this context the failure of global humanity to adequately address the most alarming issues to its survival is more dangerous an aspect than the issues themselves.

During one of my research endeavours I have recently come across the papers of a Sufi Master about the future of the world which have made me stunned since he has talked about the roots of the problems faced by the contemporary world and the important thing about his work is his faith on the potential of global humanity in efficiently overcoming those. Living in isolation the Sufi has over two decades’ background of spiritual transcendence focused on the peaceful future of the world. Despite living in a society which is harsh to the peaceful vision of Sufism and where the Sufis and their centres have been attacked in the recent past, he is confident of arrival of his perspective on the surface by some unforeseen ‘essential means’. After going through his work somehow in detail I have decided to become a way of introducing it to the rest of the world which is spiritual but absolutely methodical with its strength of unifying the scattered humanity and their separating philosophies.

According to the Sufi Qadri, the humanity has the partial knowledge about their existence and without filling the essential gaps we cannot have a collective ride to a safer future. The Sufi’s intuitive wisdom provides those missing links which are essential to comprehend the broader picture of cosmic existence. Here I am presenting very briefly the important points of his conception.

According to our existing understanding the universe was created some 14 billion years ago. Based on the rate of universal expansion and other cosmic equations the cosmologists suggest that the universe commenced with an immensely giant Big Bang. Since its beginning the universe has expressed its amazing capability of transformation from one state to another in a highly complex and objective oriented sequential manner. All universal phenomena, including non living objects and the highly evolved living organisms, have emerged out of the remarkably homogeneous primal universe comprised of the Cosmic Microwave Background or CMB. Under a perfect mechanism the highly intense form of energy generated out of the Big Bang had later transformed into various forms of matter including the stars and their planetary systems and then variety of life forms on the planet Earth. Despite knowing this all we don’t know about the principle involved in the sequential development of the universe from the primary uniform universe into the highly complex and ever evolving lumpy universe. The Sufi fills the blank by presenting that principle quite in a methodical way.

Life on the planet Earth in its countless forms can be resembled with the highly advanced self-replicating, self-programming biological computers. The instincts in the life forms work as the firmware of the modern computer while molecular chains of DNA, RNA, or simply genes perform as the imprinted codes for instinctive behaviour. The genetic codes of humans contain the highly sophisticated and complex imprints with their capacity to form a series of interrelated, well-planned and specific bodily developments in a long term process of evolution extended to millions of years. Despite knowing the details of human evolution we don’t know about the evolutionary method which gives direction and push to an evolutionary development towards the direction of its eventual states. The Sufi fills the blank by highlighting the universal method of mounting and slowing evolution which started with the first evolutionary leap of the universe and continues till present. Importantly, the findings of the branches like the fossil record, paleoclimatology, genetic analysis, neuroscience, infancy research and cognitive grammar support the Sufi’s model of human evolution as a universal method.

The human bicameral brain with polarized functionality of its two hemispheres is a complex issue. Apparently, the two sides closely resemble each other as each hemisphere's structure is generally mirrored by the other side. Yet despite the strong anatomical similarities, the functions of each hemisphere are entirely different. The most amazing aspect of such polarization is that the worldview of each human is established on a different pattern of output from the two hemispheres. In this polarized state human ability to decide is completely dependent on the oceanic sway of emotions and random thoughts by the primitive parts of brain. Without a balancing contribution by the each part, we have very little control over this upheaval and therefore become prey to its anarchic nature. All human divisions, differences, wars, egotism and extremism belong to such innate polarization of human brain. We know about this basic flaw in human personality but don’t know the way how to confront the situation. The Sufi fills in the gap by presenting the solution which is supported by the shared thought of the religious scriptures and the findings of the process of human evolution. Sufis thought not only proposes the reason behind human flawed vision but also suggests a practical and comprehensive way to efficiently overcome such human limitation.

No doubt, the emergence of Religion is the greatest hall mark in the history of humankind with its tenets of common love and selfless service to humanity which are the bright signs of awakening the human sleeping mind. Since its universal emergence Religion is producing difference within the societies with its tremendous contributions in minimizing human suffering and isolation. However, despite its incredible message of love and universal oneness, Religion has also been used to spread conflict and mischief in the societies which is not the expression of the harmonized vision as established by Religion. The controversial role of Religion in spreading love and hatred has long been a question mark without its resolute answer. The Sufi fills in the gap by studying Religion as process and not as institution. His way of analysis extracts the shared principles of the world religions which bring religions’ amazing similarities of thought and practice and their combined vision to promote peace, welfare and harmony in human societies.

When Mother is home then the entire universe functions as a genuine, sanctified and inseparable being and all manifestations of which exist in complete harmony and concord. However, if the balance of normality is forcefully distorted in favour of physical might, subjugation and oppression then Feminine is severely injured. When democracies are thrown out and manipulated, when peace is tried out with the power of gun and when the beauty, fragility and delicateness is harmed by the oppression then the Mother becomes displeased and has to hide her beautifying features. The current are the worst times for humanity when every delicacy and fragility on the planet is spoiled by the robust brawn. The Sufi doesn’t look denial of Feminine in isolation but finds it as one of the numerous outcomes of human flawed vision. Based on his principle of change he foresees the revival of the recognition of global Feminine by the unified humanity under a process of unified human development.

Lastly and more importantly, the Sufi believes in human safe ride under humanity’s collective decision to bring the dawn of a new human era of harmonised human subsistence. He finds humanity’s collective desire to give their future generations a stable and safer future but they don’t find the missing link. Human confused vision is evident by the ideas about 2012 with their diverse impressions, ranging from very optimistic to quite pessimistic, about an event taking place within a particular time frame during this year. According to him it is human confused vision which has squeezed the dawn of a complete new era of human solidarity into a single event on a particular date. Sufi provides the missing link to the idea of a new dawn of human future with his conclusive approach supported by the principles of evolution and shared beauties of spiritual wisdom.

Under his intuitive wisdom the Sufi has introduced few entirely new ideas, terminologies and theories, though not scientifically proven, yet are in line with the recent developments of science. His work seems a dedication to all members of global humanity and lies within it is an invitation to recognize our unparalleled inner potential about which we remain ignorant most parts of our lives. This concealed inner potential is the highest dimension of our beings and has the greatest capacity to change our inner as well as the outer worlds.

After going through the papers of Sufi Qadri I have realized that this is not merely a document; this might be a practical tool of energy transmission from one heart to the other. I am so inspired that I have decided to become a medium between him and a relevant research centre or publishing house to bring his vision to surface. At a time when humanity has reached to a critical crossroads of history where it has to decide for its collective fate, either to be sustained or to be exterminated, such an invitation could serve as an ignition for the human ride towards a unified and secured future.

I wish to all humanity a bright and peaceful future.

Sarah Saba is a researcher in Pakistan and the moderator of the group ‘South Asian voice’. She could be reached by sarah_research@yahoo.com or http://www.facebook.com/sarah.research


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