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Maya Govt. Is Anti-Dalit And Anti-Farmers

New Delhi, 18th August, 2010

Dr. Udit Raj, president of Indian Justice Party, said that the Maya Government is anti-dalit and anti-farmers, and has gone upon fueling the privatisation in U.P. Recently, the government sold four sugar mills, viz. Chandpur (Bijnor), Jarwal (Behraich), Shishwan Bazar and Amroha and three of them are making profits. The Chandpur Sugar Mills has been sold to a liquor baron who had amassed thousand of crores through manipulation of business activities in liquor, mines, mid day meal, etc. The Chandpur Sugar Mills assets are not less than 300 crores but had been sold only for 90 crores. About 500 employees are working on permanent basis and remaining on contract basis. Dr. Udit Raj strongly critised the so called dalit leader Mayawati that she is hell bent upon in finishing reservations by disinvestment or sell off government enterprises. Dr. Udit Raj vowed to fight against anti reservation policy of Mayawati and suitable package to the workers in Chandpur Sugar Mills.

The ghastly incident at Palwal Mathura Road, led the killing of three farmers and one constable. It is also on account of favoring an industrial group which is making Express Highway under the nomen clature of so called public-private-partnership. The primary intention of Mayawati is not to make Express Highway but to realize self benefits. When she was Chief Minister, previous to this term, huge chunk of land was given to this group to compensate the expenses incurred in constructing the Express Highway. Dr. Udit Raj said that this group has already accumulated huge wealth and work on Express Highway is still going on, even land acquisition process is not complete. This act of U.P. Government also helped in escalating the privatisation. Privatisation is hitting hard to dalits and tribals, Dr. Udit Raj added. He calls upon, mainly dalits to over through this government. He demanded that the reservation in sold sugar mills be continued. Since Jaypee Group, which is erecting the Express Highway and is close to Mayawati, why can not she ask to purchase construction material and take other services from dalit proportion to their population. It is going to generate lot of employment and there is no clause to recruit dalits. If it is not done, not only she will prove anti dalit but also promoting corruption and privatisation.

(Sanjay Raj)

Media Incharge


T-22, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001

Tel: 23354841, Telefax: 23354842

Email: dr.uditraj@gmail.com
Dr. Udit Raj

Chairman, All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations

National President, Indian Justice Party

Former Member, National Integration Council (Govt. of India)