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J&K Children: Right To Life Is Compromised?

By Ravi Nitesh

22 July, 2014

With the teenager’s death at Kulgam (J&K) by police firing, it is once again proved that life is not safe at all if you are in J&K. It becomes more vulnerable for children and women as cruelty never identify them for any kind of relaxation.

On another side, the police version, where it claims that its vehicle was surrounded by crowd and after one policemen fell from vehicle, crowd overpowered it, lynch it and tried to snatch the rifle; it seems that if it was true, it reflects lack of humanity on both sides. But moreover and more importantly, even if it is true, the reasons of such a hatred against police must be known and root cause should be investigated.

This incident highlighted the very serious situation of Kashmir. Rest of the India must think and know that how a child in Kashmir is many times more vulnerable than a child at anywhere else in India. A child in Kashmir, who always walk under the shadow of guns, who time to time hear the noise of bombs and bullets and who in daily life witness shutdowns, funerals and reports of killings, cannot be seen as ‘normal’ in anyway. This constructed situation of conflict has made these children vulnerable and affected them not only physically but even psychologically. These effects are not required at all, at any society, at any region.

There are pre-established rules in society to take care about children; these are traditional, which came in to existence through social traditions and religious customs. With the passage of time the set customs were not enough to protect them fully and there rose a need to evolve system as per new demands. The governments of different countries set up the rules and regulation to protect the rights of children. Now, what will be the result if government, itself, is careless and violating the children rights.

In J&K, due to stringent situations, children are suffering. They are victims of physical and psychological actions which, in turn pervert their dreams and aspirations. Children are going to schools under the shadow of guns. The presence of security forces on streets, in lanes and by-lanes always make them feel insecure. They only see men in uniforms with guns.

What can be more than the fact that many children in J&K died with the bullets of security personals. No matter how it happened, the question is why it happened? Is it not a serious concern for everyone? Is it not the violation of their rights? Are they not entitled to get education and peaceful atmosphere in their home state?

It is going to impoverish the future of state because every child is not able to get even the normal situation for which he/she is entitled. This is complete failure on part of state government. These situations will only make the future of state weaker and fragile. The need of hour is to take necessary measures to provide an environment which is from free from fear, intimidation and coercion. The State government should work for the better future; a future which is peaceful and tranquil and promising.

Besides education there is a large population of orphans who have lost their parents as result of turmoil and conflict. These children are those whose parents are killed in fake encounters, protests, and in militant and security forces actions. They all have equal rights and they all need support and relief from our side, they need love and a better opportunity to make their future better and live a life with dignity. These children shouldn’t be discriminated by welfare organisation or by the state government as they belong to any specific class or because they are unable to raise their voice of their own, they all are our responsible future citizens who will lead and hold the flag of development of the state. We can’t ignore them

The Government may continue the long debate over the rights, fundamental duties, privileges and but child welfare and protection is necessary and should be taken seriously. It should be free from any politics mileage and individual interest, it is a matter of concern and we all should stand together to give a better future to these unfortunate children. To ameliorate the condition, a strong government penchant is required.

Ravi Nitesh, Founder-Mission Bhartiyam, Freelance writer, Core Member-Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign Tweet@ ravinitesh



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