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Unheard Demand For Justice: Batla House

By Ravi Nitesh

17 September, 2012

An article for 18th September- Anniversary of Batla House Encounter Case

It is the morning of 18th September. This morning is as usual for everyone, but still there are some families who are waiting for their morning. They have become habitual of darkness of their life, they have become habitual of sorrowful eyes without tears. For them, morning has not come yet, instead the day of 18 October comes once in every year to break their silence, to cry, to mourn.

Though this date has no meaning and no use for millions of people who are running towards professional growth and wealth, but for us , who lives in India, understand its social structure and respect and believes in harmony and truth, this date comes as a black day. We remember two innocent students who have been killed in Batla House Encounter at Jamia Nagar, New Delhi.

Even after many years of this case and in spite of various attempts by people and organizations, still justice has not been delivered to victims. People who are living in this area are live in fear and therefore it contradicts with the famous line 'Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high'. Families of victims are living in shock. And the youths of this area still roam with an insecurity of being harassed.

Every year people gathered at Batla house to remember this incident and to mourn. Similar gathering was observed at many other places in India. Though we all understand and we all feel the pain, we all gather to mourn, and to protest, but still there is a large void that is something more painful than this.

One such question (problem) that need to be answered includes participation of common man. A common man (muslim and hindu both) still try to maintain distance from such protests. Though, one may claim that we must not worry about them, instead it must be left open upon them to join such things, but here the logic is understanding the subject, objective of the program and its expected outcomes. When we will discuss and will think upon such issues, we will find that infact it is a common man who will get benefit of such activities. Actually it is not of and for individual, instead it is for society as a whole. If a common parent fears about security and safety of their wards, they must know all these things. It also has to be clear, that only understanding is not enough and cannot be a tool of get safe, instead a balanced and thoughtful action is required. This thoughtful action may be anything from teaching the morality, duties, safety to participate in protest, to raise voice for justice etc.

Another thing is that we must not be limited to muslims on the name of illegal arrests, fake encounters etc, instead we must broaden ourselves to feel the pain rather than seeing the victim of pain. We must act towards it, to remove the pain. We must protest on all such issues, we must meet other people regardless of their caste and religion and to tell them the reality, to tell them the problems and to invite them and to include them in all such programs, just to understand that anyone can suffer.

These ‘annual activities’ must not be limited to ‘annual’, it must not be a formality to remember the Aatif and Saazid (persons who had been killed in Batla House incident), it must not be something like making your marks in a competition, instead it must be something that push you for being responsible and accountable as a citizen. These ‘annual’ mourning, must sustain to get justice.

Though it is not only about annual activities of organizations and we still can see people who come forward to join and to raise such issues. There are many young voices who shouts slogans for justice and all these things must be looked as a sign of empowerment of minds who can raise concerns. Many such individuals are working towards these things. For example, a recently formed India Awakening Forum announced its democratic and peaceful process of getting support of public through signature campaign to raise the voice. Infact, it is good to see that these people are raising voice, not just to fullfil a responsibility, instead they really understand that demand of justice is their right.

Time is calling to each one of us because each one of us can become a victim anytime. It is not absolutely resisting , its not about being against the government, law implementing agencies, instead its about being in favor of Indianness , that belongs to truth and justice without difference.

Lets come forward to favor the democratic values, to favor the truth and justice and to make it available for all through practice. You should not forget that bearing the injustice is not lesser than making injustice.

Ravi Nitesh is a Petroleum Engineer, Founder- Mission Bhartiyam, Core Member- Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign
follow on twitter: www.twitter.com/ravinitesh
Blog: www.ravinitesh.blogspot.com



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