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Democracy: From The Best Towards The Ideal

By Ravi Nitesh

16 September, 2012

And the international day of democracy was celebrated worldwide to celebrate democratization of states and to raise concern over many undemocratic actions. Observing this day is really a good thing, but a silly thing comes on the way that even after being civilized in so many terms, even after many arrangements (rules, law, regulations etc) of safe, secure and civilized society, we still did not get the wanted system of social and political actions.

As for as democracy is concerned, we all accept it just as the best form of political system. Yes, it is, but then we must think and to work towards the loopholes of this system too, to make it not just as best but an ideal one. I have no doubt to say that i am proud of my democracy, but still i say it that there are so many things in my democracy, that must be abolished, removed, replaced and changed.

For an old man with whom i met, democracy was only mean to cast the vote and i was surprised when he told me that he is ready to oppose the system through this tool of democracy. Infact, it was a real pleasure and experience for me to see the wonderful quality of democracy that opposing a part/system/action within a democracy itself is a part of democracy.

How it can be possible? ‘the old man asked after hearing about Irom Sharmila. When I told him about this ‘real’ story, he surprisingly told that he will not cast his vote this time only because he was not aware about such cruelty and ignorance of government.

In fact, for a common man who doesn’t know much about her, it is hard to believe that there is a person whose fast is continue since last 11 years. Ignorance is the key of success’ government believed and thus trying to get success through ignorance.

Is it not an effort of rape of democracy? Where a citizen has denied food and water to be heard for a demand, and our 66 years old matured nation - state proved its incapability even to hear her and to talk.

We all are citizen of India and we are proud to be on being an Indian citizen. We must respect our values, our constitution etc. But what will happen when the values we posses has become negligible for our constitution and government.

On the international day of democracy, one must ask what the democracy is in its real meaning? Is it mean of being unheard ? Is it being suppressed ? is it being hungry? Is it being victim of marshal law? Is it being forced to loose values? Is it denial of truth and justice? If it is not, then there is something that can deform the definition of democracy in a real frame of society. When Gandhi ji told about looking on the poorest of the poor while making any decision’, obviously it was a direction that he gave through this one statement only. The same pattern must be adopted and must be taken in consideration to look on weaker communities, group, demands etc while dealing with democratic policies and governance. Even a single person must have to be heard before the highest authority in democracy in case it needs. Unfortunately, we have examples of living a poor on street while highest authority in palace like home. A person is observing a fast since last 11 years and people in government even never came to her to share and to hear the voice.

Struggle for people’ is the real service a person can. It is the work that can be performed by believers of democracy. The role in a democracy must be by the people for the people. If a person starts thinking and working for the people and extend his/her service towards humanity, then it is the real spirit of democracy. We must think to encourage such voices to make our democracy living and meaningful. Instead of pushing it towards being a puppet in hands of some, make it handsome through living a democracy in your heart and mind.

Present scenario of action of our democracy in handling of this case of Irom Sharmila openly shows the discrimination towards her. Though it doesn’t mean that the whole democracy is dumb, instead it is believed that only democracy can provide a meaningful solution too for this issue. There are various authorities in democracy who have different views and approach. They may ignore the voice of people for some time, but the voice cannot be suppressed as it is based on truth and values that nourish nature of democracy. Real democracy is inside the hearts of people and fear, ignorance, suppression have no place in it. It is our democracy and thus we demand from it, its very nature will bring us the justice and this hope is feeding the spirit of Irom.. She is hungry for people but this feeling itself feed her all food for spirit on which her heart is continuously pumping the blood with process of purification.

(views expressed are personal)

Ravi Nitesh is a Petroleum Engineer, Founder- Mission Bhartiyam, Core Member- Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign
follow on twitter: www.twitter.com/ravinitesh
Blog: www.ravinitesh.blogspot.com



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