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Indian PM: Remotely Controlled By Communal Group And Acting Against Nation

By Ravi Nitesh

11 September, 2015

Many speculations were going on since last many months, where few liberal right wingers were trying to portray Mr. Modi as a man of ‘developmental’ ideology now, a ‘changed’ man now and of becoming a prime minister who is not giving much importance to RSS.

Even large number of educated youths supported Modi bandwagon with the hope that party has now adopted a path of development and left its sticky old policy of Hindutva. Young India of present , probably do not want to see every thing in religious glass, specially to politics.

But now, when even after so many months of his reign, Mr. Modi has not come up with any fruitful action. On the phase of development, he just facilitated selected industrialists. But his strategy has come more in dispute as he did not come out of grip of ‘communal’ ideologists.

Since start of his reign, India has witnessed many communal clashes where minorities were killed not by persons of other religions, but by political activists of BJP, RSS and others. It did not limit to this only, instead it went beyond and even intellectuals and social reformers belonging to dalits were attacked and killed by right wingers. On the government level, only actions in document took place. Unfortunately, government itself started attacking the secular and intellectual spaces through imposing institutional heads of its own choice in a number of academic institutions.

Now, after all such efforts, when Government of India (through BJP) and RSS sat together officially for three days in their so called ‘coordination’ meet, it is like an open truth that who is who.

This ‘coordination meet’ is a slap on the face of millions of youths who preferred their vote for development but feeling cheated now. This coordination meet is an insult of democratic values and constitution of India.

Nobody ever wonder that how BJP workers and RSS workers meet or work together. But when ministers under Govt of India, including Prime Minister of India himself reach and speaks the words of pride for being a RSSite , then such words are not only simple words, but even warning words for all those who do not attach or align themselves with RSS ideology.

For a prime minister who is presently representing a country where a democratic constitution exists, meeting with a group of workers who have been allegedly involved in disintegration of country and devaluing India diversity system, must be raised. It becomes more sad to see that how a prime minister can see it and can look towards it as coordination meet , and his ministers gave presentations before RSS workers to get applaud from them, without even considering that Govt of India itself has issued notifications in past to ban this organization and that this organization has a series of proved actions based on communal agenda.

In its Mission statement, RSS tells; Our one supreme goal is to bring to life the all-round glory and greatness of our Hindu Rashtra.

This mission statement is in complete contradiction with Constitution of India that considers India, a secular country , and not a Hindu Rashtra.

Its timeline of the year 1992 tells; that it was karsewaks who demolished Babri Masjid.

On the other hand, everyone knows that demolishing Babri was a criminal offence for which even inquiries were set up. This was also an attack over Indian values and constitutional provisions where religious fantasy was made so powerful that it converted in controlled actions of politics and therefore wrongfully motivated the mob.

It is a matter of concern of today, for political parties, for student groups , for civil society as well as for millions of apolitical pure hearted people of India to think that what they want in India tomorrow. Do they think that diversity of India should be vanished and the country should belong to one religion or with one type of people? Do they think that Prime Minister of India should be so weak that despite his uncontrolled speeches, his actions are always under control, remotely by a communal group that proudly challenge Indian constitution and its people?

It is time to re think and to take actions start from today.

Ravi Nitesh is a Petroleum Engineer, Founder- Mission Bhartiyam, Core Member- Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign
follow on twitter: www.twitter.com/ravinitesh Blog: www.ravinitesh.blogspot.com


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