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'Go To Pakistan' Slander: An Insult To Both India And Pakistan

By Ravi Nitesh

06 November, 2015

In recent times, we are witnessing the rising trend of quoting ‘Go to Pakistan’ by many political leaders. It is not only Go to Pakistan, but even many other references that leaders are quoting in India is a matter to be worried about. Worrying about this is not limited to concern of logical thinkers or [progressive individuals (in general many of them have been called and seen as leftists), instead it is a concern of everyone, beyond this confinement of left and right.

It is a matter of concern for all is because this is something that reflects the representation of Indian politicians before rest of the world. Still, many in India who themselves as ‘most concerned’ citizens of this country, argue that such remarks are nice and made rightfully. It is again a matter of concern for Indian society, but probably in lesser impact. Lesser, because such individuals can exist in society and they may transform themselves as society becomes developed and mature, but when it comes to political leaders, it becomes a matter of peoples representation and their effective role in decision making and policy drafting, where India is heading and it affect not only society in India, but even the global social political and economical relations as well.

At a time when Indian politicians are using name of a country to show that how shameful it can be to live in that, this itself is extremely shameful activity of them. It is an insult of not only another government of that country, but of millions of people who are living there and who have equal rights like any citizen over the globe has. Describing in such a manner is , therefore, only damaging reputation of India itself, and not of Pakistan in anyway. It also shows the mentality and maturity level of Indian politics that try to symbolise itself as 'world's largest democracy' and also advocating to get permanent seat in UNSC. These uncontrolled politicians who mostly belong to present ruling party and their partners and supporters are actually unable to understand that countries of the world are actually trying to move towards pro human rights and pro human being with effectively applying concepts of freedom and rights, of life and of equality. Respect of another human being, society and country is one of the most important among these , while it is completely denied by right wingers in India.

Even if these politicians are threatening by their remarks and directing all those people to go to Pakistan, who are registering their dissent over the ideology, these politicians must know that there is a connection with Pakistan of lot of families who are living in north india and specially in states like Delhi, Haryana and Punjab. There are not only relations (of mostly muslim families), but also a historical connection (of hindus and of other religions as well), where places of their ancestors still exist there and they see it with all respect. In addition to this, there are friendly relations of many youths of India with people in Pakistan who had met during academic and other conferences and also via social media and other such mediums. In view of these, remarks of Go to Pakistan comes an absolute insult of emotions of people in India itself.

On the political maturity of India and Pakistan, it must be seen that Pakistan is a country where people know that such politicians exist, and they take it in the same line of truth that few politicians are there as well who try to criticise India in all possible ways, to keep their shop running. But it should also be observed that despite all extremism in Pakistan that has been symbolised far greater than India, Pakistan is successful in terms of bringing position to 'enhance friendship' with India through even its election manifesto, while India could not do it yet. It must also be seen that artists from Pakistan are facing numerous problems and threats in India (more frequently in these days) , while despite all extremism that we know about, no Indian artist got such threats in Pakistan even in a reaction of what is happening in India. We also came up with a recent story, where a family from Pakistan who was in Mumbai did not get any place to stay and was denied by all and stayed on footpath for whole night. On the other hand, there is not a single story that any Indian faced such situation in Pakistan. You can just talk to any India who has been in Pakistan and you can get to know about how Pakistan , more appropriately , Pakistanis are full of gesture.

India , that adopted and promoted multi cultural society and branded itself with tagline of 'unity in diversity' can not be seen as promoter of harmony within country, but also with neighbouring nations and most importantly with people of all other countries. When our politicians go to break this thread of harmony, it is the very duty of all of us to protect our country and heritage from such people. It must be understood that India's representation should not be in such hands who can only polarise minds.

Probably it is a time, when people in India should seriously think about change and denial of such politics.

Ravi Nitesh is founder of Founder-Mission Bhartiyam and a member of Gandhi Global Family, Peoples Alliance for Democracy and Secularism, South Asian Fraternity, All India Peace Mission Twitter @ravinitesh Blog ravinitesh.blogspot.in


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