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An Open Letter To Israelis And Jews!

By Dr Salim Nazzal

17 July, 2014

For 70 years, Zionist Jews murder us. For 70 years, Zionist Jews, or fundamental Jews displace us, kill us; destroy our families, murder our children, destroyed our homes, change the names of our villages, and spread terror in Palestine and the whole region. For 70 years you have tried all your best backed by the black forces in the U.S. and Europe, to kill us physically, culturally, morally and by all means.

You have brought with you all the culture of oppression from the around100 countries you came from, and used it against us... And the latest method was to burn us alive. You have not left one single murderous method, and have not used it against an innocent people who did no wrong towards you, and lived-in peace before you imposed your selves on us, by force and terror And then gathered the most advanced and destructive arms exist and brought it to Palestine.

In these years you have proven that you lack the minimum feeling towards other humans. And your brutality is felt by every single Palestinian, and has become known to the whole world. . In fact, you have hardened our heart towards you to the maximum. And your brutality has led that mountains of hate has been built towards you.

The result of the humiliation and murder of three Palestinian generations led to no way.

You are stronger militarily, but we still resist, you are stronger in the media and capable to make the black, white, but our voice is getting through, and get louder and louder .You do all this terror as if you will have the upper hand all the time. But this is illusion; your fate will be like all colonial powers.

We have said to you many times, live and let others live, but you insist that you live and we die. And we have shown you that despite all your barbarism a political compromise is possible, to live together with equal rights without wars.

But you are sick with power and unable to understand that power is not permanent. And you are unable as well to understand that might does not make right. Therefore you must be hundred percent sure the more you kill ,the more you deprive us to live free ,the more you are hated, and plant the seed of the next resistance and war.

Times are changing. The technology of the destructive arms will be most likely in the hands of any small country and even group within 30 years time. Then how you face that generation whom you made their heart stone towards you. A generation you murdered their friends and humiliated and killed their parents and grandparents in front of their eyes. A generation brought up under the Zionist slogan that the good Palestinian is the dead Palestinian. Times are changing, The US and Europe will be fed of you sooner or later, and one can see the signs from now!

Your arrogance, racism, narrow mindedness and blindness have hindered you to see the simple truth that the road to peace must go through justice. And it is possible if you have good will to live all in harmony in the holy land of Palestine, but you block all possibilities.

This mentality lead only to more wars and more pain and suffering and the shadow of war and destruction will be always roaming over Palestine and the region.

I have no doubt that the Gaza slaughter which you are committing now will open a new chapter toward more destructive wars in Palestine. And if about 10 wars have not taught you that Might Right policy is wrong, you have decided the nature of the next wars. In these wars you will face a tougher resistance of generation of victims, homeless and orphans whom you created!

Dr. Salim Nazzal, a Palestinian-Norwegian historian on the Middle East, He has written extensively on social and political issues in the region.



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