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USA And Regime Change In South Sudan

By Thomas C. Mountain

15 October, 2014

It is no longer a secret that the USA is attempting to carry out
regime change in South Sudan. Why? It’s because South Sudanese
President Salva Kiir is determined to continue supporting Chinese oil
production in his country, China’s only majority owned energy project
in Africa.

The USA managed to get the Chinese oil fields shut down a couple years
back by promising to provide upwards of $200 million a month in “aid”
during the dispute between Sudan and South Sudan over pipeline transit
fees if the oil fields were closed.

When the oil shipments were subsequently stopped and the aid money
failed to materialize, President Kiir, to avoid complete bankruptcy,
for his only independent income is from oil revenue, went hat in hand
to Beijing and a $8 billion Chinese rescue package was the result. The
Chinese oil fields reopened amidst the gnashing of teeth by Pax
Americana and regime change became the USA’s solution to this

As in all to many crimes committed by Pax Americana in Africa a
particularly bloodstained warlord was chosen to do the dirty deed and
in close cooperation with its local gendarme, Ethiopia, a coup attempt
was launched earlier this year by one Riek Machar, former Vice
President of the country.

Riek Machar is no stranger to ethnic cleansing and mass murder going
back to at least 1991. At that time he sent his Nuur ethnic militias
on a killing spree that saw many thousand’s of the Dinka ethnic
group slaughtered. His denials at the time for his responsibility for
his crimes mimics his protestations of innocence for the latest round
of bloodshed his followers have carried out.

The fact is Riek Machar is the tool of US empire in its war against
Chinese penetration of Africa’s energy resources, something so
obviously contrary to the USA’s “national interest” that only the most
truth challenged in the western media still try to deny.

But deny they do. They continue to try to hide Riek Machar's links to
the Ethiopian regime, who are so completely dependent on aid provided
and micro managed by the USA and its western vassals that even if the
regime didn't want to be involved it has no choice (as in its
disastrous invasion of Somalia in 2007).

It is no secret that Riek Machar is getting the arms, fuel and funds
to continue his rebellion for almost a year now from outside South
Sudan. Even the western media has to admit this but from just who is
he getting the wherewithal to continue his bloodletting?

The answer to this question is now pretty obvious and its not from
Sudan (badly hurt by the Chinese oil field closure), Uganda or Kenya.
Only Ethiopia is left, and the regional anger against the regime is
now an “open secret”.

Ethiopia’s involvement has led South Sudan to demand the moving of the
so called “peace talks” (which have yet to result in any such thing)
from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, Kenya.

President Kiir’s inner circle are regularly sourced charging Ethiopia
with supporting Riek Machar’s death squads. Matters have gotten so bad
that recent reports speak of large cash injections being provided to
Ethiopian rebel forces operating on the South Sudan/Ethiopian border
by the South Sudanese government in an attempt to disrupt the camps
being operated there by the Ethiopia regime that are arming and
training Mr. Machar’s death squads.

Ethiopia has done a really good job of pissing off its neighbors, with
Sudan (whose economy has been badly hurt by the latest oil field
closures), Egypt (threatened by the new damn Ethiopia is building on
the Nile River that will cut critical amounts of the water it depends
on), Uganda (South Sudan's largest trading partner whose economy was
already in dire straits even before the civil war destroyed trade
between the two) and even Kenya, which also lost a major trading
partner following the USA backed coup growing increasingly estranged
from the regime.

Uganda has a significant military force supporting Salva Kiir’s
government and it is being reported that Egypt has set up a military
base in South Sudan as well.

The UN response has been predictable with the USA’s lapdog Secretary
General Ban Ki “slippery eel” Moon having appointed the former head of
Ethiopian military intelligence to run the UN “peacekeeping” operation
in South Sudan. This is the guy who used to run the genocidal
counterinsurgency in the Ethiopian Ogaden and was past commander of
the almost 10,000 Ethiopian “peacekeepers” stationed around the
Sudanese oil fields (where UN staff held press conferences last year
complaining about the Ethiopians providing weapons to local militias,
now fighting under Riek Machar leadership).

Ethnic cleansing, mass murder, famine, you name it, the list of crimes
being committed against the people of South Sudan in the “national
interests” of the good old USA in an attempt to deny China access to
African oil should come as no surprise for the history of Pax
Americana and its indentured servant Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa is
nothing new. Patience with the Ethiopian regime is running short
amongst its neighbors and many are hoping that regime change in
Ethiopia rather than in South Sudan may soon come to fruit.

Thomas C. Mountain has been living and writing from Eritrea since
2006. He can be reached at thomascmountain at g mail dot com



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