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Criminal Injustice System (part 2)

By Mickey Z.

01 June, 2012
World News Trust

"It's about time law enforcement got as organized as organized crime.” --Rudy Giuliani

They dress alike.
They often hide their faces behind masks.
They even hide their identities.
They are armed, well armed.
They have demonstrated an irrefutable willingness to utilize their weapons.
They travel in groups. They sometimes travel alone.
They act in groups. They sometimes act alone.
They interpret or ignore laws as they see fit.
They are infiltrators and provocateurs.
They watch your every move.
They have been terrorizing certain communities since, well... forever.
They are a clear and present threat to nearly everyone's freedom.

They are the Blue Bloc.

The Blue Bloc is made up of the local, state, and federal law enforcement (sic) officers and agents who have unleashed a coordinated, relentless, and often unlawful assault on the Occupy movement for more than eight months now.

The Blue Bloc possesses a wide array of taxpayer subsidized, military-style weaponry -- including biological (pepper spray) and sonic (LRAD) -- in the name of taking on an enemy (sic) armed (sic) with signs, chalk, musical instruments, cameras, and mobile libraries and kitchens.

The Blue Bloc have decided that Occupiers are no longer lazy, selfish, and unwashed but instead are terrorist masterminds. (Not even the Occupiers' neighbors are safe from the Blue Bloc's diversity of tactics.)

"Disparate groups are being conflated, across ideological and tactical divides, and presented as a united 'threat,'" writes Will Potter, thus explaining how the FBI "creates terrorism threats by directly training agents to believe they exist."

Not only the agents are buying what the corporate/government nexus is selling. Sometimes the justice-minded can be led astray -- down the long and winding road of misplaced blame.

Each of us can believe what we wish to believe about the Black Bloc but even if the most sensational media stories were true (and they're not), such behavior would pale in comparison to that of the gangs in blue roaming our streets with little or no accountability (and I haven't even touched upon the gangs in green roaming the entire planet and parts of the atmosphere with little or no accountability).

All topics must, of course, be open to discussion but perhaps so much time spent (over)analyzing the allegedly violent nature of some enigmatic group of now mythical activists is time wasted when the State (and the corporations that fund it) remains what Dr. King called it in 1967: "The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today."

Perhaps time spent debating the Black Bloc is time that could be much better utilized doing OWS jail support, educating others on the stark realities of our (sic) legal system, and conjuring up strategies to grow the movement in the face of ever-escalating repression and misinformation.

"This Occupy Wall Street movement is now very coordinated and they are terrorists, they are trying to create trouble. That's what terrorists do." --Bill O'Reilly

We need to relentlessly reach out to the 99% so they can decide for themselves who is and isn't a "terrorist."

We don't need political prisoners.

We need a broad gamut of informed activists/Occupiers fully aware of their rights and hip to the tactics that will be employed against them as they struggle for global justice.

Mic Check: Work in tight solidarity within your trusted community and don’t discuss actions with those who don't need to know such details.

Support your allies and always ensure that no one in your circle is marginalized and that all within your group understand the obligations of solidarity.

Unity and trust among Occupiers can help serve as a bulwark against inevitable and extralegal law enforcement devices. Once we have reached that point, another world is truly possible.

If you need specific legal advice right now:

National Lawyers Guild: 212-679-6018
Center for Constitutional Rights: 212-614-6464
Just Cause Law Collective: 510-396-8427
NYCLU: 212-607-3300
ACLU: 212-549-2500


Mickey Z. is the author of Darker Shade of Green , most recently the novel Until the laws are changed or the power runs out, he can be found on an obscure website called Facebook.

© WorldNewsTrust.com -- Share and re-post this story. Please include this copyright notice and a link to World News Trust.

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