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Amicable Solution For Ayodhya Conflict

By Muslim Citizens Group of Lucknow

04 November, 2010

Several reputed historians, social activists and legal luminaries have expressed the view that the recent Ayodhya Verdict is unscientific, illogical and against the history. However, a large section of people, both Hindus and Muslims, feel that judgment is one which could best be given in the current scenario and is a possible roadmap. Judges have taken the lead in giving what appears a practical and humane approach, respecting all views. By dividing the land in three parts they have tried to unite the society. A grand Temple on 2/3rd part of the disputed land and an imposing Mosque on 1/3 rd part of it is a real good solution without proclaiming oneself as winner and the other as loser. The idea to let the temple and mosque co-exist side by side has been on the table for decades but, unfortunately, the idea could not take the practical shape because of rigid stand by the contesting parties. It is high time that all parties now show the magnanimity and flexibility in their approach and agree to co-exist with Temple and Mosque. After the amicable solution of Ayodhya Issue, contesting parties should reiterate that henceforth no such issues would be raised by either party.

We the Muslim citizens of Lucknow appeal to all concerned to focus on the more pressing issues affecting the community like literacy and poverty and agree for the amicable solution suggested by the Hon. Judges for Ayodhya Issue. All Indians, irrespective of their creed, should bear in mind that along their religion, integrity of the country and harmony in the society is essential for peaceful and respectable life.

We appreciate the stand taken by senior leaders of all the parties of the country on this issue of national importance and also role played by Central and State Government as well as the Print & Electronic Media for bringing about peace, tranquility and for the maintenance of law & order in the country.

It must be made very clear that any amicable settlement does not allow those responsible for Babri Mosque demolition going scot free. Culprits for the crime should be brought to book at the earliest. We earnestly hope that henceforth, change of status of any place of worship will not be allowed in Secular India, on the basis of ethos or belief of any group of people.

We the citizens of Lucknow

1. Dr. Mansoor Hasan, Cardialogist, Former Prof., Medical University,

2. Dr. Mahdi Hasan, FNA, Former Prof, J.N.Medical College, AMU,

3. Dr. Mazhar Husain, Neuro-Surgeon, Former Prof, Medical University,

4. Prof. Waseem Akhtar, Educationist, Vice Chancellor, Integral University,

5. Idris Siddiqui, Engineer, Former Member, UP Electricity Board

6. Dr. Jalil Kidwai, Scientist, Former Deputy Director, CDRI,

7. Dr. Ishtiaq Rizvi, Dentist, Former Principal, Patel Dental College,

8. S.M. Naseem, IPS (Retd), Former I.G. Police,

9. Sahba Husain, Social Activist,

10. Parveen Talha,Social IRS (Retd), Former Commissioner Excise

11. Prof. Sharib Rudaulvi, Urdu Writer, Former Prof. JNU,

12. Prof. Ahsan Rizvi, Scientist, Former Director Research, Faizabad Agriculture University

13. Abid Suhail, Senior Journalist,

14. Col. S.M.Husain, Educationist, Director, Unity College,

15. Syed Ali Naqi, Engineer, Former Director, Design, Irrigation Deptt,

16. Shafat Ali Sandelvi, Senior Journalist,

17. Dr. Tausif Ahmed, Medicine, Director, Nishat Hospital,

18. Dr. Sultan Shakir Hashmi, Journalist/Writer, President, Media Foundation,

19. Dr. M.I.H. Farooqi, Scientist, Former Deputy Director, NBRI,



Yours Faithfully,

Dr. Mansoor Hasan, President, Sir Syed Scientific Society (Mobile: 9839066140)

Dr. M.I.H. Farooqi, Secretary, Sir Syed Scientific Society (Mobile: 9839901066)

Dr. Sultan Shakir Hashmi, Treasurer, Sir Syed Scientific Society (Mobile: 9236053169)