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Demonic David Rockefeller Fiends Dulles Kissinger Brzezinski -
Investor Wars Korea thru Syria  

By Jay Janson

17 August, 2012

History of David Rockefeller led global arrangements of financial-political control thru public information management culminating in ‘The International Community' (formerly, ‘The Free World', earlier The Colonial Powers), arraying covert agencies and military of US-NATO-UN, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, in war on Syria and Iran. China and Russia's pathetic resistance after having acquiesced to the destruction of Libya.

For almost sixty years, during the presidencies of Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama, three corrupt confidants of one evil mastermind have been the major long term managers of a US massively homicidal foreign policy of invasions, occupations, undeclared wars, bombings, military threats and CIA led violent overthrows and assassinations throughout the third world.

  Only three appointed high government officials have run sixty years of war on small vulnerable nations, that were previously plundered under military occupation by colonial powers for centuries?

Three spooks, John Foster Dulles (aided by his equally corrupt brother Allen, head of the CIA), Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski, chosen by David Rockefeller to oversee the deaths of tens of millions of men, women and children, murdered in their own small beloved countries, as often as not in their own towns, villages and homes - millions more dying in violent aftermaths of US crimes against Congo, Guatemala, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Indonesia, Libya and many other places. (Congo alone accounts for from between six and fifteen million dead since the US led Belgians and other Europeans in destroying it as a nation.

In every single case of US mayhem (that if totaled up reaches many multi-holocaust proportions), civil war, fomented by the US itself, has been used as a pretext for unlawful barbaric criminal intervention by US Armed Forces, most often prepared by a corporate business dutiful CIA using its far flung network of banks, media, double agents and cooperating NGOs.

Civil wars! Capitalist empires of Europe had been stimulating them under the axiom "Divide and Conquer' since the first Portuguese armed merchant ships set sail, funded by enterprising investors in the fifteenth century.

From the earliest days of investor managed crimes of savage European forces (and later those of the US) falling upon ancient civilizations and cultures, there have been many famous devilishly clever lead investors cleverly creating wars of assured investment profitability. The most infamous in modern history  were David's grandfather John Rockefeller and J. P. Morgan.

Morgan, once accused on the floor of Congress of having amassed financial control of America, enabled wars from Mexico to Manchuria. In Mexico, during the Carranza presidency, his top CEO Thomas Lamont was jokingly referred to as the real president of the country, and Lamont was rumored to have written the Japanese press release on the invasion of China. [ Ambassador from Wall Street: The Story of Thomas W. Lamont, J.P. Morgan's Chief Executive, Edward Lamont ]

Morgan and John D. Rockefeller made the mega profitable continuance of WW I  possible through the concentrated financial might and lending power of their secretly planned and created giant Federal Reserve (neither Federal nor Reserve, but a private bank of gangster investors).

The super colossal fortunes made before, during and after WW II were prepared  by John Rockefeller, often then referred to as the "richest man in the world,' leading, along with Hitler's benefactor, Henry Ford and Irénée DuPont, America's banks, corporations, and big business men like Joe Kennedy and Prescott Bush, the crucial investing in a prostrate Germany of low wage labor and collaborating in building Hitler's Nazi armed forces up to world number one. (After the war, John Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company was indicted and tried for "Trading with the Enemy" through it's Latin American branches.)

Young David Rockefeller began his nefarious career in 1945 as a director on the board of the privately organized (by colluding investors) Council of Foreign Relations. Its members, all corporate backed with academic appearing credentials, are regularly presented on our cartelized media talk shows as experts on the world and US foreign policy, which of course they as an inner mafia have a critical hand in manipulating.

Beginning in 1939, the Council achieved  great prominence within the government and the State Department, when it established the strictly confidential War and Peace Studies. The secrecy surrounding this group was such that the Council members who were not involved in its deliberations were completely unaware of the study group's existence. It was divided into four functional topic groups: economic and financial, security and armaments, territorial, and political. The security and armaments group was headed by Allen  Dulles who later became a pivotal figure in the CIA's predecessor, the OSS, producing 682 memorandums for the State Department, marked classified and circulated among the appropriate government departments. [ Wikipedia ] [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Council_on_Foreign_Relations ]

Readers won't regret a look at CFR's own (frightening?) web site: "About CFR", which features huge photos of its three most public faces above CFR's description:
"The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher, an indispensable resource in a complex world.

Current membership of more than 4,500  living in New York, Washington, DC,  across the country and abroad. Its Corporate Program serves an international membership of about two hundred leading global corporations.

The David Rockefeller Studies Program--CFR's think tank--is composed of more than seventy full-time and adjunct fellows who cover the major regions and significant issues shaping today's international agenda. ... including the Center for Geo-economic Studies, the Center for Preventive Action, and the International Institutions and Global Governance Program.  Outreach initiatives target ... educators, students; religious and congregational leaders, state and local officials, and nonprofit, civic, and community leaders.

The Washington Program actively engages decision-makers in Congress, the executive branch, and the diplomatic community.  The bimonthly Foreign Affairs is widely considered to be the most influential magazine for the analysis and debate of foreign policy and economics. Independent Task Forces work to reach consensus on how to deal with critical foreign policy challenges." [ About CFR ]
  [ http://www.cfr.org/about/ ]

In 1945-46, Rockefeller also was in on the founding of the CIA for knowing well Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles -- an in-law of the family. It was in Rockefeller Center that Allen Dulles had set up his operational center liaising closely with MI6 which also had their principal U.S. operation there. [ Wikipedia ]

In 1947, Rockefeller joined the board of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, (a sister think tank of the CFR), John Foster Dulles, Chairman, and moved the Endowment's headquarters to a site with a Chase Bank on the ground floor opposite the new United Nations headquarters building,

In 1953 Eisenhower was made to see fit to appoint David Rockefeller's confidant and cold war hawk, John Foster Dulles, as Secretary of State to manage the continuing invasion of a Korea that had been criminally divided, but before the US invasion, already quickly reunified under the government established in the more industrialized North that replaced the unpopular and brutally lethal US installed dictatorial regime of Syngman Rhee in the South. [ Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Korea:(South) disclosures] http://www.japanfocus.org/-Kim-Dong_choon/3313

The Dulles brothers were guiding hands of US foreign policy long before John Foster became Sec. of State. In 1918, racist Woodrow Wilson had appointed Dulles legal counsel to the United States delegation to the Versailles Peace Conference, where pleas from representatives of the colonies for recognition to speak were disregarded and Wilson made US recognition of Korea as Japanese Imperial territory official.

In the 30s John Foster had been an attorney and partner in the firm Sullivan & Cromwell doing business with I.G. Farben (the chemical manufacturer of "Zyklon-B' poison gas used in the Nazi death camps) and its associated Nazi-era corporations. Sullivan and Cromwell thrived on its cartels and collusion with the new Nazi regime. In 1933 and 1934, when the Nazis' s barbarous course was already obvious, Dulles led off cables to his German clients with the salutation, "Heil Hitler". In 1935, he scribbled a screed for the Atlantic Monthly magazine dismissing Nazi state terrorism as "changes we recognize to be inevitable."[ The Moloch,[Karlheinz Deschner and Overthrow, Stephen Kinzer ].

In 1945, Dulles participated in the San Francisco Conference and worked as adviser to Arthur Vandenberg helping draft the preamble to the UN Charter and other arrangements that would later facilitate Security Council support for US undeclared wars, invasions, bombings and violent destabilizing covert crimes in dozens of countries since 1945.

On June 17, 1950, Dulles, as a special representative of the secretary of state, toured the 38th parallel, the US-created line between N. and S. Korea (as did other members of Congress, some  calling for the invasion of the North) and addressed the South Korean National Assembly. Ten days later, on the 27th, President Truman announced to the nation and the world that America would intervene in the Korean conflict in order to prevent the conquest of an independent nation by communism.

In 1950, John Foster Dulles published War or Peace, a critical analysis of the American policy of containment, arguing that containment should be replaced by a policy of "liberation". As Secretary of State, Dulles would see to Seventh Fleet enforcement of the 'liberation' of Taiwan from China proper.

His brother Allen Dulles, also an attorney of Sullivan and Cromwell, tasked in 1946 to "draft proposals for the shape and organization of what was to become the CIA," recruited an advisory group almost exclusively of Wall Street investment bankers and lawyers. Two years later, Dulles was chairman of a committee which reviewed the young agency's performance. Over the next twenty years, all seven deputy directors of the agency were drawn from the Wall Street financial aristocracy. In 1953 he became the CIA first civilian director.[ Rise of the National Security State The CIA's links to Wall Street, Richard Helms

David Rockefeller also knew and associated with former CIA director Richard Helms, as well as Archibald Roosevelt, Jr., a Chase Bank employee and former CIA agent, whose cousin was the CIA agent, Kermit Roosevelt, Jr., involved in the Iran coup of 1953. Also, in 1953, he had befriended William Bundy, a pivotal CIA analyst for nine years in the 1950s, who became the Agency liaison to the National Security Council, and a subsequent lifelong friend. Moreover, David was extensively briefed on covert intelligence operations by himself and other Agency division chiefs, under the direction of David's "friend and confidant", CIA Director Allen Dulles. [ The Life of Nelson A. Rockefeller: Worlds to Conquer 1908-1958, Cary Reich ]

In the 1960s, Rockefeller and other businessmen formed the Chase International Advisory Committee,  Rockefeller becoming chairman. After the Chase's merger with J. P. Morgan, this committee was renamed the International Council, and today contains prominent figures such as Henry Kissinger, Riley P. Bechtel and George Schultz, the current chairman. Under its stewardship Chase spread internationally and became a central pillar in the world's financial system; Chase has a global network of correspondent banks that has been estimated to number about 50,000, the largest of any bank in the world. (A notable achievement was the setting up of the first branch of an American bank at One Karl Marx Square, near the Kremlin, in the then Soviet Union, in 1973. That year Rockefeller also traveled to China, resulting in his bank becoming the National Bank of China's first correspondent bank in the United States.) [D avid Rockefeller, Memoirs ]

In the 1950s, the Dulles brothers had been seeing to the grisly business of protecting investments in Korea, Guatemala, Congo and Cuba, while continuing to back the colonial powers challenged by indigenous popular wars for independence, against the French in Vietnam, Laos and Algeria, Dutch in New Guinea, British in Malaysia, US in Philippines and Cuba, and US allied colonial powers throughout Africa, all supported by the Soviet Union.

Let us pause to consider how predatory investments forced upon colonized nations (that between the wars had constituted nearly the entirety of non-white Mankind) lead to a corporate governed US propensity for arranging atrocities.

The United Fruit Company had plantations in Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic and most infamously Guatemala.   At the height of its powers The United Fruit Company owned a staggering 42% of the entire country of Guatemala and paid not one cent in tax on any of it. John Foster Dulles and the firm of Sullivan & Cromwell, had been a share holder and legal council for the UFC for decades. Dulles, became Secretary of State, and his co-share holding brother, Allen, Director of the  CIA.

The Dulles brothers had Ike and the press label the popular elected government of Jacobo Arbenz, "communist". The leaders of Guatemala appealed to the UN, the Organization of American States, other countries individually, the world press, even the US. Nothing helped.

In the midst of the American preparation to overthrow the government of  Guatemala, Foreign Minister, Guillermo Toriello, lamented that the US was categorizing "as 'communism' every manifestation of nationalism or economic independence, any desire for social progress, any intellectual curiosity, and any interest in progressive liberal reforms."

In Henry Kissinger, Rockefeller found a political operative with an international and domestic perspective similar to his. In 1954, Kissinger became director of a Council on Foreign Relations study group on nuclear weapons, of which David was a member. A relationship developed. Kissinger was invited to sit on the board of trustees of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. (Wonder how many others are struck by the (weird guilty looking?) smiles of the current board members on the fund's web site?)

CNN's monstrous war truth blocker, CEO Walter Isaacson, in his biography of Kissinger has Rockefeller consulting with Kissinger (not the other way around) "on Chase Bank's interests in Chile and the threat of the election of Salvador Allende in 1970, and being fully supported of his [Kissinger's]"opening of China" initiative in 1971 as it afforded banking opportunities for the Chase Bank."

Kissinger's involvement in Indochina started long before his appointment (one assumes on a nod from election financing  Rockefeller) as National Security Adviser by Nixon. In 1952, while still a grad student at Harvard, Kissinger served as a consultant to the Director of the Psychological Strategy Board. The board was created in response to the growth of Office of Policy Coordination covert activities during the Korean War, psychological warfare (PSYWAR), or the basic aspects of modern psychological operations (PSYOP) - a form of indirect aggression in place of or facilitating military aggression

In 1961, Henry Kissinger spent a day or two each week in Washington working as a White House consultant, that had put him at the center of the struggle to shape Kennedy's thinking on Berlin. Kissinger condemned Khrushchev's "free city" idea, under which West Germany would fall under UN control, and advised against a US  commitment to eventual German unification through free elections.  [ The Kissinger -- Kennedy connection, Frederick Kempe 6/2/2011, Reuters ]

While still at Harvard, as consultant on foreign policy to both White House and State Department, Kissinger toured Vietnam in twice in 1965, and twice 1966. [White House Years,  Henry A. Kissinger] Kissinger, like Walter Cronkite, was allowed point out the war's unwinnability, never the war's' crimes against humanity, which they both supported as necessary anti-communism. During the Kennedy years, though Sec. of State Dean Rusk was in the news, Kissinger was the heavy.

(Rusk had cut his imperialist teeth working in the State Dept. Office of UN Affairs in 1945, suggesting splitting Korea into spheres of U.S. and of Soviet influence at the 38th parallel. As Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs in 1950, he played an influential part in the decision to invade and reverse North Korea's easy quick victory. Rusk was another of David's confidants, being a Rockefeller Foundation trustee from 1950, and president in 1962. Rusk believed in the use of military action to combat Communism. He remained noncommittal during the Executive Council meetings leading up to the Bay of Pigs invasion, never opposing it outright. His vigorous public defense of US actions in the Vietnam War made him a frequent target of anti-war protests.) [ "The Tragedy of Dean Rusk" Foreign Policy, No. 8, (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace ]

In 1965, the year of the brutal US invasion and occupation of the Dominican Republic, Rockefeller and other businessmen formed the Council of the Americas to stimulate economic integration in the Americas and was subsequently founder and chairman as well of The Americas Society, and The Forum of the Americas.

An example of how the Ford Foundation (named after the earliest American financial backer of Adolf Hitler) often works in tandem with the other largest US foundation (with equally despicable roots), is the Ford Foundation financing an Orchestra Sinfonica de Puerto Rico tour of that bludgeoned neighbor nation and other countries in Central America to serenade away Latin hurt feelings, once US troops were withdrawn from the D.R.

Six months later, Martin Luther King Jr.,  frightened the ruling investment community and shocked the whole so-called "Free World,' condemning his own country as the "greatest purveyor of violence in the world" describing all US wars as atrocities "meant to maintain unjust predatory investments" in the already colonially impoverished nations on three continents. [see King Condemned US Wars ][ http://kingcondemneduswars.blogspot.com/]

Five days after President Johnson, who had felt it politically necessary to order the slaughter of millions in the name of anti-communism, announced he felt forced not to run for re-election, Martin Luther King was silenced by a bullet to his head. The Wall Street investor owned US sources of information would bury King's condemnations with his body and wars maintaining and enabling investments have continued on into Syria and Iran.

Kissinger, as Sec. of State and National Security Adviser of a Nixon elected on the promise of achieving "peace, began to implement "Vietnamization' that would supposedly permit a gradually withdrawal of US troops for an expanding combat role of the South Vietnamese Army - a blatantly phony utterly preposterous policy reminiscent of the US purportedly expecting Koreans who hated the US installed ruthless dictator Sygnman Rhee to fight for American invaders of their country to help kill their northern brethren, all on top of knowing the US recognized Korea as Japanese Imperial Territory for 40 years. Similarly, Vietnamese would be expected to fight well in the army created by their cruel French colonialists masters along side equally racist American invaders against their own Vietnamese hero Ho Chi Minh.

How is it such fairy tale impossibilities go on being swallowed as credible policies of presumed intelligent US government officials regarding Cuba, Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Libya and now Syria?

Kissinger orchestrated the most massive bombing in world history, dropping 3,984,563 million tons on an area inhabited by some 50 million people, twice the 2 million tons dropped on  Europe and the Pacific in World War II. He dropped 1.6 million tons on South Vietnam, as many as Lyndon Johnson at the height of US involvement; quadrupled the bombing of Laos, from 454,200 to 1,628,900 million tons; initiated widespread secret bombing of previously peaceful Cambodia, including B52 carpet bombing of undefended villages, for a total of 600,000-1 million tons; and vastly expanded the bombing of civilian targets in North Vietnam. [Wikipedia] President Eisenhower noted that had the Geneva Accord elections been held in 1954, "possibly 80 percent of the population would have voted for Communist Ho Chi Minh" - in an election which he himself had blocked.

Along with North Vietnamese  Le Duc Tho, Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, which Tho rejected and Kissinger accepted.

When the military coup in Argentina was already launching deadly reprisals and "disappearances" against political opponents, Kissinger assured its leader that Washington was an ally.

In 1976, Kissinger cancelled a letter that was to be sent to Chile warning them against carrying out any political assassinations. Orlando Letelier was then assassinated in Washington, D.C. with a car bomb on September 21, the day the letter was to have been sent..[ Cable Ties Kissinger to Chile Scandal". Associated Press ]

  Kissinger has evaded legal summons by investigators in France, Spain, Chile and Argentina and requests in 2001 by Chilean High Court judge Juan Guzmán, and Argentine judge Rodolfo Canicoba, in regard to his involvement in secret multinational assassinations of Operation Condor. In May, 2001, police handed Kissinger a warrant at the Ritz Hotel, Paris. Kissinger left for Italy the next day, however the summons still stands.

On Kissinger's watch  the United States government supported Pakistan in the atrocious and hopeless war with its with its independence seeking Bengali East, (now Bangladesh), and had Ford order a stupid disastrous and inhumane vengeful air attack on Cambodia. Kissinger and President Ford met with Suharto of Indonesia, giving US approval for the Indonesian invasion of East Timor that resulted in the massacre of 200,000 Timorese.

Under the direction of Henry Kissinger  US National Security Council Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (NSSM200) was completed in 1974 and adopted as official U.S. policy by President Ford in 1975.  Originally classified, it was later declassified and obtained by researchers in the early 1990s. It contains some typically insidious inhumanity one might expect from a Rockefeller associate as merely good business.

The basic thesis of the memorandum was that population growth in the least developed countries is a concern to U.S. national security, because it would tend to risk civil unrest and political instability in countries that had a high potential for economic development. The policy gives "paramount importance" to measures to control rapid population growth which the US deems inimical to the sociopolitical and economic growth of these countries and to the national interests of the United States, since the "U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad", and these countries can produce destabilizing opposition forces against the United States.

Thirteen countries are named as particularly problematic with respect to U.S. security interests: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil. The report raises the question of whether the U.S. should consider preferential allocation of surplus food supplies to states that are deemed constructive in  population control measures.

"Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for political, economic, and social stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests of the United States. . . .  The real problems of mineral supplies lie in the politico-economic issues of access, terms for exploration and exploitation, and division of the benefits with host countries.

  Young people, who are in much higher proportions in many LDCs, are likely to be more volatile, unstable, prone to extremes, alienation and violence than an older population. These young people can more readily be persuaded to attack the legal institutions of the government or real property of the "establishment,' "imperialists,' multinational corporations, or other-often foreign-influences blamed for their troubles. We must take care that our activities should not give the appearance to the LDCs of an industrialized country policy directed against the LDCs... avoid the appearance of coercion."

Kissinger's quip about the Iraq/Iran war (a horrific Reagan-Runsfeld supported US proxy Saddam Hussein eight year long invasion of Iraq in which a million would die) was "It's a shame they can't both lose."

Rockefeller had Carter, whose election he funded, appoint Brzezinski, who had just put together Rockefeller's world shaping Trilateral Commission, Presidential Adviser. Zbigniew Brzezinski's greatest treachery, and he brags about it, was having Carter order CIA to fund, arm and train fundamentalist terror against a women-liberating popular socialist government in Kabul in order to scare the Soviets into coming to its ally's aid militarily, and then, inviting and funding jihadists from everywhere to come into Afghanistan to begin what would be thirty two years of mayhem and destruction for this poor nation - and later producing the 9/11 attack and all the subsequent US atrocities in the name of 9/11 elsewhere that are still ongoing and promised to continue. [Le Nouvel Observateur, Paris, 15-21 January 1998 http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/BRZ110A.html]

  Trilateral Commission was truthfylly described by conservative Sen. Barry Goldwater as encroaching on national sovereignty    "a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical...[in] the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nation-states involved."
Rockefeller first introduced the idea of the Trilateral Commission at an annual meeting of the Bilderberg group in 1972. (The Bilderberg group is similar to the Trilateral Commission in that it is funded and heavily influenced by the Rockefeller empire, and composed of international financiers, industrialists, media magnates, union bosses, academics and political figures - "...a vehicle for multinational consolidation of commercial and banking interests,"he political governments of the nation-states involved."[With No Apologies] [TRILATERAL COMMISSSION, wikipedia]

Shortly after Nicaragua's murderous dictator Somoza fled to Miami, National Security Adviser Brzezinski declared that "we have to demonstrate that we are still the decisive force in determining the political outcomes in Central America." As the Sandinista forces entered the capital, the Carter administration began setting the stage for a counter revolution. A U.S. plane disguised with Red Cross markings evacuated the remnants of the National Guard to Miami. The old Guardia was then built into the counter revolutionary force known as the 'Contras' by the CIA and Argentine trainers. [Christopher Dickey (1985). With the Contras: a reporter in the wilds of Nicaragua. Simon and Schuster ]

Carter's public image suffered from the failed Special Forces invasion attempt to free the US embassy hostages in Iran, but apparently the reputation of his adviser did not. In 1985, under the Reagan administration, Brzezinski served as a member of the President's Chemical Warfare Commission. From 1987 to 1988, he worked on the U.S. National Security Council--Defense Department Commission on Integrated Long-Term Strategy. From 1987 to 1989 he also served on the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.

President Reagan's Kissinger Commission Report 1/1184 reads, "situation in El Salvador continued to suggest the possibility of a direct US intervention. A sudden collapse of the government army ... is possible. With respect to Nicaragua, economic, military and political pressure will be maintained with the goal of forcing the Nicaraguan government to abandon some of the basic goals of the revolution. Those who have taken up arms are the Somocista counterrevolutionaries trained and financed by the US government ... "direct military intervention could become politically viable if Reagan is reelected"

In 1988, Brzezinski was co-chairman of the Bush National Security Advisory Task Force, when Kissinger, speaking to the Maryland Chamber of Commerce at the Omni Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore stated, "An allied victory in Kuwait will provide a great opportunity to bring peace and stability to the Middle East. This is something America can be proud of."

Brzezinski was prominently critical of the Clinton administration's hesitation to intervene against the Serb forces in the Bosnian war, strongly advocated NATO expansion and coming out in support of the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia. Kissinger also supported Clinton continuing NATO bombings of Serbia.

When asked by President Bush Junior's speechwriter why he had supported the Iraq war, Kissinger responded: "Because Afghanistan was not enough. The radical Islamists want to humiliate us, and we need to humiliate them. The presiding image of the "war on terror" - the burning towers collapsing on the television screen - had to be supplanted by another, the image of American tanks rumbling proudly through a vanquished Arab capital."
[ http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/IF02Ak04.html]

During Middle East wars and sanctions of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama administrations, one Rockefeller spokesman, Brzezinski, is cautioning against wild use of preemptive war, while Kissinger is promoting military options to project power, just as Rockefeller's corporations are usually simultaneously financially backing both Dems and GOP, perfunctorily arguing policies of corporate governance and what shall be done with Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua disaffection.

Three enforcers of the American way of Wall Street rule overseeing the human debris of US illigal military interventions  South East Asia, South America, Middle East and Africa! Yes, there have been others involved. Secretaries of State, like New York Stock Exchange Number Two Madeline Albright (of "half a million Iraqi children worth the price" fame), four star Gen. Alexander Haig, former Sec. of the Treasury, George Shultz, and the well enconsed in highest circles James Baker,  but not without our noticing a senior presence and influence of Kissinger or Bzrezinski, or both. No presidential advisor comes close to the power weilded by Bzrezinski, though Brent Scowcroft, deserves mention. He is co-chair Aspen Strategy Group. composed of current and former politicians, civil servants, academics, journalists and business leaders who discuss issues of key importance in the realms of foreign policy, strategy and international security, also in the creation and development of the Aspen Atlantic Group, composed of former foreign ministers from North former foreign ministers from North America and Europe, as well as the "U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue" Scowcroft held positions in the Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Headquarters of the United States Air Force, and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs.  Deputy Assistant for National Security Council Matters. In March 1970 he joined the Joint Chiefs of Staff as Special Assistant to the Director of the Joint Staff.
Prior to joining the Bush administration, Scowcroft was Vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc. He has had a long association with Henry Kissinger, having served as his assistant when Kissinger was the National Security Adviser under Nixon, from 1968. Imagine how much more greater the scope of his mentor Kissinger.

With CIA heavily armed organized thugs, CNN deceit and psyop, and UN-US-NATO destroying prosperous Libya (ranked by the same UN as 53rd highest living standard in the world), and murdering a Third World hero, Obama advisers Kissinger and Brzezinski are seeing well to Gen. Wesley Clark exposed Pentagon plan to take down seven nations from Afghanistan to Syria. [Wesley Clark's learned of Pentagon memo: "We're going to take down seven countries. We're going to start with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, then Libya, Somalia, Sudan, we're going to come back and get Iran."]

Rockefeller sits at the core of a US led network of the most powerful and influential businessmen and their beholden finance ministers running the world through secret meetings of the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Aspen Strategy Group abetted by a panoply of uncountable hundreds of institutions like Freedom House and Heritage Foundation, nationwide and internationally with a support net of CIA entities interwoven maximizing its control of all mass media and public education.   In 1992, he was selected as a leading member of the Russian-American Bankers Forum, an advisory group set up by the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to advise Russia on the modernization of its banking system, with the full endorsement of President Boris Yeltsin.

Two years following Kissinger efforts at the World Economic Forum's 'India Economic Summit', Obama arrived to photo-opt India's purchase of $6 billion in weapons of mass destruction. The same investor run "community of nations', formerly the "Free World' and earlier "The Colonial Powers,' that continues to mas-massacre in the Third World is maniacally planning a profitable great war with China and Russia.

Drone bombing assassinations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere, even of Americans without trial or charges (some of whom might have considered themselves luckier than those  secretly abducted and tortured) are made to appear for the gullible plebs all around the world watching commercial media as presidential decisions.  In reality, who or what millions are marked to die is entirely up to wealth backed freaks in the amorphous cabal headed by sickos like those in the high international conspiracy of private investors like David Rockefeller, who only need to pick up the phone, for they are that "financial element" controlling all three branches of the government it has "owned since the days of Andrew Jackson," as FDR once confided to Cordell Hull. [ letter to Col. House,1933 ]

There was at one time a photo on the internet of a smiling David Rockefeller posing with an arm around the shoulders of a young Senator Obama that truly said more than a thousand words.

At the Nuremberg trails of the Nazis, none of the war criminals who made tons of money investing in massive homicide were indicted. German investors in genocide could not have been investigated without exposing their American connections, partnerships, cooperation and shared earnings and guilt.

If Mankind survives it will have to prosecute* US crimes against humanity at its fundamental cause level: chieftain investors like David Rockefeller.

For if every president from Truman through Obama, and their generals, had been hung after trials under the Nuremberg Principles,  the leaders, of the centuries ruling, insanely-amoral, unethically, unfairly and shamefully wealthy, bankster class, satanically impelled to create and continue imperialist wars for unjust predatory exploitative and death causing investments,  would merely have found obedient replacements - and just as marketable by the mass media they own and control, as those who were hung.

* Charge, indict, try, convict, sentence, imprison, hospitalize and educate until no longer a danger to themselves and others.

[see Prosecute US Wars Now Campaign's web site for country-by-country histories of US crimes.] http://prosecuteuscrimesagainsthumanitynow.blogspot.com/

Appreciation to Wikipedia, beyond that credited, for facilitating finding the locations of much of the documentation provided.

Jay Janson is an archival research peoples historian activist, musician and writer; has lived and worked on all continents; articles on media published in China, Italy, UK, India and the US; now resides in NYC;  First effort was a  series of article on deadly cultural pollution endangering seven areas of life emanating from Western corporate owned commercial media  published in Hong Kong's  Window Magazine  1993.  During his last years, Howard Zinn lent his name to various projects of his; Global Research; Information Clearing House; Counter Currents, Kerala, India; Minority Perspective, UK; Dissident Voice, OpEdNews; HistoryNews Network; Vermont Citizen News and others have  published his articles, 260 of which are available at:  http://www.opednews.com/author/author1723.html Weekly column, South China Morning Post, 1986-87 ; reviews for Ta Kung Bao; articles China Daily, 1989.  Is coordinator and  founder of the  King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign  ( King Condemned US Wars ) http://kingcondemneduswars.blogspot.com/and originator of  Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now Campaign] http://prosecuteuscrimesagainsthumanitynow.blogspot.com/  with a country by country history of US crimes. Studied history at CCNY, Columbia U., U. Puerto Rico,  Dolmetscher Institut München, Germany;



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