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Palestine And The Zionist Media

By Anthony Mathew Jacob

07 August, 2014

Welcome to the world where the Israelis are "KILLED" by Palestinians and the Palestinians merely "DIE" to Israeli "retaliation," the oppressed Palestinians are "terrorists" and the oppressor Israel is the "victim." Media is an immensely powerful tool in forming, altering and camouflaging public opinion. For the last 67 years, millions of Palestinians have been forcefully evicted from their lands, displaced, tortured and killed. Villages, towns and cities have been destroyed and made way for Israeli settlements and the country called Israel. The nation that never existed before has been built over the last 67 years and all that the world has done is pass resolutions against the usurper.

Media has played a crucial role in the Israeli occupation and subsequent formation of Israel. Even today, the Holocaust is used as a justification for Israeli occupation of Palestine, no one denies the Holocaust but how does the holocaust that happened in Europe justify Israel's occupation of Palestine in the Middle East? This is the fundamental question that the western media has successfully dodged for the last 67 years and continues to do so till today....

How many media houses have informed us that anti-semitism became a state sponsored norm in Germany after Hitler came to power in 1933 and the Balfour declaration for the creation of a Jewish State in Palestine was made in 1917?

How unrelated and unconnected these two events are and how conveniently they a co-related to justify the occupation of Palestine. It is a fact that the Zionist occupation of Palestine owes a great deal of their success to the media just as our ignorance owes a great deal to the Zionist controlled media.

Hollywood and Zionism

"Oh I come from a land, from a faraway place; Where the caravan camels roam; Where they cut off your ear If they don't like your face It's barbaric, but hey, it's home."

This is a line from the title song of 'Alladin' the famous children's movie made by Disney. What do you think would be one's idea of Middle East when she/he grows up with such beliefs?

Imagine the number of innocent impressionable minds these lines would have influenced...

Hollywood has always been an important tool for mind control and propaganda in the hands of Zionists. Hollywood's stereotypical portrayal of Muslims and Arabs has built an image that is far from reality. The ruthless, uncultured bedoin Arabs shown in the movie is naturalized and drilled into the minds of millions who grow up watching these movies. Hollywood movies have traditionally villified the Arabs and Muslims to serve the selfish ends of Washington and Israel. Films like Black Sunday, Argo, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Zero Dark Thirty, The Rules of Engagement, Syrianna, Paradise Now, The Sheikh, etc are just a few examples of Hollywood's stereotypical and degrading portrayal of Muslims, especially the Arabs.

Western Media

"We are disgustingly biased when it comes to this issue. Look at how [much] airtime [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and his folks have on air on a daily basis, Andrea Mitchell and others. I never see one Palestinian being interviewed on these same issues." Rula Jebreal, Palestinian author, Political analyst and a contributor on MSNBC. She later tweeted that her On-air revelation about biased reporting had led to cancelation of her contract with MSNBC.

Since the beginning of the ongoing conflict alone, 2 journalists have been forced to quit from Gaza coverage. Ayman Mohyeldin, an NBC journalist was abruptly withdrawn from Gaza. Mohyeldin had witnessed the ghastly Israeli strike that killed 4 young Palestinian boys playing football on the beach and his critical reporting of the incident led to him being pulled out of Gaza.

Similarly, CNN's Diana Magnay was transfered to Moscow after she reported from a hill in Sderot, where Israelis were cheering while bombs were being dropped on Gaza. Magnay even tweeted that those who were cheering and enjoying the sight threatened to harm her. The tweet was later deleted but not before two hundred others had re-tweeted it.

BBC's biased reporting of Gaza is nothing new to the world. In fact British MP George Galloway, calls it Bush and Blair Corporation for their biased reporting of Middle East and the World. The recently leaked emails of the head of BBC website's Middle East desk, Rafi Berg asks his colleagues to word their stories in a way that does not lay the blame on Israel for starting the prolonged assault on Gaza. In fact he encourages them to portray the Israeli government's view that the assault is in retaliation and aimed at ending the rocket attacks from Gaza.

When the Palestine Solidarity Forum questioned the BBC for not reporting the killing of 14-year-old Palestinian child, Yussef Shawamreh on 19 March, and the subsequent killing of his two friends by the Israeli soldiers, the cold reply that the got was: "there is no mandate to report every killing." Of course there is no mandate to report every killing but why do the rules change when it comes to Israel?

Even BBC's London desk has come under fire for not reporting the large scale anti-Israel protests held in London and other major cities of U.K.

Despite all the efforts by Zionists and their media, the truth will ultimately prevail, and it certainly has. Thanks to the efforts by independent and truthful media houses, social activists and anti-war campaigners who have rallied all over the world in support of Palestinians. The Al-Qods day rallies throughout the world have become a huge platform to voice people's support for the Palestinian cause. Apart from these, social media campaigns have been extremely successful in informing and educating people throughout the world about the reality of Palestine. The other day I saw an online video of a little child reciting a touching poem whose lyrics are as follows:

All your armies; all your fighters;
All your tanks and all your soldiers;
Against a boy standing there all alone;
In his eyes I see the sun;
In his smile I see the moon;
And I wonder;
I only wonder;
Who is weak and who is strong;
Who is right and who is wrong;
And I wish....
I only wish
That the truth has a tongue.....

Anthony Mathew Jacob is a scriptwriter for India based Channel WIN. He writes on the Middle East, his articles have been published in Press TV and Tehran Times among others.



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