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Stephen Harper, Climate Monster, Is On His Way To India

By Bill Henderson

05 November, 2012

Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is on his way to India . Hopefully he will be greeted with anger and disgust because at this crucial moment in history he best personalizes leaders who should know the grim climate change science - both probable impacts and possible effective mitigation strategies - but instead is using his elected PMO dictatorship to try and greatly expand Canada's fossil fuel production including bitumen from Alberta's tarsands.

The Indian subcontinent has more to lose from increasing climate change than almost any other part of the world. Harper's Canada is trying to ramp up Canada's production of fossil fuels in order to protect Canada's precarious  economy with subsequent emissions and subsequent warming and subsequent increasingly extreme climate impacts.

He wants to do business with Indians. In several Omnibus Bills and a traitorous trade bill with China , Harper has tried to clear the way for building pipelines to Asia in order to increase the flow of bitumen. More than anybody else today he is trying to endanger the present monsoon cycle as well as raise sea levels and spread weather chaos for farmers everywhere.

Seek out where he is visiting and go and speak out against him as an enemy and threat to all you love ands care about.

Stephen Harper is a monster because:

He should know the climate science. He can't say that he doesn't understand the state of the art science: he has paid staff and beaurocrats that should have fully informed him about an issue of such importance: read through this sample of relevant climate science here .

The predicted consequences of not doing the math and not keeping 4/5th of fossil fuel reserves in the ground - coal and more emissions intensive bitumen especially - dwarf the Holocaust in pain and suffering inflicted on innocents. If at this crucial time you are a world leader in trying to expand fossil fuel use and the consequences include the predicted early death of nine out of ten people alive in the second part of the century I think you should be considered a monster worse than Hitler or Stalin.  

Mr. Harper is in denial . Speak out to him about what he is doing. Make it impossible for him to do his dirty business. In Canada. In India. Everywhere. Make the case that he and his kind are monsters and we must change.

Bill Henderson is a Canadian citizen and is a frequent contributor to Countercurrents on Climate Change . He can be reached at bill (at) pacificfringe.net




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