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Anglo-American Troops And intelligence Agents –
Out of South Asia!

By Communist Ghadar Party of India

10 May, 2011

Statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, 5th May, 2011

The military operation that reportedly cornered and killed Osama Bin Laden, carried out by the US intelligence and armed forces on the soil of Pakistan, is a blatant act of violation of the sovereignty of our neighbouring country. The fact to note, which the international corporate media does not publicise, is that mass protests inside Pakistan against the violation of her sovereignty by the US imperialists had reached a high pitch a week before the operation that supposedly killed Osama was carried out.

News agencies have reported that thousands of people had started demonstrating in the northwest of Pakistan since 23rd April, demanding an end to drone attacks by US troops in the tribal regions, leading to countless deaths of innocent people. They spent all of one Saturday night and the following day blocking the Khyber Pass, through which supplies are transported to the NATO troops in Afghanistan. Asad Qaisar, one of the leaders of the Justice Movement (Tehrik-e-Insaf) is reported to have said that people from several areas and leaders of political parties had joined the protest.

Imran Khan, former captain of the Pakistan cricket team and leading activist of the Justice Movement, is reported to have addressed thousands of people on the first day of the protest and said, “The government has failed to stop the US strikes which kill innocent people including women and children”. On the following day, several activists reiterated that the supplies to NATO troops would be disrupted if the drone attacks do not stop immediately.

The report that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in a place so close to Islamabad is prompting various reactionary and chauvinist Indian politicians and personalities on TV shows to ask the question, “Is this possible without the knowledge and approval of the Pakistani intelligence and army establishment?”

By the same token, one can also ask, “Is this possible without the knowledge and approval of the US establishment?” It is quite possible that they both knew, and were waiting for the signal to act.

People must be vigilant and not believe the stories spread by the imperialist dominated media. US imperialism has a proven track record of concocting lies, as they did in the case of Iraq. The story that Osama masterminded the 9/11 terrorist attack is itself an American story, used to justify aggression and occupation of Afghanistan; it is again their story that he was captured and killed on 1st May.

The use of terrorist groups by capitalist governments to fight each other and to put down the struggles of their own people at home is not an exception but has become the general rule. It is not only the Government of Pakistan and its intelligence agency ISI that sponsor terrorist groups. The Government of India and its Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) do the same, both within our country and in neighbouring countries. On the world scale, US imperialism is the unparalleled leader in committing terrorist crimes.
Terrorism as a preferred tactic of imperialist geo-politics was first introduced in our region by the two superpowers, US imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism. After the expulsion of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, the American and British imperialists and their intelligence agencies, the CIA and MI5, became the principal sponsors of terrorist groups in west and south Asia, using them to topple regimes, infiltrate popular movements and destroy nations in their drive for unquestioned world domination.
Anger and opposition to growing imperialist domination and interference is extremely widespread in Pakistan. Numerous opinion polls have shown that the vast majority of people consider US imperialism to be the number one enemy and danger facing Pakistan. The reactionary imperialist propaganda is aimed at painting the anti-imperialist struggles in Pakistan as “Islamic fundamentalism”, so as to discredit them. In such conditions, the people of Pakistan deserve the support of all anti-imperialist forces.
To accept the imperialist propaganda that the US must be allowed to kill whoever it chooses on the soil of Afghanistan and Pakistan, allegedly for the sake of winning the “war against terrorism”, means to give up the sovereignty of every state in our region, our right to mind our own affairs without outside interference.

The major issue of concern today for all the peoples of South Asia is that NATO troops led by the US have occupied Afghanistan and devastated that country, and US troops are regularly killing people in selected regions of Pakistan. US imperialism and its allies have already carried out unprecedented destruction in Iraq, following a deadly war of conquest waged on the basis of a concocted pretext that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction!

Unity among the different nations and peoples of South Asia against all forms of imperialist interference and aggression is essential to safeguard our region from the imperialist predators and their weapons of mass destruction.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India calls on the justice-loving people of India to support the struggle of the people of Pakistan against the violation of their sovereignty by US imperialism. Let us declare in unison that the US has no right to carry out any military operation on the territory of any state in South Asia! An attack on one is an attack on all! Let us fight to expel all Anglo-American troops and intelligence agents from the soil of South Asia!



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