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The Sanjiv Bhatt Saga: Honesty & Integrity Sacked In Modi's India

By Countercurrents.org

20 August, 2015

Sanjiv Bhatt: Photo Courtesy, The Hindu

In another vindictive action on those who implicated then Chief Minister of Gujarat and present Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in the Gujarat Pogrom of 2002, suspended IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt was sacked on Wednesday on the ground of "unauthorised absence" from service. Sanjiv Bhat said in a Facebook post that the sacking is after a "sham inquiry" on "completely fabricated charges".

Bhatt said the ground of his sacking-- unauthorised absence from duty -- pertains to the period when he was deposing before the Supreme Court appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) and the Nanavati Commission inquiring into the Gujarat riots.

Sanjiv Bhatt had alleged in an affidavit in the Supreme Court that Narendra Modi, then the chief minister, instructed the top police officers to allow the Hindus "to vent out their anger" after the train-burning incident at Godhra in February 2002.

Bhatt had claimed that he had attended a meeting in this regard on February 27, 2002 at Modi's residence in Gandhinagar.

Well known film maker Rakesh Sharma supported Sanjiv Bhat in a Facebook Post:

"Sanjiv Bhatt Bhatt's sacking is a part of the pattern, not surprising at all. The Gujarat government has systematically targetted any non-pliant police officer, who refused to aid and abet in the massive coverup that followed the Gujarat carnage of 2002.

Rahul Sharma, the officer who produced the cellphone call records that led to the conviction of Modi's cabinet minister Maya Kodnani, was systematically persecuted. 33 departmental enquiries and 6 showcause notices later, he sought voluntary retirement.

Satish Varma and Rajnish Rai, the officers who investigated the fake encounter cases that led to the arrest of the state Home Minister (and current BJP President) Amit Shah for his role in these extrajudicial killings were transferred to a remote northeastern part of India (Shillong), a couple of thousand kms away.

Now Sanjiv Bhatt has been 'rewarded' for discharging his constitutionally-mandated duties as an officer enforcing and upholding the rule of law. As the deputy head of the state intelligence apparatus, he has been privy to information and reports that could implicate the political ringmasters of the 2002 massacres. It was inevitable that the government would target him, attempt to destroy his credibility and thus limit any damaging fallout from his courtroom testimonies.

Sanjiv: I often speak of a ban on a political film as being akin to, if not greater than, an award. It means you've done something right, strong enough to perturb the powers-that-be. We must see this sacking as being higher than any gallantry award for meritorious police services!

Best wishes for your new innings, and the court case I hope you will file soon, challenging this move."

Truth of Gujarat posted this on Facebook

"AK Sharma whose voice was heard in the snoopgate tapes in which he allegedly tapped a women's phone calls was called by Modiji to Delhi and is Joint Director, CBI.

Vanzara who is accused in 3 fake encounter cases which led to 7 cold-blooded murders is out on bail.

Besides Vanzara, all the other cops accused in fake encounters are not only out on bail, but also have plum postings in Gujarat Government and elsewhere."



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