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Film Personalities And Film Lovers Raise Alarm Against
Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant

By Concerned Citizens

13 June, 2012

Media Fraternity is an informal forum formed during the last International Film Festival of Kerala to raise important social issues affecting our lives. During the recent 5th International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, the forum organized support of over 100 film personalities including film makers,Jury members, activists film lovers and students who initiated a signature campaign against Kudankulam Nucear Power Plant. The Chairperson of the Kerala State Chalachithra Academy/ renowned film maker Priyadarshan, renowned documentary film maker Amar Kanwar, ,Chief guest of this year’s IDSFFK and documentary film maker Adeela Peeva, Journalist and Jury member Kalpana Sharma, Cinematographer and Jury Chairperson Azhakappan , Gitanjali Rao, Chalachithra academy deputy director Bina Paul Venugopal , Former Chairperson of the academy K.R Mohan , Surya Krishna moorthy, Lenin Rajendran (Film Director),Sanjiv Shah (Editor/Film Maker), Sunny Joseph (Cinematographer), Anjana Rao, Selection Committee Member of fiction section P.Baburaj, and many others signed the anti nuclear statement. The statement is given below. We request you to use the statement effectively within your network.

Expecting your cooperation on this important issue,

Sreemith (Documentary Film Maker), Ajith Kumar (Film Editor), P. Baburaj (Film Maker), Sajeed K (Solidarity Magazine), T. Peter (Editor, Alakal Magazine),Elizabeth Philip (Activist)



We, the film makers, camerapersons, editor, technicians, film lovers and other concerned sections are much alarmed about the impact of the Koodamkulam Nuclear Power Plant on the lives of people in Kerala. The recent reliable news on the breach of contract of the Intergovernmental Agreement between India and Russia by installing a VVER reactor that has accident risks as well as an impact on more than 15,000 sq kms of densely populated area with over 30 million people is shocking. Can anyone assure us of the safety of people living in Kerala?

We are aware of the radiation risks that continuous and constant exposure can have on the health of not only humans, but also livestock, agricultural produce and marine resources like shell fish and fish. In a State like Kerala so dependant on neighbouring Tamil Nadu, who can give word that our food will not be contaminated?

We are anxious about the lives and safety of the villagers in and around the Nuclear Power Plant who have not been provided minimum security or access to any kind of measures that will control the exposure levels.

We hereby express our strong concern about the life and rights of this whole region. We expect the authorities to take note of our strong concern about the impacts of radiation and demand an immediate stoppage of the commissioning of the Koodamkulam Nuclear Power Plant.

We also wish to reiterate our concern by stating that there is enough expertise and knowledge in our country that can be put together to evolve ways to generate electricity and achieve progress that will not jeopardize the lives of human beings and nature.

1.Pryadashan,Filmaker and Chairman Of Kerala State Chalachithra academy

2.Adela Peeva,Film Maker from Bulgaria,Chief Guest of IDSFFK 2012

3.Beena Paul Venugopal,Deputy director, Kerala State Chalachithra academy

4.Azhagappan,Cinematographer,Jury ChairpersonIDSFFK 2012

5. Kalpana Sharma, Journalist ,Jury member IDSFFK2012

6. Gitanjali Rao, Film maker, Jury member IDSFFK2012

7. K.R Mohan, Film maker,Former Chairman of the academy

8. Anjana Rao, Jury member IDSFFK2012

9.Amar Kanwar, Film Maker ,Chief Guest of IDSFFK 2012

10. Sanjiv Shah, Jury member IDSFFK2012

11. Lenin Rajendran,Film maker

12. B.Ajith kumar,Film Editor

13.P baburaj, selection committee member IDSSFK 2012

14.Sajitha Shankar,Painter

15.Usha Zacharias,Film maker,Writer

16. Surya Krishna moorthy

17.Elizabeth Philip,Activist

18.Salish syla,Media lecturer,Activist

19.Satish.K, Activist,Film maker

20.Sunny Joseph,Cinematographer

21. Sreemith.N,Film maker

22. J.Devika,Writer,activist

23. Aswini David, Media student

24. Sapnesh Vazhachal, Film maker

25, Vinay V S, Film Student

26, Thajudheen P P, Journalist

27, Cissy Jacob, Journalist

28, Sujith, Graphic Designer

29, V T Pdmanabhan, Scientist

30, Anitha S Sharma, Scientist, Activist

31, Satheesh K E K, Film Maker

32, Deepa Vasudevan, Activist

33, Roja, Activist

34, A Sahadevan, Activist

35, Subramanyan, Activist

36, K M Venugopal, Activist

37, Salil C S, Media Person

38, Renu Ramanath, Activist

39, Sheena Jose, Lecture, Acivist

40, Binu NArayan, Film Student

41, Vinay V S, Film student

42, Sunuil Kumar, Film Maker

43, Ajith Velayudhan, Film Maker

44, C Chandramohan, Photographer

45, Gireeshan Kavinpuram, Film Maker

46, Praveen Gopakumar, Activist

47, Hariharan S,

48, Hari Nair V

49, A J Joji, Photographer

50, Rahul Rajan, Lecturer

51, Prakash P Gopinath, Activist

52, Bandu Prasad, Theater Activist

53, Reni Ayaline, Media Person

54, Salman M

55, G Shiji, Film Society Activist

56, Shila Datta, Film Maker

57, Suregha Sen Gupta, Film Maker

58, Gcoser Dsovza, Sound Designer

59, Sreedhan

60, Rajasree R

61, Mujeeb Madhathil, Film Society Activist

62, Seena Panoli, Media Activist

63, Aghila Rajamohan, Media student

64, Thejas Uztuvath

65, Vikas

66, Mamta Murthi, Film Maker

67, Hari Sadasivan, Media Student

68, Harinarayanan V, Actor

69, Karthika C

70, Pooja Jayan

71, Harishma A S

72, Hrudya Menon M K

73, Sterin S

74, Beena A

75, Sourabh

76, Mithu Pramanik

77, Sumesh Kumar S, Film Maker

78, Mathu Saji, Film Student

79, Nask V P

80, Anil Kumar C

81, Sumesh C, Media Student

82, Navaneeth K

83, Sumeek Khader, Art Director

84, Rajith V, Film Maker

85, Biju Ibrahim, Film Maker

86, Kala

87, Walter D’Cruz, Film Maker

88, Amesh Lal,

89, Shaheen Basheer

90, Anas Rashad, Film Maker

91, Neethu, Acivist, Film Maker

92, Jisha Josh, Writer, Acitvist

93, Clint N V, Journaist

94, Lijo Varghese, Journalist

95, Naseem Manniyil, Media Student

96, Syla Salish, Artist

97, Sreeja J, Advocate

98, Shameem S

99, Kishore S

100, Govind Vishnu

101, Shaheen Basheer

102, Sathan Odesa, Film Maker

103, Deepa P Gopinath, Asst. Professor

104, Vrinda V Nair, Professor

105, Kuriyachan T D, Lecturer, Activist

106, Muhammed Yaseen

107, Althaf

109, Safeer S, Artist

110, Nadir P P

111, Manoj

112, Arun Badal, Fil Maker

113, Vishnu

114, Praveen M

115, Sabju

116, Rahul R

117, Manu V R

118, Chindu S Nair

119, Muhammed Rameez

120, Sivakumar

121, Vineeth Chandran,Fine arts Student


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