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Solar Power Popular Among American Voters, 92% Prefer It

By Countercurrents.org

05 October 2012

Solar power is turning popular. A recent poll [1] showed preference of solar power among the Americans. The American citizens are getting more aware of climate crisis also.

A new poll shows that 92 percent of registered voters feel it is either “very important” or “somewhat important” for the US to develop more solar.

The poll shows that 70 percent of voters believe the government should be doing more to help promote the technology through financial incentives — with 72 percent of swing voters saying they support increasing incentives.

The poll, released on October 2, 2012 , was conducted by Hart Research for the solar industry's trade group, the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Support for solar is strong across all US political parties.

According to the findings, 98 percent of Democrats, 95 percent of Independents, and 84 percent of Republicans say the country should develop more solar.

The poll also shows that 87 percent of swing voters have a “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable” view of the technology.

The Romney campaign, the Republican party, and third-party groups have spent millions of dollars this election season trying to politicize federal clean energy investments — particularly the solar manufacturer Solyndra, which received $527 million in loan guarantees before going bankrupt last year. But it doesn't appear the message is sticking.

Even with the barrage of negative messaging this campaign season, 70 percent of all voters polled believe the US should do more to encourage use of solar.

This adds to the long list of polls showing that climate change and clean energy issues are positive ones for American voters — particularly for independents and swing voters.

Last month, Yale University released a poll showing that 61 percent of undecided voters would consider a candidate's stance on climate change when casting a ballot for president.

According to a March survey from George Mason University , 55 percent of voters said they will consider candidates' positions on climate change in upcoming elections. The survey also found that independent voters lean far more toward climate action, with 68 percent saying we should take medium or large-scale action to address the problem.

Finally, as a recent poll from the Pew Research Center found, the only voters likely to view discussion of climate change and clean energy as a negative are very conservative Tea Party males — many of whom would never vote for a moderate candidate to begin with.

Source :

[1] ThinkProgress , Stephen Lacey “Poll: 72 Percent Of Swing Voters Say The Federal Government Should Do More To Promote Solar”, Oct. 2, 2012 ,






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