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Change The Money And Change The World

By Mark Kirkwood Callingham

11 April, 2015

There are plenty of reasons why The System needs to be and shall be changed.

As it stands today this inevitable transformation will not be on our terms. It doesn’t matter if you’re aware of ancient or modern solutions offering better ways to exist as a species because you don’t run the show; left or right you’re just another runner in a rigged race. As far as I know this here proposal is the only rational means we have of amending our ways in a big way before it’s all game over.

The answer to numerous problems on the planet can be found in the root of most problems. Money.

What would happen if a lot of us walked away from their plans; stopped entrusting our worth to financial schemes drawn behind closed doors? What if we went ahead with a better arrangement?

Picture a new form of currency: one that was bound by morals, liberty and common sense.

Project for a New Economic Century (PNEC) offers a practical way to change direction and choose our own course.

Essentially the strategy is to craft a monetary system with a code of ethics that is owned by the people. A people’s currency co-developed by a wide range of individuals representing vast amounts of knowledge & experiences.

Let’s take a good, honest look at what we are doing. Let us discuss the best that humanity has to offer and choose the greatest options out there for a fairer, more reasonable economic model that serves mankind and every other living being on Earth in the twenty first century. Let’s aim to be around in the twenty second.

The harsh realities of our nature, fortune and planetary change would be handled as intelligently and humanely as possible using this new money. Superior solutions would be soundly invested in the future with this pioneering cash. Monetary acts that most of us decided are just not worth supporting would no longer be funded by this people’s currency. Taxes included.

Money has always created and destroyed. This time we choose what that means.

PNEC proposes the development of a democratic currency be done by three groups with the general public having a voice and vote in all matters through a trustworthy social media site. Polls, surveys and other media sources would certainly be taken into consideration.

The three common ground committees responsible for the realization of this new digital + hard currency would be made up of:

1. well respected people from all walks of life from the same multicultural region.

2. international musicians and artists who care about more than themselves.

3. grassroots workers from the global south plus experts in a wide range of fields; everything from the economy, ecology and theology to physics, permaculture, programming, writing, etcetera.

These three groups together with the deliberation and backing of a good part of the population could very well bring about a new way of living better on a global level. Creating a healthier economic system with goals and virtues (including joy) for a responsible race that wants to stick around this magnificent place.

“A people’s currency that strongly invests in sensible, worthy deeds and limits or ends selfish, illogical financial activities the vast majority of us no longer desired or required.”

This might not be the best idea out there but listen, it is the only non-violent and encompassing method we have that can change just about everything man-made within a decade. The Project offers a concrete and peaceful way to bring about real revolution

Shall we?

Mark Kirkwood Callingham is the founder of Project for a New Economic Century. He’s a co-parent who earns a living working for the kitchen of a homeless shelter in downtown Ottawa. Mark can eventually be reached via cash.is.makebelieve@gmail.com.






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