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Protesters The USA Supports, Protesters The USA Opposes, And Why

By Robert Barsocchini

02 April, 2014

For reference in recognizing and exposing US/Western propaganda (which, given a comprehensive view of the world, is a ridiculously easy task):
Current/Recent Protest movements the USA backs/funds/supports:
(US state/mass media obediently magnifies cartoonish US propaganda on these:)

  • Venezuela  - small minority protest, carried out with extreme violence (using wire for decapitations, etc.); democratically elected government; USA wants to restore traditional order of imperial domination over a subdued native population, for benefit of US companies/hegemony
  • Ukraine  - minority protest, heavily integrated (approx. 30%) by fascist/Nazi parties who are specifically backed and endorsed by the US; End of 2013 Swiss poll finds Ukrainians consider USA the biggest international threat - 33% pick USA, while 5% pick Russia; fascist/Nazi parties backed by US likely committed mass murder against civilians (sniper attacks) to escalate violence; Ukrainian government was democratically elected, then overthrown with US-backing; US openly funds/supports current junta dictatorship, with fascist/Nazis in at least 6 major posts, including Defense, Media, and Education; junta dictatorship has since dictated major economic policy to benefit Western banks and US corporations, while impoverishing and de facto  enslaving  Ukrainian population
  • Syria  - dynasty allied with non-US major powers; USA has been working to overthrow Syrian government since 1957 and install US compliant dictator, as US did in Iran, Brazil, Guatemala, Chile, etc.; US began current phase of process by training militants, starting in at least 2006, to be sent to overthrow Syrian gov.; US and US dictator allies such as the Saudis currently waging major war of aggression against Syria by proxy - the supreme international crime; approx. 150,000 people killed so far; That Syria is governed by a family dictatorship does not separate it from the many dictatorships heavily supported by Obama/the West; the difference is simply that Syria is non-US compliant, and is allied with non-Western major powers
  • Libya  - Obama carried out a blitzkrieg against Libya, illegally slaughtering 6,000 people instantly and leading to the slaughter of some 50-100,000 people, as the Al Qaeda linked "protest" forces, for which Obama regime provided air support, overran and destroyed the most prosperous African nation, reducing it to the US-favored state of helplessness and weakness (see Latin American examples above and below for why this state is favored by the USA)
  • Afghanistan  - (not a protest movement, but a country overthrown by Obama/USA) Obama has massively increased US war against Afghanistan to fight back forces installed by the US in the 70s, 80s, and 90s (the Taliban), but opposed by the US in the late 90s once Taliban became  uncooperative  on US corporate energy projects.   Obama/Hillary Clinton  have since restarted/continued to pursue US energy projects through the second US-installed regime, and Obama is currently trying to keep US military there indefinitely
In each of the above cases, the USA wants to overthrow or has already helped overthrow the government, and install a US-compliant, or "client", government.  This is illegal and an act of war.  
Current/Recent Protest movements the USA opposes/crushes: (US state/mass media obediently censors these events in support of maintenance of US-compliant dictatorships:)
  • Occupy  - violently crushed by Obama, working closely with financial institutions 
  • Currently : 500 person protest in New Mexico against police brutality violently crushed through police brutality; see  here
  • Saudi Arabia  - Obama backs Saudi Arabia as it crushes protests against decades-long dynastic theocratic dictatorship; In 2013, Obama sent Saudis 60.6 billion dollars of lethal weapons, some of them internationally banned, making this the biggest weapons shipment in US history; Saudi Arabia is one of world's last absolute dictatorships; citizens have no human rights; it is the only country on planet where women are not allowed to drive cars
  • Bahrain  - Obama backs Bahrain as it crushes protests against decades-long dynastic theocratic dictatorship, which is slaughtering and torturing its own people as part of repression, including systematically torturing children, as reported by Amnesty Int'l; Obama continues to support and send weapons to Bahrain dictatorship
  • Thailand  - While backing Ukraine's massively violent coup, which has used a wide array of weapons and destroyed numerous public buildings, US says of Thai people protesting US-backed dictatorship:  “Violence and the seizure of public or private property are not acceptable means of resolving political differences.”   Nice try. 
  • Honduras  - military overthrow of democratically elected popular government that was helping the population; Obama/Hillary Clinton/USA, alone on Earth, back the violent overthrow, which they want to restore traditional order of colonialist domination over native population, for benefit of US companies/hegemony; illegal junta, enjoying Obama backing, turns Honduras into murder capital of the world to repress protest, and restores traditional imperial subversion of population
  • Paraguay  - very similar to Honduras
  • Crimea -  while backing unconstitutional, violent, fascist/Nazi led overthrow of elected government in Ukraine and formation of junta dictatorship, Obama/USA condemn and try to prevent (as Ukraine has done previously by force) Crimeans from voting to secede from Ukraine and re-accede into Russia, of which Crimea was a part for hundreds of years before 1954, when it was given to Ukraine by Soviets
  • Ukraine  - Obama opposes protests against illegal US-backed junta in Ukraine.  Western media censoring. 
  • Okinawa  - Obama opposes protests, ongoing for decades, against US imperial bases imposed on Okinawa
  • South Korea  - Obama opposes protests, ongoing for decades, against US imperial bases imposed on South Korea
  • Haiti  - Obama backs Haitian government as it crushes protests by poor peasants who are being abused and depopulated from their lands by US-backed Haitian sweatshop dictatorship
  • Egypt  - Obama supported Mubarak 30-year fascist dictatorship for as long as possible, refusing to even allow him to be referred to as a dictator; USA then backed mass-violent overthrow of elected government that followed Mubarak, and continues to support illegal junta as it slaughters thousands and sentences thousands to death
  • Palestine/world  - Obama/USA continually increase aid to Israel as it slaughters Palestinian civilians, including with chemical weapons, tortures children (see ABC Australia doc) and ethnically cleanses and colonizes Palestine; the entire world opposes Israel/US actions, as expressed in every authoritative and legal body; for example, these actions are opposed every year since 1974 in the UN general assembly by virtually the entire world, and supported in virtual isolation by the US and Israel
  • Diego Garcia  - Obama refuses to let Chagossians return to their homeland, as required by law; instead he has come up with a new, sleazy method for  never letting them return home ; Obama prefers to use their island, which the US and Britain ethnically cleansed, as a center for murder and torture

In each of the above cases, the USA wants to maintain status quo/compliant dictatorship. 


The obvious conclusion is that the USA/West is an anti-democracy; a violent military empire that supports anything it can get away with that will further its domination of the planet, and opposes anything that hinders its domination.  

The USA has and will support any mass murderer/torturer/absolute theocratic dictator as he massacres his own people (as seen in several of the above, current cases), including in Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, and will laughably condemn and target any entity that stands in its way, no matter how beneficial for and supported by a population (as in government of Venezuela), no matter how democratic (governments of Venezuela, Ukraine, Crimea), and no matter how innocent and spat on by the USA/West are the pitiful victims of US/Western imperial military brutality and terror (Diego Garcia, Syrians, etc.). 

To further expand its network of murder and torture bases, the USA will commit mass murder and torture (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan), and ethnically cleanse/depopulate land masses and exile entire peoples ( Diego Garcia Palestine ). 
Last note: 

Such behavior is not unusual, but the norm for the USA/West.  USA has now overthrown, helped overthrow, or attempted to overthrow about  62 governments , most of them democracies.  At least seven of these overthrows/attempts have been carried out by Obama, and five of those have been democracies. 

Obama is currently further encircling Russia, China, and Iran with trained killers and killing machines, and re-covering Africa in an imperial military web, including by supporting militants  implicated at the UN for mass rape .

US-backed  forces in Africa have, since 1994, killed nearly 10 million people.  

Robert Barsocchini is an historical researcher and reporter, as well as a writer for the film industry.  He blogs at empireslayer.blogspot.com



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