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23 December, 2005

Dishonest Brokers
By Remi Kanazi

The European Union (EU) should be ashamed of itself. It has thrown aside the principals of democracy for partisan politics and hypocrisy. In the run up to the Palestinian parliamentary elections, the EU has addressed Palestinian politics and made threats in the process

22 December, 2005

Unrecognised Villages In The Negev
Expose Israel's Apartheid Policies

By Bangani Ngeleza and Adri Nieuwhof

Eighty thousand Palestinian Bedouin Israelis live in unrecognised villages in the Negev desert in the south of Israel. The villages are deprived of basic services like housing, water, electricity, education and health care

05 December, 2005

Tea For Two
By Remi Kanazi

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon—the little teapot, short and stout—is making a comeback. He ditched the outdated threads of his radical Likud to prance in the open fields of peace with favorite "doves" like Shimon Peres

27 November, 2005

Bordering Autonomy
By Remi Kanazi

Last week Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice brokered a deal between Israelis and Palestinians on the Rafah border crossing which connects the "disengaged" Gaza Strip with the outside world

16 November, 2005

Arafat The Obstacle Has Been Exposed As A Myth
By Karma Nabulsi

The Palestinian leader's portrayal by the west and Israel has been a barrier both to understanding the conflict and to peace

16 October, 2005

Opportunity Knocks
By Remi Kanazi

Formal talks between Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon were put on hold this week. The first face to face dialogue between the two since the "disengagement" of the Gaza Strip was sidelined for a second time because of a difference in "objectives."

05 October, 2005

Air Raids Terrorize Gaza Residents,
Target Key Infrastructure

By Jon Elmer

Israel’s first major air campaign against Gazans since its August departure from the Strip has ruined important facilities, injured noncombatants and introduced sonic booms as a new tactic

Friday Night Lights: Game Time In Gaza
By Remi Kanazi

For now, terror's light switch is turned off, but it is only a matter of time before Israel decides to turn it back on. Meanwhile, Palestinian life remains on edge and inconsistent. Those in Israel must come forward and denounce the decisions of Ariel Sharon, if not the switch to peace will remain off indefinitely

04 October, 2005

Hurricane Gaza
By Yacov Ben Efrat

As a unilateral act, Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza Strip raises basic questions for both sides in the conflict. For Israel, there is the question of how to define its deed: “Should we declare that the occupation of Gaza is over?” No less important are the questions Palestinians are asking: “Is this a victory? If so, who should get credit?”

02 October, 2005

The Gladiators
By Uri Avnery

The contest between Binyamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon in the Likud Central Committee resembled a duel between two gladiators in the Roman arena. The more so since many of the Committee members behaved like the Roman rabble who screamed, rioted and demanded blood

13 September, 2005

Who Murdered Arafat?
By Uri Avnery

Since taking part in his tumultuous funeral in Ramallah, I have abstained from giving my opinion on the cause of his death. I am not a doctor, and my dozens of years as editor of an investigative news magazine have taught me not to voice allegations which I am unable to prove in court. But, since now all dikes have been breached, I am prepared to say what is on my mind: from the first moment, I was sure that Arafat had been poisoned

11 September, 2005

Gaza Pullout Paves Way For
Further West Bank Land Grab

By Jean Shaoul

Hardly had the last of the 8,000 or so Israeli settlers left Gaza than Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced that Israel would expand the settlements on the West Bank

02 September, 2005

Rushing After A Mirage
By Hasan Abu Nimah

There are striking similarities between Israel's departure from southern Lebanon in May 2000 and the events in Gaza over the past two weeks. This is no surprise, as events in the Arab-Israeli conflict have been seemingly moving in circles for years

30 August, 2005

Soldiers, Anguish Remain Around Evacuated
West Bank Settlements

By Jon Elmer

In the northern West Bank, where Sharon’s “disengagement” does not include the withdrawal of military from evacuated settlements, bitter memories temper Palestinians’ guarded optimism

28 August, 2005

Courting Disaster
By Remi Kanazi

The Western version of peace is simple, but unacceptable: let Israel continue its warmongering, the appropriating and occupying of Palestinian land, while the Palestinians sit idly by with a ball in their court and no one to play with

25 August, 2005

The "Disengagement" As Seen From Gaza
By Ghada Ageel

In 2002, Moshe Ya'alon, then Israel's army chief of staff, said that "the Palestinians must be made to understand in the deepest recesses of their consciousness that they are a defeated people." I wonder if Ya'alon would make the same statement today after the completion of Gaza settlers evacuation?

24 August, 2005

Palestinians Can Play The Israeli Game
By Ahmad Samih Khalidi

Two profound assumptions underlie Ariel Sharon's withdrawal from Gaza. The first is that Israel's overriding value is the preservation of its Jewish character and majority. The second is that the conflict with the Palestinians is not amenable to a final agreed resolution, now or in the foreseeable future

23 August, 2005

Leaving Gaza – A Calculated Move
By Brita Rose

Far from being part of a peace plan, or a move towards an independent Palestinian state, this is a last resort on the part of Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, to politically maneuver in order to secure the real issue at stake – the larger West Bank with its holy shrines and numerous settlers

21 August, 2005

Sharon Has Won
By Benjamin Granby

The redeployment plan is a thinly veiled attempt for Sharon to solidify Israeli control over the West Bank, maintain an obfuscated occupation of the Gaza Strip and to splinter what should be a united and free Palestinian nation. No matter what, Sharon has taken the initiative and for the old warrior it means he has won this round

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