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Confer Phalke Award To Gajendra Chauhan And Solve The FTII Crisis Immediately

By Ajithkumar B.

05 August, 2015

Petition Capaign: Sign the petition HERE

A few students, misled by left-wing pseudo secularists, anti-nationals, Maoists, Jihadis and ISI agents in the campus are agitating against the appointment of thespian Gajendra Chauhan as Chairman of a Film institute in Pune run by the central government. These students allege that Sri. Chauhan is not eminent enough to head this Film institute. Certain leftist film makers and some actors of dubious nationalist credentials like Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor etc. have come to support the students supporting the argument that Mr. Chauhan lacks eminence. Who are they to judge the eminence of a person whom the Govt. of India, commanding a two thirds majority in Parliament has selected? Isn't the fact that he was appointed sufficient evidence of his eminence? But the anti-nationals say that he hasn't earned any recognition, unlike his predecessors who got many awards at International communist film festivals and also "national" awards conferred by the erstwhile pro-left governments. The reasons are obvious.

There was a systematic conspiracy for the last 60 years which denied the real film makers any recognition. Only those who portrayed the aspects of poverty in India were promoted. These leftist film makers never ever made a single film about the glorious past of India. They were too preoccupied with the present. True patriots who upheld Indian culture and tradition were not even allowed to make films by the congress governments and their leftist stooges masquerading as intellectuals. That is why there is a dearth of "eminent" film makers among those who support the cause of our people and our country. This is true about all fields, be it culture, science or mathematics. The true scientists knew that there was nothing left to be discovered now, because every truth about the world had been discovered in the Vedic times, every possible invention already done by our sages.

The left-wing anarchists at FTII leading the strike are either fools not to realise this self-evident truth or their ideology has blinded them to this truth. Even some of the true nationalist film actors like Mr. Anupam Kher have been misguided by their constant repetition of the childish argument that Chauhan lacks eminence.

In this context, we need a Cultural Revolution (we like good things about even Mao Zedong) to redress the wrongs of history. We need to expose the pretensions of the leftist intellectuals who monopolised cultural institutions, who took all the awards and all the toffees. The people should know how they tried to poison the Indian mind with stupid notions like secularism, socialism, democracy, human rights etc., and how they failed due to the eternal vigilance of Indians and the leadership of our great Prime Minister. We have to recognise the true patriots, the great sons of Mother India who were ignored and insulted for six long decades. The burning flame of Hindutva has to be held high.

In this context, we request the Information and Broadcasting Ministry and the Government of India to confer the highest national honour in cinema - The Dadasaheb Phalke award for outstanding contribution to the growth and development of Indian cinema - to Sri. Gajendra Chauhan, one of the numerous geniuses who were denied opportunity and recognition.

This will compel the FTII students to withdraw the strike immediately and go back to classes. That is called shock and awe tactics. The FTII deadlock will be over, as Mr. Chauhan will become eminent overnight, and the students will be happy; if they are not, they can go and join FTIP in Pakistan. If anyone has any doubt about Gajendra Chauhan's achievements, let us point out that with the simple act of his appointment, even before taking charge, his name has sent the entire nation to heights of frenzy and ecstasy, like no other name has been able to do in this epoch of Kaliyuga. This is an unparalleled achievement of a lifetime, any child would understand that.

If this year's Dadasaheb Phalke award has been already given, the government can issue an ordinance (if the parliament is not functioning due to the Maoists disguised as parliamentarians) to the effect that in emergency situations two or three or any number of Phalke awards can be given in the same year, at the discretion of the PMO. Furthermore, the government should also order the International Film Festival of India to have a retrospective of Chauhan starrers this year. We can also give him a few national awards with retrospective effect. If that is too much of a hassle, let us insert a chapter about his eminence in the new school text books and history books we are preparing.

So we request all proud sons and daughters of Mother India to sign this petition on Change.org to confer the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for outstanding contribution to the growth and development of Indian cinema to Sri. Gajendra Chauhan immediately. Share this message and let us reach 10000 million signatures which is the minimum number for the Government of India to take notice. If sharing and getting the signatures take time, or if the target is more than the population of earth, we still can use those click farms in Philippines that we used during the last parliament election to multiply 'like's on the Facebook page of our great Leader.

Sign the petition HERE

Ajithkumar B. is a national award winning alumni of FTII


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